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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • Gary,

    My suggestion would be to buy a K&N oil filter, and while you are at it get a K&N air filter too. Factory oil filters are usually no better than Fram or Purolator filters. K&N are the best you can get at a reasonable cost.
    The K&N airfilter, besides being of a higher quality has a lifetime guarantee as long as you clean it periodically (wait for a special at a parts store where you get the cleaning kit for free with your purchase).
    Since we're on the topic of do-it-yourself basic maintenance, has anybody else had luck with Amsoil? I used it in my 4Runner and improved my gas mileage by 2 mpg overall. Once my new 06 Xterra is due for its first change, I'll probably use Amsoil again and see if I get similar results.
    One other question for 05 and 06 owners: Do you hear a nasal-sounding whine underneath the exhaust noise upon startup and acceleration? It's most prounounced from a standstill through third gear on my automatic. I'm a bit worried that it could be a alternator problem, or worse yet, a bad torque convertor. The only reason I'm not freaking out is that 92% of the torque gets applied in the first 2500 RPMs, and the noise may just be a biproduct of the gear ratios, & etc. Of course the worthless mechanics at the dealership say that it's "normal." Thoughts?
  • lj1983lj1983 Posts: 3
    got a question for ya...where did you hear that 92% of the torque comes in during the first 2500 rpms? i know the old VG33 make 90% of it's torque at 2000 rpms, and i've read in a couple places that the 05+ pathfinder engine makes 80% of it's torque at 2k rpms.... it's been difficult to find any definite info about the VQ40 in the new X

    also, about the OR. you can't get step rails from the factory, i believe the rest of the 'utility' package comes standard with the off-road edition. they got rid of the steps, because most people take them off to go off-road. if your interested in buying them though, there's a couple xterra-specific places around the 'net...and i'm sure there'll be people there who will sell it cheap.

    also, about the OR, it might interest you to know that the off-road model, and the manuals come with the D44 axle, which is alittle stronger than the axles found on the automatics
  • vspecvspec Posts: 1
    I bought mine the day after they got it off the truck for $500 under invoice (dealer price). Plus I got to keep all the rebates. You can find the invoice pricing on edmund's website and price out the equipment. My Xterra is a 2006 OFF ROAD 4x4 AT. Total was Invoice - $500, then -$1000 Nissan Incentive & -$500 recent college grad rebate. Good luck and deal only with the internet/fleet sales dept, less haggling and BS.
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    I see on Jet Chips website that they offer a computer chip upgade for the 06 Xterra. Has anyone done this on their Xterra? They claim 15-17 horsepower gain. mgoose :blush:
  • randyr1randyr1 Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone is towing with this vehicle? Would like to tow a 19 ft. boat that is about 3,000 lbs. on the trailer, fully loaded (about 250 - 300 lbs. tongue weight). I am curious how the Xterra would handle this load, stability wise, stopping, accelerating, transmission shifting (any jumping back and forth between gears), squatting from the tongue weight, etc.

    Not really interested in how the older Xterra models (i.e. 2004 & older) tow. Thank you.
  • Ya know? I do not know how the Xterra drives in the snow, that is one of my biggest questions. My mom has an 2005 Murano and we took a trip over the mountains and the AWD worked great :) . I ecspecially found the slip indicater helpful to let you know if your slipping when you don't know it. Anyways, how does the Xterra perform in snowy/icey conditions? :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Lots of shots of the 2006 Xterra.

    Interactive Video Tour

    Steve, Host
  • That interactive tour was fun and awesome. :) Very informitive. :) Thanks for sharing!
  • randrewsrandrews Posts: 2
    Just got an Xterran and love it, handles great on and off road, on dry, wet, or snowy terrain. I started hearing a humming coming from the rear of the car. Took it in and when I did the took the read pumpkin apart (where the rear axel and drive shaft meet from my understanding) and the gear oil in there was black. They are replacing the rear end of my car as we speak. Has this happened to anyone else, or has anyone ever heard of this problem, and is it reoccurring? Thanks, Ryan
  • randrewsrandrews Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2006 Xterra and love it. It is great on, and off road in any conditions, it is great in snow and mud. I have had a problem that I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing, I had a humming noise in the rear of my car when going between 40 and 60. I took it in and they said that when they took the pumpkin (from my understanding where the drive shaft meets the rear axle) off the rear axle and the gear oil was charred. The are replacing the whole rear end free of charge for me. Has anyone else has this problem or heard of it? It is recurring? I have less than 4000 miles on my car and I'm surprised that I'm already having problems.
  • hi, sometimes when im driving my 00 xterra the gauges go down, thats the sppeddometer, rpm , temp and sometimes the fuel gauge,thats for a long time then it goes ok , sometimes when i put the signal lights, the gauges go carazu uo and down, did somebody know why?
  • cfarley1cfarley1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had problems with excessive rear tire wear on the 06 Xterra? Ours has 7000 miles and the rear tires are bald.
  • tx05tx05 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Xterra SE with the Rocford Fosgate premium audio system. The system goes up to a max volume of 31, but anytime I play it higher than 18 the audio cuts off. Nissan has attempted to fix it, but has not been successful. They are now telling me it's not their problem because it is operating how it was designed to. Does anyone else out there with this model have the same problem? Can you play your system louder than a volume of 18?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Its a known problem, a few owners I know went through it. Have the dealer check the circuit board located under the dash. It basically controls the functions you mentioned. Not too expensive to fix.
  • tx05tx05 Posts: 2
    I know you posted this awhile back, but do you ever play your volume on your system greater than 18? If so, do you have a problem with it cutting the audio off?
  • Take your foot off the brake and stop burning rubber on take off. :confuse: 7000 miles for bald tires sounds like heavy operator influence.
  • kuzymankuzyman Posts: 1
    My CD Changer sent me a nice little error code when I tried to play my fav music. I got err code 3. I cannot find out what this means. I am new and would appreciate anyone's input. Thanks
  • tokastyletokastyle Posts: 2
    I have been waiting for a comparison like this. I'm debating between the two myself. C&D did a very similar one a few months back but they included the Jeep Cheorkee, and Hummer H3. In the C&D test Xterra was #1 and the FJ took 3rd behind the Grand Cherokee #2. I think I would be able to get an Xterra for a little cheaper (leftover 05) but I think long-term an 07' FJ will hold its value better. Does anyone know what the aftermarket support is like on the FJ vs Xterra? I know Tacomas and 4Runners typically have better aftermarket support than Frontiers and Pathfinders, but the Xterra is built on the Titan platform so I think down the line a lift kit for the xterra might be easier and cheaper. Does anyone know how similar the FJ platform is to the 4runner or Tacoma?
  • chris903chris903 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to get to the antenna on a 2004 Nissan Xterra in install the FM Modulator for the Sirius Satellite Radio? Do you get to it from under the hood or by going through the glove box or what?
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 SE, less than 5000 miles. I recently started hearing a squeaking or chirping noise in the back of the Xterra. Took it to the dealer, they said they could not find anything. Now, the noise is getting worse. I'm taking it back on Monday, but has anyone experienced this. It's coming from the rear of the truck and I hear it when I drive over 30 mph. Stops when I apply the break.
  • brianj1brianj1 Posts: 7
    Im trying to decide which way to go 06 Xterra or the 07 FJ and would appreciate some comments. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out the new Nissan Xterra vs. Toyota FJ Cruiser discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • brianj1brianj1 Posts: 7
    Let us know what they find if anything, thanks.
  • Hey I am looking into buying a new SUV to replace my 04 Honda Accord. The Accord has been great, but I would like to change things up and buy a small/midsize suv that has more power than my 4 cylinder 160 hp Accord and handles like a car. I am considering 5 SUVs: Nissan Xterra, Toyota Rav 4, Honda Pilot, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Ford Explorer. So far I have only driven the base model Xterra and loved the way it drove, but would like to add more accesories. The power from the 265 hp is great and I like how Nissan designed its interior and exterior. I am looking into the SE model in Night Armor with an optional Grille/Brush guard. Is the Xterra the way to go or should I look elsewhere? I am worried about the gas mileage of the Xterra as well. Please let me know with you guys think!
  • chris903chris903 Posts: 2
    I have been experiencing the same thing with my 2004 Xterra but have not had a chance to take it in yet. Please let me know if they find out what the problem is. Thanks.
  • ikastunikastun Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,
    Whenever I pass over a speedbump at a very slow speed (let's say at walking speed), with an empty vehicle, I can almost feel the xterra going down its full suspension travel, and if I happen to be carrying some cargo back there (let's say a midsize suitcase), or just by having somebody sitting in the backseat, the suspension goes all the way down and a "clunk" can be heard.

    I've taken the xterra to the dealership, and they said the suspension looked normal, and that eveything tested fine according to the specs.

    Has anyone experienced this same behavior?
    This is a 2005 Off-road xterra,


  • yoohooyoohoo Posts: 1
    Where do i buy TX or CT. I'm looking to buy an xterra. I will be moving to Connecticut in July and would like to know if it would be cheaper to buy in Austin, TX where i currently live or buy in New Haven, CT. thanks
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Does anyone know what Nissan is planning on doing/updating on the 2007 models?
  • rsd01rsd01 Posts: 1
    The plastic frame where the first aid kit on my xterra was loose and causing the squeaking. I simply gave it a whack and knocked it back in. No more squeaking.
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