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Scion xB Safety & Crash Test Results



  • Allow me to say this first, there is no other car on the market that I will buy other then a Scion XB ( I am waiting for the 2008. That being said, I got rear ended in my 2005 at about 40 mph and I was at a stop light. My back seat was almost touching my front seat and I am , thankfully short, or I would have had back problems. The frame was bent and the car, body kit, eurostyle tail lights and billet grill, were totaled. Not telling you this to scare you, Trust me when I tell you its the best car I have ever owned, I am thrilled that the 2008 is a foot longer, and I think that parents that are looking for a new scion should wait for the new model as well to take advantage of that extra foot and side impact airbags.
  • dan115dan115 Posts: 1
    US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, tested the cars and announced its report on the crash test rating in December 2006 as in the website:

    Car model Front Crash Side Crash Rear Crash

    Nissan Versa Good Good Good
    Toyata Yaris Good Good Marginal
    Honda Fit Good Good Poor
    Mini Cooper Good Acceptable Marginal Chevolet Aveo Acceptable Marginal Poor
    SCION XB Good Poor Marginal
    TOYOTA Yaris Good Poor Marginal
    HYUNDAI ACCENT Acceptable Poor Poor
    / KIA RIO

    I typed them all out for you. Hope that it is useful.
  • :surprise: Yeah, I feel your pain I just recently purchased a 2008 Scion XB and was rear ended by another toyota yesterday going about 50 mph, when I was at a dead stop. But my results were quite different. The only damage that the guy at the write up bridge at the dealer was seeing was just to my rear bumper. It had been ripped off pretty much at the driver side but was still clipped on (at the few places it was) pretty good. After the accident I was able to drive it well over 100 miles to my dealer doing over 70 mph. So what I would just like to say if obviously It were a heavier vehicle It would have done alot more damage but overall this little car is tough. If anyone reading this is worried about purchasing a new 08 or 09 Scion XB due to safety reasons don't be, I could have never of been happier with the way my car handeled the accident they are sturdy little cars with a ton of pep in them and they handle rear impacts very well In my experience.
  • I'm happy your Scion stood up in the accident and you walked away unharmed!
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