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BMW 5 Series

keelbumpkeelbump Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in BMW
I just bought my first BMW 528i 1997. I really love the way the car drives.
I am concerned about the automatic transmission though. When the car first started in
cold weather, I typically drive with caution and keep a light touch on the gas.
1st and 2nd gear seem to shift around 2K RPMs but when it comes time to go from
3rd to D it won't shift until the RPM have reached about 3500. This seems really high
Even if I let off the gas doing 35 MPH it will not shift into the higher gears.

Is this a feature or a problem? WHen the car warms up the shifting still seems hard
from 3rd to D but not at low speeds. I think the car is still under factory warranty.
It's in service date in 6/97 and is has 35K miles.

Has anyone had a similar experience with their car and what did you do?



  • they are pretty smooth but once they are abused they have a tendency to "go out".

    Take it to a dealer and have 'em take a look at it.

    btw, the 5 spd automatics used on the 5 series(V8 5 series), 7 series are ZF's.

    the 4 spd autos used on the 3series (328,330,325, etc) are general motors' ones.

    if your service advisor knows this, he is a better trained one so ask around.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The GM Hydra-Matic plant in Stasbourgh, France manufactures transmissions for the following BMW applications:

    4L40-E (M90) 4 speed
    5L40-E (M82) 5 speed

    BMW 3-Series E46 (M90)
    BMW 3-Series E46 (M82)
    BMW 5-Series E39 (M82)

    Hydra-Matic Transmission -- Model Year 2000

    Product Specifications

    Four or five speed rear-wheel-drive, electronically controlled, automatic overdrive transmission with a torque converter clutch
    Engine Range:
    2.5L - 2.8L (M82) - 3.0L diesel (M82)
    1.8L - 2.0L (M90)
    Maximum Engine Torque:
    280 lb-ft (380 Nm)
    Maximum Gearbox Torque:
    494 lb-ft (670 Nm)
    Gear Ratios:
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rev
    M82 3.46 2.21 1.59 1.00 0.76 3.17
    M90 2.82 1.54 1.00 0.71 2.39
    Maximum Speed Shift:
    6500 rpm
    Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight:
    7716 lb (3500 kg)
    7-Position Quadrant:
    Case Material:
    Die Cast Aluminum
    Control Systems:
    Shift Pattern: (3) Three-way on/off solenoids
    Shift Quality: Force motor control
    Torque Converter Clutch: Pulse width modulated solenoid control
    Converter Size:
    245 mm and 258 mm (reference) (M82) 258 mm (reference) (M90)
    (Diameter of torque converter turbine)
    Fluid Type:
    Dexron® III
    Transmission Weight (with 245 mm converter):
    Dry: 73kg (161 lb.)
    Wet: 80 kg (176 lb.)
    Fluid Capacity (Approximate):
    Dry: (with 245 mm) 8.5L (9.5 qt)
    Pressure Taps Available:
    Line pressure
    Stasbourg, France
    BMW 3-Series E46 (M90)
    BMW 3-Series E46 (M82)
    BMW 5-Series E39 (M82)

    The same plant also manufactures the Hydra-Matic 4L30-E (ML4) transmission for the BMW Z3 Roadster.
  • bornagainbornagain Posts: 38
    could you be more specific in the future???:)
    What about the 98 3 series E36 4 speed auto??
    (i know this is a 5 series discussion but i will take advantage of this wealth of knowledge!)
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The same GM Hydramatic plant in Stasbourgh, France manufactured the Turbo-Hydramatic MR1 (THMR-1) transmission for the following 1998 BMW E36 vehicles:

    BMW 3-Series E36 (M44)
    BMW 3-Series E36 (M52)

    Bellhousings differ to suit engine applications.

    Warranty is 4 year/80,000 Km, and if transmission operational irregularities are perceived, there are numerous programming updates.
  • Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge
    about the clutch on the 540i 6-speed. I've had
    50 years of experience with very good clutch life, including four previous BMWs. But my 540i 6-speed clutch lasts only about 40,000 miles before it starts slipping badly. I'm about to replace the clutch for the second time at 88,000 miles and I know I have not been abusing it. My last BMW clutch had 105,000 miles on it when I turned it over to a son. He had no problems for the next 85,000 miles.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Do that ( hold low gears when cold ). It's to warm up the engine more quickly in cold weather.

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