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Questions About My Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • beemer777beemer777 Posts: 13
    Don't know if you guys solved your probs yet, but here's an excerpt from an article on some Toyota problems. The article also said the 5 speed auto is plagued by hesitations.
    I was looking into the FJ and that's how I came across the article. It may be irrelevant for you, but here it is, just in case...

    The latest addition to the list of Toyota products with problems is the all-new 2007 FJ Cruiser.

    "We were doing quality control activities and were inspecting our vendors where we source our wheels. We noticed they were improperly mounting tires onto the wheels," said Mr. Kwong. "We launched a special service campaign involving about 9,000 FJ Cruisers and took care of our customers, replacing the tires with new tires. It's another case of our policy of continuous improvement."
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Posts: 34
    Re hesitations. I woulds call it more of a leg or lash depending on acceleration vs. deceleration. Usually at low speeds and lo RPM and cold weather , below 25. Not enough yet to cause a slip on snow or ice. Brought it to Toyota attention twice, the second time they took out a small amt. of ATF-? overfill. Still happens though at lo speeds and RPM????????? Runs good otherwise.
  • emerlingemerling Posts: 12
    Zac6 wrote:
    i love my fj but i HATE the traction control!
    i have a 4wd w/locking rear diff but i want to be able to spin the tires!
    how can i turn it off?

    LOL, that's my biggest complaint also. I was disappointed the first time I tried to do a 360 in a snowy parking lot and the traction control said no way !
  • bandit10bandit10 Posts: 28
    Try Hunter Wholesale there in Texas. They specialize in all types of grille guards. They may have FJ Crusier grilles. I bought mine on e-Bay for my Toyota 4Runner SR5 $339.00 including S&H the dealer quoted me $1100.00 . I got it in 4 days. They use Fed Ex. ground. Also I got the Euro style wrap around Stainless Steel. They make them for foriegn and domestic Suv's and Trucks and they all cost $339.00. The one for the Hummer cost more. Probably because of the size. Ben
  • deb65deb65 Posts: 1
    The plug does not stay hot when the cruiser is off. This is unfortunate because my visor blue tooth doesn't stay charging. Is there anything that can be done to keep that port hot? All of my other vehicles have that plug and they stay activated when the vehicle is off.
  • crusiercrusier Posts: 5
    If your vehicle is off the only source of power is from your battery. Best to leave vehicle running if you wish to use for longer periods ... or you might not be able to leave the party.

    Not sure what you want to power up at the party, which is the deciding factor, but be careful if you want to power more than lights. ie no hot tubs or concert type sound systems or you may blow breakers. May want to consider renting a small generator set if your' eunsure. $20 - $40 for a night .... opposed to a fried electria system.

  • crusiercrusier Posts: 5
    I have a 7' high door, and have lots of room.
  • crusiercrusier Posts: 5
    It must be in four wheel . and that turns it off automatically.
  • crusiercrusier Posts: 5
    I experienced a similar situation with mine. Spoke with toyota in my area, several locations. In the end, Toyota sold me an electronic brake controller and adapter, and they offered to installed. If they sell it and/or install it, they need to back it.

    My only dislike about the FJ so far.
  • Hello,

    early in the morning today I found two small crack spots on the window (when I took the car out of the garage after a week). Later in the evening I noticed a new crack spot. I am 100% sure that this new crack was new because I would have noticed it earlier in the morning.

    I am almost 99% confident that noone did that on purpose.
    I have searched on the web and found that a person was skeptical about buying the car because the front window is close to vertical and make it vulnerable to break.

    I would really appreciate any comments/advices on this issue.

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