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Pontiac Grand Prix Brakes



  • bmaluggabmalugga Posts: 3
    I see quality has not improved with GM--especially Pontiacs. I have a 2001 GP GT. Bought with 35000 mi. Now has 63000. List of problems: steering rack replaced at 35000. Three wheel bearing hub assemblies so far starting at about 45000 mi. Problems with ABS sensors. Both front coil springs broke--one of them twice! Two sets of rear brakes--front brakes need replacing (rotors & pads) after less than a year. This will be third set on front. Both tie rods and misc. bushings. Now need control arm bushing, CV joint half shaft and both mufflers replaced to pass state inspection. All of this at just 63000 miles. Less than 30000 put on by me. Except for the mufflers, these parts should not go so soon, and on a Honda or Toyota would not. Bottom line is Pontiac (GM) is putting junk parts in their cars. I will not buy American again. You may love or like your Pontiac, probably for the styling and perceived performance like I did, but they`re not worth the problems and aggravation. Anyone with a problem GM should dump it now. I will soon!
  • carvipcarvip Posts: 1
    My 2001 Grand Prix had the same problem with the traction and ABS light coming on. The dealer replaced every thing on it including the sensor, brake module twice, wiring harness twice, wiring harness connector, had me spend $500 on a brake job, you name it and most of was under the extended warranty but my car still has the same problem. At times the ABS ligh and the traction light comes on, when you start to break or sometimes when you turn makes this vibrating break noise. The good news is that the car has 95000 miles on it and I am about to get rid of it.
    I am never buying another PONTIAC. This was my 3rd PONTIAC ( TRANSPORT and Grand AM) . Grand AM was OK but the 95 Transport Van was a piece of crap.
  • bmaluggabmalugga Posts: 3
    Pretty discouraging what goes on with GM cars--reports point to Pontiac as most troublesome. My 98 bonneville was a very good car. I thought I was upgrading, at least getting something as good with Grand Prix, but that was not the case. The quality is definitely spotty, with some people reporting that their 2001 GP is a great car with few problems, while others have tons of them. My guess is that the situation is only getting worse, with GMs financial problems they`re putting cheaper junk parts into their cars. I`d never take a chance on another Pontiac, or maybe even another American car. Unfortunate situation for the US auto makers, but why should we pay good money for a potential problem car when there are proven more reliable foreign cars out there?
  • bmaluggabmalugga Posts: 3
    I see you`re from a Grand Prix owners web site and you have a right to be proud. You are very fortunate to have such problem free cars--seems like some GM cars get good parts and some don`t. Consistency in quality seems to be the big problem. Check out all the problems I had with my 2001 on a previous entry--if you care to. Good luck to ya mate.
  • pontikidpontikid Posts: 1
    My 2002 GrandPrix had a complete brake job done last summer. Now the !BRAKE light won't go off, and the brakes work fine. What's up? Thank you!
  • _nonnie__nonnie_ Posts: 1
    I just wanted to let you know that ALL last year I kept smelling some thing like oil dripping on the motor coming through my vents. I got a recall from the factory 3 months ago stating that they needed to REPLACE a gasket and move some spark plug wires to keep the car from catching on fire. All last year I was having trouble with the ABS lights & Low Trac light coming on. I did have to replace the roters and have a front brake job. Mine is a Grand Prix 2000 GTP & it only has 46,000 miles on it. I kept telling them some thing was not right but running a diagnostic codes on it 3 times found NOTHING! Finally they ran it again and said it was the hub on the right front left wheel. They could not feel the grabbing like I could when I turned to the left to break. When you have had a car 8 years you know when some thing is different! Those ABS lights and Low Trac lights came on at any given moment and they reset once you turn your car off & back on. I had an extended warranty on my car until 2009 or 96,000.00, and they fixed a bunch of leaking gaskets and stuff and I had to pay a $100 deductable. The BAD hub was causing the ABS light and Low Trac lights to come on so the dealership said. They made me pay the $100 deductable again when the DEALERSHIP failed to diagnose and fix the problem the first time and GM VP told them too. I am going to FIGHT them on it tomorrow and will be giving them this web site address to see all of the problems that they have had on these models of cars! This is a NIGHT mare to read all of this!
    How did you come out with your lawsuit?
  • tsal1tsal1 Posts: 2
    Did you ever find out your issue? I purchased a 92 GTP w/29K miles (it was stored for a number of years) has the same issue. Thanks.
  • For those considering the purchase of a gxp or any other pontiac sedan, Beware!! I just had the misfortune of taking in the wifes car for what i assumed was warranty work. 21.000 miles and both front and rear brakes were shot, rear pads nearly to the rotors and in the case of the fronts, right pad completely gone. 25 years of doing business with this dealership (Waldecker Pontiac/ Buick) and the best they could do for me was tell me that it was due to my wifes driving habits but did me a favor by only charging me for repairs to the rears, they covered the front. You have got to be kidding me. I will spare you the conversations that took place between myself and the dealership personnel but they were willing to lose a long time valued customet over the $200.00 repair bill. Very funny that we had no issues with Sunbirds, or Grand am's. Bottom line is that GM is fitting this vehicle with poor quality parts. End of Story. Still cannot believe any dealership good or bad would have the gall to blame the cutomer for their short comings. Never again will we own a GM product.
  • After being told my second set of rotors on the front of my 2007 GXP were shot with less than 40,000 miles, I bought after market rotors from a brake specialist in California. Wear with new brake rotors and ceramic pads is even and no sign of grooving on the rotors, which appeared almost immediately with the GM product. Here is my theory: The problem is the absence of enough bevel on the drilled vents on the GM rotors. The steepness of the drilling without the bevel causes the bad to be damaged, which in turn causes scoring along the rotor. There was a remarkable difference in the slope of the aftermarket brakes versus the GM product. Almost no chamferring on the GM rotor. Which begs the question, are they just in the rotor selling business these days? Why else would they design a product that is going to chew into the brake pads creating an uneven surface that will score the rotor?
  • On October 20, 2007, I bought a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix in which within three weeks of purchasing the car I had to take it back to the dealership three times. The steering wheel was shaking when slow down, the front end of the car felt like it was going to come apart and since I didn't know anything about it, they told me it was fixed the first time. I took a trip to a different state and on my way back the car wouldn't go over 50mph, so I called the dealership and as I figured, they couldn't do much about it since the car wasn't there (duh). So, I called to get the car towed and the lady told me there was a GM near where I was at, so she guided me to get there in which the people at that Dealership was very helpful. It was something with the computer that prevented the car to go over 50mph. In regards to the shaking issue, the guy told me that i had to get my rotors/brakes replaced. I took it back to the dealership from where I bought it and a 3rd time it was fixed in which they were looking at me like it was my fault... I never went back...Now I'm having an issue that the right front tire is making a noise, I took the car to two different mechanics, and apparently i'm crazy because they say they can't feel anything. I hear it making a clap clap clap noise (i know silly me trying to describe noise) and when driving and also when i steer i feel like a detaching noise... I'm scare that the car is going to fall apart one day... :confuse:

    My question: I want to know if grand prix's have a rotors/brakes/abs system factory defect??? (I called Pontiac and of course, they will not say anything in particular)... :sick:
  • I have a 2006 gxp. Had front pads/rotors replaced at 33k and had checked today at 56k. They tell me both sets need changed. I said bs and asked how much to just change all 4 pads. Total: about $550; just for pads!!!!!!

    Can you tell me the name of the company in California you got aftermarket rotors/pads and contact info. Also, if you dont mind, what it cost you.

  • tsal1tsal1 Posts: 2
    fyi. I'm not the one who purchased rotors or pads in Cal. I have a 92 GTP that I can not make a "panic stop" with.
  • I have a 2004 GP GT and recently it started to engage the ABS brakes everytime i come to a slow speed. Sometimes I barely get it to stop because brakes won't stop sputtering and slipping. Every once in awhile the "ABS Brake Enaged" light comes on when stopping. I was wondering if this is a electrical problem or something else?
  • Could be your speed sensor wiring harness. It's getting a bad reading and thinks you're in a slid or spin. Parts and labor about $260.
  • Getting ready to replace wheel hubs and brakes on my 05 GTP. Are there issues I should be aware of, ie: pressurized system, etc. before I start this process? Don't have a service manual for reference but would appreciate any suggestions.
  • msjreenaimsjreenai Posts: 1
    I know that its been years since this thread was posted but i bought a 2005 grand prix bout a year in a half ago. It has 135,600 miles on it and drives ok from time to time. I always had an issue with it turning over and starting which never got fixed and a problem with my transmission slipping. After taking the car to the shop after a year of having it more problems came. I had a leak in my transmission that i got fixed and began to to put Lucas in there which actually helped my transmission change gears better. Now the problem is not the trans. After getting a tune up my car won't pick up speed, rpm goes crazy, even when i don't touch the gas it goes high, and if i press on gas pedal it stalls like it doesn't want to pick up speed. Now my wheel shakes at about 55mph, sometimes it does this and somtimes it don't. And after doing research just found out they have a recall on steering. IM a female and don't know too much about cars but i do try to keep the maintenance up on it, which has kinda helped me out. I know my car could drive better and want to know if anyone else r having these problems. Btw i changed the map sensor and did tune up what do u think. Is my car fine or do i need more work done
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Was this work done with one of our dealerships? If you would like for us to follow up on this with them, please lease don't hesitate to email at (include your name, contact information, and last 8 of your VIN).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I truly hope there is someone out there that can help us. We recently had a problem with the ABS and Traction Control going off and the warning lights coming on in the dashboard.

    We have changed the front end hubs, rotors and installed ceramic brakes. The dealer (Condie Automotive, Kingston, Ontario, Canada) we bought the car from last year is being most unhelpful. The car seemed to be okay after we changed the above, however now I'm getting a weird sound when I brake and the brakes are stuttering until the ABS and Traction shut off. When I make a sharp right turn, the ABS and Traction control shut off and the warning lights go on.

    It is very frightening and I am worried that when the abs and traction are on, I lose brakes and get the stuttering and loss of brakes.

    Any help or similar experiences with a resolution would be great.
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