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Pontiac Sunfire Accessories and Modifications



  • i gotta 99 pontiac sunfire gt with 2.4L twin cam i put a vibrant cold air intake on it n i had my friend put on long pips. If anyone knows were i can get a supercharger that would b great.
  • meackmeack Posts: 1
    I have recently bought a 1997 white pontiac sunfire and im in the middle of ricing it out, and I have realized that the front headlights r just ugly.... is there any place where u can buy projection or aftermarket headlights for the 97's :mad:
  • duece2duece2 Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me if its possible to stick a 3.4L V6 or 3800 V6 in a 1998 sunfire gt without doing too much extra work. I know i would probably need at least a ram air hood but im trying to keep it as cheap as possible.

  • yes you can the parts are the same from 96'-99'
  • i would like me car to accelerate quick an efficient i would like my handling/cornering to work the best it can, i would like my fuel economy to be as high mpg as possible, with the highest HP as possible without sacrificing fuel economy

    Any tips?

    Answers Appreciated
  • zaken1zaken1 Posts: 556
    What you're hoping for just is not possible in the real world. Every change you make to the motor has a downside in another area. The real power increases are made by pushing more fuel/air mixture into and pulling more burned gases out of the motor. Now I think you are smart enough to be able to understand that pushing more fuel into and pulling more gases out of a motor cannot result in using less fuel. It will use MORE fuel. This is why race cars get absolutely terrible mileage. So you need to sit down and decide what you really want. If you want power; plan to pay more for fuel and pay far more for repairs (more power will put greater strain on all the driveline and engine parts; and they WILL BREAK). If you get serious about power; you'll probably run out of money for school, so you'll have to drop out of school. The first thing that will probably break is your automatic transmission; which will probably cost $2000 or more to repair.

    It is inappropriate and downright foolish to try to hop up a car with over 100,000 miles on it, that has an automatic transmission. This automatic was not designed to last much longer than 100,000 miles to begin with, let along to be used in racing; so as soon as you start putting more power through (or even often driving it aggressively); you'll blow the transmission.

    If you can't afford to have a major unplanned expense wreck your life and educational plans; wake up and stop dreaming. Leave this car alone, or it will soon turn into a pile of abused junk. I speak from experience; after having destroyed every vehicle I owned when I was a youth; by hopping it up and driving it hard. Only after I got into a situation where I really had to have a car that I could depend on every day; did I learn to become mature and responsible enough to quit destroying the vehicles I owned by playing with them. I eventually realized that I was not rich enough to buy all the parts and make the constant repairs which are part of the everyday life of a hot rodder; so I then got into economy tuning. That finally was a place where I could modify my engines without damaging them (as long as I didn't set the mxture too lean; which is a constant temptation for inexperienced people who try economy tuning). So I then burned the valves out of some of my first cars in that era before I learned that lesson.

    There are some unfortunate people on this site who feel the need to lie about the power and performance they have added to their cars. Be warned not to take all the claims seriously about gobs of horsepower which you read here.
  • I am going to be selling my sunfire but need to replace the front speakers. Can anyone tell me what size I need?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    edited October 2012
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  • fasterfirefasterfire Bakersfield, ca.Posts: 3
    edited April 2015
    Whats up fellas, I got a 05 sunfire, w/body kit, stainless steel headers,cold air intake,2200 watt system,5 speed,fixing to get her dynoed, & remaped...I love it. What I need to know is why when I hook up a after market  tach. It reads real low.
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