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Acura TSX Audio



  • I recently purchased an '06 TSX w/ nav. I'm approaching the end of my 3 month XM trial period, and I'm not sure I want to renew it. I really like the selection of music that is offered, but I've found myself not listening to it much because of the poor sound quality. I've heard it is because of music file compression by XM - has anyone heard anything about this? Is there any fix? In my opinion, I'd say the old school radio has better audio quality at times than XM. Anyone else notice this as well?
  • I have a similar feeling about the XM sound quality. It is noticably bad on BBC world service where it sounds very 'thin' like a cell phone. I doubt if there is a fix - the 3 month intro is supposed to convince you to buy service.

    The Acura sales person said that you can haggle with XM to get a better price than the prices advertized at Has anyone tried this and got a better price?

    In my urban area we have some excellent FM choices. Personally, I'd pay $3/mo for XM, not more.
  • I'm looking for something that gives me better sound from my iPod in my 07 TSX w/out nav than the auxilliary input.

    Has anyone been using aftermarket connectors, like Logjam or others, and can share some suggestions for getting good sound from the iPod? The previous posts on this topic were pretty old, so I was hoping for some fresh info, maybe updates on new technology, adapters. Thanks.
  • mytsxmytsx Posts: 1
    Hello everybody,

    I just purchased 2004 TSX with 31,000 miles on it. I noticed that, when driving at night, it's hard to recognize the buttons on the audio system because it is completely dark! No lights on any of it, except for the display. I don't have navy, by the way, just a regular audio system. Can you help me find out what's wrong?

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Does the 08 TSX have an audio, separate amplifier??
  • There was a TSB on the lighted audio controls for the 04s. The lights would dim or go out completely. Call Acura or stop by your dealer to see if your car is covered.
  • I just picked up an 04 tsx w navigation, like it, but miss the audio that I had in my Legend. Does anyone know if I can do the following?? I don't really want to alter the factory nav/radio system but.

    Can I also install my Kenwood excellon radio, that would then allow me to add my sirius equipment and kenwood changer?? I'm thinking it could install in the little door under the factory radio. BUT, I would need to do something about the wiring harness. Is their a dual harness made by anyone? One that would allow plug into the factory as well as the Kenwood? Any thoughts?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    First off, are you wanting to use the power from this kenwood to power the whole system, while still using the navigation? That is possible, but realize, you will lose all functions of using your steering wheel controls to change the settings. You will be using the navigation strictly for its purpose, and the kenwood for the sound.

    I am not sure I would do that, I would keep the factory as your main system, while trying to see if you could add the kenwood as an auxilary into the main system, therefore leaving access to all features of the car. I hope I understood what you were saying.

    Any sound shop, not bestbuy or stores like that, but a sound shop, will be able to tell you whether you can hook this up like an auxilary. Therefore you can hook your surris radio up to that. It can be done.
  • I want both. I want to be able to use the factory radio for am fm ect, and the Kenwood excelon for sirius and usb (which it has). A local stereo installer told me yesterday they can do it, but they want $500.00 seems a little pricy. From there description, it doesn't sound that hard to do. They did say they need to order a part, but they won't tell me what part, or how they will do it, prob thinking I'd just do it on my own(might be right if it's real easy.

    Anyone recommend an installer in the San Fernando Valley???
  • I did it myself, and it works better than expected. Will be doing the final mounting of things this weekend. The excelon kenwood really sounds much better than the factory, and since the factory radio is still hooked up, I can compare the difference with the push of a button. Now I have the kenwood for sirius, usb and aux plug in as well as the knewood cd changer, and the factory for AM/FM
  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    Does anyone have definitive information as to what type of discs will play in the system?

    I know DVD-Audio, Audio CDs, and WMA/MP3 discs will play. What about DTS encoded CDs?
  • I have the base tsx...does anyone know if a usb flash drive will work to play audio through the existing controls (i.e. not like an aux input, where the controls are within the mp3 player)?
  • My car battery died yesterday, and like always after recharging, I was prompted to enter in the anti-theft code. I tried entering a 5 digit code radio code, however it wouldn't let me, so I entered the 4 digit code for the navi first. However, now I'm unable to enter a code for the radio. It tells me that the code is needed, however it doesn't prompt me to enter it. None of the buttons associated w/ radio or CD work. I called the dealership & they told me that I need to bring the car in for them to look at it. However I wont be able to for the next few days, and was hoping that maybe someone else came across the same issue.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I know that if you put the wrong code in so many times it locks up. You then have to wait a certain amount of time and try again.
  • the issue is that it doesn't let me enter in the code at all. I was only able to enter the code for the navi. which is a different code.
  • I have an '08 TSX w/Nav and did not purchase XM. Is there a way to delete the 2 XM bands as choices when I move through them by pressing the "Mode" button?

  • sbrodiesbrodie Posts: 13
    I need to get to the antenna plug, behind the radio so I can plug in a Y cable. Will I be able to do this w/o removing the radio?. If not, how difficult is that removal. I watched someone do it once, when they were repairing my CD changer, but I don't recall what they had to do.
  • suharshsuharsh Posts: 28
    Just leased one today. i wanted the tech package badly. But the difference between the two was about $60/month which was high for just audio and navigation (barely use it).

    In this thread there are complaints of excessive bass and I think the bass is on heavier side on the 2012 too. However I turn off both the sub woofer and reduce the bass setting into a 'minus' number.

    The audio quality is certainly acceptable. I did feel a difference between a song that is on the iPod vs that is on the CD (mp3 format)!

    So far I haven't tried any other PMP - like Sony or a USB drive either. I did try connecting my kindle and that didn't work.

    Before selecting the Acura TSX, I test drove Lexus which comes with a Pioneer system and the preferred the Acura one.

    The equilizer offers only Bass and Treble - my 14 year old Sony car CD player offered mid-range! So far I haven't found any customer equalizer settings - like rock, pop ... etc (which anyways are usually not worth much).

    So far I am happy (not ecstatic) about the sound system. It is nowhere close to ELS system in Tech package but is certainly a big upgrade overy my other car Toyota Camry audio system.
  • suharshsuharsh Posts: 28
    After playing around with the bass, subwoofer and treble settings - finally down to where I have started to like the Acura TSX (non-tech package) system.

    I have tried iPod (which I hate) and my Sony X-Series walkman. Whereas attaching the iPod to the USB gives lot of control through the car buttons, I don't like the audio. The Sony when connected is recognized as a flash drive. So instead of buying a new iPod for the car itself, I am thinking of getting 16gb - couple of them. The problem is that all the folders are shown at the lowest level - so for e.g if I have parent folders for Pop, Rock, New Age, Classic ... so on and have sub-folders within those, then display just shows them in some order and not in categories.

    So the question is how do I categorize via playlists or folders? One very crude option would be to create folders like Pop (A-M), Pop (N-Z) and then drop the respective audio files in each of those folders. Any other alternatives?
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    does the Ipod interface come up on a large screen? Last time i went to look at one (2011), it only comes up on that small narrow screen unless you get the tech package and that small screen is useless
  • tx512tmtx512tm Posts: 1
    i changed my batt. the other day and i found the code to get the navi back on. then it asked for a code1-6 and now the display says codee. i checked fuzes but nothing yet anyone know whats going on.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    it has two sets of codes - one for the navi ans another just for the radio. You enter the radio code via the tuning knob if I remember.
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