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Suzuki Reno



  • "By the way most of the performance parts for this car are compatable with the chevy aveo so I was under the assumption that maybe GM had their hands in its production, kinda like ford and Mazda. "

    I think both the Chevy Aveo and the Reno are re-badged Daewoo cars.
  • Chevrolet Aveo, Suzuki Forenza, Suzuki Verona and Suzuki Reno are all GM Daewoo products. You can go to Ebay and look for Chevy/Daewoo Kalos (Aveo) or Chevy/Daewoo Lacetti (Forenza, Reno) and u will find performance parts. Probably from Europe and Asia but they are plentiful.
  • I've had a 05 suzuki LX sport for 2 years I love this car. yes it's a little plain but has 4 wheel independent suspension (great Handling,; With new tires not the stock hankoocs.) Passes most cars at 22 and 31mpg, and stays with cars that get less than half that millage.
    No mechanical problems and nice 8 speaker sound system.

    whats to complain about?
  • I have had the 07 Reno w/manual trans, and electric windows... I'd call it a BASE model ( no alloys, no leather anything, no sunroof ). After nearly one full year, the little guy performs just fine. Nothing broken, no appreciable rattles/squeaks, and all systems like the stereo and the A/C work exactly as I had expected. Combined mileage, city/hwy, runs somewhere around 28.35 per gallon at 75 to 80. (On the cheapest gas). I like this car, like to shift gears, and I like to go a little bit faster than I should. The dealer experience has been just fine, as was the initial sales/purchase experience. When the next new car is due, Suzuki will be my first stop. For the money, I don't see how you can beat these cars.
  • Dont even be tempted to buy this car... The Reno MAY look sweet and innocent... and it MAY be fun to drive at first.. but it shows its bad side once you stuck with it.

    Do your research!! I sure as hell didnt when I bought my 06 Reno. Im scared to death of driving it...

    Watch the crash tests on youtube for the forenza!!! Thats just a BIGGER version of this car.. the damages are horrifying.

    Value is CRAP! I owe $8000 and its worth ONLY 2!!!

    :lemon: :lemon:

    Here are the problems that I have had since hitting 60k (a few popped up before) Conveniently the warrantee is expired and im stuck with these problems.. which total WAAAAY more than the car is worth.

    1. No emergency brake... just went bad for no reason. Basically put it is NOT FUNCTIONAL :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
    2. Airbag light goes on and off... after watching the crash tests, yeaaah.... I feel safe.
    3. Seatbelt light is on - like thats much better.
    4. Transmission is F'd Up. Jerky half the time... while in drive, it will throw into 1st... I have an automatic and and the indicator on the dash will show the "D,R,N,1,2,3" flashing like a slot machine WHILE the stick is in Drive
    5. Electrical system is bad... speakers only work when I hit a bump to knock them back on
    6. Power steering is quirky.. some days it is very hard to steer

    theres so much more.. do the research. This is a BAD BAD BAD EVIL little car... Ive prayed for my car to blow up, catch fire, get hit by a meteor.. IDC! I have had vivid nightmares about dying in this car bc of all the issues ive had.

    All those problems PLUS having to take it to the Body shop 5 times after an accident a year ago.

    No one knows how to work on these cars, they appear normal when all these issues happen, theyre dangerous, unreliable, PIECES OF S*H*I*T!!!!!

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    My best advice -
    If you have a reno, GET RID OF IT ASAP - any way you can.. SAVE YOUR SANITY BC IM LOSING MINE OVER THIS POS CAR. It has literally made me paranoid and scared for my life.

    If you want one... HAHA GOOOOOD LUCK. If you have a brain in your head, dont buy this deathtrap
  • wow one car has problems and now lets blai it on the whole brand and line
  • Does anyone have problems in the transmission. We have had problems for 5,000 miles bu the dealer will not recognize that their is a problem they say they drive it 20 miles but you look at the odomoter and it is the exact same.
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