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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • Don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Houston they're scheduled to arrive Feb 18. Still don't have confirmed pricing (see for tentative pricing).
  • First of all, the available rebate on the 2004 Xterra is $2400 (not $2500) with an incentive option of 1% financing (W.A.C) AND $1000 rebate.


    Expecting a 20% discount on the 04s at this time is unrealistic. A typically equipped 04 XE-V6 (A/T) lists for ~ 23K, with an invoice of ~ 21.7K. MOST Nissan dealerships will not normally discount below invoice, so expect a maximum discount of ~ $1300 or 6%. 20% would equal $4600 or $3300 below invoice (this isn't a Ford or Chevy!!!). Don't expect sale prices on 04s to drop much further until Nissan increases the rebate.


    As for quantities of 04 Xterras still on dealer lots, Nissan is sending ALL remaining unshipped 04s to the dealers at this time. For most dealers, this will likely result in an increase in units before the 05s begin to show up.


    05 pricing is expected to be very comparable to 04. A typical equipped 05 S (A/T) is expected to list for ~ 22.9K. However, without rebates or other incentives, don't expect too much discounting until the 04s are nearly gone.
  • Your are accurate that a 05 Xterra equipped with power will list for ~23K. However, a Pathfinder XE (base model) will typically list for ~25.7K, a $2700 difference. Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but ask yourself: "What type of an SUV am I looking for?" Their capabilities are vastly different.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Print ads I have seen are claiming February.
  • pkc1pkc1 Posts: 4
    In Colorado the dealerships are saying the earliest we should see the 05 is the third week of Feb.
  • You can't buy a well-equipped SUV in the United States for less than $20k, so I have no idea what 'coupedincal' is talking about. You can't even buy a 2004 Xterra well-equipped for less than $20k. Nor can you buy a well-equipped Pathfinder now for less than $30k. Nissan is not risking anything by pricing the Xterra more than $20k. That's the price range of cheap SUVs. A loaded X will even break $30k, and that seems reasonable to me. A loaded 4Runner will break $40k. That's the market.
  • pkc1pkc1 Posts: 4
    Dealers here in Denver say that if the pricing stays consistent with the 05 Pathfinder and Frontier the 05 Xterra should be $400 less than the 04.
  • I picked up a 2004 XE V6 on 2-5-05...we got it for$250 over invoice plus rebates. Getting hard to find ones with side air bags. The rebates offer two options 1)$1000 and 1% Nissan financing (if you qualify) 2) or $2400 and shop for your own financing**the other caveat is a $500 new college grad rebate added to either of the above options if you are a new/soon-to-be-new college grad** We negotiated for $250 over invoice BEFORE the $1500 in rebates($1000+$500=$1500)(wife is new grad) AND 1% for 60 months--. That is about what the TMV price was here at Edmunds (go armed with that info). We only got 14.3 MPG on our all-highway first tank of gas (even with a bit of a tail wind-ouch). I will follow up on the fuel economy after I experiment.
  • Just bought my second Xterra. First was a early 2000 Red SE 4x2 in Tampa,Florida Had 2 years ad traded off. Now I traded a 03 Jeep Liberty Sport for a New 04 Xterra XE with a lot of options; Got $5500. off the MSRP before trade in. Love my Xterra. Ride is lot better than Liberty and more room all around also. After the engine breaks in and a treatment of Slick fifty I expect to get around 21-22 MPG as I did with the 2000 model. It just takes about 8-1000 miles to break in first, (Nissan Engine Quality).
  • Specs and pricing for the 2005 Xterra are now on the Nissan website (


    A loaded Off-Road edition goes for $28,930. There are only three factory options available on an Off-Road (once you've selected the drivetrain): Rockford Fosgate Audio, Side and Curtain Airbags, and an In-Cabin Microfilter. I think the price is pretty good.
  • Well, per nissan, the 2005's are scheduled to go on sale today. Anybody ventured to the dealerships yet? I imagine there will be slim pickings for a few weeks or so as inventory is built up. I'd be interested to hear how willing the dealers are to negotiate. I'll be looking at one, but will gladly wait until there's a deal to be had.
  • vik66vik66 Posts: 10
    I do not think that $28,930 is good price... I think it should be a couple thousands less...

    I doubt if people will buy such vehicle for almost 29,000.... but I need to see a vehicle to say for sure...
  • Yesterday I test drove an '05 Pathfinder and I loved it. I hope the Xterra drives and handles like the Pathfinder because I didn't want to take it back the dealer. Let's hope for the best.
  • They are offering $2400 rebate

    I just got a 2004 4x4 XE MSRP 24,950 for 20,700.
  • on the '05 Xterra? I honestly thought it was pointless on the last model because of the shield on the front of the basket.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    For a loaded, 4x4 real SUV $28,930 is not a bad retail or list price. There are some pretty neat features on the new 4x4 system (stability control, traction control, hill descent...).


    Having said that, I hope that once they have been out a little while and dealers have built their inventories, it will be possible to buy one for a few thousand less.
  • I think that the 05 Xterras are agressively priced. I went to the website and priced a basic S model with 4x4, 6speed and most options (the ones I like) for $25,200. By the way, I emailed NissanUSA to ask if the choice of the transmission affects the maximum tow rating? They answered: No - for both Frontier and Xterra! Finally - the manual tranny is strong enough to tow. I miss rowing the gears. I am imagining buying a used one in a couple of years for about $18K. That would be a sweet ride!


  • I test drove an '05 OR Xterra last Friday and I must say I was impressed with the feel of the ride and the power of the engine was really good. It seemed to be some engine noise in the cabin, but not unbearable although to hear from the outside it was relatively quiet. The dash is well laid out, though on the minimal side as far a buttons and switches. The front seats were very comfy with very good legroom. did notice from the passenger seat that the seat top would jerk slightly, I wonder if this is because it is the fold flat seat? My knees did not touch the bottom of the dash or the side of the center console. I love the look of the Xterra. The dealer had just got that one in the day before. I will get one later this year after the shake down period.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    I live in Tucson, AZ. One of our Nissan dealers has a white SE 4X2 on the lot. It looks great. In fact, the 05 Xterra had captured the attention of a Range Rover owner. I'm not sure of the Rover model he was driving but it was a small, late model Range Rover. Back to the Xterra, it looks tough and the inside also looks great. Well, the stereo looks blandish but I place priority on the whole inside experience. The seat material looks good, the back seat leg room looked very good. Good job Nissan. I hope the build quality on the 05's first year in production is as good or better than my 03 Frontier. Unfortunately, I have to wait another year before seriously looking at the new Xterra.
  • I have read how to shift in into 4 wheel drive. The manual says to put in nutural and then shift.

    When shifting into 4 high it makes a load grinding sound. It also does this loud sound when shifting into low 4 wheel.

    Does the warranty cover this: it has 42,000 and I understand the xterra has a 60,000 power train warranty. This should be covered? I just purchase this xe 4wheel drive.

    Any help on this would be of great help. I do not want to tear anything up.
  • I dont know what you all are talking about with the price being good at $26k! The 05 Xterra S is $22,000! GOT IT? NOT $25k! IF you pay more than $500 over invoice EVER you are being ripped off.
  • It appears "elemint" has never heard of options. The base price on the Xterra S is $21,380 including destination. This is a stripper 4x2 model with a manual transmission, manual rollup windows, etc. Make it a 4x4 with an automatic and power windows, locks, etc. and the price is $25,180.
  • I have a Nissan Xterra 2000. Love it. 62K. The new 05 Xterra is one of the best Suv ever built.
    Except for a fatal flaw. The Driver Seat. They changed the Head Rest & Seat. If you rest your
    head back on the active head rest & roll over some minor bumps it will about rattle the filling
    out of you head. I tired ever position on a Se with no luck. Very hard on the back. No sweet spot to be found. Yes this has 8 Way seats. The seat feels like you are being pushed forward. Sorry to say you can fix a bunch of problems but replacing two seats on a 30 K vehicle is just ridicules. Very bummed out. This is the most imporant feature. Has anyone felt the same problem. If not please take a test ride & let me know what you think.
  • meaghanmeaghan Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 XE-V6 with 7500 miles. Since day 1 the fuel gauge has not worked. It would stick at 3/4ths of a tank. Nissan replaced the dash cluster. Then, the four wheel drive lite would not go out. They said it was "stuck". It worked for a few months. Now, the gauge does not go on at all and stays past E. I was driving from another state and they said to "keep gas in it". Thanks for the tip, I would not have thought of that myself. They said it was the fuel sending unit. Four days later it does not work again. I have seen this complaint before, but hardly from 04s. I live in NY and am researching the lemon law. Any advice?
  • scottlscottl Posts: 109
    I kind of stumbled on to the new Xterra and got all excited. I'm looking at getting a new vehicle, and I'm getting as much offroad capability as I can. I currently have a fullsized Chevy pickup, long bed extended cab. It is just too freaking big for some spots I want to get to, although you'd be surprised where it can go.

    I'm seriously looking at a Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. There is no doubt that there are some offroad situations where the Rubi would smoke an Xterra, but there is also no doubt that in the 99.9% of other situations, the Xterra is more practical, refined, capable and safe.

    I read all the Nissan propaganda, and thought the hill descent/hill hold, 4-wheel limited slip and other features were awesome.

    In digging a little deeper, it turns out that hill descent/hold is not available on the six speed and the 4-wheel limited slip is "late availability" on the 6-speed. So as of right now, the Off Road package with 6-speed consists of Bilstein shocks, rear locker and a switch to allow the starter to operate in 1st gear low range.

    I'm guessing the hill descent/hold is just some electronic trickery inside the auto transmission.

    The 4 wheel limited slip is electronic brake actuation based on information from the wheel sensors. This is a cool idea, but of course it is disabled on the rear if the locker is engaged, and I'm a little skeptical about how well it will work on the front. I've never had a vehicle with electronic traction control.

    Anyone have any insight as to when the traction control will be available on the 6-speeds?

    I also did an inventory search in the Denver area, and there are no Off Road models available. Have they all been bought, or are they not yet available? Anyone seen one?
  • sexterrasexterra Posts: 1
    What kind of speakers would be best to upgrade to in my 04 xterra? I recently got an alpine unit with sirius satellite radio but I want to upgrade the speakers too. Thoughts?
  • scottlscottl Posts: 109
    I drove by a Nissan dealer to look at an '05 Xterra. They had three, one S model 5-speed and two SE autos.

    Honestly, I like the styling of the '04 better. They had an '04 sitting next to the '05s, and the '04 looked cleaner and tighter. The '05 has too much MechWarrior squared off robot look for me. It wouldn't keep me from buying one, but the thing is pretty ugly.

    I like the interior. Very functional. The curvy dash doesn't do much for me, but I guess that's just me, since all vehicles seem to be going that way.

    Now some rants.

    The Nissan web site absolutely sucks. Trying to get any real information out of that thing is maddening. Lots of slow-mo videos of trucks splashing in mud, almost no hard info, and in some cases it is just plain misleading. It talks about optional features like they exist on all models, and it is impossible to tell what does and doesn't come on each trim level.

    For example the fold flat front passenger seat is trumpeted, but at least on the 'S' model you don't get that unless you get the 'Utility' package for over $500 with a bunch of fairly useless crap.

    They talk about the traction control, then bury in the fine print that it isn't yet available on the 6-speed. It is ambiguous about whether it is a feature on the 'S' model at all. What about the people who buy a 6-speed now? Are they SOL, or is it retrofitted later (I doubt it).

    And no where does it say that you must use PREMIUM gas in the thing. I read that in a magazine article.

    I think I'm going to download the owner's manual and go through it.

    After lookin' this here horse in the mouth, there might be a few teeth missin'.

    I think the biggest problem is going to be dealers ordering all the little splash guards/side rails/floor mats, etc. etc. etc. Finding an Off Road 6-speed with no options but the airbags is going to be impossible, I think.
  • scottlscottl Posts: 109
    I saw a few more '05s. The 'S' model 6-speeds do have the traction control on the sticker. I think it is the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) that is held up on the 6-speed OR and SE models.

    Without skid plates, the oil pan is really exposed on this thing. It is really narrow and sits right in front of a frame cross member. I'd be scared to death to take one of these into any kind of rocks without a good skid plate over the pan.

    Does anyone know the ETA of 6-speed Off Road models?
  • meaghanmeaghan Posts: 2
    i got my xterra back not fixed. They told me, and I quote, "we have no idea whats wrong". I have to bring it back with 1/4th of a tank of gas. We'll see what happens!
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I looked at the Nissan Dealer Inventory Search on their website, and the 3 or 4 dealers I looked at didn't have OR models. I'm in southern NH so the search carried into northern Mass.

    My thought is wait a few months until I see some discounts and rebates, and then possibly go in at the end of the month (May or June), and place an order. Right now I'd go with the OR - 6 speed in Yellow. Get exactly what I want. And since I ordered it, I would save the cost of all those options which are added to the ones on the lot. And you know those options are 2X or 3X higher than you can aftermarket.

    I'd bet that most Xterras on the lots are going to be autos., and you'll have to get lucky to find the color, model, trans, and a dealer you like all at the same time. Find a dealer who'll give you a good price, and order one.
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