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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    In stock form, the X is very capable in the dirt and medium trails.. up to a certain point, its not an extreme machine. Don't go alone, take off the step rails (weak & easily damaged), be extra careful if you have 17" rims.

    Like anything else, there is room for improvement, and can be a building process.
    Better Tires with more agressive thread, slight lift with AAL's, Cranking T-bars... or you can go full out with suspension/body lifts, ARB bumpers.. the list goes on.
  • Hi, I currently drive a '98 Suzuki Sidekick Sport 4r 4x4 w/55k, and I'm thinking about trading it in. I have several vehicles on my list, and the Xterra is one of them. I'm primarily looking for a '00 to '02 model, low miles, and preferably a 5 speed, but I can go either way. I was wondering what info you guys might have on one of these baby's, and what all I should look for when I find one, and during test drive. Any problems, and TSBs that you know of. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    check here for recalls
    select owning >recall info > and input year
    nothing major in my book

    Its a solid truck, mpg not the greatest, but average for a mid-sized SUV. Mine has been problem free for 3 years.

    Here a link for one that might fit the ticket &dealer_id=&search_type=used&make=NISSAN&model=XT- ERRA&transmission=&distance=10&address=45458&adva- nced=n&certified=n&max_mileage=&max_price=&min_pr- ice=&end_year=2004&start_year=2000&body_style=&ad- vcd_on=n&color=&car_year=2000

    if the link is too long.. search autotrader
    2000 SE Model 27500 Miles $17,350 Price seems good, but I'm not used to U.S. $$
  • Has anyone read about or know what accounts for the extra 10hp the '03 V6 has vs. previous model years? Is it a revised intake manifold, or maybe exhaust system differences? Revised computer software?
  • I looked at some '03s the other night, and noticed they had 180 horses? Is that correct? Are you saying that ALL previous years have 170? Or just the '02s? I honestly don't like the general front styling of the new ones, I'd rather have a an '00 or an '01 with the more squarish front end. Also, I was dissappointed at the milage ratings for that thing. A Mercury Mountaineer with V8 and AWD gets 21, and that thing with a V6 just gets 20? I also find it hilarious that the Murano has the 245 horse 3.5 V6 and it gets 26 mpg. Why don't they make an engine similar for the Xterra? I know the Xterra is more truck and the Murano more car, but hey, c'mon. A good mix of the two might make them sell better.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Stay away, very far away from the Xterra. I lived a nightmare with a lemon that Nissan would not replace. I only logged 16,000 miles in two years because the X lived at the dealership for weeks on end. They gave me a Flinstone Mobile (Ford Escort) for a long-term loaner only because I went after them legally. They also gave me three whole extra months on the warranty. WHOOOOPIE!!!!!

    Nissan replaced the engine and the transmission (two separate occasions) only after I contacted the Maryland State's Attorney. The state wrote Nissan a lemon letter and they FINALLY did the work. The work took months because Nissan had to send an engineer to the dealership and order the parts from Tennessee.

    Everything mentioned in the other posts is correct. The underbody rails rust and Nissan says it is "environmental"?

    Nissan of America in California will "say" they are working with the dealer to resolve issues; when, in fact, they are doing nothing. They already have your money.

    Nissan employs recent college grads who are trained to tell you anything. They eventually get sick of the job and leave Nissan. I made friends with one ex-worker and we still talk. The real story is once the truck is sold, it is YOUR problem in Nissan's eyes.

    Disclaimer: I seem to be one of the only people who had the engine "blow-up" two weeks into ownership. Read the other posts and look for common problems such as underbody rust, bad transmissions, paint peeling and poor alignments that cannot be rectified.

    Many like Xcanuk have great experiences. It is when problems arise and how the manufacturer handles them that you really learn what to expect. Expect nothing from Nissan of America and you will be fine.

    Lucky for Nissan, most of their vehicles never need major service.

    If you purchase the X, the tranny problems, the sluggish fuel sucking engine, the leaky flip-top sunroof and the lousy General Grabber tires may be the least of your worries. In my humble opinion, there are many better SUVs for the same money. There are also many manufacturers who care about customer service and customer retention.
  • Thank you for the info. Just reading that makes me cringe. I think I mentioned that I have a '98 Sidekick Sport, and the rear end went out in it at 34k, but it was 3 months out of warranty. That was in June of '01. I kept trying to get the local dealer (40 minutes away, I drove the thing there and back) and got nothing, no loaner, no promise, no service. Told me to take it back home. I told them if it broke down on me on the way back over the mountain, I would make them pay for my damn tow bill. A month later that dealership closed without explanation. I had been to them many times before and gotten great service, because it seemed my car really liked service. I didn't mind it when it was under warranty. Anyway, I called Suzuki in CA once a week for a month. I called the next closest dealership (hour away) and they got me in touch with a Suzuki rep. That rep said since the other dealership was closer, I'd have to get another rep. When I got the other rep (two weeks later) we had arranged to meet at the dealership closest to me on the morning it closed its doors. Then, I had to wait even longer. What ended up happening is I had to haul the car 2 hours away to another dealer (the 2nd closest in this guy's region) which presented me with a $200 tow bill (reimbursed by insurance) and was told the repair was going to cost $3500. Suzuki paid parts and replaced the entire guts of the rear end. I had to pay $160 for the labor to get it done. I know a little bit about how you feel. I did without my car from June to late September that year, 3 months. Luckily, my dad had a truck I could borrow in that time. What do you think of the Isuzu Rodeo? That would be my next choice. I'm looking at an '01 with moonroof, leather, and 5 speed. Its funny that the Xterra is actually rated by Consumer Reports +18% above the "industry standard" of 0%. It's right up there with the Forester, CRV, and the RAV4.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Sounds like another nightmare! You will not have much better luck if you get an X with problems.

    Forgot to list in the last post that the X left me stranded twice, once on a busy interstate, when the fuel tank read 1/2 full when it was really EMPTY. Nissan did not come to tow the vehicle and on both occasions, the truck sat in the shop waiting for a new fuel float mechanism..another common problem in "XTerrables."

    The only thing that works with Nissan is arbitration which I see a lot of fellow posters are discussing. It works and takes HOURS out of your busy day!!! That is what Nissan counts on!

    The Forester is fantastic, but ugly and bland-looking. Our neighbors swear by Suburus and claim they are trouble free. My mother has the Forester and loves it. No problems at all and it is awesome in the snow. Very functional and affordable..just blah looking. It looks like a mini UPS truck.

    The CRV and RAV 4 are ok, but not really off-road vehicles like the X. Was never really impressed with either model. Do not know much about the Rodeo.

    My mechanics tell me the new Ford Explorer ('02 to present) is the best SUV going for the money. Pat Goss, Producer of the Motor Week Television show and host of Gosse's Garage Radio Show, also loves this truck along with the new Ford Expedition. If price is your driver, then the Explorer is your best bet.

    Some Explorers list for around the same price as the X. Wholesalers everywhere want the '02 model and are paying premiums because they know they will resell easily. I am not saying Ford is any better at rectifying issues, but every article lists the Explorer as one of the premier SUVs.

    Still have my '96 Ford Explorer: no major problems (always had the GoodYear tires - not Firestone), no repairs (knock on wood), great off-road, great in the snow, no rust, better than the X on fuel consumption and now payment free :-) My mechanic tells me the Explorer has another 100,000 left before it dies if I choose to keep it. It will be out of style before it needs to goto the junk yard.

    Maybe the Americans have something on the Japanese in this one case? Emphasis on the "ONE." I still feel Nissan makes good models of other vehicles including the Altima and the new Z. Drove the Z and got a Jaguar instead because Nissan still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. BTW - what a difference in service. Simply no comparison.

    Hope this helps you with a decision.
  • I read some other posts that you'd left, mentioning that you'd gotten an X-Type. How is that? I liked them from the get go, just not much of a car person. Can't afford 2 cars at present. I've looked at the explorers, but they are still a bit out of reach. I like the overall look of the previous generation better, the new ones look too much like a van, especially with that 3rd seat. Not that its a bad thing, just I would rather try and avoid it. I actually found a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer and fell in love with it, and was going to get a pretty good deal on it, but something made me back off. It was super nice, 44k, leather, V8 and AWD. I drove a '98 Limited Explorer a while back that was equiped the same, loved it. I've wanted something with more power for so long. However, with that big V8, and my heavy foot, I can picture me sitting at the gas pump too often, so I'm looking at the Rodeo now, and it just seems more like me. I think I will probably have a while longer to look around, I jumped the gun on the Mountaineer, and the dealership had the thing priced WAY below book, and offered me 500 more than book on my trade in. I never drove it, just looked at it. I want to make sure I look around before I start driving, because once I drive and fall for something, my name will go on the dotted line. Also, the Rodeo I'm looking at is a year newer and with less milage, and has the moon roof. I also looked at another '00 Mountaineer, same as the other, except had moonroof, and was the Monterey edition. It had 38k but was 2k more than the other one, at $17,900. I have had to knock several off my list, so its narrowing it down pretty well. The Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute appear to be complete junk, the Xterrable with it's problems, others aren't fuel efficient, others too small. I'm going to continue to look, and hopefully at the first of the week, weather pending, I'll be able to drive some.
  • Yes, all previous model years prior to '03 had 170hp, instead of the 180 that is being claimed for '03. I believe I've found that the difference for '03 is a revised exhaust system and some computer retuning, but am still looking for feedback on that.

    One other thing to keep in mind on boards like this is usually the people who post are very passionate about their vehicle experiences, so you tend to get extremes. I have a few friends that have had nothing but wonderful experiences with their Xterras, as have many of the other people who have posted here. So, though I feel very badly that msiseng has had such a horrible experience and only hope that it is resolved quickly, there are many other stories of just the opposite viewpoint. Usually the overall population's experience is somewhere in the middle.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I left my last comment as solid truck, no problems.. and that basically sums it all up. Misiseng was hit with a lemon, which hits any brand, he is rightfully ticked, but I trust other readers won't generalize his views across the board about the truck.

    The X isn't my first SUV or truck, found it comparable to my old 4 runner in terms of ride, build, mpg (when the 4runner was still a real truck). For what its worth, I spend quite a bit of my time on trips meeting other owners and we've all had good/great experiences with the truck. Meeting owners is one way of cutting the BS of the boards. The main grip seems to be dealers and not the truck itself when it comes to problems.

    My X history..3 years, oil and fluid changes, and losing a front wheel..(ok.. even my service guys fowl up) ... enough time had past between my service call and losing the wheel that the dealer could have fought me on it, but didn't and covered all costs.

    Within the owners I've met, this is a typical history (except for the wheel) I'm not the type to side with the X just because I own one.. but I have a lot of fun with mine.

    Would I buy another, maybe..
    Would I regret not buying the one I have, definitely
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Yes, I had a lemon and said many times that most XTrerrable owners have fair to good experiences. It was the way Nissan of America handled the whole situation that lost my business for good. Too bad because I think the new Z rocks. and the Altima is rated so well.

    Nissan did nothing but talk and promise until litigation made them repair the vehicle many times over. Now some poor schlep who buys my old X will have problems.

    I am very happy for the Xterrable owners who have good experiences. It is one of the best off-road vehicles made.

    1badsidekick - I LOVE the Jaguar X-Type. It has AWD and I am now driving it in the blizzard we are experiencing in Washington, DC (over two feet of snow). The car is refined, has six airbags, holds the road better than the XTerrable, is sleek and there is a lot of attention to detail.

    It is one of the safest cars on the road as rated by insurance. Jaguar service is free for the first four years and they wash the vehicle every two weeks. 100% of the sheet metal is galvanized, so there is no rust. Moreover, the service is outstanding and they entice you with a screaming fast XK loaner (80K car with a 390 hp. engine) when you get service. Talk about pre-sales?

    Would highly recommend the X-Type base model if you are cost conscious. With options, the price skyrockets quickly to well over $42K.

    The one thing it cannot do is go offroad like the Nissan. It also has less room than the Nissan as it is a car and not a truck.

    What ever happened to your quest for a Suburu? Look at the reviews...all very good!!!
  • Glad to hear you really like that X-type. They are really nice cars. As far as a Subaru, the more I think about it, the more I see "wagon." I want the space of a wagon, but I'd prefer it to be called an "SUV"...more manly I guess, lol. Subarus are very good, and I LOVE the WRX, drove one when they came out and was AMAZED. But, it was still a bit too small for me. I am a large person who needs a large vehicle. That is the problem I have now with the Suzuki, its too small. However, I'm starting to get the horrid second thoughts now, and consider keeping my Suzuki. I sat and thought about what all I've done in it, with it, and what all it's seen. I've only had it 4 years, but at some point, I would like to upgrade. I thought I had narrowed my list of vehicles down, but its grown again. Now for the true eliminations: driving them. I am going to start doing that soon, and then go from there. If I do end up trading for a new vehicle, it won't be for another month or so. I have some other finances to take care of. I'll keep you posted.
  • Perhaps someone can give me some advice as to my recourse/rights for this fiasco?
    Took delivery on my new (0 miles) 2002 Xterra V6 5M 10-31-02, this date now has some significance. For the record we love the Xterra. Put ~1200 miles on it and bought it back to the dealer with oil leak(s) on 12-11-02. Oil leak determined to be "porosity in the block casting", oil sweating out through the casting (a fluke). Nissan OK's, & Dealer installs entire new shortblock Assy. I receive the car back 1-9-03. Roughly 28 days w/o vehicle. Nissan presents me with a Gold extended warranty 5 yr/100K for peace of mind, my wife and I feel better. I discover yet more oil leaks and return car to have them checked out 2-5-03 being told perhaps some "tightening" was in order? Nope! another fatal flaw/fluke in this newly installed engine!!!!!!!!! Nissan and the dealer agree on installing, yes, another short block assembly! While amazed and dumbfounded they don't seem to be too alarmed? I've remained calm and cool throughout this ordeal but we DO NOT want this vehicle back! We still love the Xterra just not this one. We had the vehicle ~112 days, it's been in Nissan service for 43 of those days, and is still there awaiting another transplant. We still are making payments. My case is now in the hands of the Nissan Arbitration board in NJ??? This was told to me by a Nissan representative in California. I'm told a buy back is the next step. Three engines in three months, surely we would have had a better chance of winning the powerball. Everyone seems to be sympathetic and reassuring at Nissan and the Dealer so why do I feel I might have to get a lawyer? Anyone have similar experience(s), if this doesn't qualify as NY State lemon law, what does? Meanwhile I point out that it is costing them ~$40/day for the Grand Cherokee they put me in rather than tell them to stop dragging their feet. Do I make February's payment, due 2-28-03, I only had it for four days? Questions like these no one at Nissan or the Dealer seem to want to answer.
  • Yet another horrible Xterrable Xperience. Looks like the few, the proud, the functional in this case. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with your Xterrable. Hope it can get resolved soon. Keep us posted on how things go.
  • lkpillkpil Posts: 1
    We have owned a 2000 and a 2001 Xterra. We are extremely pleased with these vehicles' overall functionality - beauty, muscle, comfort, and safety.
      Yes, it's true that a lead-foot like myself will not get maximum fuel efficiency, but my wife, I call her "Pocohantas",consistenly gets 19-20 miles per gallon.
      Bottom line is, as it pertains to this vehicle, we're very happy...but we take care of our baby.
  • Ingrates dump on what they can afford

    Humor us all as to what you mean by this. Glad to hear you're having a great xperience out of your xterra. I believe the pro vs. con side of the xterras in this forum are weighing about even. Personally, when looking at the xterras, I would prefer the '00 and '01. I like the newer ones, but they look a bit to "buggy."
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    So sorry to hear of your troubles. I went through a similar ordeal. You can read my prior posts. Nissan did not purchase my vehicle "back." They will do anything not to take possession of a scrap vehicle and will simply give you lip service. Has Nissan sent an "engineer" from California yet to see your vehicle? LOL, I bet that is their next move.

    For this reason, I would NEVER purchase a Nissan/Infinity again and went with a Jaguar. Ford of all maunfacturers turned this brand on its proverbial head...making it a much better vehicle. At least I know Jaguar will take the vehicle back if insurmountable problems occur. They did for my friend just because his hood paint was severely chipping. Whamo...a new car with even more options, not even a repaint offer! Have to love great customer service.

    Too bad because I really like some of the new Nissan's as previously stated.

    I hope things work for you. What worked for me was arbitration and many hours in my attorney's office. You may want to contact your state's attorney and ask them to work with you. I also gave Nissan of America a barrage of calls just to waste their time knowing I would get nowhere. Kind of made me feel better.

    If Nissan buys back your XTerrable without arbitration, I will faint. I strongly suggest you contact an attorney immediately. Hope this helps.

    Again, many love their XTerrables. It is when one has problems that the good manufacturers step to the plate.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Glad you like the Suburu! Am thinking of getting one as a second AWD vehicle. They have a lot of space, too! I read post after post and hear my friends and neighbors rave about their Suburu's. Leads me to believe there must be some truth to what they are saying? Truth to what the reviewers are also writing?

    Too bad the Forrester looks so ugly.

    I disagree with you regarding the looks of the newer Xterrables. I think they got better looking with the menacing front-end! Always liked their looks and like the ones with the brush bar. The Frontier also looks nice and the new long bed with the supercharger should sell well.

    Maybe you will get lucky and purchase a perfectly fine Nissan? Maybe you can find a good pre-owned one with a clean repair history? Just do not buy my old Just Blue '01 SE, 16,000 miles, from a large nation-wide retail chain with a national web site.

    It appears you still are looking at this board and are undecided?
  • I do like the looks of the newer Xterras, just not as much. I guess it'd grow on me. To be quite honest, I have made a decision. And that decision is not to trade. After many hours of tiring myself researching all the cars, and finding out that the ones I like the most have the most problems. I'm looking more and more into Isuzu for my next vehicle, but its going to be a while before I go for it. I've worn myself out this time. I really like the Axiom and the Rodeo, Axiom being tops. However, I just read Edmunds' road test, and it doesn't look good. I'll just have to find one and drive it sometime to see. Isuzu has a huge depreciation after the first year, so a year old Axiom that retailed for 32 thou can be had for around 19. The Suzuki was very spirited today, I've noticed it has it's good days. Where I work at times in NC, its half an hour away, and about 6 miles of the trip is down (or up) the notorious Fancy Gap mountain. Today was the fastest I've ever gotten up it. I kept it in 4th gear, and it did 60 pretty steadily all the way up the mountain. I was impressed, I said "wow, you must be feeling good today." I think it made it feel good when I said I was gonna keep it til it hit 100k miles. It has 54k on it now. Don't think I'm a psycho for thinking the car has a personality, but I tell ya, I think mine does. I can always tell a huge difference in it right after I leave the car wash, and today for some reason, hehe.
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Maybe the "do nothing" option is great for now. Seems like you are comfortable with your vehicle and there is nothing terribly wrong with it.

    Regarding the Edmunds reviews, take them with a grain of salt. They gave a negative road test to many vehicles like the Jaguar X-Type and US sales increased over 230% from '01 to '02 based on customer feedback and demand. This happened in a down-economy, as well. Read the current owner posts to gauge a true baseline. See how happy/unhappy they are with their vehicles.

    For example, after reading the Chrysler Sebring Edmunds reviews I was ready to purchase that car instead of the Suburu. After reading the owner posts, there is NO WAY I would purchase.

    Glad to see you are looking at variables like depreciation. It appears you are a smart consumer.

    As for vehicles and personality...there is a correlation!

    Good luck to you.
  • Thanks for the compliment! I try to be smart, I always research any large purchases before I get them. I talk to other people in person who have them. Like, for example, Siemens digital cordless phones. Wouldn't have one. Even though the company my dad works for makes capacitors for Siemens, I wouldn't have one because a friend of mine has the "expandable" ones with a corded base station, and you can't have a conversation with anyone at his house without the phone starts "pulsating" and you can't understand a word they're saying. I got my "smarts" from my dad. He always researches everything, but he always makes purchases that I don't expect him to. I was very impressed by the numbers that Edmunds stated for the Axiom. It has 230 horses and almost the same amount of torque available at 1200 rpms. VERY quick off the line. I think 0-60 is 8.9 seconds. But, it gets the same gas milage as the Xterra, 16/20. I guess that's pretty much a standard on these V6 SUVs. However, like you said, theres nothing wrong with my car at the present time, now of course that I say that it will have something mess up soon, haha. Thats the way it goes, I brag on it, and it craps out on me. Never left me stranded though. It's overdue for a set of tires, thats another thing I'm disappointed with, the tires. It has 54k and is ready for the 3rd set. The first set lasted 24k, and this set has lasted 30k. The size is 215/65/R16, but I have 215/70 Dunlops on it now. I want something a little wider with white letters, or OWL as they are now. Have to start researching those now.
  • mudparkmudpark Posts: 6
    I have been attempting to sell my 2002 Nissan Xterra XE-V6 4x4 with just under 10k miles. Blue Book, Black Book, and NADA all show the private party values in the $19,500-$20,500 range. I have it listed at $18,500 and have seen plenty of interest, but no takers in three months. Just now I punched up Edmund's TMV and came to just over $16k! Is TMV accurate? Am I asking too much for this vehicle, or am I just being impatient? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Yeah, I think so :-)

    You can get another opinion in the Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Two or three car dealers in there hit the auctions every week and really have their finger on "current" values.

    Also see: What is the "Kelley Blue Book" Price?

    Steve, Host
  • mudparkmudpark Posts: 6
    Steve, thanks for the info. I'll check out the link, although trading it in isn't an option as I don't need another vehicle.

    I guess I'm just curious why the big drop in Xterra values? To only show a $1000 difference between Xterra trade-in and private party TMV indicates to me that supply is seriously outstripping demand and that dealers can better afford to wait it out. Since I have no plans to give my Xterra away for $16k, I would think my best course of action would be to wait it out.

    Its interesting, though, that I have looked up other vehicles I own or have sold recently and TMV looks dead on. Maybe the public is shifting away from SUVs with the high gas prices and fear of war, but I think it is more so that there is such a glut of SUVs on the market now. Any thoughts?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It says "trade-in values" but they give figures for private party and retail road sales too.

    There's a glut of used cars on the market period - the economy; all those incentives and zero percent deals that got people to buy new; higher gas prices; over-production; and who knows what else. Take your pick:-)

    Steve, Host
  • mudparkmudpark Posts: 6
    Ok, thanks for the feedback. Hmmm, just noticed from your bio that we are neighbors. I now know who to tap for local auto market advice :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Heh, I just saw your post over there and saw "Boise." You gotta love a town that has a dealer named "Fairly Reliable Bobs" :-)

    Steve, Host
  • m1garandm1garand Posts: 2
    Follow up to my post #2290, 21 Feb 2003. My 2002 Xterra still sits awaiting another engine. After numerous calls to Nissan in Calif. over the last month I got no place, it was almost as if the Cust. Rep. used a recording? Weekly calls and visits to the dealer were sympathetic and reassuring at best, but no real answers other than to be patient and Nissan would make good. Incidentally the new engine has been ready to be installed but they can't seem to locate one of the head gaskets required??? I was literally one phone call away from the N.Y. AG's office as well as some private legal advice when the dealers' Gen. Mgr. called yesterday and wanted to set up a time so we can discuss options and see about "getting me out of my present 2002 and into a new 2003 Xterra". My salesman called today and said he had been OK'd to go ahead and try and locate a comparable 2003!! I will be getting together with them this week as I have quite a few unanswered questions, i.e. payments already made, our low finance rate & rebate, plus ~$2500 off because our 2002 was a left over with 5-spd. manual transmission. We are by no means out of the woods yet as I don't for one minute think this won't cost me something. We still may have to get legal involved?? Against advice from here, friends and family I held off pursuing the legal path until well past the eleventh hour. Either my faith in a large Corp. doing the right thing will be restored or my nomination for chump of the year hang in the balance! I'll keep updating.
  • fiberlawfiberlaw Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 XTERRA with 15,800 miles, 4x4. Shortly after I took delivery I noticed various metallic clanging noises in the suspension on rough roads. This most often occurs when I am applying the brakes slightly on a rough surface. It basically sounds like a 1970's Oldsmobile going down the road with a very loose suspension. Also, a high pitched metallic scraping noise is heard when I turn the wheel--similar to brake wear indicators. The cruise control surges and the transmission gets stuck in gear when the cruise control downshifts to maintain speed up hills. All of these problems are intermittant, but occur often. The dealer continues to state they cannot reproduce any of these problems. It has been in 3 times for service with no success. Has anyone ever heard of these types of problems. Thanks.
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