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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Nissan has been saying that there will be a late availability of stability control with the 6 speed stick. Has anyone heard when these models will be available? I have been searching on Nissans website in Metro Atlanta (15 dealers) and have not been able to locate a single 6 speed Off Road. Are they holding up production until this situation is fixed?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    as it attracts the UV rays, not protect from them.

    I winced when I read that. Light, and UV in particular, isn't attracted by any particular material. The light that does impinge on materials may affect them in different ways, however. I just had to comment - carry on!

    tidester, host
  • centflxcentflx Posts: 3
    Figures. Thats what I get for asking a car salesman! :mad:
  • centflxcentflx Posts: 3
    I did get some good responses when I posted this question on the Xterra owners club boards. If anyone has the same problem, several people said they used Mothers Back to Black to restore the faded plastics. I haven't tried it yet, but will do so this weekend. Just thought I'd share the info. Ciao
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I've used Vinylex and 303 Protectant but I'm not sure that those products would restore the black as much as prevent the fading in the first place. Creamy peanut butter is supposed to work wonders too.

    Steve, Host
  • ccareyccarey Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 X-Terrra and my Power Windows are all weak. When I took it to get fixed the guy said I was going to have to have all the motors replaced. After telling this to a friend he suggested it might be a voltage regulator issue. Does anyone have any information that can help me??
  • Just bought the 05 SE and traded in my 02 S/C - The Rockford-Fosgate stereo sounds a THOUSAND times better than the old systems - Not the greatest but much much better - I did test drive the 05 Off Road version and the stereo in that did sound terrible compared to the Fosgate - i dont think you can beat the Fosgate for a factory installed system
  • Nissan says May 1st. This is for the VDC on the six speed.
  • brazenbrazen Posts: 2
    I had the new car jitters last August as I laid down $17,000 on a used '03 Xterra XE w/ 4x4 and 26,000 miles on it. But for those of you interested in a typical ownership experience, my Xterra has been a tank. Needed new front brake pads (less than $180 installed) at the 30k check and the CD player won't accept discs anymore. But other than than, it starts every morning without complaining, handles bumpy city streets and is manageable on the freeway. It loves being off-road. It guzzles gas and is slow to accelerate but those negatives are well documented on this forum. I had to give up a few special touches (like lighted mirrors on the pull-down shades) but it beats the pants off of the Explorer it replaced.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Thanks Tokoyellow.
  • Nissan also said that if your six speed does not have VDC, they will issue a credit.
    I could not get a dollar amount from them.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    My wife and I bought a 2005 Red Brawn Pearl Xterra last night. It's pretty basic - 4x2 with the 6-speed stick, but it does have the power package. We really like it, and it's the only midsize SUV that comes with a v6 and a stick (my wife refuses to drive anything with an automatic).

    It has these round plastic blanks where the fog lights should go, and I would really like to put in some nice driving/fog lights. Any recommendations for aftermarket lights?

    Thanks in advance.
  • mike_smike_s Posts: 8
    I am currently driving a 2004 V8 Ford Explorer XLT. I really like the 2005 Xterra and was wondering if any new owners have tracked the hiway and city mpg. Please post these numbers. My Explorer is a pig and I can't even get 15 hwy.
  • ck1349ck1349 Posts: 1
    Reading your message regarding the 04 Xterra. It is the end of April and I am considering an 04 Leftover. Love the vehicle - dont want to pay too much for a year old model - even if it is brand new. Any suggestions on price for an XE 4X4?
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Used to post on the A4 board when I used to drive one. Now I will be trading in my '01 XL-7 for an '05 Xterra. I test drove an off road on Sat. April 30th. Same as the model I am getting except it had automatic. Engine and all other features are nice but not sure on the Auto trans. After hard acceleration it seemed to be slow as it upshifted to higher gears. Maybe because it was new? Kind of miss shifting for myself. Had stick on my previous Grand Vitara but not the XL-7. Had stick on my A4 as well. Just wanted to let you guys know what options I got and my price.
    The Xterra is an Off Road 4X4 with 6spd. in Granite, Rockford radio, Floor mats, Micro filter, Auto-dimming rear view mirror and Protection Package. Splash guards too. Didn't want them but internet manager said they all have them especially around Wisconsin. Internet discount of $2400. I am paying tax, title and license of about $1400 up front in cash. Out the door price is $24,812. Seems like a good deal. Can't wait to get it. Hopefully will have it by May 14th. Will keep all of you posted. Now, any engine mods to hit the magic 300hp and 300lbft numbers?
    Safe driving all.
  • lctrucklctruck Posts: 1
    i have a 2004 thermal red xterra and when it rains i get alot of noise in the rear wheel wells from the water hitting the wheel wells. i was wondering if anyone else has this problem. when the roads are dry i hear nothing, it is fine. the dealer tells me i have to live with it. my x has 8000 miles on it. any help would be appreciated, thanks
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Don't drive in the rain???... :) :confuse: :) :confuse: :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Heh, that would do it. I was thinking maybe some of that undercoating that comes in a spray can would help.

    Steve, Host
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Have you received your truck yet? If so, are you happy with the stickshift and do you have stability control?
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    I just picked up my new Xterra on Monday the 16th. Overall, yes I like my new truck very much. Some small quibbles would be splash guards, hood deflector, and window deflectors came on the truck. And I paid for them. But I did not order the truck with them. Part of the hassle of doing a vehicle location. The other dealer installed the items and my dealer would not remove them. I already took off the deflectors. I think I will keep the splash guards on for now. I want to get a carpeted cargo mat since the floor back there is plastic and if you don't secure everything down it will slide all over. A cargo cover and auto dimming rearview mirror would be nice to get as well. I was supposed to have the mirror already but again it was not on my vehicle. The stick shift for me seems fine. I think getting to 6th gear takes effort but it is worth it for fuel economy. My last car had a 5spd. I think I forget that there is another gear. Reverse is to the right and down but to get to it you need to push down on the stick shift in order for the gate to let you in. When I picked up the truck the shifter seemed out of adjustment but it was dark out and I could not tell. The next morning leaving for work I noticed that the shifter boot was wrapped tightly around the stick. Unraveling the boot material did the trick! Now it shifts fine. Clutch effort is light and it seems to grab high. I haven't driven stick in over a year but have only stalled it once. My last car was an A4 1.8T with 5 speed. That clutch had a firmer spring and grabbed high as well. I do not have VDC on this vehicle. Guess they haven't phased it in yet on the manuals. I am not even sure if it has the ABLS feature. If I do I don't think I activated it yet. The VDC could be nice I guess but somehow I feel it could be one more thing to go wrong. Since I have the manual there is no hill descent control or hill start assist, two features with auto only. Speaking of the auto that was the vehicle I test drove and to me it seemed after hard acceleration the transmission was trying to catch up to the driver and get to the proper gear. For me it was somewhat annoying. I am not sure if the automatic is a 'learning' transmission or not and adapts to your style of driving but I found that trait somewhat annoying. By the way a Trailblazer felt he had something to prove the other morning and lets just say the Xterra put him in his place! Would love to see some performance parts. Can't wait for a supercharger kit or for one to come factory installed. Any other questions just ask! Safe motoring.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Congrats Brian. I am jealous. I'm working on the wife, so maybe I will be able to get one this Fall. I'd be interested in the VDC, but you really do not need the hill descent control with the manual. Have fun!
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Thanks! You have plenty of time then since you are working on your wife. Fall would be a good purchase time. Due to some other circumstances I couldn't and wouldn't wait. The VDC is a nice feature, just never had it before on any vehicle. It is purely a matter of preference. The nice thing is you can turn it off. I forgot to mention that I am averaging about 22 mpg in somewhat spirited driving. But I try and get into 5 and 6th as quickly as possible. My commute is mostly highway but it can be stop and go at times. Right now the dealer by me sold me mine for about $500 under invoice. I am sure that later in the year there will be incentives and special financing as they flood lots with the new model. I was thinking of switching over to Mobil 1 synthetic oil after break-in but probably should ask a Nissan tech about that. Any thoughts? If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    I forgot to mention in the options codes that Edmunds lists if you want to have VDC you need to select option code T01. This will give you the supplemental air bag package teamed up with VDC. The list price is $1000. If you build an Off Road Xterra on the Edmunds site you'll see what I mean. Like I said before mine was $500 below invoice with no incentives so Fall should be a great time to buy. You should have your wife convinced by then, right? Safe driving.
  • kathy8877kathy8877 Posts: 2
    Brian, can I ask what dealer you worked with to get 500 under invoice? I have been looking for an Xterra S with manual but dealers around me have not been very helpful locating one for me (it seems they only want to sell the loaded versions on the lot). Is it just me or has anyone noticed that Nissan carries a very low supply of models on the lot to choose from? The dealer will oc course say they are producing at maximum capacity but why then doesn't Nissan build another facility?
    The best offer I could find was 285 over invoice.
  • dhathcockdhathcock Posts: 4
    I am considering purchasing a 2005 S model xterra 4x4. How does the new brake controlled limited slip compare to other manufacturers. I currently have a Dodge dakota with limited slip and a 94 suburban with locking diff and they work great. I don't off road, however I do drive in the snow and some muddy roads. Will both rear wheels pull at the same time or not? Does the 2004 model limited slip work better? Do I need to upgrade to the off road model when I really don't need the tires or suspension?
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    I have no problem letting you know who I worked with but I am not sure I should post it on the board. You can reach me at I can let you know the dealer and the contact person you should deal with. I usually check my email a couple times a day. I agree, my Off Road had the splash guards, the cargo organizer, the window deflectors, and the bug shield on the hood. I took off the bug shield and window deflectors. The cargo organizer is nice for groceries and stuff but gets in the way of big items. Mine was a located vehicle so that is why mine had all the accessories. I wanted the auto dimming rear view mirror but the truck does not have it. So, I had to buy it separate and will have to have the dealer put it in. Funny, the mirror was only $125. Much less than I thought. Talk to you soon.
  • jere39jere39 Posts: 20
    I am in a near identical situation, and have been watching for any reply to your request. I have a brand new S model with several of the option packages, (Power, Utility, Protection). But, curiously, Nissan does not offer Fog Lights to plug into those nice blanks you mentioned in the S. Though standard on the O/R and SE, how would that make sense except in some strange alternate marketing world. I noticed that my son's 1996 Honda Civic has round fog/driving lights that would be almost the perfect size. He might want to consider posting a guard dog on his lights.

    Have you heard from anyone, or found any source on your own. I like this xTerra, but I really miss the lights.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    I have done some checking, and I think part of the problem is that the 05 was redesigned. NISMO (Nissan's in-house supplier of aftermarket/performance parts) doesn't even have an 05 catalog for the Xterra yet. If you go to the Nissan website you can have them send you a NISMO catalog when it comes out.

    I have read about people who fabricated a custom bracket and mounted fog lights in the 05 S, but I'm just going to wait a little longer. As we get into the second half of the year I predict we'll start seeing some aftermarket lights that will just plug right in.
  • wylygtwylygt Posts: 2
    Yes, Mike, I just purchased a 2005 Xterra 3 weeks ago. I have put 2000 miles on the SUV. Between the 4WD, in town, highway and highway with A/C on, I am averaging 18mpg. Not to bad. Nissan advertises 16 city and 21 highway. I have the 4 liter 6 cyl. :D 265HP. It's a real race horse! :D
  • wylygtwylygt Posts: 2
    Yes, my "S" did not have the fog lights, but it had everything else I wanted and needed. I would like to put them in, someday. One of the dealer reps said it was "prewired" for the fog lights but I didn't know wether to believe him or not. Does anyone know? Also, he said they could add them for about $700.00. I passed on it and I'm hoping for after market. I would be interested in any info for adding the lights. TKS!
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