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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • I'm considering an xterra for my next SUV and was wondering if anyone has caught a glimpse of the 2002? Unlike some, I kind of like the Frontier's body style that is rumored to be on the new X. Any sneak peaks out there?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    We have a product here, I'm pretty sure it is state side as well.. Frost Buster.. Spray on, and watch the ice film vanish. I put it in small bottles with a pump spray ( the bottles from eyeglass cleaners are perfect ), and it gets rid of the road grim as well.
    I don't really wash the X during winter.. not worth it with the daily road spray, but I did invest in a power washer. 5 Minutes, the truck is 90% clean, the grit is off, maybe a slight haze is left ( that is the 10% not clean ), put it in the garage to dry. Hands never touch water. I don't trust any car wash, too many bars and deflectors etc on the X.
  • parksrparksr Posts: 11
    Has anyone noticed the joints (welds)on the TOW HITCH being "runny" like they are soft paint or glue? Maybe it is a sealer. My Xterra was purchased in early December. RLP
  • Well, about 5:30 today, the 2001 X arrived at my door....a beautiful thing. Wouldn't ya know...I'm hopping to get in and go for a spin and my 2 yr old say..."but Dad, I want to watch a movie...". Any other time she would love to get in the car and go for a ride...Oh well, I had to wait for the video to finish but it was worth it. I did remove the gear rack though, given I'm not going to use it much right now and at least I can see a little sunshine thru the sunroof...

    looking forward to some fun....
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    But I'm glad Dogs don't watch videos :)
  • My local dealer didn't have a single "X" in stock to even test drive.

    I am 6'4" tall and weigh 300lbs. So I'm concerned if there is ample head room, leg room, and side to side room as I test drove an Explorer and a 4Runner and found that my head was hitting the headliner and I was rubbing shoulders with the passenger.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Have you looked at the Ford Excursion?

    Seriously though, I'm 6'2";220 and I pretty much fill up the Xterra,
    You might be pushing it.
  • funny thing this got mentioned...i was in the car wash last night (automatic) and after the guy lining me up w/ the track, i was going through, rubby dubby w/ the soap, and water. getting my baby clean...and i notice the steering wheel is going right...i tried correcting it, and believe it or not, my X slipped off the track!!! so i had to manually drive through. i did take my time going through the wind tunnel though...
    the one thing i hate about going to the car wash is that w/ the front push bar, the water ALWAYS comes up and blows into the windshield when i'm driving!!! its pretty annoying
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I am a long torsoed 6' and over 300lbs. I sit pretty tight in my Mom's X. I think I'd get used to it, it's not *that* confining, but it's not the most comfortable either.

    Only way to know is to test drive one! :-)
  • cj40cj40 Posts: 7
    Just completed a trip from the Arkansas Ozarks to Naples,Fl. over to Houston, TX and back to Arkansas, (3000 miles).. The 2001 XE 3 pak performed perfectly, gave a good ride although I did buy some back support cushions when I got to FL, they helped alot for the long ride.
    One thing I did later on into the trip was switch the overdrive on and off when entering onto the highway ramps, passing and climbing the hills and mountains in AR. It gave the X the needed power to feel comfortable doing those things.I rough figured about 18 mi./gal, not really good but I knew that when I bought it but had heard this engine won't die (170 hp 6 cyl), so I'm not complaining. Many places we stopped for gas people would remark how nice the X looked, it's the Silver Ice color.Hope Y'ALL enjoy yours as much as we have ours.
    P.S My 8'6" spinning rods fit perfectly wedged between the rear seats, even got my flyrod in there without taking it apart.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    For the X-games in Vermont ( Feb 2-3-4 ) I'll be there, its not a real X gathering, but a few of us are showing up. A good way to nip the Feb blahs with a little fun.
  • I guess I'll either wait till the dealer gets some X's in or I'll have to visit an auto show somewhere and check it out.

    I have a 1989 Dodge Ramcharger 4WD and there's so much room in this baby that I could darn near hold a party in it. So I'm obviously spoiled and certainly don't want to be too confined in my next vehicle.
  • its been a while since the last post on this board, and i wanted to wake you guys up!!!!
    anyway, today i put a new toy on my fiancee's ready to kill me!! i got a set of Pilot driving lights! the ones specially made for trucks. they are so damn bright, i can't wait to start blinding people tonight!!! does anyone have them on their trucks?? and if so, do the cops give you any crap for them??? lemme know...
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    More toys.. more toys.. I've got the piaa's, bright enough for me, cops will nail you when they feel like it.. the most I got pulled for was having my fogs still on as I pulled off an unlite highway. I had my hand on the switch when he pulled me over, but he was nice enough to give me a warning.
    Some areas require to have them covered within city limits. I never did, and I think it is required here.. at the time I ran 5 100W KC Daylighters and 2 sets of fogs on my 4runner. I used to love pulling up next to someone on a dark highway and then hitting the lights.. the road glowed ahead.
  • Remember I had to trim my mud flaps for the Winter Duelers? Well, the 265/75/R15s must be even larger than I thought because I just noticed that a trip that has been 102 miles for quite a while just registered as only 99 miles on the odometer. Do bigger tires also mean I'm actually going faster than the speedometer says? This subject always confuses me.

    Stephen King wrote a very creepy short story (the name escapes me) about a woman who every weekend drove from point A to point B. She became obsessed with finding the shortest, fastest route. As she became more and more intent on this quest, her odo was showing fewer and fewer miles for the exact same trip and at the end of each trip, there were strange, never-before-seen-on-earth creatures smooshed dead in the grill of her car.

    This is a story, not autobiography. Really. :)

    But the Duelers are really great.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Lets see.. wheels turn faster the smaller they are, therefore the bigger the wheel, the less distance it has to travel, unless its icy.. then you tires spin a hell of a lot fast... except for us cuz we have duelers..:) .... ok.. now I'm confused....
    But the end answer.. you are going a little faster than will be indicated, but a very small margin... look at the bonus.. you just extended your guarantee.

    As far as the story.. sounds like Montreal in rush hour...but you only stop for the real big squishies
  • Since damaging a wheel on my 2001 Xterra SE, Nissan still has been unable to get a replacement wheel. The new SE has a 16" wheel compared with 15" for the 2000 model. Even up to yesterday the wheel is not itemized on their parts computer system, so my Nissan dealer cannot order a wheel.

    Has anyone useful phone-numbers for Nissan Headquarters? 1-800-NISSAN2 or are unable/unwilling to deal with my problem.
  • tibertiber Posts: 3
    Greetings X Titans. I'm newbie here and marvel at your knowledge,wit, and helpfulness. I have read all 496 posts from Part IX, intend to read earlier posts, and intend to check out XOC. My question didn't come up in Part IX, so wanted to get input. I note somewhere around post #93 a discussion began about 4x4 vs 4x2, LSD, etc. Gonzo7 and 2xterras gave a pretty intense lesson on this issue. Still, I am from south Florida which means (a) I don't know how to vote, (b) it's flat, (c) there's no snow, and (d) there's not even any offroad since it's all pavement. The only time I need power, torque, traction, etc. is at a boat ramp. That would be maybe 20-30 times a year, if I'm lucky. (1)All other things being equal, would I have better success pulling a boat out with 4WD than 2WD? Doesn't seem practical to spend extra on purchase and maintenance for a 4x4 (as opposed to 4x2) for so few episodes where I would need it (though I recognize, as my X (with boat and trailer attached) is skidding down the ramp, about to take a swim, all that practicality goes out the window). (2) Am I fooling myself to think that an X even has that much power? Assume boat, engine, and trailer weigh 3,000 pounds and it's an "average" boat ramp. (3) Anyone have real life experience with this? Don't want a pickup as bed space is a waste of space to me. Don't want another SUV because the X has me smitten. If the X won't pull a boat out of the water, I'll buy a POS pickup but still drive the X. (4) I have time to wait. Would it be better to wait till the 2002s come out with the alleged promise of more power? Not sure I care for a Frontier-type nose though. (5) Would a R/C X pull my R/C boat out? Thanks for the entertainment (reading the old posts), and many thanks for your input.
  • I can't really answer your questions because I've never towed anything heavier than my head and I'm not too good at that either...:)

    Seriously though, I've had 4x4s for years and I don't think it costs that much more to maintain one, as opposed to a 4x2. Yes, they're a bit heavier because of the extra 4wd stuff, but they're pretty trouble-free other than routine diff and transfer case fluid changes, if ever. Of course, you're right, they are more expensive to buy.
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    Having never gone offroad in my life, I was looking forward to the experience. Went out with a friend of mine who has a Wrangler and found some good snowy hills and mud to play in. Four hours (and several small scratches and lots of mud) later, I'm counting down until the next trip! The X handled quite well. The Wrangler's only advantage was being significantly shorter than the X. I think my friends were surprised by the X's performance, even though they kept calling it the "Yuppie-mobile." I'll post a link to some pictures if I ever finish the roll of film and take it in to be developed. By the way, if you don't already have some, the Motorola walkie-talkies are great for multiple truck/car excursions, as well as on the ski slopes or out on the lake. We love 'em!

  • dadlidadli Posts: 34
    Can you go through auto car washes with the racks? Does ANYONE have experience using the gear basket above the sun roof? Why did they design it like that? Do you love your sunroof? Any short owners who have probs using the racks..Angie
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Dang, you read a lot, and you got wit.. welcome aboard. Although you “can” offroad in Florida, ( I guess there are some rough Walmart parking lots there ) I think you can live with the 4x2.. and since the most popular choice is still to go 3 pak, you’ll end up with the LSD, so that solves that part.. The X has the right amount of torque to handle you boat situation. The 4x4 give you an advantage in extremes.. snow, off roading etc but it doesn’t sound like you will be facing these challenges.
    I’ve driven 4x4’s for a long while as well, and except for normal maintenance, I don’t think I had extra bills because it was a 4x4, but if you don’t need it.. its not any less an X.
    I don’t know if an R/C will pull a R/C boat.. but it will pull a dog water bowl 20 feet.. or until the dog really gets fed up of it.

    Mindie.. please don’t use yuppie-mobile and X in the same sentence.. that word is reserved for 4runners, Durangos and Blazers
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    what the hell happened to that post ?? looks like I was swearing all the way through it...
  • shek3shek3 Posts: 72
    Its safe to go through most car washes but I have found that they dont get my X clean....all the ins and outs combined with the racks keep the car wash from getting into all the nooks....Its a good place to start but you will probably have to do a good amount of hand work......Mike
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    About that post - did you compose it somewhere else, then paste it into the post box? I've seen reports that composing a message in Word, then pasting it here gives that result.

    Using a simple text editor like Notepad instead of something like Word doesn't cause the issue. Hope this helps.

    SUV Message Board
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Dank U.. that was the case.. funny the inserts only happened after posting and not pasting.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    FWIW, you do have some time to edit the message after it's been posted - for about 30 minutes you will see an Edit button at the end of the title line. That would have given you an opportunity to take that stuff out (looks like it was codes for apostrophes), but what a pain!

    Try Notepad.

    SUV Message Board
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    By the time I came back, my 30 minutes were up, D'oh... That is what I get for posting off line, double D'oh !!
    Nice to know the god's here are still reading our triple d'oh's posts.
  • I've got a 2001 X with General Grabber tires. P26570r15. I cant find chains that will fit. I've been told several times that that tire size is new. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • Well, a day after taking delivery of my 01 SE Xterra, we put it on the road and headed to the coast...I didn't get it off road but it handled the trip well. My only problem is that my X LIKES to cruise about my gas milage was not as good as it could have was a little over 16 mpg. Other than some seat cushions, I think I'm set...
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