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Chevrolet Impala Wheels and Tires



  • My wife & I bought a 2008 that has 75,000 miles on it. She noticed when we took it for a test drive that the right front had a weird feel to it. The salesman said it had new Goodyear tires on it. My wife took it back today to have it looked at. The tires needed 1-2 lbs of air and said that was probably it. We went for a ride tonight and it has a shimmy when we took a couple of right turns. It was not only in the front, but she also felt it in the back end of the car. After reading about the problems of the Goodyear tires, should we replace the tires or just ride it out?
  • I had the same problem too and it turned out to be the drive shaft. I'm not sure what the defect was, but they fixed it as it was under warranty. Right now, I'm dealing with bad tires as they seem to constantly wear out prematurely. I"m hoping the class action lawsuit against GM turns out for the better.
  • I will be replacing my rear tire again tomorrow, found them on sale at walmart, not sure how they will look, but will post tomorrow. Also I talked to my brother he told me that i will need to have the hole expanded in the rear struts to correct the rear wheel adjustment, I will post the results on this also.
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