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Chevy Aveo New Owner Reports!



  • gene_fitzgene_fitz Posts: 9
    I got my first Aveo in 2005. I loved it, it was an LS model, 5 Speed, AM/FM radio, manual everything. It was a great car.
    I just got a 2008 Aveo LT, and again, pleased as punch with the purchase.
    The Automatic transmission I don't care much for, I mean, I am a die hard stick shift fan, and I don't like the constant upshift-downshift in the hills, but it doesn't lack for power.
    The 2007/2008 Sedan models do have a nicer front profile than my 2005 did, which is wonderful.
    My LT has the AM/FM/CD/MP3 player with steering wheel controls which is very nice, though the volume isn't really all that. I am not sure if it is the stereo itself or the speakers. I like to rock out while I am driving, and the stock unit just doesn't have the punch I am looking for. But the 6 speaker system is really nice and clear.
    The Alarm is a help (not that I carry much that I am worried about being stolen, well, other than the car itself). Downside to that is the replacement key, with the alarm controller costs $148 to replace, then another $45 to get it programmed.
    Overall, my experience is really good. I have very few complaints, at least no more than I would have with any car.

    The Aveo is a good buy, and a wonderful car.
  • scrverscrver Posts: 3
    I just bought my 2008 Aveo5 last week. I wasn't going to buy until fall but lucked out and fell into $1000 off bonus bucks and $1000 GM loyalty at the same time. I couldn't refuse. I have been impressed so far. I will use the vehicle mainly as transportation to and from work in the winter and rainy days. Both of my sons laughed at me when they saw it (my other vehicle is a K3500 diesel dually) until they drove it. I hope that it will last me 5 years at 10,000 per year. Will post more when I drive it. Hi to all.
  • 26,000km on my 2007 Aveo Sedan and so far no problems have surfaced. There's been a minor issue with the silver painted finish on the interior door handles rubbing off onto our fingers. But otherwise, it's been dead reliable and a great little car. :)
  • tootal2tootal2 Posts: 13
    I didnt know you could use the 1000.00 gm loyalty and bonus bucks at the same time.
    I might of bought one if i knew that. I going wait till the 2009 aveo comes out i think.
  • scrverscrver Posts: 3
    I didn't either. The loyalty wasn't posted. If I hadn't stopped that day I wouldn't have known. IF I hadn't been in the sales managers office I may not have been told. I got lucky . (for a change) The bonus bucks ran out the following day and the loyalty had just started. Go figure.
  • Hello, well it's the Poquette's again w/ 2007 guess what here we are Sept. 2009 so far since the lower control arms we have had all four rims replaced cause they were defected, also bushing replaced( in shop 7 times for that issue) and now they are telling me w/ only 23,358 I need upper struts, mounds and bearing and all new tires cause of uneven tire ware. they tell me i need to pay for tires I told I don't think so they need to pay for those so now we are waiting for chevy(main) office to get back to us on monday to tell us yes or no. We told them the tire might of last longer if we didn't continue to have problems with the front end. the Poquette's
  • I'm just happy to inform you that my 07 aveo has 33k trouble free miles. Its my commuter car and couldn't be happier. so far a great bang for the buck.
  • vjv1vjv1 Posts: 1
    I just bought an Aveo LS 1 month ago. It has 59,000 miles on it. I had the timing belt changed since I did research as to what the maintenance schedule is. So far I like it, but have read posts on different websites about how unreliable it is. I'm hoping this isn't true because that is the reason I purchased a "new" car. I like the way it drives; not much pick up but it is a 4 cylinder. Seems to idle fast at first, overall seems ok. Anything else I should know? I wish it had a CD player but that is minor. It zips along once I get up to speed. I didn't get the water pump replaced when I had the timing belt done. Hope that wasn't a mistake. I've heard various opinions about that. Overall, do you all like the car? I wasn't looking for anything fancy, just something economical and reliable.
  • We recently purchased a 2009 Aveo. Since the ignition key is a non-chip key I went to a couple of local hardware stores to have a couple of spares made, only too find out that the blank was not available except at the dealer. I called and was told it would be $35.00; I was a little shocked since it was a non-chip key. Well to make a long story short I went back to my neighborhood hardware store and as it turns out they came up with a blank that would work. It is made by 'ilco' and the numbers on it are X174 and TR40. It ended up costing me a little over $8.00 instead of the dealers rip off. I just wanted to share this for those who might be in the habit of making spare keys. The people at the store said it is typically a Toyota key blank, just in case you might go some where that doesn't have the particular brand this store carried.
  • Nice try, but unfortunately it won't start your car. From what I've read these keys are not standard "chip keys" - they are a level above that, called transponder keys, and are much more expensive to duplicate. Yes, the newly cut key itself will physically fit the lock. But the key won't start the car unless your original key with the embedded transponder in it is somewhere near the steering column to receive the transmitted signal that it emits.

    This strikes me as a very expensive way to provide anti-theft security for what is essentially an inexpensive car. But hey, - that's Chevy's idea of a solution. And it's a really large, bulky ignition key for such a small car.
  • dhuddhud Posts: 1
    Good thought, however not well researched. I just purchased two ilco key blanks part number DW04RAP online for my 2008 Chevy Aveo 5 for just over $7 with shipping at The Aveo has no transponder, no chip, nothing at all but metal and plastic. The thick plastic is deceiving, however, the key is nothing more than a key. The Aveo does have a key available with built in keyless remote, but that is all it does, unlocks the doors, trunk and panic. It has no effect on the engine starting. The car will start and run fine with or with out the original key near by. If you have any doubt on the existence of a transponder, simply take it to any place that cuts keys and they can test it for you. Additionally, the guy at my local True Value told me he would cut the keys for me for free.
  • Actually I did research it, but the information about this on the web is mostly erroneous.

    You are absolutely correct, and I apologize for adding to the pool of misinformation. I just had a key made with that number blank. It works. But without that cross reference number, nobody seems to know what key blank to use.
  • Hi,

    Just recently bought a new 2009 5 speed LS sedan. Needed to replace a rotting '93 Honda Civic. The Civic was a good car with fantastic gas mileage. Rotting away unfortunately. So sold it for about $1.9k and bought a new Aveo fully warranted bumper to bumper for 3 years / 36000, powertrain covered for 5 yrs or 100,000 for a real deal. For us and our finances this is a very nice car. In fact it's very comfortable and peppy. I don't expect to achieve the mpg of the Civic but that's ok - it's very nice having a comfortable fully warranted car that 16 years newer for very little bucks. The Onstar coverage and built in phone and coverage is very nice as well. So far for the very first tank I've averaged 33 MPG. Not bad for a brand new car that was VERY reasonably priced - especially when you factor in the rebates. So far so good. What do you average with your 5 speed Aveo?
  • orbit9090orbit9090 Posts: 116
    Thanks for the helpful info and website link. I couldn't find these anywhere!
  • Just purchased a pair of these (non-transponder, non-chipped) DW04RAP "equivalents" ( ) for $1.50 each, and opted for the $6.10 USPS Priority Mail shipping option ($1.16 more than their standard flat-rate shipping for orders under $50).

    They start at $1.95 for a single key.

    Listed as DW48R-PH Daewoo Nubria Plastic Head Key Blank DW04RAP, so I called their toll free number at 800-332-5397, and spoke to someone in Canada, (where they apparently don't even have a listing for the Aveo) despite the fact that the storefront is physically located in East Northport, NY. He confirmed the this is the identical key blank, and I'll post here to let you know, once they arrive and I have them cut..

    Prior to this, I'd only been able to secure a plastic headed blank for my daughter's use (just got her license) at the only local Chevrolet dealer for the "wholesale" cost of @ $27.00 (retail was over $45!)....
  • You paid more than necessary. These key blanks are hard to find locally, but if you are persistent and try enough places you will probably eventually find them, as I did.

    I found an ACE hardware store that had them for about $2 each. (ILCO X174 TR40) When they made the key it wouldn't turn in the lock. If that happens don't assume it is the wrong blank, because it is not. If you examine the key closely you will see that it was not cut accurately. Most hardware stores don't calibrate their key making machines too often and this key needs to be cut precisely. They eventually got it right and I had several keys made. A good locksmith will get it right on the first try, but you will pay a bit more.
  • I just got done reading in another review website that MPG will go up significantly if you switch 89 octane gas. I will have to try it and see.

    I am currently looking for a low cost center console addon and the cruise control I ran across that appears to be for the South Korean version of this Chevorlet import.

    I like my care having only a few quibbles like the am/fm radio dieing fairly quickly after I bought it used. An after market Am/Fm/CD player is working nicely now though.

    Tom M.
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