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Ford Windstar Problems



  • dtraderdtrader Posts: 1
    A while back the battery died on our 2000 Windstar. After recharging, everything seemed fine except now the TRAC OFF and ABS lights stay on. There does not appear to be any obvious problems (noises, leaks, etc) before or after the battery incident. We've been just ignoring the lights.

    I hate to take it to Ford if there is instead a way to simply reset the idiot lights. Or should this be something to worry about?

  • dchalkdchalk Posts: 3
    I can open door manually but not with overhead button or FOB. Once DS sliding door is open, I can close with FOB or overhead button. PS slider works fine.

    Any suggestions or cures?
  • Our 98 Windstar has about 110+ miles. The problem is when I slow down and stop at a red light...the van just putters out! I have to quickly put it in park then restart. Thank goodness I made it home. I did start putting it in neutral when I had to make a stop, then put it in drive when the traffic started moving. I just kept on giving it a little gas to keep the rpm's up. We just put a new battery in it last month. (We've did a new transmission at 68+) PLEASE if anyone could help troubleshoot it would be great before I take it into be repaired!!!!!!!
  • Our 98 Windstar has 110+ miles and we have just started having the same problems with our rear ac too. The front ac is fine. The back blows out hot air, which is fine in the winter...but not now when it's only June and 90!!!!
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    There is a TSB on this. The computer may need reprogrammed at dealer or the Throttle Positioning Sensor (TSP) replaced. I am pretty sure that is what they did to mine. Not hard to do yourself. Do some research. I can dig through my maintenance papers, if needed, to make sure that it was the TSP.

    Good Luck
  • dmain37dmain37 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Windstar with the same issue. I just replaced (inaccurately!, $25.00 at the DEALER) the Center console switch that sends air to A/C, Vent, Defroster, etc. I did this because I pulled the vacuum plug end loose from the rear of the switch and heard it gurgle, then re connected and suddenly got cool air out of the ceiling vents. Then it went right back to hot air out of the floor. I then pulled the dual vacuum line off of the Right console switch that changes Cool to the left position/ Hot on the right position for the REAR A/C. Only the BLACK line has constant vacuum, the WHITE line does nothing on its own. I opened the switch up to find a small green diaphram type valve with two tiny holes that match up to the tubing openings. It was very gummy and was sort of pinched up onto itself. I lubricated it lightly with PAM to make it elastic again. Unfortunately, I could not make it work. BUT, I did take a small piece of rubber fuel line tubing and held it in a "U" shape, connecting the BLACK and WHITE lines and VOILA, the door shifted in the wall and COLD air started coming out of the ceiling vents. At least I know what needs to be replaced, just not the cost. I do like the last post about zip tying the door in place to force the use of the ceiling vents all of the time. I have not investigated how to get to it, so if you have the info..... :-)
  • rmm1717rmm1717 Posts: 1
    My passenger side window also doesn't go down. I think we are pretty lucky with our 95 windstar for the most part. We didn't have that gasket problem. We only have 90K on ours, and there are other minor problems too.
  • thewojthewoj Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Windstar and have the same issue. The inside car lights will not go off (I had to disconnect the bulbs) and also the doors will not lock automatically when the car has been moving.
    I have no idea where the mechanism is that detects whether or not the rear gate is open.
    Did you ever find an answer to your rear gate problem?
  • I have the exact same problem on a 2000 as of 1 hour ago! Someone please help us.
  • The rear gate has two switches!
    They are located in the lock mechanism at the left and right side of the rear gate.
    Just spray WD40 in and open-close-open-close....

    Thats really the only way it works.
  • mikibeemikibee Posts: 1
    My 1998 Ford windstar Passenger window stopped working about a year ago as well. I'd be interested in this reply too.

  • lukeclukec Posts: 3
    I own a 1996 windstar mini van & have the same passenger window problem.
    Please let me know how to correct it when you find out?
    Luke :mad:
  • tbar1tbar1 Posts: 2
    :( I have two problems with my windstar, the first is the back power vents do not work. and the second is the cruse control works only when it wants to.
    according to the owners book the fuse is the same as the radio for the vents.
    and becous the cruse works once and awhile I am not shure what to look at
    any help would be appreciated.
    (tbar1) :confuse: ">
  • tbar1tbar1 Posts: 2
    :( I have two problems with my windstar, the first is the back power vents do not work. and the second is the cruse control works only when it wants to.
    according to the owners book the fuse is the same as the radio for the vents.
    and becous the cruse works once and awhile I am not shure what to look at
    any help would be appreciated.
    (tbar1) :confuse: [email protected]
  • matt633matt633 Posts: 1
    I have a 96 windstar GL. the problems are as follows # 1 the battery light indicator came on the dashboard/ why and what to do?
    #2 the rear windows aren't working, I press the vent buttons but nothing happens.
    Why and what to do ? and # 3 my horn stopped working. why and what to do ? .
    however these problems did not happen all at once its just that i came across this site, and figuered might as well kill 3 birds with 1 stone if at all possible. i am mechanically inclined so if you tell me what to do , i should be able to get it corrected.
  • lakemenlakemen Posts: 2
    To get to the Mechanical lever to the door for switching from vent floor to ceiling vents you have to take off the side panel which the rear fan swicth and head phone jacks located on it, Inside you will see the blower motor and door. simply find the lever to the door and zip tie into the position for the ceiling vents.
  • kimjo48kimjo48 Posts: 1
    Took my car to have it emissions tested. Never had a problem until they were done. I passed but my car would not start up again. It would turn over but it would not start. It was like you put in bad gas or something. It would keep spitting. After it sat for a while it started up and drove it home with no problems. Happened again a month later on vacation. Tried to get it started for an hour and had to have it towed. It kept spitting again. Would give it gas and it would stall. After they towed it, it started right up. They hooked it up to computer and said all was fine. Checked fuel pump and all was fine. Happened again this month. Took it to Ford and they said it might be fuel pump,maybe needs a new battery and the bill would be 1300.00. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks - hopeful
  • bennerbenner Posts: 3
    i just bought my 98 windstar 3 mos ago and within a week it did the same thing...the door light stayed on and it ding ding dinged....the next day i sprayed wd40 on all the metal round things on the door jams.....the tail gate may have on too...look for the metal on metal contacts on any door jam...(open the doors and look)....prob cured so far and its been almost 3 mos...what other problems did u have?
  • bennerbenner Posts: 3
    my abs light is on and sometimes it goes off....when it is off and i speed up to 75 to 80 it goes on...what is brakes seem fine.
  • bennerbenner Posts: 3
    my 98 windstar passenger window dont work either....i know two other families with 98 and 99 windstars with the same passenger side windows not working either....its at least a 500 dollar repair job i heard.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    my abs light is on and sometimes it goes off....when it is off and i speed up to 75 to 80 it goes on...what is brakes seem fine.

    ABS light on our '97 was on one time, the cause was just low brake fluid.
  • echo1echo1 Posts: 1

    My van did the same thing and usually in cold weather. Turned out that I had water in my gas and I put some HEAT treatment in with my gas to get the water out of the gas and I don't have that problem.

    Hope this helps.

  • removing excessive carbon is easier than poping the heads off, when the engine is hot take a water spray bottle rev the engine as you spray fine mist of water into the throttle body that will lossen any carbon that is excessive might have to pull the plugs to blow or wipe off carbon flakes if it is missing, most pinging problems are from dirty injectors, good to add injector cleaner now and again.
  • I'm wondering what the serial number is on the intakes, sometimes they experiment with different designs and get customer feedback lol complaints
    is it just one style of intake for those years? 98, 99, 2000.
  • sadxxxsadxxx Posts: 1
    Quite interesting. I also have a 96 windstar GL and my horn stopped working yesterday. Also at the same time, the speed control does not work anymore. There are many posts about this particular issue (i.e. horn+speed control). Most of them blame a faulty ground connection , which is common to both but I have yet to see someone confirming that or, at least, point us to the wire that should be checked.

    good luck
  • LOL boy that was a dumb dealer LOL.
    You can check the voltage drain by removing the negative terminal and remove fuses and see if you have small spark when touching the terminal to the post, gives you an idea where the drain is, or you can use a test lite as well between the battery post and the negitive terminal and pull one fuse out at a time.
  • is thier a part number for this steel shift piston in the transmission any one have it handy?
  • tomstartomstar Posts: 5
    I had the same prob. The ABS lite would come on intermittently. Took to Ford dealer, they ran a $50 diagnostic and THEN checked the brake fluid level and said that was the problem. Why didn't they check that first .. duh...uh! My lesson is to you free ... check the brake fluid level and see if that is you prob.
  • tomstartomstar Posts: 5
    My front driver power seat, '97 Windstar, is moving sluggish and seems to be "slipping" when I move forward or backward. I have to "assist" the movement with my body. Up/down, tilt seems OK. Is there a belt or chain I can change and how hard/complicated is this to do to fix the problem. I don't think it is the motor. I have not had the seat out yet to examine.
  • I've just found this great site and have read many of the postings, most do not shine a postive light on the windstar. Now I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who loves their van like I do? And does anyone have high mileage with little problems? Mine just turned 100,000 miles. My family is planning a trip to MI next month. Read the posting on the chimes and pinging. I'll try the wd40 and fuel inj cleaner and let you know if it works for me... :shades:
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