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huh. Ya know, all this time we've had the car, I just ASSUMED the DVD changer would play MP3 discs just like all the DVD players in my house. Man, was I disappointed yesterday when we finally popped one in and it errored out.

I just want to confirm this is true and not just a disc problem. Is this what everyone else here has found? No MP3 capability?

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    Hi Everyone,


    I must say that I am a proud new owner of a 2005 Pacifica Limited AWD, completely loaded with no options missed. So far, 600 trouble-free miles on Goldie (Linen Color).


    I do have a serious question for those who have the SIRIUS radio option on the Pacifica. For some reason, the radio equipped with my model does not display the actual NAME of the song playing on the Sirius music channel? I have seen other radios (including my previous XM radio) display the station ID in addition to scrolling the current song being played across the screen?


    Thus far the dealer has no clue as to why this model will not display more than the station ID. However, whenever listening to plain ole FM radio, for those stations that broadcast RDS signal, my tuner will display all of the station ID information in addition to the song title being played at that time?


    My radio code is: RBP and has the 6 disc cd changer below, in addition to the rear entertainment system.


    If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated!




  • ingeniousguyingeniousguy Member Posts: 21
    Thanks for the infornation privetotruski! Unfortunately being able to see the displayed name of the song playing is a very good selling point for me on the Sirius radio. Now I just don't see any value in it, especially for those of us who quite often say, "Wow.. I like that song, but I forgot who made that?" :-(


    Wonder if Chrysler will come out with an update to remedy that soon?




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    Hey did you find an answer to this? I am going to install the sirius radio and have the same radio code as you.
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    greetings all -- another great forum from edmunds - thanks to all who make this happen! i just leased a new Pacifica Touring with lots of goodies - I'm thrilled. It replaces a T&C that served us very well, but this time we wanted something a little different....

    I have a Q about the stereo system that I'm hoping somebody here can help with...We selected the Intermezzo stereo upgrade because the standard stereo on the T&C just wasn't up to the task of powering that whole huge cabin. Plus, with the Rear DVD and all, it seemed like it would be fun and, well, that's kind of the purpose of the car ;-)

    Here's my question: the face of the stereo system is exactly the same as what we had in the T&C, and that one didn't have the upgraded stereo. How can I tell if this is the 5.1 ch stereo unit, then, from looking at the dash. I see no markings about Dolby (other than the standard NR button), no trademark for infinity intermezzo, nothing about setting the surround sound options (my Volvo gives me the choice of 3 channel and prologic II) just looks like the regular stereo... (i know, it lists it on the sticker, but I'd like to learn about whatever different features there might be, if there are any, and I can't find them...)

    Now, I can count the speakers easily enough, and they're all there. But, should I be seeing any different functionality with the CD/Tape/AM/FM unit itself? Thanks much for any input. I tried to find photos on the web, but came up with nothing conclusive.

    Thanks much!
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    My 05 Pac has the 6 disk CD/DVD changer. I'm looking for a TV monitor to install behind the head rest (2 for each headrest) that would allow me to playback and view DVD movies utilizing the factory DVD changer. Has anyone purchased one and, if so, happy w. their purchase (ie quality, reliability, etc.)? There are quite a few websites that carry different brands so it's a tough choice. Retail stores like Circuit City carry very few options.
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    I have just installed a pair of Vizualogic 7" headrest LCD's ( very nice BTW ) in my Chrysler Pacifica and connected them to the OEM 6 disc / DVD player. My problem is that the oicture is plagued with spots - not snow but white pixels all over the screen. This doesn't happen when I connect my portable DVD player to the AV box input. This leads me to believe there may be a compatability issue between the screens and the OEM DVD player. Can anyone offer any suggestions??
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    Is the wiring for a ceiling mount screen factory installed or will wires have to be run to the DVD changer. I'm looking to install a flip down screen. Please help!
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    I don't have any problem with playing my MP3s on my DVD changer (even with the regular CD player that comes with the radio). Maybe the problem is with the way you burn your CDs?
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    A-hah. ok. i was hoping someone might say that.

    so how is it you set yours up? like i said, the one i tried worked fine in my dvd players in the house. The disk has no folders or anything. Its just a whole mess of mp3s in one big list.

    so it should work in the single-cd, too? i'll have to try that and see if i get any different results.

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    I am looking to do a similar as well. I took apart the dash and removed the 6 Disc DVD. It has two connectors on the back, a 12 pin and a 16 pin. Am I understanding correctly from some of the previous posts that I still need another connector/harness from Chrysler.
    I purchased a Visor Screen and it only has 4 wires.
    Two for power and a V1 and V2 video input. The video cable are white and yellow, not sure what the deal is on them either. I do not have much experience connecting radios, etc........... What Pins on my 2004 PAC should I connect to? Can I just splice in to the existing wires.

    I found this wiring info from other posts.

    1 Grey/Tan Fused B(+) (didn't use, used power from 2nd row power outlet instead)
    2 Yellow/Grey Igition/ACC signal
    3 No connection
    4 No connection
    5 Grey/Lt Blue Video Control(didn't use)
    6 Grey/Orange Video Signal(This is center for RCA connector)
    7 Grey/Dark Blue Video Return(didn't use
    8 No connection
    9 Violet/Orange Video Play Signal (didn't use)
    10 No connection
    11 No connection
    12 Shield (This is outside of RCA connector)

    In case anyone is wondering, here are the various pin descriptions from the OEM CD/DVD Changer (p/n: P05094031AA). There are two connectors, a 12 pin and 16 pin. This is the labeling off the unit (I’ll do my best to interpret it).

    12 Pin Connector:
    1) VSM Batt (Video monitor constant battery lead +12v)
    2) VSM Ignition (Video monitor ignition battery source)
    3) I/R Transmitter enable (infrared transmitter enable)
    4) Audio Lch (Audio left channel)
    5) Video Common (Video common source)
    6) Video Signal
    7) VSM Ground (Video monitor ground)
    8 ) N.C. (No connection)
    9) DVD Play
    10) Audio Rch (Audio right channel)
    11) Audio GND (Audio ground source)
    12) Video Shield

    Based on these labels, one would have to imagine that these wires are run directly to the OEM LCD panel in the headliner and it also supports the audio signal (via infrared) to the OEM wireless headphones.

    16 Pin Connector:
    1) Batt (Constant battery lead +12v)
    2) N.C. (No connection)
    3) Ill – PVDM (Illumination source)
    4) N.C. (No connection)
    5) N.C. (No connection)
    6) N.C. (No connection)
    7) N.C. (No connection)
    8 ) Audio Rch (Audio right channel)
    9) GND (Unit common ground source)
    10) N.C. (No connection)
    11) IGN (Ignition battery source)
    12) J1850 (?? Must be some kind of control wire to the head unit)
    13) N.C. (No connection)
    14) N.C. (No connection)
    15) Audio Gnd (Audio ground source)
    16) Audio Lch (Audio left channel)
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    I wired my clarion 10" screen to the video out on the Pac DVD player. The power I grabbed from the second row keyed source. My problem is the DVD plays only when the car is not running. Once it's turned on the Overhead screen still has power but no signal seems to be getting to it.

    Do I need to get the overhead power from the DVD player in order to send the video signal to the screen when the car is on. Please reply to my email if possible


  • kenukskenuks Member Posts: 2
    I finished wiring in my visor screen today and it seems to be working well.
    I pulled ACC/Power from the keyed plug-in outlet. I spliced in to the wires and connected the new screen.
    I also spliced in to the shield and the grey/orange video wire and connected to an RCA plug for the video signal.
    So far so good. The only problem now is that I have no remote control for the 6 Disc CD/DVD changer.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • reginald1reginald1 Member Posts: 3
    Best place to get the remote is on Ebay.
  • moeohmoeoh Member Posts: 13
    just wired my jensen up according tho the pin set above.
    got a 12 pin connector kt from a dodge dealer and just used the pins since the connector did not fit.
    I cannot figure what to do witht he dvd play. without it the dvd sits at the menu waiting for me to press play.
    other tha that it works great!
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    Hi all , I got my wife a 2006 touring and it has the in dash 6 disk cd/dvd changer system but no monitor ,wanted to know if anyone has added a monitor to there system using only the front AV jacks on the front of the stereo?
    I would like to find a monitor that does not have to be hard wired or hard mounted in the car. just be able to plug it in to the 12v outlet for power , i saw a few like this online but was curious if anyone has done this thanks
  • aviateaviate Member Posts: 31
    The front jacks are for input only. You can use for MP3 player, game system, external dvd/cd changer, etc. You can not add a monitor without hard wiring. Check on the accesories/modifactions discussion for details on how to do this.
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    Okay I've got the wireing figured out, Pac came pre wired upto the A piller, what I am looking for is a screen that supports all the input and output of the DVD system, such as Video play signal, head phone I/R xmtr enable, video control, video return, headphone R/L signal, headphone return. I have searched endlessly but cannot seem to find a screen to match the inputs of the oem screen. There must be a screen out there that matches the controls of the oem. I'm looking for something in the 10" range. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Ah, i have the same problem! I've tried seemingly everything. The Pacifica manual states to use CD-R media with a Type 1 or Type 2 file structure - that's file names less than 31 characters with the ".mp3" ending. Also you have to use the Mpeg1 layer 3 format, and use MP3's with a compatable bit rate, such as 128 with a 44.1khz sampling rate. I've done ALL of this, and still all i get is an "ERROR" when i insert any of the six test disks i've made. I've burned using Nero and iTunes. Anyone get thiers to work using a different approach?
  • devilbean1999devilbean1999 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought an 05 Touring yesterday and my wife and I are contemplating having the dealer install a factory DVD system. About how much will this cost and is it worth it or should we look at aftermarket systems? :confuse:
  • rasldaslrasldasl Member Posts: 74
    Save your money and get each kid their own portable DVD player. It will be cheaper!
  • moeohmoeoh Member Posts: 13
    I have had both.
    Bottom line is dealer system is over 1000$ and you lose it with the van.But it is neater and more finished.
    Aftermarket or portable is 3-500$ and it is yours. Granted that the technology changes fast. The portable one has worked well outside teh car for camping, cottages and parties.
  • devilbean1999devilbean1999 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the input moeoh, We went out yesterday and had a nice Jensen unit installed. Works and looks great. Even had the in-dash DVD player installed, just like the factory and it looks every bit as good as the factory unit but it cost 3/4 as much. Makes us even happier we decided to buy a Pacifica. :D
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    We bought a new '06 Pacifica Touring about three weeks ago and we just love the car. So far the only problem we've had is with the optional 6 disc CD/DVD changer. I have an MP3 disc in disc slot #1 with about 250 tracks on it and for highway driving I just hit the RND button (random) on the deck and let it play what it wants in whatever order it wants. Quite often the track number display will not change (for example, display shows track 50 being played when in reality it's playing track 134) and it will stay that way for 3 to 5 tracks before it starts changing like it should. I realize it's just a slight annoyance but on a $33,000 vehicle you expect everything to work as it should. I assume the fix is a direct swap for another unit at the dealer and I'll mention it when I go in for my 3000 mile service but I was wondering if anyone else out there had this problem.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    can you please tell me how you recorded your disc. i have not been able to get our mp3 discs to work in our changer, although they have worked in other mp3-capable CD-players.

    To create ours, I simply dump the Mp3 files right on the disc.

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  • jaykaponejaykapone Member Posts: 1
    I need the diagram to wire an aftermarket overhead to my 2005 pacifica 6 disc dvd changer thx
  • rschoutenrschouten Member Posts: 2
    I have got a Pac 2004. I am in Europe and the DVD-6 palyer only plays region1 DVD. Does anybody know how to make the DVD player region free (or region 2 compatible)?

    Next to that, the FM radio only recognized unequal frequencies like 102.7
    So it can not find 96.8 (equal number). This is neccasarry in Europe. Does anybody know how to change this?
  • probosisprobosis Member Posts: 1
    Hi. I am a new PAC owner (06 Touring) and have a question on the video/audio inputs on the 6 cd/dvd stereo system. How can I get the inputs to play on my stereo? I checked the manual and ddidn't see any way to change the audio selection.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593

    ya know, i'm beginning to think PACs are just inconsistent across the board. I can't play MP3s, yet others say they can. I can't shift my tranny at low rpms, but you say you can. Then there is the guy on the other pac board who says his seat won't go fully upright. Oh, and then there is the memory position on the mirrors. Some say it works well, some don't (mine refuse to go where I set them).

    its all very strange.

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  • bapriebebapriebe Member Posts: 25
    Apparently only certain radio units can play MP3's and my Intermezzo 5.1 unit isn't one of them. My seat goes as upright as I ask for. And the memory mirrors don't work properly on any 2004 or 2005 I've driven (5 of them in total). My mirrors even have an interesting feechur where once a year they forget completely where they are supposed to go and spend 15sec trying to position themselves past the outermost position (and snap back several times) before they give up trying.
  • chris5639chris5639 Member Posts: 12
    My dealer recently replaced the 6 dvd changer that went bad. They accidently replaced it with the version that has a built-in RF transmitter for RF headphones. My system uses IR headphones. After some searching on the net, I discovered that the RF version is older and does NOT support MP3. I tried the same MP3 discs that worked in my original system and it just ejected the disc and displayed an "ERROR" msg. I'm hoping that once the dealer orders the correct unit, my mp3 discs will play again. Now I understand why there are people out there claiming their dvd players do not play mp3s
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    This apparently supports my position about inconsistent building of these.

    chris5639 - if you could post the build date of your PAC, I'd greatly appreciate it. Maybe this will help me decipher what unit I have.

    Is there any way to tell if a person has IR or RF?

    Believe it or not, we've had the PAC for almost a year now and the headphones are still sealed in the box. We have never once turned on the rear video unit. I'm not sure why my wife wanted to get it. I supposed she figures it will be good for our son once he is facing forward and actually cares about watching TV.

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  • chris5639chris5639 Member Posts: 12
    Believe me, this has been a very frustrating experience. I bought the Pacifica Touring Signature Series only about 2 weeks ago (build date in 12/05) and it has been at the dealer 3 times now to fix the rear screen that hasn't worked from day one. Shame on me for not trying it out before driving it off the lot. First they thought it was the screen, then made me come back in because Chrysler wanted them to look at the problem more closely. They finally said it was the DVD player itself (trip #2) ordered it and swapped it out (trip #3). Now the screen works but the headphones didn't work. They dugged up a different set of headphones and they worked. But then I discovered they were really staticy after getting home. I did some research on the web I discovered there were two models of the DVD player. The replacement one I got used RF instead of IR headphones. When I called the dealer, they fessed up and said they ordered the wrong dvd player. Now I'm waiting for a new DVD player. Here's my source,
    That's the older unit. The newer unit which I recognize the headphone and remote as the same as mine looks like this, I'm really hoping I'll get the right dvd player and that it will once again play mp3 files.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    hey, thanks for the pics! I'll have to compare to mine when I get home.

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  • samuraisamsamuraisam Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply, and I apologize for taking so long in getting back to you on this. I copy my MP3 files directly over to the CD or CD-RW using the file copy function in Windows XP.

    I've also used Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 to burn MP3 discs and gotten the same result with those.

    You should note that it may take a while for the player in your car to read all the files. A 3-4 minute wait is not unusual at all. Incidentdally, the single disc player does not play MP3s. You have to use one of the 6 slots in the 6 disc CD/DVD changer. My Pacifica has both. Hope this helps.
  • primetime2628primetime2628 Member Posts: 21
    Mine has a similar problem. The CD will not show any ID for Sirus/ standard CDROMs or MP3 discs. I use Nero to record CDR with ISO with or without Joliet and it makes no difference.
    The dealer sat up and noticed when I put in a regular CD and it showed no tag. But my FM stations show artist and song title. My Sirus won't show them either. I'm going to demand a new player after being nice and giving him another chance to step up and fix it.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    i was told by the dealer that the sirius installed in this vehicle just won't show the info and there's nothing they can do about it.

    Seems really silly that, as you said, I can see all that info on FM stations and not satellite.

    They've already replaced our Sirius unit, by the way, for a different issue. It still doesn't show the info. So I don't think getting yours replaced will change anything.

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  • reginald1reginald1 Member Posts: 3
    Figured I'd post this since I have not had the time to debug the problem. Occasionally when I start the car the Sirius Radio plays only hiss static. This happens maybe 5% of the time you start the car. It’s not the radio because I can switch sources to CD, DVD and Radio and they all work fine. I'm guessing it's the Sirius receiver not powering up. I've actually sat for a good 10 min turning the ignition key on and off until it powered up. It's not a NO SIGNAL problem. Let me know if anyone else has experienced this.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    Yes, this is the reason why I had to have mine replaced.

    The dealer told me it is a TSB, so yours should be able to look it up, as well.

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  • primetime2628primetime2628 Member Posts: 21
    Well they replaced my RPB today and no change. There are 3 wires on the Sirius box plug that aren't being used. Wonder if they are for the serial interface for the radio?
    I'm going to look for a pinout on the Sirius.
    Anyone have one?
    What about Chilton/Haynes for the 2006 PAC?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    i was on another board at some point where a person modded his to use those currently unused wires and fixed the problem. I never was able to decipher all the details, and with no pics or specifics, its not something I'm willing to try.

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  • tizlamtizlam Member Posts: 12
    Yo Qb, what do you use when burning your mp3's ..I have nero 6 on my computer. And i too made a mp3 and it also errored out in the top cd player as well as the 6 disc dash changer. So what program do use maybe i shoudnt use nero could that be my problem ,please help thanks
  • tizlamtizlam Member Posts: 12
    whats up, have you had any luck yet with playing your mp3 s .You seem to know alot about the formatting im using nero 6 and the mp3 will play in my stereo at home but not in the pacifica,just wondering if you had any luck yet,thanks
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,593
    Well, according to the research of another poster here, one version of the PAC player WILL play MP3s, while another won't. I have yet to find out which version I have (its not our primary vehicle, so its never on my mind until we are driving it ... heck, we've had it over a year and I haven't even tried playing a movie in it yet).

    I've used various programs. one being Nero (although I don't know the version), another being Musicmatch, and I believe I've also tried just drag and drop.

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  • tizlamtizlam Member Posts: 12
    Thank you so much I was wasting alot cd's thinking i am doing something wrong when burning, so it must be like you said my head unit must not play mp3 's. Even though the manual sez it does. I will be going to the dealer and a audio store to find out my options, i must have a mp3 player, thanks again
  • wcrgwcrg Member Posts: 2
    I am needing to replace one of the wireless headphones that came in my 2006 pacifica. The current unit is black and I have only found a chrome one. Has anyone had to replace a headphone and if so where did they get the replacement at.

    Thanks in advance.
  • carp3095carp3095 Member Posts: 7
    My wife wants me to install a headrest video monitors to our stock 6 disk dvd player. We have the headsets and a remote but not the OEM monitor. Those of you who installed aftermarket monitors to your dvd player... what kind of issues did you have? Will the OEM headsets work? Will the remote work? Were you able to wire in the IR into the monitors so the headsets work?
    Also, how did you get the cables under the carpet to the headrest?
  • skcrib12skcrib12 Member Posts: 2
    i recently got a 06/touring, it came with the changer but not the screen. I want to get an aftermarket screen installed to the stock dvd changer but i was wondering if it would be possible for me to listen to the radio while watching a movie? I wanted to just buy IR headphones and listen to the movie that way. So is this possible?
  • bapriebebapriebe Member Posts: 25
    FYI, the factory video system allows you to do this on my 2004. If the headphones are in use, the movie audio goes to the headphones only and the front seat passengers can listen to the radio (or the tape or CD in the radio unit) on the front speakers.
  • skcrib12skcrib12 Member Posts: 2
    but will it still play the video while listen to radio or tape on an aftermarket screen?
  • grfdfire411grfdfire411 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 pacifica with dvd and Nav. I had an overhead lcd monitor install. The remote and rear headsets missing. Where can I get one and how can I tell which to get. I found 2 different remotes and 2 different headsets.
    How do I know which is compatible with my factory 6 disc DVD.
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