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Honda Odyssey Droning/Humming Noise



  • My new 07 Odyssey with about 4K miles has this constant noise from the front driver side wheel and makes these clicks when turning sharp right. Interestingly, the click is not there when making sharp left turns. Had two techs at two dealerships test drive the vehicle and both indicated that it was normal for this vehicle. I did not have any of these issues when I test drove the vehicle before purchase. The wheel noise is there on all types of pavements and is fairly constant and is annoying at freeway speeds. A tech even rotated the tire but the noise remains. Dealership is disagreeing with me regarding checking wheel bearings or CV joints/boot etc. Any ideas on what can be done?
  • Forgive me for not readng all 232 posts here but I just started to get that resonance droning on my 42K 2005 EXL. I kept an eye on it for a while and deduced that I only get it when the ECO light comes on (VCM is activated) around 50 to 60 MPH. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there is a noise cancellation system to compensate for the louder noises created by the change from 6 to 3 cylinders.

    Has anyone had any issues with this in relation to the ECO coming on?

    For now, I simply tap on the gas to turn off the VCM and the noise disappears.

  • ctmom2ctmom2 Posts: 2
    My 2005 Odyssey started making a whine or drone noise at about 20K when I would turn the wheel left or right, but not make the noise consistently. On the 3rd trip to dealer, I insisted on the fix. By that time, the noise was louder and persistent even when driving straight on the highway. The mechanics had already told me that there is a power steering problem in the 05's but that it wasn't consistent enough to order recall. I got my new power steering, and the noise is gone.
  • jsoto26jsoto26 Posts: 2
    I have an 07 exl, I added an amp and subwoofer. Everything done by the book. But the sub resonates when the car is iddling, with the doors close. as soon as you open any door on the van it stops. spoke to multiple audio dealers and no one has a clue. very anoying. Please help.
  • daveonlidaveonli Posts: 7
    I have 05 Odyssey with 45,500 miles.My first problem was with the brakes,they would grind when they were applied,it felt as if the anit lock brakes were kicking in when there was no need to.I took it to the dealer and they replaced the front pads and rotors for free under warranty.From what i learned the brakes are under sized for a larger vechicle.Next at 45,100 the steering began to act up,it was clear that the steering pump was failing.Back again to the dealer.I left the car so they could check it. I get a call from the service manger stating that the steering pump needs to be replaced at a cost of $550.I told him we both know that the pump is under sized as well for this car and i should not be responsible for the cost.I told them i would call them back.One hour later the manger calls me and says he spoke to the regional manger and they would cover the cost for $450 i would pay the remaining $100 because the warranty was up.I said to do it and thank you.Now i knew i had some noise coming from the car for about a month but i thought maybe the tires were worn and that was the problem,but the noise got louder and after reading all the posts i knew it was the A-pipe.Back to the dealer.They tell me that it is the A-pipe and there is a service bulletin on it.They want $600 and change to fix it and there would be no help from Honda because it is not safety related.I did not do the work. I might have a friend of a friend that works at another dealer so i am waiting to see what happens.As a life long honda fan i must say i am very disappointed and would think twice about buying another Honda.I was looking at buying a Accord coupe but i understand that the Accord's are having there own set of problems.Sooner or later all these issues will catch up to honda and then they won't be able to say how great there vehicles are
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    There will be no improovement with exchange of A-pipe (mine was changed without improovement). Just save your bucks. The humming is coming from engine-transmission, just avoid driving at speeds/RPM's when its most noticable (unfortunately some are at highway coasting speed around 65 mph).
    I hope it will not damage anything in the car for the next 60-70k miles (I plan to keep car fro 6-7 years). :sick:
  • I have the exact same problem. The noise comes and goes, sometimes it can go on for hours on long trips that we've taken, but other times, exactly when I take it to the dealer, nothing. I have taken it in several times to the dealer and they can't reproduce it. I just took it in today, and again, they said they can't do anything about it unless they can reproduce the noise. Not sure what to do now.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Bad power steering pump.
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    alright, here is the scoop on the droning noise. the noise is from the a pipe resonating through a mount that is used to mount the pipe to the body. thus vibrating onto the floor of the car and into the cabin. the fix is to replace upgraded a pipe and upgraded(different) mount. but u need to understand that without being able to produce the noise for a factory trained honda technician to verify, any honda dealer cannot just replace parts. the dealer has to send all warranty parts back to honda to get paid for the service. there are also other unknown things that can cause noises similiar to that droning noise. the tech has to be able to verify the faulty part. if the noise cannot be produced, the dealer has no right to just replace what they think is wrong. and if the tech diags the noise wrong, the dealer eats the cost and the tech does not get paid for the job. this is not the dealers choice. it is what honda sets as repair procedure. if the dealer does not follow repair procedures, then there can be a lot of wrong diagnosis of noise problem. squeaks,rattles,harshness, and noises like the droning are very hard to diag. if anyone has never been a mechanic in a know exactly what i'm sayin.... if you have had the job done and the noise is still there, then there is something else wrong with the vehicle. and you can be sure, when honda examines the returned part.... the dealer will not get paid. so you see, don't get mad at dealers or honda, it is a very hard thing to make consumers understand.
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    :lemon: Sounds like you work for the dealer or honda rep. The problem is - REPLACEMENT OF THE A-PIPE DOES NOT WORK, THE DRONING SOUND PERSISTS. Honda make you think that noise is the pipe, but its just the part which has the same internal freequency the motor and trany has and makes it worse. The design is faulty, and Honda does not want to admit it.
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    as a matter of fact, my brother is a honda tech for a dealer in a different town. i know the a pipe thing works for a fact. the problem is that people don't realize that there is alot of things that can cause a noise like that. some vehicle do get fixed by that procedure. but as i said before, if that procedure does not fix the noise, then there is something else wrong. no matter what kinda of vehicle you buy, there will always be some kind of trouble. face it, you will never be able to buy a vehicle that is exactly perfect. as of this point in the auto industry, there is no vehicle trouble free. if you don't like the vehicle you bought, sell it and buy another brand. honda is a great vehicle. we all know that. there is a reason why the big three are going under and honda and toyota is taking over. they must be doing something right or else they would not be where they are at now. if you do research on all the vehicle made on this planet, you will probably find that honda and toyotas have the least problems. if you guys think you have problem with hondas, try buying gm, ford or dodge. then come back and put in your 2 cents. over all, imports are taking over the market. if you compare vehicle for vehicle, hondas and toyotas will always have less trouble than domestic. i've said it before and i'll say it will not find a perfectly made vehicle. sad but that is the truth. and nothing but the truth. not all car manufacturer figure out all the bugs from year to year. if you do not know how everything works on a vehicle, then you are just grabbing for straws by saying the things you say. there are hundreds of moving parts inside an engine and tranny. i just so happen to work on alot of hondas myself. what ever i need to know about hondas, my brother has access to honda info. and one more thing...the a pipe is a service bulletin, you don't have to pay a red cent to get it done. so for those who are willing to try this fix, it won't cost you but a little time. and for those who thinks this is just a excuse, then just sell your vehicle or live with the droning noise. like i said, it will not cost you a penny. this only applies to vehicles that are still under warranty.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    The A-pipe mod only reduces the droning defect noise.

    We won a lemon law case because the droning noise was acknowledged 4 times in writing by our dealer. Engine mounts, A-pipe, and exhaust hangers were replaced several times with no 100% success. The drone noise is very apparent in the winter & almost acceptable in the summer.

    Our case was an early one just when the TSB was hitting the streets. Corporate quickly caught on and told the dealerships to perform the A-pipe mod & let it go...there is no 100% fix. It is a "normal operating characteristic" of all '05 & '06 Odysseys.
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    you may be right, it may reduce the noise. but it can also eliminate the noise. i know some owners of odyssey and talked to owners of odysseys and the people that i know didn't have the problem anymore. it's overall a messed up deal. but like i said, there is no trouble free vehicle. perhaps some built in different places have something defective. or was put together quite not right. whatever the case, it's up to the individual owner to evaluate if he can deal with the noise or not.
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    Carguy, don't try to change your tone and cover-up the defective car. I bought honda, because the civic, I had had 220k miles (and I was doing all maintainance job (oil, clutch, water pump, timing belt, exhaust, brakes), since the moment your car is touched by a "professional", other parts start falling apart (do you guys have a "magic" touch ?). That's the reason I bought another Honda, but appearently Honda stopped thinking about quality, since it grew BIG, while domestic brands seem to improove in quality - they need to sell cars too, it's just inertia of disrespect to those brands. And since I payed top dollar (Honda priced 15-20% higher for similarly equipped car (after heavy negotiations over e-mail and phone, since buying a car from the car lot, is being a shark bait). I want top quality, not drive a ghost van, with falling appart power steering, breaking door handles etc. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    man, u have no idea what u are talking about. the truth is, i'm a certified honda factory trained technician that work at a honda dealer. all you know is what said by people and their complaints. i fix all kinds of honda daily. i've fixed more hondas then cars u will ever own in your lifetime. if u want to talk about hondas. you need to know more about them than what u think u know by surfing the net. and if you want proof, you come out to where i live and i'll take you to the dealer i work for and show you what i do everyday for a living. my brother is also a certified factory trained professional honda technician. don't try to tell me what i know and what i don't know about honda. if you feel so strong about hondas that way then you shouldn't buy anymore honda. you are so stuck on the old fashion -my car was fine until the mechanic touched my car-... anyone with half a brain knows that anything mechanical can break down at anytime. whether at a shop or going down the road. i've had cars come in for work and battery dies. load test battery and battery is bad and dumb people like u automatically say " well my car ran fine when i brought it in".. it's uneducated people like u about cars that make things look bad. and yes, we do have a magic touch. if we didn't, then people wouldn't bring their cars to us. typical scenerio for u......ever since they changed my wiper lights don't work on my car...... man, you are something else saying professional technicians sabotage customers car.... if we did so, we'd be out of buisness . you, my " i think i know all about hondas" friend, do not know anything important about what is the truth. if you are so caught up in paying top dollar for cars, and demanding top quality, then why don't u design your own car without flaws huh? oh, i forgot, you don't know enough to build your own car. so don't act like just because you paid for the car, it will not have flaws. you need to buy domestic only and you'll see that you will have more problems then your hondas. why u think domestics are falling behind....way behind honda and toyota? why do you think when u try to sell a domestic compared to a honda, the domestic is worth less? why is that huh? why is dodge, gm, ford employees losing so many jobs? (quality) that's right!!!!! i see more newer domestics come into the shop for problems then honda. i don't need to cover up anything because what i said before is the truth. and all i've said is a fact. the droning noise i have fixed before so don't tell me i'm covering up. like i said before.....u don't know jack sshhh when it comes to hondas.... you just think u know things because of the internet..... no use trying to argue with me because i work on these cars everyday for a living. i know what i'm talking about. you are just blowing off at the mouth because you think you know it all..
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    you need to go and see all the other problems domestics have before u come back and complain about honda broken handles and steering obviously have no respect for auto technicians. when your current vehicle breaks down, i wonder who u are going to blame next. and hope u can fix it yourself, wouldn't want to take it to the professionals to touch because your tranny or engine might fall out while you are going down the road...
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    Dude, you need lot's of valium. Calm down, I wish somebody like you would defend me with Honda customer service...
    Here are few ponts: 1. you are defending Honda because you are emplyed by them, thats a big BIAS. 2. My knowledge of mechanical physics, thermodynamics, electricity exceeds far beyound yours high schoold diploma with some training in car mechanics ( read about internal freequencies, resonance etc.). 3. My distrust with mechanics comes from personal experience (different time, different places, different cars - examples : after replacing power steering on dodge caravan I went for alignment to the dealership (top buck for top job ?) and they overtwisted the tie-rod boots, if I would have no clue about it and would not reinspect, I would be back with leaking power steering due to broken boot, which would let dirt get into the rod and break the seals; another story - after working on the A-pipe in the dealership, several plastic clamps wich hold bottom reflector were broken and not replaced - had no energy to go back 50 miles to complain about that, another story - few month old Accord got coolant leakage - mechanic told that raccoon ate through the pipe - what a hungry animal - it has craving for that sweet ethylene glycol, and so on and so on. I don't blame mechanics for not related problems like windshield vipers and car battery (these are old ladies who bring these stories) 4. So, if I pay top buck for the car and it's reputation, I want that reputation, not a ghost sounds at coasting speeds (the cosmetic fix for problem was change in gear ratios, that new models don't drone at 65mph, they do at 75mph - is that the reputable car manufacturer' way? 5. Read previous complains from other people, I am not alone, does that mean anything to you???
    So call Honda Customer support, and tell what's the real problem is, may be they will do some redesigning (it's not a gulfstream jet plain, for god's sake). :P
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    alright man, i've cooled down. bottom line is, if you dislike hondas, then you should not buy hondas..... you need to figure out what faults in a vehicle you can live with or not. some are greater than others. some are simple squeaks and rattles, some are drivetrain problems. whatever the case, you will never be able to buy,( even if you buy bmw's,mercedes, or exotic vehicles) they all will have faults. because no vehicle is perfect...period. it doesn't matter if you pay 40,000 dollars for a odyssey, or 75,00 for a skyline gtr. what is you definition of top notch dollars? yours may not be the same as another.... any how, just because i work for honda, doesn't mean i am defending them. i am just stating facts about honda. overall, the honda odyssey is still one of the best buy mini vans on the market. no matter what problems they have. not to mention the resale value of odyssey's.
    and by the way, for your information......i am a ase certified master mechanic....not just some mechanic training....
  • artasartas Posts: 18
    That sounds better. My goal by posting here is to inform, like others do here, new customers (or potential customers) about the flaws, since I had no help from customer service at Honda's center, despite it was clearly written on the repair report, done in Honda dealership, after A-pipe was replaced (as well as brakes and power steering), that sound persists and will be waiting from Honda in reaguards of potential fix. Honda customer service ignored that completely, stating that it is within normal operating specifications.
    I bought Honda (actually two of them), because of it's previous quality, and expected that from new models. I just have the fealing, that Honda with growth has sacrificied it's quality for quantity in sales (can't say that about Toyota).
    I hope you can pass some messages, heard here to somebody up in Honda technical center about problems, faced by a lot of customers.
    Good luck in your job, hope you do it honestly.
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    I have a 2007 with around 4k miles. At low speeds, you can hear a significant "whirring' sort of news, primarily when turning. Sort of a loud whine.

    Brought it into the dealer today--they found a leak in the power steering pump and replaced it. On the drive home, the noise was good. In my Ody, the noise was not intermitent...happened every time, so I feel satisified that was the problem and its resolved.

    Not thrilled about that occuring, but it was handled promptly and the car was in for maintenance anyway, so...really not a big inconvenience.
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    had the a- pipe replaced because of the droning noise 8 months ago,noise only got quieter but did not go away completely. Last week went back to dealership and had the front drivers side wheel bearing replaced and the noise is completely gone... thank god. Love this van
  • puduckspuducks Posts: 1
    I had a new transmission put in at 55000miles when it was under warranty. about a month ago at about 84000miles I noticed a humming sound in the trans. I realy do not when it started because my wife drives the van. I took it to local transmission shop in Poway california and they said a humming sound is heard at 40-60MPH which is related to the 3rd gear. They said the 3rd gear clutches were rubbing against the outer casing and causing the humming noise. I also noticed that in the 1st, 2nd and 4th gears there is no noise.The shop recommended it would cost $2500 to fix.
    Later I took it to the honda dealer and they said the transmission was OK. I am concerned if I need to do something about it or leave it alone. please comment
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    wanted to add to previous post, while driving my van at 40-45 miles an hour there was a constant droning noise, did not want my van used as a research vehicle to try to find the problem, had the y - pipe replaced and the noise only got quieter but did not go away...kept driving it for 8 months hoping someone would really figure what was causing the noise. Went back to the dealer hoping for some new information on the noise and one of the mechanic went with me for a ride. While traveling down the highway we turned the van off and coasted at 40 miles an hour..Noise was still there and the motor and transmission were out of play..We then figured out it had to be coming from the wheels. After taking it into the shop and listening to the wheels as he spun them he figured out the bearing was making the noise..I really do like this van, it drives great,it's comfortable, looks better than a toyota and is decent on gas..
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    Has anyone who has had the A-Pipe and the rear engine mount replaced under TSB's 06-050 and 06-083, did this get rid of the droning and vibration at 2100 rpm or was it just a temporary fix and the droning came back after awhile? Some say it resolved the problem and others are saying that it made little difference. My dealer ordered the A-pipe and rear engine mount for me and will change it out for me when the parts arrive.
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    i had both the a- pipe replaced and a front wheel bearing replaced and i am happy to say all my noise is gone.....suggestion drive the van between 40 and 60, the speed noise is noticed. On a flat highway turn off the engine and see if the noise is still there while coasting at that speed..You may have the same problem as i did , a noisey wheel bearing. we couldn't believe that was our problem but we are noise free now..We are now feeling alot of vibration in our steering wheel when stopped at a red light. Help anyone with this problem. I know all vehicles have problems, and i love this van but it drives me crazy the money you pay for what you get. We have just gone over the 30,000 mile mark and I'd like to get all the problems worked out before it starts costing me more anyone with the vibration issue
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    I took our van in to the dealer last week and complained about the droning and vibration at idle. The service manager checked it out and ordered the A-pipe and is also replacing the rear engine mount for the vibration at idle. The vibration in ours isn't too bad but at idle and driving you notice it and it drives me nuts. Strange that in Park and I rev the engine to 2100 rpm I don't hear the droning noise. It only happens when you are driving or when there's a load on the engine/transmission. Glad to know that to know that you got your droning noise problem fixed. I'll keep the front bearing fix in mind just in case replacing the A-pipe doesn't work for me. Thanks.
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    I just got my van back this afternoon. They replaced the A-pipe and the rear engine mount. The loud droning noise at 2100 rpm is basically gone. It's quiet for a change and we're pretty happy with it. I hope it stays this way. But.....even after replacing the rear engine mount the vibration in the steering wheel is still there, there was no change between the old and new engine mount. Back to square one on this one. At least I got one of my problems fixed.
  • I have a 2005 EX and absolutely hate my ECO (VCM) mode. Would do anything to disable it. IF anyone knows how to, please let me know. Basically, anytime I decelerate the ECO light comes on followed by a resonating droning sound that vibrates throughout the vehicle. Not to mention the continuous shifting in and out of ECO mode to maintain speed. Can't stand this feature, even worse with load. Woudn't have bought this vehicle had I known this performance. Really bad feature, extremely dissapointed.
  • van_infovan_info Posts: 7
    Hi, I have an Odyssey 2005 EX that started to hum several months ago. The humming came from the back of the car.

    I went to a Honda Dealer in Irving, TX and initially they said it was the tire and hence they rotated and switched the tire.
    Apparently that did not solve the issue.

    I read this forum after that first attempt failed and suggested them to check the wheel bearings or the A pipe.
    I took 2 technicians on a ride so that they could hear the humming sound (The humming sound only occur on a smooth road so I took them to a smooth road).
    Having heard the humming, one of the technician told me that it could be the wheel bearing. Hence, they replaced the rears wheel bearing.

    So far my Ody has not given me any humming noise anymore. This is my 2nd day though. I will report if the hum comes back again.
  • I had an 06 odyssey with this wind noise problem. It got so bad I traded for an 08 Odyssey...big mistake. I not only have the wind noise, I now have bad brakes,
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