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Mazda5 Climate Control



  • I haven't actually done any measurements in the winter, I must admit.
    The measurements I've done are when it is in the 70's out. It is most noticeable then, as AC really shouldn't be necessary, and all you want is some fresh air.
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    How does the car run when the AC is on? Does it still run smoothly? Any change at all in power? I drive a 6 cyl. now so I just want to make sure the car runs well when the AC is on. Thanks.
  • I have driven 4,6 and 8 Cyl. A/C load is felt in 6 and 4 so yes, there is a minor change in load but so far power remains OK. before my Mazda5s (I have one with the "regular" A/C knobs and one with the Auto A/C one) I had a Honda Civic and, compared to the Mazda5, it felt really "loaded" with A/C
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    Went out today in close to 100 degree heat and I felt the A/C was not as cold as my last car. I have a 2008 Touring and although it wasn't hot in the car, I think it should have been cooler. I know there were complaints about the A/C, but I thought they would have fixed it by now. Anyone else who owns a 2008 have this problem?
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    not sure if you have auto a/c option. if you do and it is really hot i turn the temp all the way down so that the a/c is as max cold. if you put it at the temp you like the air is not as cold and as the inside walls of the car are putting off heat and the sensor is near the center of the car to the right of the stereo it does not cool well. alfter the car has cooled of you can then let the auto part do it;s thing and control the temp and fan speed.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I turn off the auto setting, set the knob to the highest fan speed and turn on the rear a/c, then no probs...
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Was the A/C set to recirculate or fresh?
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    It was set to recirculate and the temp was set at 63.
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    As the owner of a three-month-old 5. my observation is that the A/C performs well on the highway but at low speeds and in traffic it is largely ineffectual.
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    I have a 08 mz 5 gt that I just got. The sticker says it has heated outside mirrors. The thing is I can't figure out how to turn on that feature. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  • The ones on my Ford Escape (Mazda Tribute) go on when I hit the rear defroster switch on. They may work the same...try it and see, unless someone knows for sure.
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    You turn the heated mirrors on by turning the rear window defrost on. It's in the manual.
  • Yes it will help. I had mine done on my 2008 (not through the dealer) and paid extra for the SUN-GARD tint at an excellent installer. I think my gas mileage may have improved too since the A/C runs less LOL. Sure wish the rear-side small windows opened like most vans then I would need the A/C even less on the highway.
  • Yes, I have tinted windows on my 08 Grand Touring and it does help with the performance of the A/C being that it protects the interior somewhat from the heat.

    Many here have complained about the A/C's performance, but I've never really had a problem with it. I remember in my 06, we used to have to turn it down a lot of times since it just got too cold. I agree that in the middle of summer and when it's really hot the A/C is not the strongest of cars I've experienced, and it could be cooler, but it isn't BAD. I do believed the rear vents on the 08's also helped out. But, I definitely recommend getting tints. Not only do they help, but they make the 5 look even better!
  • larry8061larry8061 Posts: 37
    A/c worked fine in the morning. By afternoon with temps of 90+, A/C would not cool. System is charged but compressor is not kicking in. Any ideas?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    That's because your heater IS always on. With no way to block teh flow of engine coolant through the heater core even if the reheat/remix blend door is fully closed to the reheat side some heating of the system airflow will still result.

    Go to Home Depot and buy/install a manual water flow shut-off valve and use the valve to block water flow throughout the cooling season. My system also has an electrical switch to disable the A/C compressor throughout the winter months.

    Not using the A/C to cool the water jacket nor for ONLY dehumidifcation in the wintertime results in a FE gain that is not insignificant.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Engine water jacket is on the verge of overheating or the system is overcharged. Engine ECU will disable the A/C compressor clutch signal to prevent actual overheating. As temperature climbs during the day if the system is overcharged the high pressure side sensor switch will disable the A/C compressor.
  • The dealership said it was the compressor. It's in - it works, we are cold, and the extended warranty covered it.......

  • I got 2012 Mazda5 sports AT two weeks ago. I love the car so far. However, the lowest set temp is 60F and if the set temp is higher than ambient temp, warm air always comes out from the vent. It means whenever the ambient temp is lower than 60F, the heater would always turn on. Not sure if this is the way it works or there is some problem with my car.
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