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Toyota Highlander Hybrid Battery Pack Questions



  • colcbpcolcbp Posts: 9
    I have about 1500 miles remaining before my 90K service and my dealer says he doesn't know anything about any kind of "extended diagnostic". Could you please be more specific. Every service that is done has to be accompanied by a code of some sort, and when you had your "extended diagnostic" done your receipt from the dealer must have included more informative data. I would appreciate any extra information you can give. Thanks very much. Chuck
  • I went out to start the car this morning and it wouldn't start. I would love some insight if you guys have had this same problem and how you got it fixed (and the cost, if you would be so kind) I have an 06 HH.

    When I put the key in, all of the dash lights turn on, but when I try to turn the key over, it says "put in park"-- it IS in park. I noticed that I left a door open last night (oops) and there was a dome light on because of it. After two attempts to turn the car over, there are NO dash lights and the car is non-responsive.

    Is this a tow to the dealer problem or wait and it will fix itself or get it jumped and it will fix itself or get a charger on it for a few hours kind of thing???? I would Love some help here.

    Thank you soooo much.
  • Many people other than just me, receive the recall notice from Toyota saying part prone to failure when HH driven at high load has been identified, and will be repaired free of charge. Notice even says that people who have previously had failure should contact Toyota to investigate refund of expenses. Only issue, parts for repair ar not likely to be at dealer until Feb 2012.
  • I am the owner of a Certified Pre-owned 2007 Highlander Hybrid, which I had been quite happy with until it crossed the 50k mile mark and the fuel economy took a 20% hit from ~25mpg to ~20 mpg. I took it to the dealer, but the car was given a clean bill of health.

    ...I suspect however that the battery pack potency has diminished.

    The dealer's test are a complete black box, red-light/green light test which apparently even they don't know what determines the result of the test. what I am hoping maybe one of you all can help me figure out, is...
    Is it possible to determine how well the battery is holding a charge and how much power it is delivering in comparison to its original (or replacement) specs?

    Also, if the battery is some significant percent less capable that it was originally, is there a way to get Toyota to honor the warranty and replace it?

    And finally, what is the path for replacing the batteries if Toyota won't acknowledge their diminished state?
  • When you discuss diminished state, I am assuming you refer to the battery pack ability, or lack of ability to hold a charge. This typically occurs with age.

    I am not familiar with the black box go/no go test you refer. Did you actually see the test performed? I do know the service centers will measure the voltage of the battery back to assist in determining the condition. If the voltage is within a specific range of specifications, then it passes. Above or below, then it is deemed a failure. To the best of my knowledge, there is no load test performed which would measure the ability of the battery to build and maintain a charge.

    That all said, I do not believe a diminished battery would cause the drop in mileage you mention. I would expect if the battery pack is diminished then you would notice the gas engine starting up much more often than normally.

    I notice a considerable drop in mileage on mine in the winter months. From the typical 25MPG down to nearly 22.0MPG.

    In your case, I would strongly suspect your problem is a maintenance problem. Air or fuel system maintenance may need to be performed. I am assuming you have done the air/fuel filter replacements. Your next would be to ensure the air intake system is cleaned. I do mine myself about every 50K miles using Gumout products, but there are plenty of quality names in the parts stores. If you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, you can have the service performed for around $125.00. My only caution would be to specify the Teraclean system.
  • Thanks Rod, I will try cleaning out the air intake as you suggest. We change the air filter regularly.

    I bring the car to the dealer for all scheduled maintenance and specifically brought it in to ask about the mileage. I did not see them run any test, but I was assured that they had run all the tests they had to run. When I pressed about what passing battery test means I could not get an answer, which is what I mean by a black box test. Since batteries fade rather than instantly die I would want to know what threshold marks the line between pass and fail.

    I do 'think' I am noticing the engine running more, but there is no real way to quantify that, except by the gas mileage. anyway, I am eager to try your suggestion, because it is quite possible it isn't the battery at all, but I would have thought the dealer would have offered me these sorts of simple remedies when I griped about the gas mileage.
  • anar4anar4 Posts: 1
    hi everyone im newbie with car knowledge, but i need help with fuel consuption thing!!
    i've bough hybrid kluger 2005 these july from Japan, and i live in mongolia.. when i 1st time drive it in mongolia it it was summer, and for like 100km it only use 10-12liter patrol.
    but now out of suddenly these winter during December it start using too much patrol like 100km 27liter patrol why??? our Winter weather is like daytime -23C and at night -40C temperature.. but i do park it at warm garage at night. and during daytime i dont see these car using battery at all (even battery % never drop from 75%)! all the time engige is working maybe its because im using Hot condition all the time..??? but still
    so my question is IS IT NORMAL that these car no longer use battery or hybrid thing bcuz of outside temperature is negative????? I see those my friends prius still using not much difference amount of patrol as SUMMER or Winter....
    Patrol cost is quite expensive in mongolia novadays!
    im buying full tank patrol 63$ USD=53Liter but it run only 205km until yellow light
    during summer 53liter patrol goes around 450km
  • anar. You have a definate problem. More than 50% decrease in mileage in the winter months is not normal. You dont mention how many miles/(KM) are on your vehicle, but as it is 8 years old, I can imagine you should be looking at the condition of the spark plugs and wires, filters, etc. Normal maintenance items. My previous post on the air intake system are also applicable. With a dirty throttle body, you will see increased fuel consumption, especially moreso in the winter.

    It is normal to see a decrease in mileage in the winter, primarily due to the gas engine running more often. It needs to do this regardless of the battery charge state in order to keep the coolant system at the proper temperature.

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