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Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2006



  • mcp6530mcp6530 Posts: 11
    Alrighty, hit a big pothole, tire went flat, towed into pontiac, that will be $1,200 sir. Thanks so much.
    Any suggestions? Found a website that has it for $353.88 18x8 . part number aly06592u80.
    sound legit to you guys? dealer wants 750 for the wheel, online can get it for 350. too good to be true?
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    Check for wheels on Ebay. I've seen multiple auctions for individual or sets of original wheels for GXP's.

    My dealer said that a lot of people go online to, etc, and buy new wheels and tires to have a "second" set to be used for snow, etc. you could buy 4 new wheels for approx. $1200. Definately shop around before buying from the dealer.
  • mcp6530mcp6530 Posts: 11
    Both of my power outlets are not functioning and I can't seem to locate the fuse for them. I have the manual, but it isn't clearly marked anywhere in there. Does anyone know the location of the fuses for these power sources?
    Thank you.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    My 60 year old father is considering an '07 Silver GXP with 16k miles on it. What kind of problems have been had with this vehicle? He has a '98 GP GT with 190k on it right now, and it seems like it's in the shop at least once a month, and now needs a new transmission, again. Put one in last year at 160k. According to consumer reports, the GXP isn't rated well. He and I both have looked over and driven this car, nothing seems to be wrong with it right now. Also, he's already been quoted a price of $23,900 straight sale. It's loaded with everything but the navigation. What do you guys think?
  • jehu75jehu75 Posts: 6
    How is the change in your tire size working out? Has it affected your ABS/Traction Control/Speedometer etc. Goodyear is coming out with FI All Season that are Z rated and match both sizes.
  • jehu75jehu75 Posts: 6
    I am replacing tires, as well. It has been a nightmare, as I want all-season performance tires that match both front and back. I live where it snows.

    Just today, I found out on the Goodyear site that they will be rolling out Z rated F1 tires July 1st, that match BOTH front and back.

    Since the Z rating is just below the W, and the GXP is limited to 143, that they might work. My only concern, since they have a 420 rating, that I will lose significant handling from the 050's. Any thoughts?
  • jehu75jehu75 Posts: 6
    Drove my GXP at 95-110 mph from Wichita to Salt Lake City - 17.something mpg.
  • jehu75jehu75 Posts: 6
    I've had my GXP just over 140 a couple of times in rural Utah. It was stable as a rock.
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    The tires have been working out great! I notice much better traction when taking off, cornering, driving in rain, etc. Can't wait to try them in the snow!
  • dblducedblduce Posts: 58
    Get a price for the Cooper Zeon Sport A/S (all seasons). They have the same W speed rating as the originals. I would tend to think that anything "new" from Goodyear would tend to be overly expensive for the first few months. Oh well, it never hurts to price compare. I would recommend the Coopers any day! Going from 225/50 18 to 225/45 18 makes no noticable difference to me.
  • Has anybody come across a modification site for the Grand Prix GXP. I would like to add some more performance parts. I have already added flowmasters & a K&N intake system. I found a ECM unit that adds 20HP which I will be getting.

    Anybody else looking to push the HP on your GXP??
  • I have an 07 gxp. the question is does anyone have problems whith there stabilitrack turning on in a corner when you are all over it, after you have shut off the traction control and the stabilitrack system. The dealer and a gm engineer tell me that is what the car is designed to do but they also told me you can not shut off stabilitrack. The owners manual showes u how and that it is possible and the gxp only. any info would be great, this problem has me verry upset about the car not performing the way it should.
  • Did you replace just the rear tires or also the front ones?
  • When you have a chance could you please give us an update on how the Cooper tires are working out for you? Specifically, I was wondering about any adverse consequences you may have experienced since the rear tires were not an exact size match........the overall diameter being a little smaller. thanks
  • Not a thing wrong since updating the tires. The only thing noticable is that going from a 225/50 to a 225/45 makes the rear tires seem "thinner" or closer to the ground than the front ones. but if you measure from the ground up to the bottom of the rim in both the front and rear wheels, its the same. Since I changed the size of the rear tires and not the fronts, it doesnt have any impact on the speedometer, since its driven off the front wheels/transmission. I have had no other problems whatsoever. They have been great tires for the past 6 months / 5,000 miles I've had them.
  • I would highly recommend the Eagle F1 All Season. They were expensive, but the performance I am getting out of them is as good, or better, than the 050's. Highly recommended and no change in tire sizes.
  • mcrowemcrowe Posts: 1
    I recently have a problem with my 00 pontiac GTP . It seems flooding and runs terribly , black exhaust smoke. Then 1/2 hour later start run good for a minute then it was back to running rough and die. I unplugged the MAF sensor and started it ,ran fine. I drove it 168 miles home. Service light on now though never came on before. Just wondered if anyone had this problem. And if it is the MAF sensor.
  • most likely that is the fault of the maf u can actually clean it will carb cleaner but be carefully not to touch the fine wires in the middle they can break easy. if that does not take care of it try replacing it. the check engine light probably will not go out on its own, you will have to have it shut of.
  • My friend has a HP tuner and we plan to put a tune on it this Spring. I will post this Spring on how it worked out. I know a different pulley would add some power, but I think you need to yank the engine for that. Sounds like you've done about everything you can so far. Do you feel a difference in power from the mods you've done so far?
  • Just wondering if you had gotten any replies or found anything for mod sites for a GXP. I found stuff for the supercharged but nothing for the V8's. How did the intake and exhaust work out? I am looking for an exhaust that will add some sound but not be overly annoying. Any suggestions?
  • gxprixgxprix Posts: 2
    I have not, it seems that everyone has ignored my question (not a very good message board). I have moved on to, much more superior to this garbage.

    To answer your question, the flowmasters were awesome. I would recommend removing the resonator as well, to get a very nice deep sound. To give you an idea, it sounded like an old Monte Carlo or 305/307 Chevy V8 motor. The intake was cool too because it gave the car a supercharger sound when it sucked in the air, I saw a small increase in HP as well.
  • beamiebeamie Posts: 3
    ...a proud owner of a '06 GXP. Is there anything I should be aware of or look out for besides just to have fun with it? :)
  • I replaced my tires and rims with new ones. I have the 4 tires, that were only driven on for approx. 8 months. I am looking to sell either tires alone or tires and rims. If interested please post message and I will respond to you.
  • How much $ and tread life left, particularly the front?

  • Tread life is good on front and back. One rim is messed up but i have been told that it can be fixed. I am willing to sell all 4 for around 600 or best offer, for rims and tires. Tire price can be neg.
  • Congratulations!

    In 2005 I purchased a new Grand Prix GXP. I fell in love with the car the moment I started it. The car GOES! What a joy to drive. I already have 92K miles on it.

    The key word I hear when I take my car for repairs is "unique" or "special". That means $$$$$$$. I will share a few examples....

    I do mostly highway driving. I have gone through two sets of front rotars and I am currently on my third set of brake pads. Besides the car being a front wheel drive car with a whole lot of power, it goes through front brakes. Lesson learned...NEVER allow the rotars to be resurfaced. They will ware the brake pads unevenly. My point...the rotars are $180 EACH!

    Tires...again...unique...if you want to get away from the BF Goodrich Tires that come stocked on the car, it requires someone who knows how to do a little bit of math to find the "right" size. If you put some other tire on the car that was NOT made for it, you could run into trouble with the computer.

    The BIGGEST issue of all....
    MY TRANSMISSION went! The problem started SLOWLY. I took it to the dealership and they said the computer is just picking up on mifires. They didn't understand what I was feeling. It was taking longer to shift from one gear to the next. It felt like a hiccup. I was getting significantly less MPG....10-12 on HIGHWAY. I had a tune up done since I was so close to 100,000 miles. Problem not solved. I continued to drive the car. It felt sluggish to ME, but nobody could tell me what was wrong. I took it to a place that only does Transmissions. They could barely feel it and said it could be the trans going, but they couldn't say for sure because my car would not allow their computer to read the transmission codes?! They contacted "Snap On" who provides their equipment. The car stopped going before I could follow up with the place.

    The point is..."EXPERTS" could not tell me for sure what was wrong with the car. I had it to a total of FOUR different places. The good thing about it NOT going...I KNOW NOW it is the trans. The trans has to be a rebuilt trans...Just for the Transmission....$1,900 BEFORE labor! You are looking at close to $3,000 to do the job with labor. Then you are without a car for a bit. I am waiting for the results.

    The car could also have other issues now. The factory installed remote start...that suddenly started setting the car alarm off! What in the world is that about?

    The front heated seat coil burnt out right after I hit 36K miles. I have yet to repair that. That will cost $350 or so.

    Any questions...feel free to ask.....

    In 2005, the car didn't have the 100,000 mile warrenty. It had the 3 year 36,000 miles. There is NO reason at all that should have happened. Again....a UNIQUE transmission which means more $$$.
  • pesky1pesky1 Posts: 1
    Anyone encountering problems with their transmissions? My warranty expired at 60,000 km's. At 71,474 km's, my transmission went. I was out of warranty but GM was nice enough to give me a warranty - goodwill. They replaced the transmission for a $500 deductible amount. This took place November 2007. A year later, my car is back in. Just got the phone call that the transmission is done. Car is now at 117,945 km's (which is an additional 29,044 miles). Dealer wants $5,170 + tax to put in a new transmission... This doesn't seem right... Has anyone else encountered this?
  • mygxp1mygxp1 Posts: 3
    YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!

    I am going through this RIGHT now. It has been such a headache as you know. I get my car back tomorrow...FINALLY!! I have a lot of useful info for you that you might be interested in.

    You ARE being ripped off. Do you have a warranty on this 2nd trans? You should have a 50K mile warranty on that trans. other Trans places...they DO have warranties....
    I was quoted $2,250 out the extra fees....

    My story and experience is long...If you are interested....feel free to email me.

    My email is: [email protected]
  • beamiebeamie Posts: 3
    I know that the trans is a major issue, but I've done a lot of research and do know that the transmission needs a 'Shift Kit' in it and a trans cooler if you are the type that's constantly beating on it. Trans-Go makes a kit for it. I've been modifying mine trans and still have a few mods to perform.
  • jagrismerjagrismer Posts: 1
    Does this spare tire they gave you have a part number or something?
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