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Toyota Avalon XM and Sirius Radio



  • tfeltontfelton Posts: 80
    I also have an '08 Avalon with XM. The volume of the XM is higher than the FM, but not a lot so it isn't a problem. I can use the XM volume at a 5, but my normal volume is between a 10 and 15. The FM has to be from 15 to 20. I looked under the seat to see if there was a volume control but couldn't find one. It's hard to see under there.
  • My XM radio unit is in the right rear quarter panel behind a carpeted panel in the trunk. I too have the same volume issue but not as significant as on my last Avalon.
  • Hey, We bought a used Toyota Avalon (limited). How can we find the ESN number to enable our Satelite Subscription? Or where might the Satelite receiver be located to see if it's on it? RP
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    I think its channel 0 or 00..check that out first, with the Sat on. It will show the ESN number. On some units, if the Sat is available but not activated, it will play a loop telling you what to do and how to activate. You could also call the CS line for XM (at least that's what I have) and they will walk you through it, too.
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