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Ford Windstar Problems



  • bong1bong1 Posts: 2
    I already found the exact location! It really is leaking fluid. I tried to dry it thinking that it was just a spill out from a recent refill but after few minutes its wet again. I hope somebody could help me know the exact name of that part to replace and how to do the replacement properly. does it have a tread so i can remove it and retread/tighten the new one? do i need to remove the air filter assembly to have ease on accessing it? :confuse:
  • brent3brent3 Posts: 1
    I am a newbie looking for help with my 2002 windstar and the keypad master code. I have been told or read that there may be a place or two where the factory hides the vehicles master code for the keypad on the drivers door. can anyopne confirm and offer help where to look?
    Is there a generic code that will reset the door? where should i go to get the help needed? dealership? factory? any help would be awesome and a real time saver. thanks Brent3
  • lindab2lindab2 Posts: 1
    Here what ford and transmission people don’t want ford owners to find out: with the ford van they put a poor clutch fans in which draw power from the trans each time it shifts after you hit a certain speed it stop . Unhook the clutch fan and drive it if it stop put new in cost around $25.00 for fan

    Then do not tell anyone and you could by one cheep. Mine 2000 books a 4,500 and I paid 400 + 25f or fan. goo luck hope this works
  • My front window wipers have started acting funny, they work while it rains afterwards they will not shut off. I have to pull over and ensure they are in the off pos. shut off engine and re start and they stay off till needed next time. does anybody have any ideal on what to trouble shoot, how to fix this problem :confuse:
    any and all help would be great, The dealers take a chunk out off a single income familys wallet!
  • I bought a new heater core that fits inside my 1995 Windstar for $55.00, and installed it. It wasn't bad..took approx. 2 hours..I bought it at in Daytona , Florida.
  • I need to replace my wiring harness. It got very hot near the air filter..It melted the wiring..the asbestos shield slipped down when they worked on my transmission.Where can I find a replacement? I can go to the auto dealer and order one but they are $385.00, can I find a another source? Joseph
  • ritak0ritak0 Posts: 3
    Did you ever get this problem to stop?
  • ritak0ritak0 Posts: 3
    Do you know whether Ford ever found the fix for this?
  • ecko13ecko13 Posts: 1
    The zip tie trick worked in getting the air to the top (ceiling) vents but I'm still getting nothing but hot air in the rear of the van. Obviously thats fine in the winter time but its mid august and we're getting 90 degree temp.. Any ideas on how to fix the rear A/C?
  • Engine Stalls1996 ford Windstar GL 3.8L Engine runs fine for a while and then engine stalls Seems to happen after car gets to operating temperature. If you let the vehicle sit for a while maybe 45 minutes It will start right up and run for a good while before it stalls again. I changed the fuel pump but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Kdog1962, you might also want to post about your problem in the Idle and Stalling Problems: All Vehicles discussion. The members there might have some ideas for you.


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I have had a CEL on my 98 windstar 3.8. From the posts on this great forum I went up to Autozone and they showed the problem to be 0340 so I got a new sensor and installed it. Great! CEL went out Drove it for a while maybe 5-7 miles and the light came back on after shutting of and restarting the car. Went back to Autozone and check it out same problem P0340 the CPS. He reset it thinking that might help and it did until I drove another mile or two... I think it was doing fine until the engine got to operating temp and then went out. I've read here and other places that the sensor and the thing it sits on can get all eaten up. Looking at mine it looked great. Autozone only suggested reseting the ECM, or possibly a bad sensor?? Not sure how that could be as it's just a magnet right? Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for any help :)

  • wojo2wojo2 Posts: 13
    My cel is on so I checked it at AutoZone. It came up as a code for the # 1 cylinder
    not firing right. Now what is the BEST solution? Replace the plug or what. The car still
    runs good. :confuse:
  • I repaired the problem with my 1999 Windstar and it is running fine now. I just need to know how to reset the check engine light. Can someone please advise me?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    One way is to disconnect the battery for about an hour.
  • I know that at my local parts store they will retrieve trouble codes for you in the parking lot and allow you clear them yourself. That's how I clear mine.
  • My 1998 ford windstar just cracked out a tooth in the ring gear and has a cracked tooth on the starter pinion. Wow. What a bummer. Is it really that hard to design the ring gear and starter so that the easily replaced starter is the "expendable" component and the ring gear is more duarble? I find myself in the position where I need to replace both on the 3.8L six.

    How difficult is the ring replacement? Wouldn't it be great if the ring gear was replaceable in thirds or perhaps quadrants (without breaking apart the engine/trans)?

    I really want to cry. The car had been sitting for a few days and I just hit the starter and the engine didn't even crank a few degrees. It felt as though the starter cracked through the teeth on the ring gear just as soon as it spun out to the end of the shaft. The starter teeth are still in place but one is definately cracked. My only advice to the masses: have a ford?--keep a spare ford handy, you'll need it sooner or later. :cry:
  • I had a very similar problem in my 98 3.8. I replaced all 6 spark plugs.(back 3 are VERY difficult but it can be done from the underside.) No improvement. I turned my attention to the fuel side and replaced the $75 second cyl fuel injector. Whamo. No more rough running at operating temp. If you have a diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) from the check engine light, you should obtain the exact verbage behind the codes and start from there.
  • Me second cylinder misfire was a bad $75 fuel injector. Though spark plugs are cheaper. I would start with those. If you are a 9?-98 3.8L you can reach the number one cylinder spark plug from the passenger wheel well.
  • galchingalchin Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if there's been a recall of this blend door actuator (though I imagine not)? I have the same problem with my '99 Windstar; there's a cyclical clicking sound behind the radio and temp controls when the temp is on cold. When I turn the controls up to the hottest setting the clicking stops, and when I turn them back the clicking starts in again. I guess I can't complain too much since I haven't had any major problems. Just this and the tie end rods are going...oh, and the power door on the passenger side is dead as well...
  • I have had new plugs wires sensors everything checked and still not fixed anyone have any ideas. we took to autozone and had mis fire in cyl. 6, the problem is the oil light flashing when we come to a stop then rough idle and missing on take off
  • scrodenscroden Posts: 1
    I'm had the same problem with my vechicle. Were you able to get some answers from Ford as why this is a know problem.

  • bljonesbljones Posts: 2
    Sorry for the delay in updating everyone on my wife's Windstar problem. The dealer had her van for almost 3 weeks trying to figure out what to do and who should pay. The dealer had sent transmission fluid samples to one of Ford's labs in the US for analysis and had 2 or 3 technicians from the Windstar assembly plant in Oakville come to the dealership to help work on the problem. After all of the hassle and being stuck in a Focus rental car, Ford finally agreed to replace the transmission and the cost would be shared between Ford and the dealer. We have had the van back for a couple of weeks and it is currently running like new. Hopefully this will be the last of our problems with this van until it is returned at the end of its lease in January.
  • gglmngglmn Posts: 1
    Having same ABS problem with my 95. How was your's fixed? :cry:
  • wojo2wojo2 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know how to cheaply replace the passenger side mirror glass. I cracked it scraping ice off during the winter.

    Thanks Ho11yw00d. I will try it soon. :D
  • You're welcome, wojo2. Also, remember that the car has only three coils-the right and left bank cylinders spark off of the same coil. The passenger mirror is an assembly. :(
  • Did you ever find out what this problem is. We are having the same problem.
  • bgtgbgtg Posts: 1
    I had the head gasket replaced on my '95 windstar at 83,000 miles.(As most of us 95ers know-Ford extended the warranty to 7 years or 100,000 miles). Now the van has 128,000 miles on it and apparently has blown the head gasket again!!!!!!! Has anyone else had a 2nd head gasket failure? And this one only lasted 45,000 miles! Since ford extended the warranty on the head gaskets to 100,000 miles, dont you think they should make good on it again at only 45,000 miles? Anyone that has dealt with this issue let me know what you did and if you got any help from ford. Thanks bg :(
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Since ford extended the warranty on the head gaskets to 100,000 miles, dont you think they should make good on it again at only 45,000 miles?

    Sorry but no, I don't think you should expect Ford to warranty the vehicle to 128,000 mi and 10-11 years. I wish they would give me 100,000 mi warranty on my 97 with 94K mi and leaking gaskets (not head gasket) that they want $1700 to repair.
  • voorttivoortti Posts: 1

    Could anyone help troubleshoot. It appears my 1995 Windstar A/C is always on in any othe position than 0, when nothing is on.

    I had an accident in 1995, and it is possible they connected wires wrong at the dash where the main lever is. Can this be the problem? and does anyone have a picture of how the wires should be?

    Or could it be with the clutch? How do I Identify if it is the clutch?

    A/C is nice, but not necessary unless it is hot. I can heat the car by keeping the temp adjusment sufficiently high, but A/C on the car seems to consume more fuel.

    WOuld appreciate any help. I am in no Ford country in Europe, and do not think there is an easy fix here.

    Rgds & thanx in advance

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