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Ford Windstar Problems



  • kkirkkkirk Posts: 4
    I had a problem with the blend door actuator stripping some gears inside it on my 2001 sel. What the function of the actuator is, is its the thing that opens and closes a door that lets the hot air in. It's located behind the radio, so you'll have to remove the radio. Does it make any clicking sounds when you change the temperature from one extreme to the other? Do a search on yahoo for blend door actuator, I believe they were couple guides on how to fix it. I was lucky, mine was the actuator and not what the door housing that if fit into. The part at the ford store ran aroung 70 dollars.
  • rock8rock8 Posts: 1
    I had similar problems with my 2000 windstar. Check under the master cylinder for
    the brakes. There is a switch connected that was leaking brake fluid and shorting out the speedometer,odometer, and A/C. I replaced the switch for $25.00 and all is fine now, except for the ABS light which I think needs to be reset by ford. (but I dont dare bring it there for reasons of them finding other problems). Try that, it worked for me. :)
  • it's good(?) to see that I'm not the only one with some of these problems...

    I've had the gears stripped on my air/heat actuator...changed that myself ...part $75...

    My system too registers that it is running lean....check engine light stays on...

    and for the last few months, the driver window doesn't work right...if it is 80 degrees outside, it works fine....otherwise forget it...

    saw a question on the price of the motor for the driver window, but never saw a response...anyone know how much they cost??
  • lonnyclonnyc Posts: 3
    Hi My name is Loony and I have the unfortune of owning a Ford. I just replaced my transmission (with only 48000 miles) and now there is a sort of pulley that has semed to separate. It's on the passenger side towards the bottom. To start can anyone tell me what that pulley would be? I can't seem to find any online diagras of the pulley systems. The van runs but it makes a ridiculously LOUD, very fast clacking noise. Ideas??? And hopefully there cheap ideas because the transmission issue has blown a hoel in my wallet!
  • shanmalshanmal Posts: 2
    Thanks they changed the switch but that hasn't stopped it from blowing fuses I have to take it back to have them go through the wiring harness because they say it is shorting out in the wires. The mech disconnected the Cruise control and it runs fine right now except the rear air really sucks now. Hopefully this will be covered under warranty I still owe way to much on it to try to trade it off.
  • tawastawas Posts: 1
    It is more than likely your A/C compressor clutch assembly. There are some aftermarket items that will let you run without the A/C but I think that all of them would require removal of the A/C. If you remove the A/C you will have to take it to a shop and they will remove the refrigerant with a machine. They would also be able to put the refrigerant back into your unit. Compressor clutch assemblies go for around $180.00 (Detroit area) and if the compressor is toast then it's about another $250.00 - $300.00.
    Good Luck
  • lonnyclonnyc Posts: 3
    Thank you for your response. All the help I can get I will gladly take!
  • gvadgvad Posts: 1
    Same thing happend to us this Saturday at the traffic light. Can you tell us what was wrong with the transmission in your ford and how much it will cost. Ours is Ford windstar 2000 limited.
  • beavxbeavx Posts: 1
    I have P0305 & P0174 Codes. Changed O2 sensor per Advance Auto suggestion, wrong answer. Still runs as bad as it did before I started. Any Idea of where to start???

    Thanks In advance.
  • help! i had transmission flushed and ford merc v added. now shudder is less frequent. happens when going uphill.has anyone been able to fix this problem? :mad:
  • mrmaumrmau Posts: 1
    Greetings, I have a 95 Windstar with DTC PO171 & PO174 (System (adaptive fuel) too lean Bank 1 & 2). When I start the engine it surges. I changed the fuel filter but it didn't make a difference. Anyone have any advice? TIA!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Vacuum leak. Look for defective PCV valve grommet or hose, check all vacuum lines. If all ok, find a shop with a smoke machine to check for intake manifold gasket leaks.
  • hemi392hemi392 Posts: 3
    My friend has a 1998 Windstar with 3.8l engine. It was running badly, so we ran diagnostics and got error codes 0340 (cam position sensor), and 0302 (cylinder #2 misfire).

    A new cam position sensor fixed up the 0340 right away, but the 0302 remains. I did a search on this forum, and it seems this may just be an indicator of worse problems. Is this likely to be a head gasket (or cracked head?!?), or should I just try a new spark plug?

    It runs very rough, has no power, and is barely driveable as it is. Although I'm new to Windstar repairs, I'm handy with a wrench. I just don't have the background to know if this is something I can fix, or a major problem. Maybe even a common problem? Thank you in advance!

  • ritak0ritak0 Posts: 3
    I have had my 2000 SEL Windstar at the Ford dealership many times because the Power Slidings Doors open and close by themselves. Thankfully it has never happened while driving. The only way to deal with it is to lock the doors while the sliding door is in motion-after that I can hear it clicking and trying to open. AnThe problem is especially bad when it is damp outside. I have almost gotten squeezed by the door closing on me. Has anybody had this problem?
  • hemi392hemi392 Posts: 3
    I worked on the van today. While I was at it, I checked the oil and it was clean (no water). Checked the radiator, and it is also clean (no oil). It has not been overheating, and the temp has not been fluctuating.

    I changed the #2 spark plug, and the problem stays the same. The old plug was not a pretty brown ash, but was not wet or fowled either. I started the engine and unplugged the #2 spark plug wire at the coil, and there was no RPM change. I hooked up a "test" spark plug, and there was no spark. Tried the test plug right at the coil, still no spark. Maybe this is an electrical problem, and not a head gasket or something worse? If there is no spark coming from the #2 coil tower, where do I look next? Thank you!

  • omegasomegas Posts: 2
    My wifes 2000 w/s did the same thing today. Big clunk and nothing left but what? :sick: :sick:
  • gordo1gordo1 Posts: 4
    Many thanks for the advice. I will try it out for sure.

  • hemi392hemi392 Posts: 3
    Turned out to be a bad coil. Put in a new coil, and it runs great again.

  • scotts5scotts5 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2001 Windstar. Occasionally on very hot days the van won't start again until the engine has cooled for about 30 minutes. The dealer has not been able to find anything. Where you ever able to find a solution? We are tired of getting stranded as well. Thanks.
  • kgregg1kgregg1 Posts: 7
    I have a 98' with the same rev and stalling symptoms when turning a corner or suddenly deaccelerating from a low speed.

    Unfortunately, we have learned to live with it. In our case it does not stall often and only during hot weather when the A/C is on. If you found a solution I would be interested in hearing about it.
  • kgregg1kgregg1 Posts: 7
    Check the transmission fluid level. I bought our 98' used and noticed the shudder at highway speeds usually going up inclines and also when going through rainstorms on the highway (extra loading on drivetrain from puddling). I found the tranmission fluid was past the top mark on the dip stick. I changed the fluid and refilled to the proper level and the shudder ceased.
  • jody7jody7 Posts: 1
    Trying to save a little money...I too have problems with my emission light and have been advised to change to fuel filter. Can anybody give me good clear directions? Not to engine smart so please be patient. Thanks!
  • wojo2wojo2 Posts: 13
    Hello everyone, I have owned a 1995 and I currently own a 1998 WS. I had the '95 from May of 1994 to March of 1999. I traded it in on a1998 Canadian market WS. The '95 had
    152,000 miles on it. You might say I drove a lot. The van was crashed at 8,000 miles into a light post during a downpour. The repairs basically replaced the front end. Still drove like a champ. At about 44,000 miles my dealership(North Bros) rebuilt the transmission, ran excellent.

    Then I took it in for service at 72,000 miles and , oh well they replaced ththe headgaskets.Best of all they gave me for FREE the front struts and even replaced the swivel bearing that the strut attaches to that was bad.

    The strangest thing happened at 102,000 miles. I put a tankful of Sunoco gasohol and the next day the car turned into a pos. I took it to the dealer again and $2,000 later I had
    2 fuel injectors replaced. My question is: what did they do? The car ran fantastic until
    I traded it in on my '98.

    In all that time I only had 3 sets of tires on it, no front bearings or tie rods NOTHING like
    the POS problems you have had.

    I purchased my '98 with about 15,000 miles on it. In 129,000 miles I have really had no
    serious problems. At 22,000 the right rear brake cylinder froze. Fixed under warranty.
    I did the usual replacements of the fan belt at about 85,000 miles and a tuneup with
    plugs, wires and fuel filter just before I moved a 1,000 miles away. I towed a 2,000
    pound trailer and got 20 to 22 mpg while towing it
    :blush: :blush: :D
    At 99,2000 the alternator died and the outer tie rods were replaced under my 100,000
    mile warranty. Also replaced was the driver's side window frame, a weld broke. I finally
    replaced the front pads and the rotors at about 117,000 miles, the rears at 124,000.
    I also need to get new inner tie rods and front bearings.

    So in my driving 266,000 miles on my 2 WS I really have had no repeated problems
  • wojo2wojo2 Posts: 13
    Oops! I didn't check my paperwork. The right front bearing was also replaced at 99,232 miles. Also I replaced the front brakes and rotors at 77,000 miles. Just this morning my
    cupholder bottom broke and the cel is on with the engine running a bit rough.But, it might be the gas I put in earlier this morning :confuse: I still like my Canadian market Windstar :blush:
  • revans3revans3 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Fodr Windstar. While driving my inside
    lights keep coming on and off. What could this be.
    All the doors are shut!!!
  • Hello, I am having Problems with my 1999 Windstar. I have the check engine light on and I got it check at checkers test and they tell me that the light is on due to an error. The error is "Lean Bank 1 & 2" I am not sure what to do to fix it but I am about ready to leave Hawaii and I know Matson will not ship it with that there. Please advise ASAP.
  • Hello, I am having Problems with my 1999 Windstar. I have the check engine light on and I got it check at checkers test and they tell me that the light is on due to an error. The error is "Lean Bank 1 & 2" I am not sure what to do to fix it but I am about ready to leave Hawaii and I know Matson will not ship it with that there. Please advise ASAP.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    alcan, "Ford Windstar problems" #1975, 8 Aug 2005 9:53 am

    If no problems, check fuel pressure. Could also be a restricted fuel filter.
  • I have the same problem on my 1996 Windstar and the garage told me that they have to change the heater box at a cost of $1700.00. What is the name of your mechanic or do you know what was wrong and how he fixed it?
  • bong1bong1 Posts: 2
    Hi! I'm Bong. I have a windstar 2000 too. I've got the same problem with you. I replaced the fuse #10 and it blew right away but I noticed the odometer went on for few seconds. Do you know the specific name of the switch or ID number so I can also purchase it and do it myself? and to Shanmal can you please teach me the exact location of that switch so I can locate it without mistake? Sorry I dont have a repair manual :confuse: . Thanks in advance.
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