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Acura TSX Rattles and Noises



  • Hi I recently traded my tsx in. It was an 09 base after about 25000 miles or so I heard a sound coming from the passenger side window area. I just happened to look up after of course turning the radio down and noticed the outside window garnish was flapping in the wind and creating a whistling noise at first thought it just came loose but after getting to destination and overlooking it a little further had found out the the clips holding the garnish on had broke. They looked flimsy also took it to dealer and they fixed it told me if happened again the would try and find a better way of keeping the garnishes down and tight. Hope this helps. yesterday though just but an 04 with some noises hope to help you with those if I find what the are.

    tim in ohio
  • lavoie02lavoie02 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 TSX with tech package. I have the same high pitch rattle in the rear passenger side of the car. I listen to talk radio alot and this sound drives me crazy. i brought to my dealer and they replaced the rear struts and no difference, they then replaced the sub woofer and no difference. They said they took apart the whole rear deck and rear seat and found nothing. So we decided to take another 2010 tsx for a ride and bam the same sound. The mechanic and service adviser passed it off like it is what it is. So i called Acura customer relations and I was told to talk to the service manager and if that didn't work look at trading my car in. later in the week i am going to have my wife drive the car while I am in the back with the seats down to see if I can pin point it.
  • I have same (similar) WHISTLING problem:
    2010 TSX, 4 cyl, 6spd manual, 35,500miles. Whistles regularly at steady speeds between abt 2800-320 rpm. High frequency. Whistle fades in, stays steady for several seconds, then fades out. I used a lap timer and these cycles were repeating at abt a constant 20sec interval for about a dozen cycles that I measured. 50% of the time it occurs, obviously most noticeable at highway speeds with engine constant. I THINK the sound goes away when AC turned off...

    Car is at dealer today who diagnosed it (incorrectly I believe) as tranny bearings, so they are replacing all under warranty.

    They have me a 2010 loaned (automatic) and guess what, same whistling sound, but not as pronounced as in my standard.

    Any hints out there??
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