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Acura TSX Clutch Problems



  • My dealer made it sound like 4years, 50K miles, would keep it under warrenty. Of course mine went at 4 years, 3 months. BS.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    edited August 2010
    sorry to hear that. I also own a 06 6MT tsx, bought new 11/17/06. Replaced the OEM Michelin tires at 74,000 miles with Yokohama Avid 4v-s tires. Do not like them-lose traction on wet pavement and very noisy. I have the original brake pads and rotors and no problems with the clutch after almost 110,000 problem free miles. love it. The warranty on my tsx expired at 18 months (had 50,000 miles then)
  • I have an '05M TSX in the shop right now. 73k miles, fluids and wear items well maintained, experienced driver. Had the clutch replaced at a Honda dealership three weeks ago. Experienced the same turbine noise at 65mph after clutch replaced. Service engine soon light came on this morning. Code came up as P0341 CMP sensor out of range (basically stretched timing belt.) The prevailing theory among my peers is that "torque was applied to the crankshaft to remove flywheel, crankshaft would want to turn but be resisted by chain and valves, flywheel should probably be locked with a crank lock tool or something. Just guessing. Kind of coincidental it happened after a honda dealer did the work. Maybe they lacked a special tool?" Trying to look up repair manual pdf on the internet now. Good Luck.
  • devstsxdevstsx Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for that information, the dealer thinks I am hearing things! I am not going crazy.....well, as I said, I am not happy with the way it handles since then and I made a concious decision over the weekend about trading it in.....well, its gone tomorrow, upgraded to a 2010 Lexus IS. No more acuras, plus the new models are all ugly! I wish everyone much luck with their tsxs...overall it has been a great car, no major complaints otherwise.
  • OK, my dealer is Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, Virginia. This is the break down of my bill for an '06 TSX 6M w/ 44k miles. Rear Brake Service...$80 parts, $285 labor (machine rotors/drums,replace pads/shoes, service calipers). TSX Power Steering Hose charge. Airbag Service Light (never was in an accident, not sure why the light was coming on)...$109 parts, $111 labor (replaced right front impact sensor in bumper). Type A Oil service...$19.74 parts, $20.25 labor. And last but certainly not least, replaced clutch disc, pressure plate, engine flywheel, and throw out bearing (clutch assembly)...$753 parts, $1688 labor (flywheel @ $293, friction disk @ $171, Pressure disk @$202, and bearing @ $59).

    Within an hour of arriving they had diagnosed that the clutch had to be replaced...I assume they had to take it off and look at it within that time. For $1600 in labor you have to wonder how many hours it took them to put the new one on?
  • Think the clutch just went on mine.. :(

    '04 TSX 6M 40k miles.

    Started acting funny a couple days ago - today it started slipping badly when accelerating or climbing steep hills. Dealer (Piazza Acura in Concordeville, PA) will look at it Mon or Tues.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ...........this sailor shifts the same six-speed manual shift transmission (but with a V-6 attached - not really sure that the clutch is the same as the preceding posts which address early clutch failure),

    I'm right at 95,000 - and like nj2 - no negatives to date.

    Any available feedback on V-6/4-cylinder clutch system differences appreciated.

    best, ez....
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Uh, what clutch on the V6 - the V6 TSX doesn't offer one.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    Uh, what clutch on the V6 - the V6 TSX doesn't offer one.

    Agree (Gen7 Accord in garage). Not quite 'abandon hope all ye that enter here (but close).

  • Nearly the same bill for the clutch on my '04 TSX. 14 hours labor. :(

    From what the service guy said, it's a lot of work, and they use 2 guys. Piazza Acura in Concordville, PA. They did give me a loaner for the 4 days the car was in the shop - had a winter storm which delayed getting parts for a couple of days.

    The only addition was a 4-wheel alignment, saying it was necessary when the transmission is removed. Add on another $100 for that....
  • The saga continues - the clutch pedal started getting soft yesterday so I called the dealer. Car is headed back on Monday.

    To say I am unhappy is an understatement.
  • I respectfully disagree.

    I drive an '08 TSX which has this dead clutch issue at 50,000 miles. My commute is 25 minutes each way, mostly highway miles. Other than a big trip (4,000 miles), this is the commute this car sees daily. I have a 4-cylinder Jeep at 227,000 miles with stock clutch (but bad synchros).

    I can not fathom having a clutch go at 50k on an Acura. Not to mention the rear brakes were replaced about 20k miles ago, which I thought was odd. I really believe the hydraulic clutch system is the problem, and owners are being footed the bill ($2100 in my case).

    I chose this car new from the dealer for my company car and was considering buying it after the lease. Not any more...
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    sorry to hear that-
    I own a 06 6MT tsx, bought new 11/17/06. Have driven it 42 states and numerous trips from NC to NJ and back. Replaced the original michelin tires at 74,000 miles (they all measured 4/32 then) We now have almost 50,000 miles on the Yokahama tires (recently measured at 6/32) We still have the original brakes-measured 8's in front and 6's in rear and still have the original clutch with no problems with that. The car has almost 124,000 problem free miles. Love it.
  • I had no idea there was a forum on this topic. My 2008 TSX blew its clutch at 25K miles. Although under warranty, the regional rep would only approve partial coverage for the repair - so I had about $900 out of pocket. Now it is 10K miles later and I'm experiencing the same issues. Yes, I was treated very much as others of you describe in my first go around - must be my fault as a driver. Bogus - driving for over 30 years manual transmissions all the way. I am so annoyed by the treatment I'll never buy another Acura or Honda. The big question is now how to handle this. I've considered contacting the Commissioner of Commerce or the press before I even go into the dealership. Car is still under warranty. Thoughts?
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    Sorry to hear but I thought the clutch was not covered by the warranty (normal wear and tear item) I know the transmission is covered. The majority of the vehicles I have owned since my driving days started in 1971 have had manual transmission. I never had to replace the clutch on any of them. My 06 tsx, bought new 11/17/06, has 124,000+ miles with the original clutch.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    It seems to be a hit or miss on this issue. If you are that dissatisfied with it I'd say it's time to sell it - especially since it's still under warranty.
  • gregorbgregorb Posts: 4
    I sold mine within 6 weeks after replacing the clutch. I figured the last year I spent over $4500 replacing the brakes and clutch, and if I was going to make payments on a car it might as well be a new one.

    The dealership treatment (Piazza Acura in West Chester, PA) was absolutely shabby, outside of their grudgingly giving me a loaner while repairs were made. When I showed up at 5 pm to pick up the TSX, there was absolutely no one available to answer any questions. They were more concerned that I wasn't going to put more than $2500 on a credit card and pay the rest in cash or check than whether or not I was happy with their service. Was I wrong in expecting to get my questions answered promptly and honestly? Having to take the car back a 2nd time to rebleed the clutch line didn't help matters.

    Had to call a couple of times the next day to get any questions answered and the informed opinion of the service drone was that the problems were the fault of the driver. I've had manual transmission cars for 35 years, and this is the first premature failure of a clutch I've experienced. 40k on a modern car is ridiculous - my crappy Saturn's clutch was still going strong at 97k when I sold that.
  • cj55acj55a Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with my '08 TSX with just under 50K miles. I've been driving Honda family cars with manual transmissions for the last 20+ years and have never had a clutch wear out, including 140K on in an my Accord, 115K on my Integra (sole owner) before I sold it and 7OK on my civic when I sold it - all on their original clutches with no problems whatsoever.
    Got a ridiculous "well, if you're new to using a manual transmission, you can really wear out the clutch..." excuse but no warranty coverage from Acura.
    Given all my previous experience with Honda manual transmissions, there is definitely something wrong with the clutch system in the Acura. The TSX is the only one of my honda cars with a hydraulic clutch system rather than a mechanical clutch but I don't know if that's the underlying cause.
    Basic fact is that it's obviously a manufacturer's problem if clutches are failing at 50K in normal use even if it's the customers who are footing the bill.
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