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Chrysler Pacifica Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • krazakkrazak Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica with an RAH stereo with the single disc player and satellite radio. I was looking to add an auxilory port to the stereo but everything I have found shows that the add on does not work with the RAH stereo. I was wondering if there was anything available that would allow me to hook up an auxilory port. We do not use the satellite radio so if unhooking this would allow the auxilory port to be added I would be willing to do this as well. Any help or answers anyone would have would be greatly appreciated!
  • chez6chez6 Posts: 1
    This almost drove me insane due to the simplicity of the situation, but yet made so complicated by Chrysler. You can now purchase any headrest or center monitor and have it installed directly to the DVD system without having to purchase an expense wire harness from the dealership. What we did was remove the DVD system and on the top it has a diagram for a 12 pin and a 16 pin connector.

    The 16 is used to power and connect the dvd to the vehicle and the 12 pin is set up to take your factory screen. What we did was simply connect a RCA Video input to the number 6 (Video Signal) using a 3/16" Insulated Quick Disconnect. We striped the rca wire, connected it to the QD, then cut it in half, tighten it a little to fit directly into the video signal pin; also glued it so it would stick.

    You can also set up the audio using the same method so you can utilize a headset, but you will need the remote which is about $60 at Chrysler to enable it.
  • jeffymanjeffyman Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me why after replacing the factory stereo with an aftermarket my speakers do no work. I also installed the wiring harness to adapt the new stereo to the existing harness but I am getting no sound. Please help! Oh yea, it is a 2007 Pacifica Touring with the standard AM/FM single disc cd. 7 speakers including the center channel speaker @ the middle of the dash. No sub that I'm aware of but may have a seperate amp for all speakers????
  • I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring and when ever I have my car phone charger plugged into the ignition power port, the speakers cut out at random times and remain out for random lengths of time too. What could be causing this?
  • I have a 2005 Pacifica. I removed the factory installled (malfunctioning) disc changer P05094031AA and installed a used changer (same model) It ejects the disc after 1-2 min of trying to read it and displays ERROR in the radio display. Does the changer require reprogramming to work or is it malfunction also?
  • jessi3jessi3 Posts: 1
    Hi i have a 2005 chrysler pacifica touring that has all the works, including the in-dash 6 DVD/CD changer. i have owned this car for a year now and everything has worked fine intill a few months ago my battery went dead and i jumped my call and then all of a sudden by dvd changer stoped working that lights still come on but when u eject the dvds it just clicks and says error also when u try and play a dvd.... i have looked everywhere for help on this and have found nothing can someone please help!!!!
  • cee3peocee3peo Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    I like your idea to use a 3/16" Insulated Quick Disconnect and cut it in half so you have a pin to plug in to the inside of a Female RCA connector. I did just what you posted by connecting to the #6 (Grey/Orange) Video signal. Question though. That only connects the video signal. What about the outer ring on the RCA connector? What wire from the 12-pin harness did you connect and how?
  • My 2005 just started this same exact issue. It's been so long since someone posted to this, but how did you resolve this issue. What was the problem? Was it a fuse, loose wire, bad radio or amp?
  • My 2005 Pacifica started this same problem a couple months now and I am trying my best not to a whole new system. How did you ever resolve this issue? Was it a fuse, bad radio? Help anyone? By the way, no amp in the right back or under rear compartment? Where else can it be?
  • Hi. I sure hope someone can help me with this problem before I pull all my hair out!

    I, too, have a 2004 Pacifica with all the bells and whistles. Brought it new in April, 2003. I recently returned from an extended vacation to find the battery in the car dead. I charged it overnight and everything seemed happy the next morning. Everything, that is, except for the radio and entertainment system. Now the radio powers up and displays stations, disc tracks and tape position indications, but without sound. The DVD system projects video on the screen, but also without sound (although I CAN hear DVD audio through the headsets).

    I've read of many others who have also experienced this problem, but here's the "new twist" I have never seen reported before: The radio controls on the steering wheel are now also inoperative, and the radio (RBP) no longer accesses the factory 6-disc changer. Pressing the "Mode" button selects either the tape or single-disc player (without sound), but never goes to the multi-disc changer. Everything else in the car (Nav. system, cruise control, etc.) functions normally.

    I've checked all the underhood fuses, and I've removed the radio and had it bench-tested. No problems found. I've also tried a replacement amp. (boneyard) and still no sound. I'm pretty much at my wit's end at this point, and very frustrated. BTW, I've spoken with five different dealer Service Managers, and each has said he's never heard of this problem before. Seems a little odd.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • Problem solved! It turned out to be the radio, after all. I replaced the original with a salvaged unit, and everything works again.

    Hope this may help others.
  • Dear Jessi3,
    I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacific Touring which is now 8 years old. Two years ago the same thing happened. The battery died and six cds were stuck in changer just like you. I went to Chrysler dealer and they twice disconnected the battery to supposedly reset the computer. It didn't work. They told me it would cost $1200 to fix it. So far I haven't found the solution. Just like you, I am stil looking.
  • qckslvrqckslvr Posts: 3
    I've cured all my problems with the Pac. After 140,000 miles and 10 years of ownership, I recently traded it in on a new Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring. No complaints with the Pac.; I just travel from PA to FL several times a year, and knew I was rolling the dice against strong odds that I'd be left stranded eventually. Good luck to you, friend.
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