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Acura TL Tires and Wheels



  • Purchased a set of Goodyear Eagle F-1's after 6 mo's and approx. 8,000 mile they are in horrible shape. Yes, balanced, rotated, alignments, pressure all covered. Extremely loud and major cupping. Want to replace with good set of winter performance tires. Any suggestions?
  • nctlnctl Posts: 2
    How are the Versados performing still? Looking for a smooth and quiet tire for 04 TL.For a W-rated tire does it absorb bumps well and have you noticed any mpg difference than stock.
  • I'm interested in what size regular wheels/tires I can get for my '05 TL. I have the factory low profile wheels. After 4 years, I am tired of hitting potholes and having to replace my tires. I used to have an Accord and never had this problem. Although it won't look as cool, I want to change to regular profile tires.

    What size wheels and tires do I need for compatibility to a 2005 TL.
  • bnye21bnye21 Posts: 1
    hello... i currently have a black 05 TL and was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of how to get the stock wheels in a black finish? any information or ideas would be great!
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    I was wondering the same thing, if any one went with shorter rim but larger tire? The low profiles look great but where I live the road is full of pot holes and a rough ride ahead. I'm still looking to buy a TL but curious on a rim change out to 16" from the factory 18's? Thanks, Mark
  • xrunner2xrunner2 Posts: 3,062
    16 " rims will not fit on 04-08 Acura TL. We had OEM 2001 Acura TL extra rims with mounted snow tires and I checked to see if these would fit our 2004 TL and they won't. Calipers in front interfere. Need minimum 17". We bought 4 extra alloy rims from Tire Rack with mounted snow tires for the 04 TL. The snow tires are 50 series rather than 45 series for smaller footprint in snow/ice. We chose 50 series snows with same circumference as 45 series to keep odo and gearing stock.
  • jpdisarrojpdisarro Posts: 33
    17" rims are standard on the FWD model, while 18" rims are standard on the SH-AWD model. 19" rims are an option on the SH-AWD model.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I drive a base 2008 TL that came with OEM Bridgestone Turanza's EL400. Right from the start I had a harsh/rough ride with these tires and very poor traction/handling in just wet weather; I would be scared to drive the car in any kind of snowy weather!!; also, these tires were causing severe vibrations/shimmy through the steering wheel, peddles, and seats of the car when every I did anything over 50 mph and the faster I went the worse the vibrations got; after taking it back to the Acura dealer and having all the tires balanced and a front-end alignment done the problems still remained; after contacting Bridgestone I was able to work out a deal and get the top of the line Bridgestone Serenity's put on the TL; once this was done all the problems went away; actually I was told by Bridgestone that the serenity's came out because of all the problems and complaints against the Turanza EL400s; I only got the Bridgestone serenity's because that was the only manufacture I was able to work a deal with plus the OEM Turanza's that were giving me so much trouble only had about 2000k miles on them; even though the Bridgestone serenity's are a much better tire they are really expensive (almost $245 a tire for the TL) and I would never spend that much on a Bridgestone or have that brand of tire on a sedan ever again after what happens; a tire shouldn't cause that kind of shimmy/vibration with a car

    I believe Acura still uses these crappy OEM's on the 2009 TL without the tech package and so does Toyota on the camry, Lexus on the ES350, and Nissan on the Altima 3.5SE; these were the worst tires I have ever had and consider them dangerous and unsafe and warn anyone from getting OEM Bridgestone Turanza's EL400; the OEM Michelin Pilots Acura uses are not that great either but they are the better of two evils; try to get them if you can!!!!

  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I have an '06 TL with about 39,000 on it. I blew the sidewall off my front right tire tonight. The guy who came to fix it said my other three tires looked as if they'd last another six months or so.

    Questions: Can I replace two tires at a time? What suggestions do you have for tires that aren't a fortune? I live in the NE and my driveway is gravel; but honestly I've had zero trouble with my tires. Today's flat was my fault for banging into a curb.. not once but twice. :mad:
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    if you've read my post on this forum before (#356) you know I had terrible problems with my OEM Bridgestone Turanza EL42's and had top of the line Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires put on my Base 08 TL; I have roughly 10k miles on the the tires now (a little over 11k miles on the car itself) and the last few weeks I've developed some grinding and feel some vibrations in the wheel/pedal when applying the brakes and smell burning when I get out of the car coming from the rear wheels; that usually is a sign that the brake pads have to be replaced but I pray I don't have to have the rotors resurfaced; this seems ridiculous to have to have this done with only 11k miles on the car; I wanted to know if the Serenity tires could be causing the problem or if it is an inherent problem with the 08 Base TL that other people are having (i.e. premature wear on brakes or rotor resurfacing); I've kept the tires balanced just above recommended pressure and I have had them rotated regularly so I can't imagine that the tires are the problem; any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated!!
  • After reading through some of the winter tire questions I thought I would share what I did. My '05 TL has 53k miles. I'm on my third set of "summer" tires (long story; wasn't happy w/the OEM set. And it's not my driving style, I just replaced my brakes this weekend and they had 30% to 40% life left on them) but had never owned winter tires.

    After moving to Minnesota from southeast Michigan I went through one bad winter and realized driving my TL is like running a hot corncob through butter...just slides all over. This fall I went on and purchased the tire/wheel combo you see below for about $900 including shipping. Actually it came to $850 because the mfgr is sending me a $50 AmEx gift card (woo-hoo!). The very next day we had an inch of snow in Minneapolis and the tires performed beautifully. I felt like I was driving my wife's all-wheel drive SUV. Granted, an inch of slushy, wet snow isn't a real "test". But there wasn't a single moment where I felt nervous about taking a hard turn on the interstate that winds through Minneapolis. If I'd had my other tires, I would have been crawling through those turns, and still worried about sliding into the guard rails.

    As for going down in wheel size and increasing the tire size, I've asked that question before and been shot down. I too have replaced a couple rims and it's not cheap. I just chalk it up to the downside to owning this car. I love it in all other respects so I just bite my tongue when it happens (though we don't have an abundance of potholes around us).


    Wheels: =Sport+Edition&wheelModel=F10&wheelFinish=Silver+Painted&partnum=F107811260S

    I decided to order the wheel/tire combo because we plan on holding on to the car for another 5 years until our daughter can drive, and then give it to her. So I just store the "spare" tires in a corner of our garage and plan on swapping them out every six months as the seasons require.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    Follow-up.. I recommend the Michelin Exalto! I put 17,754 miles on them so far and they have 7/32 treadlife left! I rotate every oil change approx 7K miles. Excellent in snow, rain and ride smooth with no noise. Only Low Profile with 50K mileage warranty. They are a "no brainer for the buck!" :)
  • I got a call from my delaership after i left the car with them for my B12 service- that the tires are wearing out on the inside..could be mis alignment - is that common with the OEM tires. I am in socal - i am a lil surprised that i had to change tires under 30k with no snow and no winter this common with the 07 base TL OEM tires.

  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well suffice it to say I'm not surprised that your tires wore out: I have a 08 Base TL so you must of had the same [non-permissible content removed] bridgestone turanza EL42s on your 07 base: you did much better than I did though: I had such problems with those OEMs at anything over 50mph with vibrations, shimmering, and pulling in the wheel that before I had 1k miles on them I had an adjustment through bridgestone and had the top of the line turanza serenity's put on the car: before I did this I had the tires balanced and a front-end alignment by Acura twice but it did nothing to solve the problems

    was told by Acura that hopefully bridgestone would replace them because with all the problems I had they definitely would not wear properly and all that shimmering/vibration in the wheel/pedals and the wobbling/pulling to one side are all signs of out-of-balanced tires

    I was completely sold with the Bridgestone Serenity's the first 8k miles I had on them: as soon as I put them on their was a worlds difference; the vibrations/shimmering in the wheel/pedals/seats all went away at high rate of speed, they were a hell of a lot quieter and the ride quality was improved; now I have about 12k miles on them, have had them balanced at every rotation, properly inflated at all times, but have begun to notice the same problems with these tires that I had with the OEM EL42s: even after having them balanced and another front end-alignment done they are now causing some vibrations/shimmering in the wheel/pedals and I'm starting to feel that wobbling ride/pulling to one side when I drive at high rates of speed above 50mph

    was told by the tire store I have the rotations/balancing/alignments done that all four serenity's are beginning to show signs of wearing unevenly across the tires despite having them balanced and rotated and inflated properly: I am lucky if I get 25k miles out of them before I'll have to replace them at cost to myself and probably would be even luckier if I get to 20k miles on them before replacement

    while I have enjoyed the quieter/smoother ride the serenity's have provided compared to the OEM EL42s, I am very dissatisfied that after only 8k miles they are wearing unevenly and let me tell you how happy I am that I paid only 100 bucks to have all four of these tires replaced and put them on the car: these tires without an adjustment are almost $245 a tire to have put on the TL; I would be freakin livid had I paid full priced for these serenity's, almost 1200 bucks to have all four tires mounted and balanced, and be dealing with these problems; I would have expected more considering the rave reviews that the serenity's have on but I guess these tires are just not a good match for the TL as they are on other vehicles, especially since they are a really expensive tire to get

    so despite trying to avoid the same situation you ran into with the OEM EL42s, I will be in the same predicament as you with my serenity's at about 20-25k miles

    I do believe the OEM EL42s are one of the worst tires I have ever had on any car over the years and I've read many many reviews on of how poor these tires are and how they wearout pretty quickly or wear unevenly: the michelin pilots you get as OEM on the TLs with technology package, while far from a great tire themselves, are superior compared to the OEM EL42s in regards to people being happier with them and they seem to last longer than the EL42s

    I don't know what I am going to do when I replace the serenity's when they come time but I am definitely not putting another Bridgestone tire on the TL, I don't think Bridgestone and TL should be in the same sentence: I'll most likely try Kumho, Michelin, or Yokohama as replacement tires when the time come

    Sorry you weren't able to get longer at of your tires then you did: Best of luck on picking new tires for your TL!!!
  • Hi everyone,

    What is the ideal tire pressure for the tires? My TL's tire pressure sensor is so sensitive and it seems like the tire pressure fluctuates so much, depending on how cold it is outside, etc. Right now, the tires are reading at 34 with the exception of the back left tire at 30. They sometimes get up to 37 if it's warm outside.

    I'm confused...any input is appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well Acura recommends, and it says this on a label on the inside well of the driver front door when you open it, that the fronts should have 33 psi and the should have 32 psi; I keep all my cars slightly above recommended so I've been keeping the fronts at 34 psi and the rears at 33 psi

    anything more then this and the ride really begins to get choppy, at least too choppy for my taste!

    actually, you didn't mention what TL you have, I have a 08 base TL with 17inch wheels; not sure what the 4th generation TL tire pressures are supposed to be and if you have a type-s the pressure is different then what I quoted
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    tire pressure is supposed to change based on temperature so the changes you are seeing are normal. Fill the tire while it is cold (not right after driving) to the numbers on the car placard.
  • xrunner2xrunner2 Posts: 3,062
    I also put on Michelin Pilot Exalto on my 04 TL in April, 2008 and am very satisfied. These tires were top rated in a Consumer Reports issue.
  • I think Bridgestone all season tires suck on any car. The only good tire Bridgestone makes are the Blizzak Winter Tires. That's it.
    I had Bridgestones all seasons on 2 of my vehicles and they were very slippery on the road for both vehicles.
    I think Michelins are also slick on wet roads and are overrated.
    The only all season tire I have had good luck with are Toyos & Yokahamas.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    agreed, I've never had any good luck with Bridgestone tires on a sedan before, but I have had good luck with them on the SUVs I have

    In regards to traction and handling I too have found Yokies to be very good in those regards!
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I never buy tires without checking out the consumer survey at
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi all, in a few thousand miles I am going to have to replace my Bridgestone Serenity Tires due to uneven treadwear; I am looking to replace them with a tire that has excellent ride quality and lowest noise levels because that is the most important qualities in a tire to me

    I've heard that the Michelin Exalto, Michelin Pilot A/S Plus, and Pirelli PZero Nero All Seasons are the best in ride quality and noise level but before I get any tires I wanted to hear from others what they think are best for giving the best ride quality and lowest noise level? I've also read good things thus far on for the continental extremeprocontact DWS's

    Look forward to your opinions and suggestions!!!!
  • gitnbygitnby Posts: 10
    Bought a TL Tech that comes with Michelin HXMX4's.

    Took the car through a pretty extensive test drive before buying, and the tires seemed quiet and offered a nice ride? BTW, that is more important to us than performance-type handling. Don't like to feel bumps, as I have some back problems.

    After reading other posts, it seems like there are some issues with this tire?

    If I was convinced that there is a better tire for my preferences, I would buy them right away and sell the OEM's.

    Wet/snow traction is not a big deal as I have another vehicle that will handle that, but we want a safe tire that will get us through the stuff if needed.

    With smooth ride and quiteness in mind, what is the best you all have tried?

  • Check on the label inside your driver's side door frame. My 2005 TL says the ideal tire pressure is 32 psi. I too have the same issue with varying psi (we live in Minnesota...was 25 below last night; though the car is parked inside). The other day I adjusted the pressure in all of them to 32 psi (cold). The next day I took it in for an oil change and the guy said they were all reading between 40 and 42! He said the pressure can usually vary by 7-9 psi. I told him to leave the tires alone, assuming they'd settle back down to 32-ish again.
  • I've had some tire issues w/the TL, but I've never questioned their "safety" aspects. If you tested the car thoroughly in advance, and you're happy w/the tires today, I would not take the (likely) $500 to $1,000 hit by buying a new set of tires. You aren't going to get much for your used tires. Just keep riding on the OEM tires until (if?) they give you some sort of issue that would prompt you to dispose of the tire.

    On the other hand, if you have money to burn - thank you in advance for helping us out of this recession! ;)
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    The tire pressure should and will rise as the tire warms up...Charles Law
  • gitnbygitnby Posts: 10
    We are happy with out new TL, with one exception. Rough Ride?

    Have the 17" Michelin HXMX4's, which may be part of the problem?

    Or, maybe the fact that it has not been much over 20 degrees since we picked the car up? Tires and shocks seem to ride rougher on our other car in this weather, too!

    Or, maybe because we traded in an Avalon with a softer suspension, and just need to get used to the firmer ride?

    I'm hoping that warmer weather and the "breaking in" of the suspension will help?

    Any comments?

  • xrunner2xrunner2 Posts: 3,062
    Most Toyotas, Lexi are soft riders. How much of a test drive did you do on TL demo before you bought one?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Just make sure your tire pressure is at the recommended levels; it has been my experience with Acura and other stealerships that they tend to over inflate tires when they go to sell the car or you bring the car in for any kind of service; I've told them not to inflate the tires and leave them alone and they still can't listen; I've had the car inflated (cold) to 38 and 40psi when I've gotten it back

    the recommended cold tire pressure is 33 psi so that could be why the car is riding rough; though the really cold weather we have been having doesn't help anything either

    just a thought! hope things smooth out for your soon!!
  • gitnbygitnby Posts: 10
    Went for about a half hour test ride over city streets and highway.

    Seemed pretty smooth?

    It was about 20-25 degrees warmer and there were 3 people in the car.
    The extra weight might have made it 'sit down' a little better on shocks?

    Recommended tire pressure on door says 32 PSI all around, and that's what we have it at.
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