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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan: Warranty/Extended Warranty



  • I just purchased on 06 Fusion with the 72 0%. They sold me a 6/60000 esp, stating I was only getting a 3/36. Is that right, or did they screw me? I paid $900 for the esp, but should I have gotten the 5/50000 free?
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    The 3/36 is Bumper-to-Bumper, 5/60 is just for addiitional Powertrain. Seems like you purchased a 5/60 B2B. See for exact meanings of coverage.

    I have a table of Ford early 2006 ESP prices from my previous dealer. Supposedly these are standard prices that all dealers charge. At the time, I extended my 2003 Sable 3/36 B2B, at lease end, to 6/60 B2B for $1350. If I find the table, I can calculate the difference between Ford 5/60 B2B and 5/60 Powertrain ESPs to see if it was $900 or more which is what you paid for an additional 2/24 of B2B coverage above Powertrain. That $900 may be high.

    Ask dealer service rep to see current table. The best value was at 6/60, go to 6/75 or 7/60 (years and mileage are independent) and pay a-lot more.
  • jwjhjwjh Posts: 1
    Bought my Fusion in Aug 2012 new and noticed visibility problems with my windshield. On close inspection there were little quarter-sized areas that looked like the glass did not laminate fully (air pockets?). Took it back to the Ford dealer after 1 month and they agreed the windshield was damaged but said it was "acid rain" and not covered by warranty. Called Ford Customer service and got the exact same response. I never heard of acid rain attacking glass, and several chemists have told me it is very unlikely. The paint looks fine, no damage. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Ford windows?
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