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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • a6chrisa6chris Posts: 15
    Thanks for the info sdawson713 and bskholer. sdawson713, what's the average for a XE s/c 4x4? I've heard from some people that the 4x4 is worth the extra $$$$. Plus for the resale value. My next big question is that I'm hearing that the gas mileage on the s/c V6 is pretty bad. 15/19 and that's the best I've heard so far. Is this true? I'm getting the automatic mostly because everyone in my family can only drive auto. So, another question, bskholer, is the 3.3L V6 adequate with the auto or with the 5 spd?? Any thoughts??
  • Hey Chris

    I don't believe the gas mileage suffers too much with the supercharger. However, you should know that it drinks premium. The regular six is 15/19. Its a proven engine that Nissan used in the Pathfinder for many years, as well as the same one they have in the Quest van. I have seen Pathfinders come back with 300,000 plus running strong. Its a good engine, just a tad slow for someone like me with a heavy foot. Its definately ok with the auto, just a little slow of the line.

    Judging by the last lease i worked, the residuals on superchargers are expected to be pretty high. We have used SE's on the lot for 22,900. Compare that with the Explorer resale, and the Xterra looks like a Rolls Royce. So even those are doing well.

  • Well, I have driven both a lot, but I own an automatic. I like the auto primarily because I do go off-road pretty frequently and the auto is much easier to handle rocky hills with. I've cooked too many cluthces in my day to really ever want to own a manual 4x4 again, but that's just my own personal experience and opinion. The manual may have a slight edge over the auto as far as off the line acceleration, but nothing you can dramatically feel. I think they're pretty much the same as far as power goes.

    Another advantage to the automatic is that it is rated to tow 5,000 lbs versus 3,500 for the manual. So there's a little more towing capacity should you ever need to hitch up a trailer or something.

    My feeling is that unless you can get a great deal on a s/c, it's probably not worth it. The X has enough power. I think many times it just seems slow to people when they test drive it because they are coming from a car that is lighter, faster, lower to the ground, etc. Once you drive the X around you'll see the power is pretty much like most other samll to mid-suv's out there.

    Oh yeah, as for a redesign...I heard that maybe (and this is way down the road), the Pathfinder may get a V8 and the X may get the Pathfinder's 240hp engine. This is all specualtion though and I sure wouldn't hold off on buying an Xterra right now because of "rumors". I have heard of no other major redesigns. Nissan has a winner with the Xterra, and it's their "bread and butter" vehicle so I doubt they'll do anything to fool with success anytime soon. Maybe some minor cosmetic changes. Who knows.
  • a6chrisa6chris Posts: 15
    I've finally decided to just settle with the regular V6. However, I want to get the 4x4 and was wondering if the extra weight will compromise the power. Like I said, I do a lot of highway driving but I also go off road quite a bit so I need something that has the ability to merge onto the freeway easily and get me around in the rough stuff when the need arises. Any thoughts?
  • The 4wd adds weight, but not *that* much. The n/a V6 is fine for highway driving and off-roading. It's not a rocket, but it's not a slug either. Not saying the S/C isn't nifty, but I don't know of any Xterra owners who rushed to trade in their X's for 02 supercharged ones. The performance increase isn't all that much. The S/C is cool and all, but not really necessary to make the X capable.
  • I've been thinking about getting an extended warranty for my 2001 Xterra. I've been looking at the web site Warranty Gold. They seem to cover quite a bit and seem to be reasonable. They have good customer reviews but I'm sure they aren't going to put the bad ones there for people to read. I just wanted to get a few opinions on an extended warranty and this company. Please tell me what you think...I know you will :) Thanks
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    There has been alot written about the two so I will just say that in respect to weight,
    The 4x4 adds about 320 pounds to the truck. Do you notice a difference? Having driven both (normal v6) I do. Is it worth it? It depends on how you plan to use it.

    4x4 can be invaluable or wasteful depending on your driving needs. I come across people that would have gotten 4x2 if to do over. Others love the 4x4.

    Do you plan to go 4 wheeling? Snow bound? Daily commuter with weekends in the dirt? Towing/road trips? Remember this is 4x4 not all-wheel drive. You can't practially use 4x4 on dry pavement or those rainy roads. 4x4 is awesome off-road for primitive or beyond primitive roads/trails.

    Some people say 4x4 lets you get into deeper trouble before you get stuck. Others say 4x4 is the only way to go. After the novelty of the truck wears off, you are going to use the truck like any other to fit your lifestyle. Which one fits better?

    It all depends on you. :)
  • I am interested in buying an Xterra. However, the gas mileage isn't what I'd hoped it would be. The dealer says 16/19. I was wondering if any owners have found that to be any different.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Except for a few owners.. 16/19 is about right.. but its also the average for this type of truck.. ( not comparing to CRV Rav.. which are econo boxes of the SUV world )
  • I'd skip the Warranty Gold thing. Here's what I'd do instead.....go to - then click on the link for ACCESSORIES, scroll all the way down top the bottom and click on the link for the EXTENDED FACTORY WARRANTY.
    This is the cheapest I have seen the Nissan factory warrnty anywhere. $695 for the Gold Preferred Warranty (as of this post).

    The site is actually run by Marlboro Nissan located in Marlboro, Mass.
  • dfr40dfr40 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2002 Xterra about a month ago. Since then, the Service Engine Soon light has popped on and off several times. Each time it stays on for 3 or 4 days, then goes out. It says out for a few days, then pops back on again. I'm having it checked out at the dealers, but it's my understanding that this is a typical problem with some Nissan models. Has enyone had this experience?
  • One problem could be that at some point you
    didn't fully tighten the gas cap. If it's
    not tight enough it will trigger the light
    intermitently, even if you have gone back and
    tightened it at a later point.

    Other than that, your light could mean there is a
    problem (unlikely) or it is being set off by a faulty code or something. Chances are that since your X is only a month old it's nothing to worry about.

    Is your X a supercharged model? I read a few
    places where the wrong ECU module (the one from non S/C Xterras) was put into some of the S/C models and that was tripping the light.

    Whatever it is your dealer will fix it. There
    most likely is nothing wrong, other than you
    have that annoyoinhg light to look at until
    you take it in. Let us know what the fix is.
  • I bought a 2002 Xterra 4x4 Auto with the s/c engine in late October. Over this past weekend, my dash board lights and my rear running lights stopped working. My turn signal and emergency blinkers, as well as my brake lights all still work. I brought into to get fixed. The mechanic left me a message saying that they've put in new fuses, but the fuses kept blowing out every hour and that they had to order some replacement part which should come in tomorrow. Has anyone else had similar problems??
  • Hey everyone. I have been away from this board for a long time. Good to see different names here.

    I have a 2001 SE Goldruush 5speed 4x4 X and love it. No problems- just lots of fun.
  • mtbyymtbyy Posts: 1
    Ok....I need your honest opinion here...
    I'm considering buying an X to replace my '99 4x4 ranger (due to the lack of a back seat and I rarely use the bed). I've heard nothing but good things about the X. I like it 'cause it's got a real frame, 4x4, and is available w/manual tranny.I'm looking for a "stripper"-new/used...doesn't matter. I'm jut wondering if Nissan trucks hold up for the long run under constant abuse. No BS> I've driven the ranger 65K miles cross-country//off-road-/stuck/unstuck/and as my everyday 1 and only's never let me down. I've never owned anything but Fords',
    but, new explorer is a joke for off-road use...
    I apprectiate ya'lls help.
  • Ford was forced to buy back my '98 Ranger 4x4 due to reliability problems. So I bought the Xterra and love it.

    If you want to check out reliability issues, go to and read the Problems and Annoyances section. A few minor quirks here and there, as with every mass produced automobile, but nothing major. No blown motors, no failed trannies, etc. The current engine in the Xterra (3.3 V6) has been around a while and never had any major problems. It's the same engine as was in in the old Pathfinders (they had the 3.0, so it's been tweaked a bit to get the 3.3), but it's the same one they've used for years. Nissan reliability is pretty good and the X is a pretty well built vehicle overall. Several owners have 60K-70K miles already and the X is only in its third year of production.

    So far, I've hit quite a few trails in mine and have yet to have any problem at all. If you leave the pavement, the stock tires have to go, but other than that the X is a great back-to-basics suv with a sturdy part-time 2 speed transfer case. I was amazed at how sure-footed it was compared to my Ranger and S-10 4x4's.

    The interior space is pretty good for a mid-size SUV, and approach and departure angles are decent too for off-roading (could be better, but they're not bad).

    I bought the X because it met my needs: back seat, 4x4, good reliability record. I try and keep most of my vehicles for about 100K miles or so and I really have no reason to think this one
    won't go that far. I can't say I've "trashed" mine, but it's taken a pretty good pounding on the trails. Still rides like it did when I bought it new, no sqeaks, no rattles, everything pretty much runs like new so far.

    There are lots of decent SUVs out there, so I'm not saying the X is perfect for everyone, but the best part about it, I think, is that it's the perfect combination of a 9-5 weekday commuter and weekend trail rig. Have fun shopping and don't hesitate to ask questions here. Lots of X owners here will be totally honest about their likes/dislikes. So far, I honestly love this vehicle. And I'm not biased towards Nissan or imports. This is the first Nissan/import I have ever owned.
  • shawvshawv Posts: 1
    I need to replace my 2000 Xterra right step rail. The places I've been to have both rails for around $250. I just want the right rail. Can you please email me at if you can tell me where I can order it?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    First I'd try Ebay.. or look for a local X club.. many owners remove or swap the originals for Sliders.
  • I recently brought in my 2001 Xterra SE for some service. The mechanic brought to my attention the fact that the engine oil cap does not fit properly. It doesn't tighten well, and for the most part, is quite loose. He warned me of the possibility of it inadvertently coming off. Does anyone else have the same situationor has heard of this before? Is there an easy fix?
  • The problem is caused by an oil filler opening with threads that were not cut deeply enough on some Xterras. The fix is a new valve cover and a new cap. This is a warranty item. The service writer at my dealership says they have replaced a few of them. Ask them about it or call the 1-800-Nissan number if your dealership gives you the run around. It's an easy fix.
  • I only had my X-Terra for 7 days when I had to take it to the dealer for a blinking air bag light. The service department determined that the Spiral Cable for the air bags was malfunctioning. Is this a normal occurrence for new X-Terra's? I have a 2002 XE-V6. I'm really bummed it's already in the shop after only owning it for one week.

    :-( It's still in the shop. I took it in on Friday.
  • This is the first time I can remember reading about any kind of air bag problem. Sounds like a fluke, hopefully the dealer will correct it in short order and you'll be back on the road.
  • I got my car back this morning and it's all fixed. Yeah for me. Now I can enjoy my new car again! :-)
  • I've been happily driving my 2001 SE and have recently noticed a strange noise coming from somewhere under the vehicle. It kind of sounds like a heat shield rattle, but I don't think that's what it is. The sound occurs only in first ( I have an auto ) on acceleration and stops. I don't feel anything strange, so I don't think it's a transmission problem, it's like a whirring sound, goes away after the first few accelerations. Anybody experience something like this? How long do I have to purchase the extended warranty? It's been almost a year since I got this X. Thanks everyone, love this board!
  • Well, I must have jinxed myself. I thought they fixed the flashing pre-tensioner light problem, but low and behold... Last night it started blinking again. I have to take it back to the dealer today and have them look at it again. I'm really annoyed. I've only had the car 11 days and today will be the 5th day it is in the shop. I'll keep you posted with the fix.
  • Has anyone upgraded? I really don't think that is accurate wording but has anyone gone from a 2000 to a 2002. I love my 2000. Happy to report that I have had no problems whatsoever. This is a big accomplishment because I live 2 miles straight up the side of a mountain on a private gravel road. I have developed a small squeak but I can't complain. I looked at the 2002 and it just isn't my X anymore. Anyone else find that to be the case or am I just being sentimental.
    I drive a 2000 "Solar Yellow" 5 speed SE added everything but those carpeted floor mats.
  • Can't help you with the noise but I believe you can buy the extended warranty anytime as long as you're still under the original warranty.

    Check out, they'll know for sure. I think that quite a few people have bought the warranty there even after owning the X for a while.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I'm still having too much fun with my 2000 that I'm not even thinking of trading up. The funny thing, it still feels like I picked it up last week. The other bonus, I never went on so many mini trips because of the X.. truly a lifestyle.

    If anyone here is close to Mt Snow in Vermont this week-end.. about 9 or 10 of us should be there... FRS channel 4.. just shout out for the Xterra people, or roam around and watch for people with an X on their coat.
  • klarson1klarson1 Posts: 60
    Hi Guys....

    I just bought a 2002 Nissan x SE 4x4 v6.
    Anyway I live in Maryland and am looking for places to take the ride offroad.
    Being new at this I dont want a trail too risky for a newbie.
    Can anyone help?

    who also has a 2000 Lincoln LS
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Give this a try! It's where people hang out to exchange information about the best places to enjoy your SUV.
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