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Ford Windstar Climate Control Problems



  • airbrat7airbrat7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011,carcode,1362844,parttype,10721

    It's the Blend Door Actuator. There are also youtube videos that help with replacing it, very helpful.
  • I took the box I left the rod in I turned it and it urns a door but not to make the come out of the vents ,,before posting please make sure you know what your saying is true and correct
  • I had the same problem where it would switch from defrost to vent to floor. Here is a short video on what to look for. I found a cracked vacuum line was my problem

  • oops here's the link
  • Hi
    im new to this site and im writing from sweden.
    I own a 2000 ford windstar 3.0 . Having problems with the heat too.

    But im not sure what may be the problem, I cant get no heat. or I can get a litle heat, first i thought that i had air in the system after i replaced the thermostat.

    But now im not sure anymore. I have bleeded the system and I now cant see any sign of air in the system.

    so now im thinking of the thing you guys talking about... blend door actuator.. ?
    but how can I know if that is broken? what are the symtoms of a broken blend door actuator?

    sometimes I have a little more heat but not enough. but most of the time no heat...

    any suggestions?

  • hello . I have the 1998 windstar and my air only blows on defrost; I know for a fact its not the door actuator; can anyone help? what else would it be?
  • tanyaetanyae Posts: 1
    Hi I have a 1995 ford Windstar and recently I started having problems with the ac. It consist of front and rear ac but something weird happen now it blows cold air from the back but the front vents blow warm air and its killing me. Can someone help me please!!!!!!!
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