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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • At the Dealer? or did you do it after the fact? I want leather but would rather not go through the dealer, but my wife wants it done asap. What do you suggest?

  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    Oh, don't think that I let them get away with the yuppie-mobile name calling. I think I had more fun making fun of the wiring on the Jeep - tail lights kept going on and off, sometimes wouldn't light with the brakes, turn signal made all 3 back lights blink at different rates... it was quite amusing.

  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    I don't recall many of us adding leather to our Xs. The dealers generally use an outside shop to install the leather seats, so you might be better off finding a shop on your own instead of paying the dealer as a middle-man. Someone else might have more insight though - I never even considered putting leather in my X.

  • I found a dealer (after hours) with some X's on the lot ... one of which was unlocked.

    To make a long story short ... I fit! which was a concern of mine seeing as I'm 6'4" and 325lbs -- really limits the kinds of cars I can comfortably ride in let alone drive.

    Now for some all important questions ...

    1.) I would like a base 4WD and because the wife needs to be able to drive it, it should have Automatic Tranny, in addition, I'd like to have A/C and tow hitch. Are there any packages which include these items or packages you owners out there would call "Must Haves"?

    2.) Can driver's side seat rails be lengthened for even more leg room?

    3.) I have NEVER owned a vehicle other than from the domestic big 3. With that said, what is the durability of the Nissan's and the Xterra's specifically ... what ever I buy I want it to last a long time. Will these puppies last with minimal maintenance? What are your experiences?

    4.) XTERRA OWNERS ONLY! ... What is your opinion of this vehicle? Would you buy it again?

    5.) Lastly, if the dealer doesn't have what I want on the lot, have any of you been able to order the vehicle and not end up paying retail? Any pointers would be appreciated!

    Thank You for your assistance.

    Tim James
    Uniontown, Ohio
  • there's a string on the site that was just discussing special orders. nissan doesn't want to hear about it...besides that, i've heard a few people say they have extended the seat rails.
    in so far as the must have's, go w/ the XE b/c the SE has too many "don't really needs" as i see. basically, the power and utility packages are your basic minimum buy, but when i was purchasing my X, back in Oct. 2000, the dealer couldn't find an XE w/ power/utility for the life of him (with a manual tranny) there might be some out there w/ autos, i don't know. the sport package gives you fog lights, LSD (limited slip diff) if you're going off road, and a few other goodies. but not ALL of them are MUST HAVE'S...
    if i were to run my X to the ground (which seems to be REALLY hard to do...) i'd without a question get another one. as a matter of fact, when my fiancee's (will be wife at the time) Accord is paid off, she wants to get a 2002/03 Xterra, they're adding on the supercharged engine (heresay???) so i'll drive the new one, and she'll get my '01!!! in shorter terms, I LOVE MY X!!!
  • ksm2ksm2 Posts: 1
    I called five dealers in my area and was basically told the same thing by all but one. Nissan doesn't like special orders and you can't find the XE4x4 with anything less than the 3-pac auto or manual. Don't know what the one who disagreed was all about. I got such a good deal on an auto XE 4x4 power/sport/utility that I didn't follow-up with him. Traded in an Avalon so this takes some getting used to, but I already like it more than the Toyota.
  • I'm not new to Edmund's, but new to this topic. The time has come where marriage and kids no longer make having a convertible sports car practical. I really like the Xterras and have heard some good things about them

    Anyone give me any advice on what they think of thiers, any options you feel you should have or havent gotten?

    I am looking for the 6 cyl. 4wd. I belive it's the SE or the sportier edition . I've been told that I should be able to get a decently loaded one for under 25,000. I want a manual, would like the power windos and locks, doesn;t matter about leather. Does the radio have an in dash CD or doI have to order the changer in order to get a CD pplayer in the vehicle?
    ANy advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I think you will get quite a few positive reviews here.. Its a good little "truck"
    If you are looking at the SE's, you get all the bells and whistles.. no leather. Good storage space, get the neoprean seat covers and you X is kid proof. Although I don't have kids, enough of them travel with me, and the higher rear seats makes it a treat for them.
    Stroll over to the Nissan Site and you'll see the long list of equipement you do get.. if you don't need/want the sunroof, go with an XE 3 pak.
  • jkrammjkramm Posts: 3
    i'm in the market for a new suv. i'm almost certain on the X. does anyone have the mineral blue color? also is it difficult to remove the basket to use the sunroof? thanks
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    as difficult as undoing 4 thumb screws and lifting.. just remember to put the screws back in to keep them sealed
  • tibertiber Posts: 3
    Thanks silverxglider and xcanuk for the thoughts on 4wd for pulling a boat out of the water. I had hoped by now maybe gonzo7 would weigh in on the issue but it looks like conversation is changing rapidly.
    btw, I'm confused about the special order. I can't find a solar yellow SE around town and think I would probably have to order one. Are you saying that's not likely? Maybe what I want is not so special an order.
    I'm going in the opposite direction of trippdogg: wife will soon be an ex, so it will take a few months to afford the X. Waiting for a few months for it to get here would be ok by me.
  • cletusecletuse Posts: 14
    As far as "Must have's" on the X - get all three packages: Sport, Utility,and Power. As mentioned earlier it will probably be difficult to find one with anything less. I also added body side molding and seat covers to my original ('00) X simply 'cause I thought they looked good (and were functional). On my second ('01) I got the molding, mud flaps and tow pkg simply 'cause they were on the one I wanted (solar yellow). So to address another of your points, yes, I'd buy another one.

    And yes, it should last a long, long time - given the japanese reputation. Just to be on the safe side I bought a 6/100k warranty from Marlboro Nissan (on the net) for $750 or so - financed for 18mos @ 0% interest.

    To put it bluntly, When I bought my first and second X, I could've purchased any vehicle I wanted - Lexus, MB, Discovery, whatever. I really wanted something I could shlep my snowboard, bike and ice chest in without "messing up the leather" or "scratching the finish".When I decided on a new one (needed to upgrade to 4WD because of a move) I shopped only the various Nissan dealers for the best trade-in deal (and got a really good one)

    And Trippdog, all '01's have in-dash Cd, on '00 only the SE model does.

    And my advice is NEVER pay MSRP for anything.

    rob in santa Fe
  • I just got word that my 3 month old 2001 I may be totaled. If so, I am also told I will probably have to come up with some of my own money to get in a new one. Which I definitely want another one. Kelly Blue Book does not yet have info on I's this new. Where should I look to see what a 2001 3 month old I with 4,100 miles on it is worth? Any suggestions anyone?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    when ever I hear about a lost X. I feel your grief, but don't you guys have replacement waiver or value for you trucks with your insurance ? For a minor charge.. by memory $25/yr.. if I lose mine, I go to the dealer and get another. In principle anyway..
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Chrisedge.. the leather is a dealer install, so either try asking the salerep who does it ( you never know, he might answer), or do some phoning, there can't be that many seat guys around. I think xterraparts offered them as well.. not sure?

    mikado..nothing includes the two hitch.. you can have the dealer throw it in, I'd still go with the 3 pak and get it all, but I believe A/C is comman across all of them. I took the seats out once.. extending the rails would be best left to the right aftermarket guy.. not to be insulting, but given the weight, you would want to make sure its done right. ( to many special tools for the mods required ).
    As far as finding your X.. I still say you should wonder over to if anyone can get the X you want, Steve Fisk can, and he still flies you in for the pick-up.

    I'd buy another.. and the way I figure my present one runs.. it will be a second X and not a replacement.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out Total loss on my car, how much should I get?. I seem to recall a mileage deduction off the new replacement cost (.25 cents a mile ring a bell for anyone?).

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  • frog22frog22 Posts: 21
    I'm thinking about getting an xterra but I'm wondering how it handles in the snow and ice. I live in new York and drive in the early morning(6:45) to get to my job as a nurse. I need a suv that can easily handle all weather conditions. at present I have an explorer that is perfect in the snow but the lease is up next month and want to try something different. thanks for your help.

  • The Xterra is absolutely incredible in the snow: meaning that it will go. However, I don't want anyone getting the idea that it's invincible and that they can be reckless. The Xterra WILL GO, but just like every other car and truck, stopping will be a problem -- even with ABS. The stock tires (whether the BFG or Generals) will be able to handle most snow-covered roads. I have the BFGs on my truck. If you wish to see some of the snow covered areas I have been in with my X, just head over to my pictures page at:

    The X is a more "back to basics" truck than the Explorer, so if you're looking for luxury, I'd look elsewhere. It truly is everything you need, nothing you don't. If I were you, I'd buy it in a heart beat.

    Good Luck

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Real winter.. Real Tires.. Any truck is only as good as the rubber hitting the ground. I've driven other 4x4's.. all things being equal, I find the X better balanced in snow conditions.
  • cj40cj40 Posts: 7
    I think some of the things you might want to consider are weight of the vehicle,ground clearance and TIRES.Do a comparison for the first two and then talk to a reputable tire dealer, explaining what you need/expect from the tires for the conditions given.
    I use Dunlop A/T 's ,had them put on when I bought the 2001 XE.They cost me $90.00 with the trade-in of the ones that were on the new X.The dealer took it to the shop while I waited.
    I lived in N.E and those were the best tires not only for winter but for heavy rains (No-Hydro-planning).
    Ice is another thing that there's not much one can do to help, except maybe a wider tire(more surface area)but ice is the worst , driving slow and defensensivly seems to be the only effective preventive measure.You won't be disappointed with the X for the price and all the bells and whistles on the XE 4WD W/ 3Pak.Good-Luck
  • jkrammjkramm Posts: 3
    i like the front guard you put on your X. can you tell me where you got it. also i see that you have an extra pair of lights in some pictures? thanks alot looks like alot of fun wherever that trail is
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    I'm not sure about other dealers' attitudes on this, but my dealer was very adament about getting me the exact X I wanted, even if that meant ordering one direct from the factory. They said that it would take up to 90 days and require a (refundable) $500 deposit, but really the only concern was that I didn't order something so goofy that no one else would want to buy it if I decided I didn't want it once it arrived (what exactly that would be, I'm not sure). Fortunately, I didn't have to go this route because they ended up getting another one that was what I wanted. So I would say that if your dealer won't order one for you, find another dealer.

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    The best defense in winter is DEDICATED SNOW TIRES. I don't care how many wheels are driving th ecar, only TIRES help you turn and stop when the going get's slippery.

    The first vehicles I see off the roads during a storm here in VT are usually SUV's. Some people think 4WD can overcome physics... and learn the hard way how wrong they are.
  • frog22, i live in new jersey, am in bergen county 90% of the time, and remember the huge snowstorm new years eve weekend?? well, i didn't go to work that day, instead, i took a friend out and went 4 wheelin! i was in foot and a half deep snow, and never even had to put it 4lo! i must say, my X handled amazing! i was able to turn, stop, go, a matter of fact, after that weekend, my fiancee's father was so impressed w/ my X that he went out and bought a 4x4 (not an X young looking for him...) it also handles great in the city. enought pep to get from light to light, and the turning radius is perfect for manhattan driving...

    2xterras, what kind of driving lights are those?? i just picked up the Pilot SUV lights. they're bright yellow!! helped out last night, we had some massive fog!!
  • To answer your questions, the grill guard is made by Waag and I bought it from Though I didn't know it at the time, I kinda got ripped off on shipping. If you buy it local, you save yourself hundreds on shipping charges. I opted for the one piece, so the shipping was a lot more. There is also a 3 piece, but I have no experience with it and do not know how sturdy it will be when installed.

    The driving lights mounted on the brush guard are Hella 500s. They sell for under $100 a pair, but I bought them off e-bay for $49.99. If you do a search for Hella 500, I'm sure you'll find the guy that sells them (he's always selling them starting at $49.99). If you want clear lighting, be sure to buy the 500 driving light model. This model is intended for auxilary lighting -- meaning to be wired to the high beams and not used continuously. If you want a set to be on all the time, I recommend buying the clear fog lights (same model 500, just not driving lights).
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    and I love 'em, didn't exactly have brutal heat, but never had any discomfort.. even after being hot and sticky from mountain biking in the heat.
    They are worth their weight in gold just in the ease of clean-ups.
  • i was getting gas (what a shock) the other day, and the damn idiot took too long, so i had to get out and fill it myself! (its illegal in NJ) and i had noticed the little plastic "string" type thing that secures the gas cap had come out of the hole! i tried and tried to get it to go back in, but it has prongs that doesn't allow you to get it back in. what to do??? any suggestions???
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Your gas cap is on a string/leash ? so you don't lose the cap ?? another 01 feature I guess. I've got a gas cap holder on my filler door. As long as you can get the cap screwed on tight.. I'd forget about it.
  • As I understand it, the dealer will "order" what you want but it's entirely up to Nissan whether or not they send what you want to that dealer. Hence the long waits some people have had. I was at the dealer's in Kingston, NY last weekend for oil change and I was looking at the '01s for fun. The salesman had no yellows and said he's had one "on order" for someone for a very long time. But Nissan keeps sending him white ones and a khaki one that they positively did not want because no one likes the color. I don't understand why it should be so hard for Nissan to provide what folks actually want to buy though.

    As far as snow driving, the X feels rock solid at the proper speed, especially with dedicated snow tires. I haven't tried it on ice yet, and don't plan to if I can help it.
  • Thanks for all the information ... My local dealer is selling X's at invoice (actually a couple hundred more) but still a few hundred under Edmund's TMV

    These are all XE Auto's with 3pk, tow hitch, in cabin mic, body side moulding, and splash guards for $24,382 -- sound like a deal to you?
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