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New Lexus GS 450h Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • ideleidele Posts: 200
    I live in an area of rolling hills. I do zoom at times; it sometimes helps mileage. Experience with hybrids helps. I learned a lot with my prior RX400h which when I traded it had gotten up to a long term average mileage of 27.3. So I'm doing better with this car which I expected because of the truly excellent powerplant. When I read the press release of the GS450h for the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show,(Toyota/Lexus press releases from Japan are completely credible), from my experience with the RX400h, I realized the transmission would make a difference and ordered the GS450h last October. I was correct in my surmise.
    As far as the tires are concerned the RX400h on regular tires rides better. The ride is as good as the 2001 Audi A64.2, which is a sports sedan, but not as good as the 2003 Audi Allroad 2.7T that I previously owned. The latter had a very good air suspension. The overall quality of the Audis was poor and I would not in the future purchase one.
    For your other comments, I'll try to get around to them when I have time to post on the powerplant.
  • 2001gs4302001gs430 Posts: 767
    My best stretch was 27.0, and that was purely highway driving. My best tank average is only 24.6mpg, and I'm reasonably conscious of efficient driving style

    My car is averaging around 16-18 mpg per tank with reasonably careful, in mostly city, driving. It has pretty much the same engine in the current GS430.
    Your reported mileages represent a 50% improvement with more power to boot. I would not complaint/worry about these numbers
  • ideleidele Posts: 200
    We are having a very long-lasting heat wave and the air conditioning generally runs full blast. My average gas mileage since purchase remains at 27.6 but my tank mileage is averaging a bit lower. I filled up today going 196.8 miles on 7.152 gallons or 27.5167 mpg which given the inaccuracies of fillups verifies the instrument readings.I regard the fuel efficiency of the GS450h as a bonus because of all the performance virtues of the GS450h. As I mentioned I like the run-flat tires for their performance despite the added harshness. It will be interesting to see what the LS600h will use for tires. It apparently will have, at least as an option, air suspension and that from my experience with the Audi Allroad is the best yet.
  • Fair point. My point of comparison had been to my previous car, a BMW 530i, which got terrific mpg -- about 28-30mpg on the highway, but with nothing close to the performance of the 450h.

    I do hope there is truth to something I read some months ago saying that the next generation hybrids will have a performance/economy switch for the powerplant, similar to the suspension options available. It would be great to have the option to save gas when you don't care about getting to 60mph in less than 6 seconds. Has anyone heard about this? I believe I read it in a Wired magazine article about hybrid race cars.
  • OK folks, I removed the run-flats from the car and replaced them with Michelin Pilot PS2 (non run-flat) NOW, it rides like a Lexus, but still has excellent handling. It reminds me more of a BMW 5 that I test drove before I chose the car. Now, I am in love, and very, very happy.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    Good choice. I have been thinking of changing out the runflats for Pilot Sport A/S but then my conservative side steps in and asks what to do with a flat and no spare tire, particularly if its out in the rural areas without immediate help available. What's your plan, is there a quick fix available to get the flat tire up and going for a reasonable distance to get help?
  • Hey hendjaz

    When I went to have the new tires (well, Michelins), I realized there was no spare and was fit to be tied. I called Lexus and told them that even if I would have kept the run-flats, I would want a spare. What if a tire was not driveable?????? Anyway, I wrote Lexus and contacted my dealer and they are supplying the doughnut temp spare and the mounting kit for it, free of charge. Lexus said my request was not unreasonable. The kit and tire is costing them (they say) 500 bucks...but considering they made about 7 grand off of me, I think they will survive fiscally (ha ha). If you look down in your trunk, you will see there is the space to mount the temp spare and it has been pre-drilled for the mounting. I just cannot believe how much better the car absorbs road impacts with the new tires, while still handling beautifully.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    I have the active stabilizer option and the equipment occupies the spare tire area so no room for spare. I am very pleased with the stabilizer function so no regrets on not having a spare tire. The runflats are okay and not a problem for me except I have had prior great experience with the Pilot Sport A/S and would love to add that to improve the handling and traction even further.
  • Yes, it looks like you will have to keep with run-flats. I was not aware the active suspension was housed on the well for the spare. Enjoy your new car.
  • al147al147 Posts: 1
    Hey Gelam007,

    I noticed that you replaced you run flats. When you changed to the PS2 did you have the same size tire 245/40/18? I have heard that people are using The A/S which is a 245/45/18 do you know which is better. Thanks of the input.

  • Alex,

    That is the first I heard of people using the A/S. I chose the PS as I was told these were more performance oriented for this type of car. I was just so glad to get rid of the run flats it really did not matter!!!!!! If you get rid of the run flats though you will have to get a spare in the trunk. Lexus (the dealer) provided that free of charge after I told them I was unhappy with the ride of the run flats.

  • Alex,

    I realize that I did not actually answer your question. Yes, I have the same tire size 245/40/18. If I would have known I could have gotten 45's I would have certainly done it to add more meat to the tire and help the ride even more. ...I guess I want a car that rides like an LS 260, but has the power of the 450 h!!!!!!
  • my dad took delievery of his gs 450h in about april. its the dark metallic grey with black interior. within a month of taking deliever i took it to portland international raceway and ran a 14.1 qt/mi @101.1 mph. also i dont beleve it is limited at 130 as displayed in the brochure. Ive had it to 135 and it was still going. its quite a car. quick from lights and with the low pro tires and sport suspension it takes nice twisty mountain roads with ease.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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