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Honda Civic Tires and Wheels



  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    Had the arms replaced and I can't believe how different the car now feels. I don't get that "hopping" in the rear when I go over bumps.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Where can I get a direct link to this so I can print it out? The link from a couple of pages ago is too much to copt...just wnat to copy the exact TSB.

    The Sandman :)
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    I just copied the two pages of the TSB from a few posts back ( and pasted it into Word and brought it to my dealer.
  • Wow! THanks for your extensive reply!

    Bottom line is that Civic LX (no S) it is ... i get slap a steering wheel cover for that "Ultimate feel" for 60 dollars off ebay and I will be set!

    Again thanks for your reply.. it shines some light on the whole situation.!
  • I have had the same issue as everyone else - just told yesterday I needed new tires AGAIN -third set on civic hybrid that has only 32,000 miles on it. Called american honda and opened a case - then when I went to pick up my car later, they told me they were replacing the rear control arms and honda was covering the cost of replacing the control arms as well as the cost of 4 new tires and alignment. I am not very happy about Honda dealers for not saying anything to me about an obviously KNOWN issue, but am happy they are covering costs! Considering the safety factor involved here, I am really surprised at Honda for not issuing a recall immediately to correct the problem for all owners. I call this a "Youcall" instead of Recall.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I am really surprised at Honda for not issuing a recall immediately to correct the problem for all owners.

    They did issue a recall. Either, they didn't have your current address or you haven't been checking the notices on See:

    And: &model=Civic&style=Hybrid+4dr+Sedan+%281.3L+4cyl+gas%2Felectric+hybrid+CVT%29&zi- p=89012&synpartner=edmunds
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    The O ring recall is not the same as the conrol arm issue. The rear control arm problem is only a TSB.
  • I just bought a 2008 Civic LX and was wondering if anyone with a 2008 model has had a problem with the tires or control arms.
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    I am curious about this too. If no one posts any issue, there the problem does not exist for 2008 models.
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Evidently no one has enough miles on their 2008 Civic to have adequate information. We bought a 2008 Civic that was manufactured in November of 2007. We had the same concerns as the previous posters expressed about whether this car might have similar problems with the control arms and tire wear

    Doesn't sound like most dealers would offer this kind of information voluntarily. :shades:

  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    I have over 10,000 miles on my 2008 EX-L. No tire problems or vibrations as have been mentioned by 2006-2007 owners.
  • Looking for someone with more miles on their 2006 Civic..

    My 2006 Civic LX just hit 27000 mi and I had the rear upper arms replaced (Honda dealer and corporation were unwilling to cover the tire replacement b/c I was over 25000mi). At any rate, my question is:

    Despite have the upper arms replaced, is this going to be a recurring issue? i,e. should I expect to replace tires every 15000-20000mi? I seem to have heard somewhere that the core issue was in the un-adjustable camber of the civics and not the arms. Any information and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Had mine replaced yesterday and they told me to send copies of my new tire receipts to Honda to see if they'll refund some $. My tires wore out before 14k miles even with multiple alignments which I can document.
    Hope they'll pay back something to me.

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • wtbuckwtbuck Posts: 1
    I have 2008 Honda Civic with 13000 miles and my tires have flat spots and lots of ROAD noise. So far dealor is not owning up to problem. Just getting started.
  • We bought a 2008 Honda civic coupe and a Honda Civic sedan in Jan. of 2008. In the sedan after about 8,000 km on the all season tires that came with the car we started to hear a buzzing in the rear. Rear tire thread was wore unevenly. We were first told that it may be caused by towing excess weight however we had not towed anything and could prove the hitch had not been used as the paint was not disturbed. Then dealer advised we needed a 4 wheel alignment our cost. Dealer agreed to pay and found 4 wheels in perfect alignment. National service advised dealer to take measurements of rear suspension again all okay. Conclusion was tires that were on car when purchased were not of hard enough compound for suspension. We are now being charged for tire wear on initial tires. The second vehicle civic has been in the garage for almost 6 weeks measurements taken - Same tires on much the same car- we are now advised tires are okay even though buzzing has already begun. With what I have read on this site there appears to be be a widespread problem with tires or suspension and honda are not responding appropriately. It appears a recall is justified. Are there more 2008 Civic owners hearing a buzzing or humming from the rear of their car in the USA and Canada. Anyone else finding these cars also hit hard on the rear suspension.
  • I believe I am starting the same problem as you here in Canada with 9,000km. I don't even have a hitch on mine. Was planning to mention on my next oil change at dealer. Just appears the tires are humming. Got Goodyears eagles RSA oem and I already rotated them once at my first oil change as my dealer recommends rotation every oil change.
  • Interesting different brand tires but similiar. We found rear tires were feathered meaning uneven tread wear. I don't know how rotating will solve this problem.The original tires that came with our civics were Dunlop all seasons replaces with what is reported to be a better Dunlop sport 5000 tires. We have put 6,000kms on the replacements - no problem yet. The problem has started with the second civic but the dealer reports Honda Canada advised tires would not be replaced as measurements of rear suspension are in specification. Perplexed and not satisfied with Honda response to problem.
  • llryanllryan Posts: 1
    I had my upper control arms replaced 30000 miles ago. Since then I have had to replace the rear tires two times. The dealership states I need to rotate my tires more and says they can find nothing wrong with the car so it must be a tire issue!
  • We purchased a 2008 HCH at the at the very end of 2007.
    My wife noticed tire noise soon after. That noise has only worsened.
    The dealership gave us the runaround and finally blamed it on us.
    The customer support (out of California) did nothing more than add lip service, concluding the problem was us even though I attached their service bulletin (admitting the problem) to my complaint letter.
    From my engineering background, I concluded the car appears to have a design definciency. Probably has something to do with the combination of a specialized suspension and harder (low rolling resistance tires). I expect it costs less for the manufacturer to stall than correct the problem.
    Prior to this, I was planning on purchasing a civic for myself. Now I won't be buying a Honda at all !
    We're disappointed in Honda and disappointed in the civic.
  • Yes, others (many) have experienced same. A recall was issued for previous model years based on Honda service bulletin 08-001 (you should be able to google the pdf). Bulletin includes models up through part of 2008.
    Best guess Honda has a system design problem and are in damage control (including their reputation).
    I do not believe the fix their bulletin puts in place will solve the problem either. Our car (2008 HCH) is exhibiting same behavior. Dealer says our serial number has the fix. (We're getting same runaround !)
    For my part I have (and will continue) to share my disappointment (to friends, work associates and relatives ) with the car and the manufacturer as I feel motivated.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Had the fix done this past August and the tires are wearing very evenly at this point. Honda even gave me back some $ on the new set of tires I had to purchase. Great car overall and I've been test driving several makes and models this past few months for my kids. Would recommend any Honda product if one has the $ to buy them.

    The Sandman :)
  • I believe it has to do with a design flaw in the car. I have a 2007 Civic and the car has alot of swaying and vibration problems in heavy rain or snowy conditions. Honda says there is nothing they can do because it is not a safty issue because Honda is not aware of anyone being killed because of this problem. I am here to tell you on some days the car is undrivable past 45 mph it vibrates so badly you think the car will come apart. It dosen't do it all the time. The car vibrates the worse in snowy conditions when snow is accumulating in the wheel well and in heavy rain. Anyway, I have owned several cars and lived in the north my entire life and I have never had a car do what this car does. I am also a military and commercial pilot and I am use to handling equipement at high speeds in snow and ice; I dont trust this car in the snow or heavy rain.
  • I too hate, hate, hate the handling of this car. Handles like a cheap car would, and this wasn't cheap. After 36k on oem tires I have new ones and it is a little better but not close to where it should be. I certainly won't buy Honda. again
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I have experienced vibration as you described on other cars, particularly those with full wheel covers. What happens is snow/slush gets stuck between the cover and wheel, and freezes. That throws the wheel out of balance and you get vibration at higher speeds. If that is in fact what is happening, one way to avoid it is to get alloy wheels.

    Now, if the car is doing this in rain (not freezing rain) too, then there's something very strange going on with the car. Rain should not cause vibration, and if the tires have good tread on them and your speed is reasonable for conditions, there should be no swaying either unless it's buffeting from strong winds--that can happen with small, light cars like the Civic.
  • nsteevonsteevo Posts: 18
    The service bulletin number for the alignment problem is 08-011.
    I went to the dealer as a result of a discussion in another blog about handling problems on slippery pavement. Mine was so bad I had started looking at buying a new//different car.
    The dealer will replace the rear upper control arms which (originally) were designed to "tilt" the wheels allowing for better handling. Only problem with this great idea is that it causes uneven tire wear (a prerequisite to having the dealer replace the parts and to do an alignment on Honda) and lack of control on slippery pavement.
    Mine was fixed yesterday. My fingers and toes are crossed cause I love this little car and want to keep it.
  • I have a 2006 lx coupe and I need tires. I live in the midwest and I am looking for a good all season tire that has decent traction in snowy conditions. The Bridgestones were awful. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • llnsllns Posts: 1
    Sandman, Let me know if you continue to have success. I had the exact same problem on my 07 Civic. After several heated conversations with the dealership, they grudgingly mentioned the service bulletin. Had the fix done, got some money back for the new tires, this was in late July. Guess's howling and chopping up my tires again :sick: It just started a few weeks ago, so I guess I'll take it back to my mechanic for yet another alignment and tire rotation.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    On my son's '06 Civic, the tires wore out at 25,000 miles. He now has 70,000 miles and I will see how these do. This is the third set of tires. My dealer swares that it was out of alignment and that it was out of alignment due to his driving. I know this can't be. I was extremely disappointed that a Honda would have this kind of problem. This is more like something from GM or Chrysler than a Honda. In fact, I have driven both and I have never had this from them. I have an '05 Accord and I have not had issues with it and it has 82,000 miles and I just replaced the original set of tires. They still had tread left. On the Accord forum, I am reading about their issues and I am thinking that maybe Honda is not what it used to be. I have been helping my brother find a used Odyssey. In the Odyssey forum, I can't believe the problems they have had with transmission failure.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    We drive a Honda and a Cadillac; interesting mix I know. The Cadillac is the smaller CTS. We had the same thing on it and the dealer told me it was the suspension when the tires had 25,000 miles. I had the tires replaced and it solved the problem. He told me, on that particular car, that you had to rotate every 5,000 and align every 15,000. Nothing surprises me on the big three, but it definitely does on a Honda. I am almost sure that you are hearing tire wear and it should not be. I have an '05 Accord and an'06 Civic. As I said in an earlier post, I have had this on the Civic, but not the Accord.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I am on my way to the Honda dealer today with my son's '06 Civic. I am glad I read your post. As stated in an earlier post, he has had the alignment issue. On the way back from Florida on a 4 lane regular divided highway, his car went into a spin on wet pavement, spinning several times. He wound up in the median and was nearly killed. It was raining very hard and he was driving under 65 mph. There were four of them in the car with luggage. I am going to hit them with this. He has 70,000 miles and I am not sure they will do anything but I am going to press them.
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