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Toyota RAV4 Radio LCD Display Problems



  • I have a 2007 LImited Edition Rav4. It recently developed display problems: sometimes no display but radio can be heard. Sometimes display comes on. If I turn the radio off, it's very hard to turn back on. I got lucky one day and was able to turn it on. Since then I've left it on and the radio goes on whenever I start the car. Now it's locked on one FM station. None of the preset buttons work, though I can manually tune it up or down (but I can't see the frequency since the display shows nothing. Volume controls on radio and steering wheel still work. None of the other buttons work. (AM, FM2 etc...) The blue tooth hands free system works and I can answer the phone, but of course since the display is nonexistent, it still is frustrating. So disappointing. Car is almost always in a garage, whether at home or work. I would think a radio should last much longerl Of course warranty has expired by now. My sister-in-law has a 2009 Lexus RX350 and has similar display problems.
  • Toyota Standard Radio CD Player
    Intermittent control problem
    Player erratically turns off when CD is playing
    Sometimes ejects the CD and turns off
    Display goes blank or displays rectangles, or otherwise rendered unreadable
    When buttons are pressed, player turns off and/or radio turns off
    Otherwise, CD player and radio are usable.
    Troubleshooting Tip:
    Player and radio are workable. Only the display and controls are not working properly, which isolates the problem to the connector shown in the picture.
    Root Cause:
    Bad connector design - pins get stuck in the connector and fail to maintain spring-type pressure on opposing receptacle. This is due to long-term warpage of the connector material from temperature and humidity changes which binds the pins.
    Dealers usually replace the radio/CD player under warranty
    DYIers can fix without replacing (if not under warranty)

    Fix on Toyota Corolla (2009-2013):
    1. Remove the radio using instruction here:

    Tip: only dismantle the top portion of the panel. You will have to loosen the lower left side panel strip to get access to the upper left side strip. Then remove left and right side strips, then the upper vent assembly, then the radio.
    2. Remove the front radio panel by loosening the 4 side screws, and releasing locking tabs (picture 1 & 2).
    3. Using a large pin or needle, bend the pins outward on the connector shown, about .05 to .1 inch (not too much, as you don't want the pins to bind on the receptacle, or worse, to bend out of shape and render the connector unusable). You should notice some of the pins binding in the connector; they should be bent far enough to release the stress (picture 3).
    4. Reassemble the front panel to the radio assembly.
    5. Plug in the radio assembly and test prior to assembling the screws and tabbed parts.

    There is no guarantee that this is a permanent fix. The pins could bind again over time as they did at first. The only permanent solution is to buy a different audio set. All these Toyota standard factory CD/radios have the same connector, and they all have a probability of eventually having this issue.

  • The radio/Infotainment system in our 2014 Toyota RAV4 suddenly and without warning died. No radio, no navigation system, no phone and voice command, the only thing that works is the backup camera. The dealer says it is an internal failure and is out of warranty and will cost approximately $1100 to replace. Toyota Customer Care said the same thing. A four year old car with only 41K miles to have a catastrophic radio failure is unacceptable, especially considering Toyota's reputation for reliability.

    But the last representative I talked to suggested that anyone having similar problems with Toyota radio systems both call and email so that complaints can be documented and possible reimbursements issued.

    A Google search revealed that problems with Toyota radio systems may be a common problem:


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