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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    After a little group run in the dusty dirt, silver was the most forgiving ( it still looked clean ) my black showed it all, but with a little work, it looks the best. Yellow came in second. Blue showed up almost as much as my black. Green somewhere in the middle. Does that help?
    A good wax job goes a long way no matter what colour you pick, the rest is inthe eye of the heholder.
  • "D",

    Thanks for the input! I agree with your comment,"A good wax job goes a long way no matter what colour you pick, the rest is in the eye of the heholder."

    So I am thinking that the Shock Blue is going to show the grime like the Green and Blue on your reply did...presuming that the Green is the Hunter Green and the Blue is the Dark Blue... Also I am thinking that the Gold is going to have the same results as the silver...

    Why do you think the black looks the best? I'm sure it is a deep shine when clean like the Dark Blue and Green. I am trying to look at all angles about this color thing...White is a nice color however, has its cons...Black, DKBlue and DKGRN shine the deepest when clean, but show swirl marks and dirt much faster...Red shows swirl marks real bad, has a nice shine, and is in the middle when it comes to the dirt...Shock Blue is much like the red;however, is more forgiving with the swirl marks...Gold and silver are forgiving with the dirt; however, the shine isn't very radient like the Dark colors...finally there's yellow...probably much like the shock blue and red; however how are the swirl marks?...bad?...

    There's my take on the colors...So I am leaning towards the Shock blue...and the Gold....

    I welcome comments and suggestions...Yes again, it is up to the owner/future owner what color to pick...I am just looking for other X owner opinions regarding what experiences they have had with the Nissan Xterra Colors...

    Give me a Hollar...


  • I just picked up my new 2002 SE/SC last Monday. I'd requested (in order) Red (Molten Lava), Dark Blue, Super Black, then Silver Ice.
    The dealer immediately located a Super Black that was loaded with almost every extra - sun roof, towing package, protection package, both sets of floor mats, cabin filter, etc. After trying to get me to pay the additional cost for these they finally gave up and offered the one they'd found for what I'd originally offered, and that was fine with me.
    As you've already heard, black is least forgiving with dirt, dust, etc. But I'd agree with xcanuk that the Super Black cleans up the nicest.
    I would have waited for one of the other colors if it I'd seen one that really grabbed me. The yellow's a little too much for me - at least for my full time vehicle. Ditto for the "Shock Blue" - I've only seen video on this but from what I've seen I'd need to spend some time with it in person before I'd order one.
    From my experience if your biggest concern is a color that hides the grime you can't do much better than Silver.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    (I mean X's) I've found 2 small tricks to owning black, ( not my first ) , final rinse with a flood of water, not a strong stream. Get a California blade, instead of a chamois for majority of drying, no water spot dry marks.
  • Does anybody know where the microfilter is located? how can I change one? how often can it be changed?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    its behind the glovebox, harder to install than change. I don't have it handy, but I also think its covered in the owners manual. Go over to , they usually have good intall diagrams for all parts.
  • I've had about every color of car/SUV and all I can say is the Gold Rush has looked the cleanest, the longest, and looked good dirty when it finally showed!

    Just my .02
  • I have ordered the '02 in Gold Rush and the dealer is still searching for that. They did locate my 'second' choice, which is Green, but I've already had a Green Pathfinder. I have a Silver '00 X (which I am trading in) and I loved it when I first bought it, but it seems to be the most popular color and everyone has it now! I hope the Gold Rush doesn't turn into that...I hardly EVER wash it and you can never tell it's dirty, the rain takes care of it mostly.
    I remember they made a "Trophy Bronse" color that was limited to 500 vehicles in '00...which would be nice, because hardly anyone would have the same color as you in that case!
  • Hi,Have any of you had problems with the cruise control? When I pass a car accelerating past the set speed, then allow the X to ease back to the set point, it goes below the setting and then jerks up to the original set point. It's a real jerking motion that I've never felt when using the cruise on other vehicles. I just took the X in to have it checked out at the dealership.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I have noticed something close to it, but not overly jerky. Were you using the steering wheel controls to accelerate & coast back down? I'll double check when I get on the highway, but I find when using the steering wheel controls solely, it seems to lurch more. When the cruise is on, I usually use the gas pedal to increase speed, coast, then reset the speed on the CC ( before it has a chance to set itself again )
  • I have yet to use this feature!!! Try using it on any congested highways in Massachusetts, it is a waste!
    Everytime I go to use it, it is usually during late night, no you think I can even see where the button is? I usually wind up putting on the rear windshield wiper, lol....
  • My vehicle is not CC-equipped but, as I recall from past experiences, there usually is a slight jolt when the CC re-engages, unless you are going downwards.
  • I agree- too difficult to find seldom used controls in dark.

    A seriuosly simple improvement would be for Nissan to backlight the steeringwheel controls...

    It wouldn't take much and adds to safety.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    hitting the switch below or on the steering wheel becomes second nature. By accident, I helped the situation.. I wired in reverse lights, installed a second lit (red) switch for them just below the buttons ( above the fuse box ).. it ends up lighting up the lower half of the dash and the footwell as well. ** one warning on this location for a switch, due to your sitting position, the light from the switch may shine in your eyes and become irritating.. the spokes of the steering wheel block the light for me.
  • Xcanuk - No I was not using the steering wheel control to accelerate - was using the gas pedal. This happened on straight-a-ways. (Florida)

    On a trip I ended up canceling the setting and resetting like you did.

    By the way, am going to snow country soon - how does the X do in snow? (2 wheel drive)

    Will be taking it back to dealer on Monday to get rechecked.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I have to go back to the owners manual, but found out I couldn't accelerate, and then resume the previous speed using the controls on the steering wheel, or if you can. In any case, using the controls or pedal, I couldn't get it to lurch.. let us know what the dealer says.

    2 WD will do fine for the most part, just remember you are driving a light rear end truck, feather the gas a bit more, added weight will help. I only click on the 4wd for the deep stuff, so I spend a great deal of time in 2WD mode. The X has pretty good balance in snow. How far North you heading ?
  • I'll be headed to PA. Didn't know if I'd be a slipping and a sliding, moving and a grooving!
    December weather and all.
  • Thinking about buying an xterra. Drove it last weekend for the first time and liked it alot. What do you owners think? Is it a reliable vehicle? What about 2WD vs. 4WD...when is 4WD really necessary? Friends of mine think it's dumb to buy an SUV that's not 4WD, but I'm not so sure. Any comments appreciated.
  • They have proven, thus far, to be excellent vehicles made in the reliable Japanese mold.The X has also developed an almost maniacal following due to it's offroading abilites and individuality. I have owned two of them. Which brings me to the 2WD vs. 4WD question. When I lived in Houston there was no need for the 4WD as I was not into offroading. I then moved to Santa Fe where 4WD is a very desirable commodity during the winter (snowboarding!) months. I would also add that when I traded in my first '00 X it was 14 months old w/ 27K. I never wavered when trading it in on an '01 even though I could have easily afforded something much more expensive. If you can afford the extra 2K for the 4WD and think there is even the slightest chance you will need it or do some offroading - then get it.
  • I just purchased my 2002 X, 3 weeks ago so I can't really coment on the reliability. I purchased the 2WD; I just made sure that I got the Sport package so I would have the limited rear slip differential. I live in MD and we really don't get much snow; and I won't take it off road(my baby might get scratched) I can tell you that I love the Xterra. It is my first SUV and I don't know why I waited so long.
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    I think that most of the opinions you'll get around here will be positive ones. I'll have had my X for a year this December, and reliability has been no problem. I have 21,000 miles on it right now with no problems to speak of. I didn't think when I first got mine that I would be into four wheeling, but then I saw the light. :o) I thought I would care when I got my first nature-induced pin striping (scratch) but it didn't bother me since I was having so much fun.

    I too am of the mind that it's kinda silly to have a truck that isn't a 4x4. And even in minimal snow, I've been very glad to have the four wheel drive. In fact, the night I got my X, I backed it out of the garage and tried to pull up the snowy/icy hill to get out of the driveway. I couldn't do it in 2wd because of the angle of the hill. I slipped it into 4wd and had no problem. So I suggest the 4x4 if: 1. You get snow where you live, 2. You might possibly go offroad, or 3. You care about having a higher resale value if you ever decided to sell your X.

    Rob - good to see you around again! It's been awhile since I've seen you pop up on the boards here. :o)

  • I agree, get 4wd.

    I think if you DON'T really want 4wd. You don't want crappy MPG either.

    A lot of the design is "overbuilt" and goes to waste on road- and is awesome off road.

    I'd venture to say that if you DON'T want 4x4, you may be looking at the wrong vehicle.

    I love my X. And feel the MPG is a price I pay for it's offroad prowess.
  • I have a 2000 X-Terra XE and absolutely love it. About a month ago, we were hand-detailing it when we noticed what look like water spots on the passenger windows. We've tried everything to get rid of the suckers. They won't come off, but the paint is perfect. The dealer tried to tell me it was acid rain. I'm having a hard time believing that rain would fall only on two of the windows and not on the rest of the truck! I think I'm getting the royal blow-off from the dealership. Has anyone else had this problem???
  • Yup... it's been a while. Suprised you remembered my moniker as it's different on the XOC. I resorted to my old ITW board handle - changed a bit to reflect my new locale. I'll try to hang here a little more as this board provides a more pure exchange of information.

    I wholly agree on the higher resale of the 4WD. And this spread generally widens as the vehicles age. A 4WD always has intrinsic value to ranchers, hunters, and the like.

    But I'd have to argue that its not "silly" to have a 2WD if you're not into offroading and live in a metropolitan area like Houston, where I once was.

    My 2WD hauled me, the bikes, the Homies, and the gear many places most competently... and of course, in a most "stylin'" mode.

    Of course snow pretty much un-did all that!

    So now (with GOX under my belt) I get to answer "Yes" to all three of your questions - WaHoo!

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    I'm having a hard time believing that rain would fall only on two of the windows and not on the rest of the truck!

    Obviously the rain won't fall on only two windows. Acid rain could very well be the culprit here and you probably have a lot more water spots than you realize. You just happened to catch the most visible among them. Luckily, the rest of them are barely perceptible or not visible at all.

  • Yeah, a 4WD will get a higher resale value but you are paying for it up front and in the monthly payments. If you think you are going to get the whole 2K back when trading it in, your going to be in for a disappointment.

    I'd have to agree with xcanuk; The X is stylish and roomy. When looking for a new vehicle, I needed more room than just a trunk in a car. With an SUV, I can stack stuff up then trying to cram it in the trunk and eventually having to put in in the back seat or on the floor under my kids feet. The first thing I did was looked at all of the SUV's that I thought was nice looking. I wanted to keep my payment down as much as possible and since I really had no need for a 4WD I wasn't willing to pay for it. There are other SUV's out there that I could of gotten 4WD for around the same price as my 2WD (i.e., Jeep Liberty, Suzuki ......) but the Xterra seemed to have more room and was nicer looking, plus it fit my personality better.
  • tidester,
    Thanks for your response. I agree that there is no way the spots could be from acid rain. The most likely place to see it would be the sunroof and there's nothing on any of the other windows or the paint. We've been over the whole truck with a magnifying glass. I have a friend who's a biologist and he thinks the only place something that corrosive could have come from would most likely be the factory. The truck is garaged every night and never been off the road. (We call it the suburban "grocery getter") It's highly likely the spots were there when we bought the truck, we just never noticed them before. I would be interested to know if anyone else has encountered this problem.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I follow a few boards, haven't read anything about defective windows as you described, and based on what you have said, it sounds like a factory problem. Are the spots limited to the outside of the glass only ?
    A real goofy solution, try cleaning one area with coke ( not the new stuff, not Pepsi, good old classic Coke ) enough to dampen, not wet, a rag. This is a very old trick, don't know why it works on stubborn glass stains. Once you finish rubbing a spot, rinse with warm water.
  • I don't know if this has anything to do with what is going on with your spots on the windows but my husband washed our X for the first time a couple of weeks ago and what ever he used left really bad spots on the windows. Then later I seen that there were spots and run marks from the solution on the black grill and sides. There were also spots throughout the paint but not as noticable. I immediately washed the truck again and I had to really scrub to get the spots off of the windows and grill. This wasn't the first time that my husband had used this car wash. He had also used it on my old car which was dark. Even after washing I still could tell that there were little spots left on the windows.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    normally from using harsh soap ( dishsoap )
    car/truck too hot.
    washing in the sun.
    not rinsing quick enough ( don't try to lather up the whole truck before rinsing )
    flood not spray the final rinse.
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