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Ford Windstar Problems



  • prguyprguy Posts: 1
    Hi there. I noticed that you changed all four oxygen sensors. I located only two on my wind star and can not find the other two. There was only two that I saw. One was in the front of the van and the other was near the the catalytic converter towards the front. If you could help me find the other two . Thanks a million. Email address is [email protected]
  • bonniemacbonniemac Posts: 1
    My 2000 Windstar developed a squealing noise a couple of days ago that has quickly become worse. Now I am losing power and it lurches. Anyone know what this may be?? HELP! I am hoping this will not be another major repair. :cry:

    I am so glad to see I am not the only one with a possessed Windstar. Our lights will flicker every once in a while and our door ajar light will stay on as well. I will be trying the tips I read here to see if I can remedy these things.
  • deadstardeadstar Posts: 3
    PLEASE PLEASE read older posts on this. The problem is anywhere from a $200 to $1200
    fix. There is a TSB from 2002 about this. Everyone will have this problem and it should be a recall. I believe there is a post from an aggresive consumer that had Ford pay for this. My fix cost me $600. LET's BITC... TO SOMEONE AT FORD!!!!!
    Thank You and have a nice day anyway.
    My Windstar doesn't run in the rain. Error code P0303. Wires and plugs changed $220 because you cannot get to them... AND IT DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM!
  • klpierklpier Posts: 3
    Go to AutoZone and buy a hand held code reader. My check engine light would come on frequently. It has more than paid for itself in saved diagnostic charges. As I recall, I paid around $125 about 4 years ago. I have a '96 Windstar with 140K miles.
  • klpierklpier Posts: 3
    I have a 96 Windstar with 140,000 miles. When we changed the air filter, there was some anti-freeze in the intake. We changed the PCV valve and I haven't checked it since. Original engine and transmission. For any Ford diehards out there, this beauty is for sale.
  • harysonharyson Posts: 2
    I had the same problem and found out that the dealer belt is slightly larger than the one called out by ALL auto parts stores. Just get the next larger size belt and it will work fine. I actually managed to get the auto part store belt installed and the extra tension shredded it within 6 months. Do not force the belt tensioner, the pulley nut is soft and will round out easily. Save yourself the headache and get the next size larger belt.
  • nats1nats1 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone! I'm now 2 for 2 in having to replace the transmission on my Ford Windstar vans....This time, the transmission quit while we were 1000 miles from home, so not only are we having to foot the bill for a new one, but we had additional costs just to get our family of six back home (or foot the bill for hotel and meals, plus lost work time!). I've just begun looking for information on the internet, and it seems as though there's lots of people with similar problems. Any advice as to possible solutions? Thanks!!
  • sharonysharony Posts: 7
    I've been reading about transmission problems for the windstar , are you guys sure that is the transmission or maybe the speed sensor. I had similar problems as been described and it came out to be the speed sensor which when it goes bad affects the transmission, it only cost me $80.00 and problem resolved.
  • malmrosemalmrose Posts: 1
    As the sole owner of my 98 Ford Windstar LX, I assumed replacing the fuel pump three times during warranty was the single engineering flaw with my vehicle. I was very wrong.

    At about 60,000 miles, the dome lights would not automatically shut off and had to be pulled out permanently to prevent the battery from draining.

    Around 65,000 miles, the "Service Engine Soon" light remained on permanently. The dealer could find no explanation for this condition.

    Around 70,000 miles, the passenger door power window stopped working. It goes down, but doesn't go back up!

    Around 75,000 miles, the cheap plastic hubcap covers began falling off each tire and were gone within a few months.

    Around 80,000 miles, the power steering began howling and leaking badly.

    Finally, at 92,000 miles, the head gasket blew and rendered the vehicle worthless, even though I religiously maintained fluid levels on the vehicle.

    Luckily, my 1997 Nissan Maxima with 100+ miles in perfect working order will be able to tranport me to my next auto purchase.

    And it won't be a Ford product.
  • fwindstarfwindstar Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this problem resolved?

    I have a 2003 Ford Windstar that also is blowing the same dash fuse!

  • gdabgdab Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem. The blown fuses were accompanied by the ABS light being on, no AC and no cruse control. The cause of the problem was traced to a faulty cruse control switch. Once replaced the problems went away. The prpblem with the dealership is that their first step is to do their OBD diagnostic at the falt ~$75 fee. The switch itself costs less than $20.
    It's almost cheaper to buy and replace the switch yourself to see if this cures the problem...
  • bavebave Posts: 3
    I also tow a bass fish and ski boat; nothing above average. I plan on putting in my own transmission radiator ($30.00 at the parts store with a $6.00 converter kit) to keep the transmission cooler during towing. You can have this done at U-haul for $150.00.

  • bavebave Posts: 3
    My 2001 Windstar began a noticable noise while running in the rain tonight; not quite a squealing but a noise when the van was engaged in gear. Anything, Anything?
  • bavebave Posts: 3
    Anyone lose a controle switch to a power seat adjuster on a Windstar-2001. Mine seems to have went out. It will go forward (although I dont test it because I am quickly losing leg space) but not back or up?
  • keriwkeriw Posts: 1
    Doors are all closed interior lights stay on as well as indicator for door open. not sure exactly where the contacts are on the back door.
  • windratswindrats Posts: 1
    '99 LX 93K Mi same problem here, it won't pass smog which cost me $843 ouch...from a local dealer. here's there correction: replaced intake manifold gaskets, isolator bolts, valve cover, and recal PCM. $200 for the parts and the rest you can figure out. this was in April 2005, since then the front fan motor broke (started smoking), $485 for the part, apparently the whole assembly (left and right fans) has to be purchase, just can't buy the motor, that's ford for you.

    needless to say this is my first and last ford vehicle, against my better judgement and family and friends.
  • kseguinkseguin Posts: 1
    Get back to us. Spent $2100.00 at Healy Ford today replacing the whole front end on a 2002 Windstar. P*ssed right off with the lousy service and lack of respect and concern about a crappy product.


    [email protected]
  • This light is NOT FUNNY!!!
    If oil level is checked to be ok there is only one really important thing!
    Check the CMP sensor! Please believe me!
    This sensor is not only for the fuel injection system!
    It drives the oil pump too!

    But the pinion of the CMP used to get worn and so there won't be any oil pressure any more, resulting in a damaged engine!
    Don't drive any miles longer, as long as you didn't check the CMP!

    Please let me know your results of checking CMP...
  • 1998 Windstar GL with 92K miles. The last few months we have noticed funny noises when we switch on the a/c. Now the rear a/c vents (in the roof) don't work and warm air comes out the heater vents (in the floor). I've been told that there is a vacuum activated "door" that opens and closes to direct the air to the appropriate vents. Is this something I can replace? Can a shop other than the dealer do it? I called the dealer and they said that it may be more complicated than just replacing a simple part. Anyone else have this problem?">
  • Did you check the engine support?

    I have had the same Problem and solved it by replacing the front engine support. :)
  • mialynnmialynn Posts: 1
    Search for TSB 03-16-1 (Service Bulletin).
  • toscanatoscana Posts: 5
    Hello--recently the driver's side manual sliding door on my '99 Windstar stopped opening. It opens about an inch then feels as if it's still latched and won't move further. I took it to the local Ford dealer for an estimate and they just looked puzzled, said they've never seen anything like it. They said it would take at least a couple of hours just to troubleshoot. I'm selling the car now and need to get that door in working order, so I took it to a body shop. The fellow there brought out a really long screwdriver, opened the door as far as it would go, then inserted the screwdriver in the lower, posterior gap. He managed to pop it open. The problem seems to be with the hook type catch mounted in the door frame, which latches to the opposing "U" on the door itself. (Sorry, I don't know the correct terminology.) For some reason, the catch is not releasing the "U", but I don't know if it's a mechanical or electrical problem. I did notice that when I started the car to drive away, there was a faint "ding dong" or chiming sound. Any suggestions? Since I'm selling the car, I don't want to invest more than I already have in this "Junkstar".
  • sharonysharony Posts: 7
    You are right. It came out that the brake pressure switch and the cruise control switch got brake fluid and that's why the fuse kept blowing off. I changed the brake pressure switch which cost me $15.23 and cleaned the cruise control switch with air pressure until I removed the brake fluid. Now everything is working perfect!!!!!
  • my winstar 1996 with 3.8l engine start to make strong knocking noise...but this noise is intermitent on the following condition.
    * when engine start until oil lanp get off ( 3 seconds)
    * when tranny in neutral and press gas pedal after 1800 rpm
    * when driven over 2,500 rpm
    * when going downhill and gas pedal completly at idle....

    on all condition oil lamp remain off and engine temp stay 1/4---1/2
    more than 3000 miles with exactly same condition
    engine shows strong power and not any funny sign ( like when crankshaft is worn out)

    can be the lifters??????
  • Thank you. I was hoping to get more replies from folks with 99s. But they all seem to have transmission problems!! I think it's time to get rid of it before all of these other problems listed on pages 88 -91 start happening to mine. It's too bad one cannot finish making payments on a vehicle and have some good years out of it before it starts failing and literally falling apart. :(
  • lakemenlakemen Posts: 2
    The door you seek is located under the same panel as the rear a/c -heat fan switch, It is a vacume valve that is not working( mechanically attached to the vent switch door). I fixed mine by simply moving the door by hand to allow a/c - heat to flow from the top vents at all times and Zipped tied the valve to remain in that position ( I live in Buffalo and was great this winter for heat). Now whether I have the heat or A/C on, It comes out the top vents. My children and passengers like this better, because they have more control over where to force the heat - A/C. Cost? a Nickel for a Zip tie ( big thick one) and 30 minutes of work!....... Better than the dealer cost of $537.00..... if they could have even figure it out?
  • parkeytparkeyt Posts: 1
    Last fall replaced the original Ford radio with a new am/fm/cd radio. Worked fine. All of the sudden it, while driving, it began to shutoff. After trying to fins the problem, it appeared to be related to heat in the van and/or heat in the dash when running the heat/ac. Thought it was the new radio and took it back for repair and re-instlled the old radio Guess what - problem continued. Everything that was new, was taken out and the old replaced it. Went abck tot he new and problem still continues.

    It is not that it loses power completely. When it comes back on, the station presets are there and you are on the station you were on.

    Baffling. Any thoughts?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Check your intake manifold!
  • madzenmadzen Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Windstar and the 15a fuse in the 6 spot keeps blowing. This fuse covers the power to the sliding doors, the remote entry, teh CD and radio. Not the end of the world, but frustrating none the less. has anyone had the same problem or know of a solution?

  • Can anyone help with the above vehicle which has a problem of the manual climate control stays stuck on defrost or you can turn it off. It won't do anything else!
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