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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • mney6mney6 Posts: 116
    My invoice from the factory is 27019 on SE Super-charged with roof,micro,mats,guards,protection pkg,tow hitch.
    MSRP was 29073.
    Sounds like you went in looking for a fight.
    I could be wrong though?
  • caltmancaltman Posts: 114
    Well, whoever told you that was smoking crack! :) We bought a brand new 4X4 SE S/C last night for $26750 ($232 over invoice). Probably could have gone a little less, but thought it was a fair deal. MSRP on ours was $28944 (got all the same stuff as you except the protection pkg). These trucks ROCK !!
  • bnun1bnun1 Posts: 6
    Hello all,

    I was a proud owner of a 2000 Xterra until last Saturday when it was totaled. :( First, just so y'all know, the Xterra is one safe vehicle. I hydroplaned in really bad rain off a 40 foot drop. I landed on my front end, then fell at an angle into a creek. Surprisingly, I'm not hurt at all! The Xterra held up amazingly! The body remained strong. The Xterra was totaled, but it kept me safe.

    Therefore, I'm looking for a new car and the 2002 Xterra is high on my list but I have a few questions.

    1. What's the mileage on the V6 Super charged? My 2000 V6 5-speed averaged right at 20. I was just wondering what effect the Super charger had.

    2. Also, I've always heard negative comments regarding turbo charged engines. Would the Super charger have any long term negative effects or require higher maintenance costs?

    Thanks for any help with these questions.

  • caltmancaltman Posts: 114
    Brandon, shoot me an email at We absolutely love our new S/C. Still on the first tank of gas. I'll let you know what the MPG are after I fill for the second time. Good luck!
  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    The only real drawback to a S/C is you have to use premium fuel. If that's not big deal to you then there really isn't any major difference. The S/C tends to whine a bit, but again, that's not an issue for everyone. Most S/Cs at some point just plain old stop functioning properly, so it's an added bolt-on piece of equipment that could fail - but so could any other part of the engine. Superchargers aren't rocket science though, and the type the Xterra uses (Eaton roots type) is a pretty common one, so fixing it should not be a problem.

    Had it been available when I bought my 2001, I probably would have bought an S/C, but it wasn't. After owning my 2001 for a year - and driving a few 2002 S/C models, the power increase isn't enough to make me want to run out and trade in my 01 for an 02. But given the choice, I'd go for it if you're buying new.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to get. The Xterra is a great truck.
  • rapriderraprider Posts: 42
    Hi, Xterrans!
    I am wondering if any of you have the interior bike rack made exclusively by Yakima for Nissan?

    I have an '02 Toyota Highlander (I know, blasphemy!), and have heard on that board that it will fit in my vehicle.

    If you have this item, I would appreciate it if you could email me at with your feedback, good and bad.

    Thanks much!

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Save your money, 20 bucks and you can make your own. Standard set up is 2 fork skewers to a wooden plank. I modified it one step further and can carry three bikes without handlebar conflict
  • My wife and I are looking at SUVs and are beginning to be really sold on the Xterra. The posts on all msg boards (Carpoint, here, etc.) are better than on any other SUV. I have found a 2001 SE 4x4 with 9200 miles that is Silver (we really prefer black, but no biggie) and I was just wondering if we should dive in. It's priced around $23K and that seems to be a good price. Any comments that would be helpful?

    The post about the guy hydroplaning and totalling, while reassuring about the construction of the Xterra, was a little scary in that we have not owned a rear-wheel drive in many years and I'm a little concerned about that. Or is it recommended to use the 4wd in the rain, etc.?

  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    I'd go for it, but not at that price. I think for an 01 you should be able to get it cheaper. My 01 SE 4x4 was 24,900 out the door. I'd shoot for $21,500 to $22,500 if you can. 23 seems a tad high.

    As far as the rear wheel drive...well...the Xterra is not a car and thus will handle much differently than a car. If you've never owned a higher riding, rear wheel drive vehicle, like a truck or SUV then it may take a little getting used to. You can't take corners like you can in a car (like off-ramps and such) at high speeds. The rain is not a problem really. The biggest negative is tires. If you feel it is too squirrely back there during the rain, then the first thing is to ditch the tires and get a better set. I did and now my wet traction and braking is awesome. Most suvs are this way though, so it's nothing particular to just the Xterra.

    As for the, you can't use it on the pavement at all, not even in the rain. The Xterra comes with a true part-time 4wd system just like many other "truck-based" suvs. It should only be engaged on loose surfaces such as mud, snow, dirt, grass, etc. The system will bind up on pavement - wet or dry.

    Do a search on part-time systems and read up on them a little. There are tons of articles out there that will explain it. If, after that, you're still confused, just ask on the board here. Many of us here can help you with questions.

    Good luck, hope you get the Xterra (p.s. I have the silver ice too and love it...even when it's dirty it still looks clean).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I'd be interested in hearing some more comments about rking1966's question. This article about the return of some RWD sedans got my attention:

    Some Drivers Encounter Problems with Rear-Wheel-Drive

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • In my opinion it all comes down to what you are comfortable with. I've driven both types and for me, RWD works better. The only time I ever got stuck in snow was with FWD, pretty bizarre, but true. The overwhelming majority of vehicles I've owned over the years have been RWD, so that is what "feels right" to me. With the X, I have the 4WD option to use when needed.
  • rapriderraprider Posts: 42

    thanks for the fotos...pretty cool job...
    unfortunately, dear wife would have my head if...

    so, anybody else?
    info on the interior rack for the xterra (for my highlander)?


  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Your wife has something against saving $$$. ??? For what its worth.. I've been helping another X owner with an interior rack.. he has the Xterra one and says its a bit of a pain to put in & remove. You can always check them out over at or just one of the cheaper places to shop on line.
  • dhdunndhdunn Posts: 51
    Hi!! I was quoted $24,400 as the invoice price for an SE with manual transmission (no options). I was looking right at the invoice, and it was, or at least looked like, a legit invoice. Does this sound right?

    Also, what do people get for city mileage? I'm assuming that the 16 MPG is low because of the factoring in that needs to be done for 4X4 driving. Is that a correct assumption?


  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Nope.. that's normal regular driving, lowest 14mpg using 4x4 in winter (city), highest 19mpg highway constant 65mph, mix of city/light highway 16mpg... same as any other 4x4 I've had. 2000 manual.
  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    The X is gonna get 16-17 around town....and that's considered good mileage. I get around 22 mpg or so on long highway trips, but that's rare. If you drive around town and you are getttng 16 mpg then you're pretty much right where you should be (unfortunately) :)
  • rapriderraprider Posts: 42
    what you missed was the fact that my wife would kill me if i drill holes in her new car...even if it saves me $200!!!

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    take a second look.. "no" holes were drilled into the X.. The skewers are drilled into a board, the board & the skewers are placed into the cargo area.. at the most, the "stock" cargo hooks (if the highlander have any) are used to further lock the board into place. But it holds steady without them. In any sense, its the same logic as the $$$interior bike rack.

    If you really want to drill the Toyota.. I won't stop ya :)
  • wluo_yahwluo_yah Posts: 2
    I have a Xterra 4x4 2000. It runs well until last Saturday when I came out from a shopping center, I turned on the engine. The engine was trembling and rph changed wildly before the engine stopped running. I turned on the starter again, and the same symptom repeated. Finally the engine even refused to run at all.

    I rely on this car heavily and put 32000 miles on this car in two years. Fortunately, it is still under warranty. I had it towed to my orignial Nissan dealership this morning. To my amazement, the dealer was changing ownership and no longer accept Nissan warranty. Neverthless, they checked the problem and told me that the fuel pump was broken. I believe that they tried to coax me into fixing the problem at their place by luring me with free of chage fix. But I have do a more than $500 30,000 mile matainance there. I refused to fix it there.

    I had the car towed to another Nissan dealer. They are going to check into it and let me know tomorrow.

    For those living in central Jersy area, the first Nissan dealer is Laborila Nissan at red bank. The second Nissan dealer is Pine Belt Nissan at Keyport. I will report the latest progress tomorrow.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I must have lost something somewhere, you have a "Nissan Warranty".. not an ABC Dealer warranty. As far as I know, they are supposed to cover it without any strings attached.. new owners or not.
    I bought my X at one dealer, didn't like their service, moved to another dealer and haven't had any problems with warranty.. actually the service dept gives me more even though I didn't buy the X there.
    As far as service plans.. I always compare what the dealer wants to do and compare it to the manual.. you'd be surprised how much you can knock off their service $$ and keep the warranty 100%....
  • dhdunndhdunn Posts: 51
    Dear XTerra owners:

    I'd like to ask you for your input on the 5 best reasons to buy an XTerra. Yes, I know it "looks cool", but I'm more interested in more substantive stuff (not looking for a chick magnet, because I already have an extremely cool chick to whom I've been married for almost 15 years).

    We already have an Explorer which has been completely wonderful and 100% trouble free at 48K miles. I was considering an Outback wagon to kind of compliment the Explorer's SUV characteristics. But when I drove the XTerra I liked it so much I've had a change of heart. Please let me know what YOUR reasons were for buying, and also how reliable/wonderful/horrible/whatever your XTerra has been. Thanks VERY MUCH for this input!!

  • xverbxverb Posts: 1
    Question: What can I do, inside the manufacturer's warranty, to improve horsepower/mileage (I know they don't really go together) in my 2002 Xterra (SE, 4WD, Auto)?

  • wluo_yahwluo_yah Posts: 2
    I had the engine fixed today. It is the fuel sending unit that was broken.

    As far as the warranty, the dealer that I purchased the car from was in a transition
    of changing owners. So they refused to take warranty. The second Nissan dealer fixed it without charge, but......

    They only covered the towing for no more than $50. In my case, I towed the car twice and it costed me $125 in total, only $50 is covered. They do not cover car rental, and they persuaded me into buying their maintance for more than $400...... I should have checked xcanuk's email earlier.

    So the lesson is when dealer says they want to do something that you orignially do not plan to have them do, say "no" on the phone. Think more about it when you hang up the phone. You can always have the service done by calling them up.
  • xtirol9xtirol9 Posts: 27
    These are my two cents despite the fact that I don't own one yet. :-P

    1. An affordable 4x4 price range considering other competition. 4Runner anybody?
    2. Available supercharger.
    3."Everything you need, nothing you don't." quoting Nissan's commercial. No frills or anything fancy on the truck.
    4. For people who actually use it for its purpose.(ie. off-road, biking, hiking, etc.)
    5. And from what I have seen from here, not that many problems considering this is its third year. If you do want to check, find other message boards about the Xterra.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    First off, (only cuz you're happy with the exploder) I'd go for the outback.. only because its a complimentary vehicle.. as much as I love the X, and would get another one to replace it, I'd look at a Pick-up or a car as a second.. increase the range/purpose for travelling.

    5 reason why I got mine... I'll limit myself

    1) comparable SUV's were too car-like, I like the truck feel.
    2) very basic in set-up and easy to customize to your own liking. ( I hate getting a fully dressed vehicle that I'm gonna swap parts on anyway )
    3) Nice interior space even with the rear seats up, easy to load.. 2 dogs and always going to home depot for projects
    4) Great rack... ever notice most other suv's don't come with crossbars.. bikes, gear, canoe.. it can handle it all.
    5) Well mannered on the road, (power & handling) you don't have to worry to much if you go off the pavement.

    Downfalls.. typical MPG for a SUV (low).. after 2 1/2 years.. no other complaints.
  • xtirol9xtirol9 Posts: 27
  • cb70cb70 Posts: 226
    All your exploders belong in the boneyard. Lol.

       The internet phenomenon that just wouldn't die.

  • xtirol9xtirol9 Posts: 27
  • Raprider,I bought the interior rack right away after I purchased my X 2 years ago.Installation was a breeze.Two bikes and two wheel forks will fit in the Xterra although a bit snug.The skewers can be adjusted up or down to accomadate different handlebar widths.I've carried all kind of different combos of mine and my buddies road and mtn. bikes.The best thing about the rack is it is solid as a rock.When tightened down you can't budge it.There is also the obvious plus of having your bike(s)out of sight.The rack secures to the X via a pair of "O" rings that come prebolted to the truck.Your Highlander may not have a comparable setup.Overall I love the rack and I've always got one bike or another in it.I paid $150 for it at
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