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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • diggidy28diggidy28 Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    I'm about to purchase a new '07 Xterra S 4x4 Auto. Has anybody bought one with these specs recently?

    The dealership has quoted $25553, plus tax/title/license.
    There is $1000 cash back, plus the option of another $500 discount, $500 in accessories, or free lifetime oil changes.

    The options included are:
    cargo cover, floormats, microfilter, protection pkg, & utility pkg.

    Is this a good deal? Just curious what others have paid for the '07 Xterra S 4x4. I may get rid of some of the options if they're not worth it.
  • brian32brian32 Posts: 7
    I have an 2001 with 149,000 miles on it. The only major problem I had was about a year and a half ago the truck just stopped running. It turns out there was a recall that I didn't know about. The recall was for a fuel pump problem (can't remember the specifics). It was fixed under warranty and runs perfectly since this repair.
  • mysportmysport Posts: 19
    We have such buyers remorse over this one. Had to spend $1200 on a new clutch after 7K miles. Nissan and the dealer (Kelly in Lynnfield Mass - just awful people) It gets serviced at our Toyota dealership now. Can't wait to get rid of it. Hope others are having a better experience, but after owning Mitsubishis and Toyotas we thought we'd try a Nissan, never again..... :lemon:
  • wcc1968wcc1968 Posts: 17
    Why wouldnt warranty cover that after only 7k miles??? :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The recent pricing thread has been moved to the Nissan Xterra: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion. Please continue shopping on that aisle. ;)
  • mysportmysport Posts: 19
    They said it was a wear and tear item - The Tacoma clutch didn't need attention until 75K mi. We didn't feel like fighting with them, lesson learned I suppose.
  • A bunch of us with the same exact problem are in the starting stages of a lawsuit. We are all owners of the same year, model, and have had our clutch burn out all under 15K miles, which Nissan will not cover under warranty. Please contact me at
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I'm trying to figure out the differences between the models that they offer this year. So far, aside from tire sizes and some minor things, the only difference I found is that Off-Road comes with Limited slip diff. This doesn't make much sense to me - are they talking about the front one or rear? If it's the rear, then what about other models? I can't believe Nissan didn't make it standard for all Xtera models.

    Also, does anybody know if Nissan is planning any changes for '08 model year?
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Will the stock stereo system on Xterra have the capability of playing mp3's and does it have a AUX jack? Upgrading to the premium system sounds like a waste in my case as I don't need all that super sound and the changer. I do need mp3 and AUX jack though.

  • wrench1wrench1 Posts: 8
    I have owned a 2003 Jeep Liberty-too small but good power for size, a 2000 Xterra and 2004 Xterrra-too weak an engine towing a 3000lb boat! Now own a 2006 Xterra 4.0 lter w/Auto and this is the best! It outperforms my 2006 Dakota 4.7 V8 in pickup, towing, fuel mileage. The Xterra gets 21.5 mpg around town/highway and 14.75 while towing 20 ft Nitro Boat(about 3300 lbs) back and forth to lake Rayburn here in TX. Xterra rides great for suv, power to spare, great mileage, easy to handle with short wheelbase,ultility package works great for those wet items after a day on the water! :)
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Can somebody tell me if the premature clutch wearing problem common on '06 manual transmission Xterras has been resolved? I am looking at a new '07 6 speed manual Xterra and would like to know if I should stay away from it in case the problem is still there? Wouldn't this problem also involve Frontier trucks with the 4.0 V6 and manual transmissions?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Nobody knows? I was hoping for some help here in making my decision.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't know whether you can draw any conclusions from this but I haven't seen any discussion of the clutch problem in quite a while.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    I talked to 3 different techs at two different dealerships when I got my '07 Xterra and they all claimed that it was never a wide spread issue as far as they are aware. In other words, they haven't seen any '06 Xterras with premature clutch wear. Since I talked to them during their smoke breaks I doubt they were protecting Nissan so either it was really not an issue or it was a bad batch of parts from Nissan Factory that was used on a certain # of '06's.
  • dion1dion1 Posts: 2
    You can buy any brand other than Hunter. Their grill guards are junk. They vibrate a lot when you drive. I got their guard last year and it rusts badly just after a few months. They do not honor their warranty and ignored my calls. I do not recommand anyone buying Hunter Truck products.
  • Hi All, Currently looking at new 07. Dealer says rear whl 2wd is ok in the messy stuff (snow in KC).
    Can anyone shed some light on 2wd performance in the snow?
    Appreciate any thoughts & opinions on 2wd vs 4wd
    Thanks, Larry
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    It's absolutely awful! I mean nice clean not too deep snow is not bad (unless, of course, you have to climb a hill or even a driveway), but as soon as it starts freezing up it's uncontrollable. Xterra is a heavy rear wheel drive truck and it'll fishtail like a drunken flounder :) I never drove Xterra on the snow with 2wd but I don't expect it to be better than my previous Rodeo which I had for over 6 years and it wasn't pleasant with 4WD disabled.
  • My 2007 Xterra 6 speed is in the shop needing a new clutch with only 11,200 miles. They have advised me that they will not know whether it is warranty until they drop the transmission and inspect the clutch. I remember putting on 60,000 miles on two previous cars without ever having to replace a clutch and now with only 11,200 miles I need a new clutch. I suspect that Nissan has done nothing to solve the problem.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    Ouch! I usually went over 100K miles with no clutch problems on my previous cars. Please, update us once they tell you what the problem is and if it's a warranty item.
  • Did this ever get resolved? We recently purchased a 2006 Xterra and the clutch went out within 30 days of buying the car. It has 30,000 on but that is still way too soon for a clutch to go out. And I think the $2500 they are trying to charge to replace it is too high, what do you think?
  • 30,000 miles on a 2006. When we narrow down our search to one or two used vehicles we have an independent mechanic thoroughly check out the vehicle before we go in to negotiate the deal. This has saved us a lot of money in the past as we have chosen not to purchase vehicles that we had initially thought were in great shape and we were getting a great deal on from a reputable dealer. It's possible the previous owner abused the clutch which is classified as a wear item. Especially, when there are 30,000 miles of unknown treatment/maintenance of a vehicle, we have not found that dealers/manufacturers will cover such wear items. We read other dedicated Xterra forums and have not noticed a large number of complaints about clutch issues compared to the thousands of forum members.
  • I understand that normally it is a wear and tear issue and that it should be checked out prior to purchase, though a clutch is not something you can really catch until it commletely goes out. Also in looking through many forums it seems as though there is a running issue of premature clutch wearing on the 2006 Xterra, whether it is at 7000 miles, 11000, 30000 etc. I think that Nissan should stand behind their product and dealerships. No matter how hard you are on a clutch the soonest it should go out on an SUV is 75,000 miles.
  • "No matter how hard you are on a clutch the soonest it should go out on an SUV is 75,000 miles." ?

    You are, of course, welcome to your belief:"No matter how hard you are on a clutch...." and your belief that ...'a clutch is not something you can really catch until it completely goes out."
    However, I have found from experience that it is quite possible to cause a clutch on an SUV, car, truck, etc. to go out prior to 75,000 miles if you are hard enough on it. And it is possible to catch signs of clutch problems before the clutch 'completely goes out" That may not be your knowledge or experience. It has been mine in 40+ years of driving and talking with techs since the '60s.

    There is no point in trying to convince you of the possibility that your absolute 'No matter how hard you are on a clutch..." or "really can't catch it until it completely goes out" conclusions may not be valid. That is your choice and belief.

    You have your beliefs and experiences and others have theirs. I trust my experience and the techs I have known. They have diagnosed clutch and other issues and demonstrated signs of abuse, potential failure, etc.on vehicles I have considered buying as well as ones I already owned. Thorough research, test drives and diagnosis by a skilled tech can help avoid major problems in the purchase of a used vehicle. Purchasing a used vehicle is a series of choices. I haven't always done my research or made the right decisions, but those were my choices.

    So use this forum to complain. Perhaps it will help you with your issues.
    I am not here to argue with you about your beliefs and I have stated mine, so I have nothing further to communicate. Maybe someone else will be more empathetic.
  • Get this! Just last week.. I hit 20, 000 miles with my Nissan Xterra (keep in mind, I had to get a new clutch at 13,500 miles cos of "wear & tear" according to them) So I bring it back to the same dealer, and get pretty fumed up and say.. "Are you A=holes still going to tell me its wear & tear after only 4 months of usage since?! ) Of course they said there are NO recorded situations with ANY Xterra clutch issues for any years.. and that this info comes down from the top engineer of Nissan - [non-permissible content removed].. since I think if I was to get all 12 or so 06 Xterra's VIN numbers from who wrote me, including mine and yours, I would hand deliver it myself to the NISSAN CEO and say.. " humm still no reported issues with the 06 Xterra clutch?.. interesting how they all burn out within 20K miles, no?.. we must all be REALLY bad drivers! By the way.. I had a 2001 Xterra which I drove 120K miles on the original clutch! including a trip from Alaska to Boston (5,800 miles!) Prior to that, all 5 cars ive owned in the past 15 yrs have been manuals.. and NONE had clutch issues.. yes my 06 Xterra burned 2 out within 20K miles..

    I was and still am too upset to go on now.. but you get my point.. Lemon law doesn't protect us in this case.. very sticky situation with clutches.. so im all ears as to what to do. Please, in the meantime.. forward this email to all other Xterra owners you know with similar issue
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    What's wrong with the clutch? Worn or some other problems that require replacement? If you can't get them to replace it under warranty, even though I think they give longer warranty even on break pads, maybe you can take it to AAMCO or some other independend dealer and they can actually tell you what happened... not to mention it would be cheaper too.

    Sorry about your experience. I was reluctant to buy my '07 and I guess I am worring too much about the clutch and watching it very closely too. I don't think they changed anything from '06 to '07 except couple of color choices.

    I did talk to several techs off the record prior to buying it and none of them could confirm that there are any known (even not advertised by Nissan) problems that they are aware of.
  • As previously indicated, we had the clutch repaired at our expense at only 7K mi the dealer and Nissan were very uncooperative. If we still own it by the next time it goes - we'll go with some heavier duty parts at a transmission specialist if possible. Wish that FJ wasn't so dang ugly.

    None of our Toyota clutches went so quickly, my Tacoma has 102K on it, clutch was repaired at 70K or so. I had a Montero too, Mitsubishi and Toyota have really stood by their products. Was Nissan's intent to make a fast buck on me with the Xterra?. :lemon: ...I wonder.

    Granted used vehicles will have their own set of circumstances - but someone on this forum sounds like theyr'e with a dealership... I could be wrong...
  • The clutch in my 07 Frontier Crew Cab 2wd just started slipping last week. Of course it had to happen over the holiday's so they won't be able to tell me anything definate about what went wrong until tomorrow. Meanwhile I've been out of a vehicle for almost a week now and I'm sure that I'm going to have to pay a ton of money because Nissan can't seem to build a decent clutch. I cant seem to think that my driving habits are to blame, I drive a ten speed semi for a living and am fully aware that protecting clutch life is a high priority. Since apparently it's not a warranty part, if it goes down again I'm going to replace it with and aftermarket clutch at some local clutch shop for half the price and sell it right away.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to try asking your question in the Nissan Frontier Transmission Questions topic in the Nissan Frontier section.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I happened to come across this forum while looking for answers as to why the clutch on my 06 Xterra, after only 26,000 miles, needs to be replaced. I have driven manual cars all my life and have raced with SCCA for years and somehow ive managed to abuse this clutch so badly that it cant last more than 26,000 miles??...something is amiss. Something must be done to get Nissan to remedy this situation.
  • I have tried everything. The dealship I bought mine from changed ownership 30 days after selling it to me so the new owners refuse to do anything about it. I have called Nissan Consumer Affairs department 1-800-647-7261 and they don't seem to want to call back or take responsiblity. I am looking into a class action law suite because this seems to be a common problem. We only had ours for 1 month before this happended even though it was a certified pre-owned with a limited warantee in addition to the 36 month, 36,000 mile. If you are intested in a class action please email
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