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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • amanda78amanda78 Posts: 1
    Have you found a fix for this yet? My 01 LS has the same problem. I have been troubleshooting this for months and I think the "theft deterrent" relay is causing it.
  • I got a recall notice for my 2000 Impala. Don't have the notice any more but the invoice says "all 2000-2002 and certain 2003 impala and monte carlos equipped with a 3.8 (RPO L-36-VIV code R) engines may have a condition in which engine coolant may leak at the upper intake manifold throttle body gasket, or at the upper intake manifold to the lower intake manifold gasket. This condition may result in a low engine coolant level and higher engine operating temperatures" I think the fix was to replace the gasket. My car had 68K on it when it was fixed under warranty,
  • jayman31jayman31 Posts: 1
    I need help.....Anyone ever hear sloshing noises in dash area? After sitting for a minute or two and then revving the engine you can hear what sounds like water flowing in the dash area, and it is affected by the engine revving. Kind of like the engine revs blow the water out but after 1-2 minutes it accumulates again. Chevy says the problems area popping up in 03-04s I believe and engineers are working on it. It does not affect the interior of the car yet or I would smell it but I don't. Anyone else have this problem?
  • tazwolftazwolf Posts: 2
    i am new to this site but have a 2001 impala that is now leaking coolant at the intake. everyone tells me they have this problem but can't get anything from the dealer. the vin for the car is 2G1WF52E319285162. it has the 3400 in it. any help would be great. thanks. the dealer is saying $1100 to fix the problem. the car has 82000 miles on it after our last trip.
  • tim2000tim2000 Posts: 1
    I think that's a setting you can change. On my 2000 I depress the radio button with "dsp" on it, and then scroll through the choices. This is the same "place" to acknowledge an oil change.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    I had that problem last year at about 92k miles. My local car repair shop charged me $700 for the fix, and GM/Chevy did not re-imburse me. Said it was not related to any other recalls.

    Take it to a general repair shop, not the dealer. The car is probably out of warranty by now anyway, and the quality of the work done is about the same, just less money for you to spend.

    I had the problem repaired at about 92,000 miles, and I am currently at 109,000 miles (mycar is a 2000 model). Good luck with your repair, hopefully this is the only major repair you will need with your car as they seem to be pretty solid.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    You have the wrong engine for the recall (3.4 instead of 3.8). Your VIN shows no open recalls, and no previous history that could be used as leverage for goodwill assistance. You are beyond (mileage wise) any dealership's ability to help. $1100 sounds a bit high to seal the intake, but my labor rate is pretty low. A higher labor rate would make a big difference as the parts cost is not much. Be sure you're getting all fresh coolant and an oil/filter change in that deal.

    I like a black car, but prefer the indigo blue on the Impalas.
  • tazwolftazwolf Posts: 2
    thanks for the help. yea i called GM and they said if they did issue a recall then I could get reimbursed at that time. I guess that is what you get when your family works for GM and some are retired from there. Is it ok to switch at that time to regular coolant besides using the dexcool again?
  • owlbarboowlbarbo Posts: 1
    I cant seem to get my 62 impala to start,I've replaced the starter ,alternator, ignitiog switch and battery,and it wont even make a sound,is there something i am missing or overlooking?every once in a while it will make a clicking sound as if the battery is dead but its brand new.could it be the distributer or voltage regulator
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    I believe antifreeze will work, just be sure to get the old stuff flushed out well. Mixing dexcool and antifreeze is bad voodoo.
  • theo4theo4 Posts: 1
    I went through a puddle and now I got problems my top speed is 45km/h then the car will start to act like it is not getting fuel and then die and will restart and now the engine light is on so if anyone has some advice that would be great
  • arbyarby Posts: 8
    You said '62?!! Cool. Sounds to me like you have a loose or corroded battery cable or lead oxide inside the terminal clamps. First be sure the battery posts and the inside of the cable terminals are clean and shiney. install the cables and tighten them. if there is any appearance of corrosion coming out of the cable near either end replace them. Follow all the main cables to their ends and be sure connections are tight. Hope this helps. Arby
  • When we bought our Impala it had 7 miles on it and the water pump failed. It was because of the engine coolant leak. There is a recall on the 2000 but I am not sure about 2001.
  • When we bought our Impala be got the cassette/CD player also. They told us with the option that we could never change it out because everything, to include starting the car, is controlled through the stereo. That is where the main brain is. I would ask the dealer before doing that!
  • Brad,

    I responded to anothers question just like this one. Chevy did pay for mine. I had to pay up front and then call Chevy and fax the bill to them and they reimbursed me in full. Did you get it fixed yet? I went ahead and got mine fixed. Well the faulty they fixed they replaced with another faulty part. It cracked in half on me last weekend. Thank god I was pulling into my driveway when it happened because I wouldn't be typing this right now if I hadn't! I lost total control of my steering. They had to flat bed my car to the dealership to fix it! My suggestion is they will pay for it, but don't not get it fixed if they don't. It will break.
  • klucasklucas Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Impala with 40,000k on it and have just developed a low coolant problem and my mechanic thinks this is the problem and asked me to find out if there is a fix or recall that would help with this. The last six digits on my VIN are 184945 - does anyone know if this car is covered?
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    you are not involved in any recalls. (wrong engine for the coolant one) You're not too far out of warranty, it might be worth a try to go back to your selling dealer and see if they would goodwill the repair or do a 50/50 split.
  • mikesaulmikesaul Posts: 3
    Just discovered this forum and, WOW. Great information abounds.

    I have an '01 Impala just passed 100K miles. Been a wonderful car for 3 years. Had 30K when bought used.

    About my issues, in the past year I hae had the following services done: Coolant system flush and pressure test (about 10 months ago) and a fuel system cleaning (about 6 months ago).

    Recently, in the past 3 months or so, I have noticed a coolant odor when parking in my garage. Also, the coolant low light has come on a couple of times.

    Also, in the past couple of months, the Check Engine light has been on and off intermittently. The shop we had do the fuel system cleaning says it is a "false code" and just needs reset. It has now come on and stays on. The code is P1406 and refers to EGR Valve Pintle Position Error. We haven't had, until the past week or so, any rough starting, idling, etc. Our fuel mileage sits around 21 city/23-24 hwy, but the past week saw it drop to 18/20.

    Since we are approaching our annual Emissions test, I am wondering if this is something a shop should deal with, or if it is something I could handle. I have read other places that the 1406 code may not necessarily mean the EGR Valve is bad, but no clear discussions of what the root cause of that code might be. Some have said a possible vacuum leak, and others have said a fuel leak. Any suggestions on how to test this?
  • mikesaulmikesaul Posts: 3
    Concerning whether either outlet is "hot", mine are both hot at all times. I did have problems with the "tightness", or lack thereof, of the sockets. Both seem to be a bit loose, and the plugs for my cell phones and for my travel cooer have to be pushed in regularly to maintain good contact.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    "The code is P1406"

    P1406 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position Sensor Performance

    Try removing the EGR valve and checking for carbon buildup on the pintle and seat. If so, aerosol air intake cleaner and an old toothbrush will sometimes clean it up.
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    79,400 miles and the dealer says the popping noise is two sources:
    (1) The Wheel bearing have failed and need to be replaces. Says extended warranty will cover as it is VERY expensive. (??)
    (2) The Engine shims have to be replaced AGAIN. They were installed about 9 months ago but they say warranty does not cover this. GM issued a notice how to correct the noise by installing shims for the engine cradle but they didn't issue parts numbers etc and so it is not covered by warranty. Since they are doing the other work, they will install shims AGAIN for $30.

    Glad I have the extended warranty! Shame it doesn't cover replacing the front AND rear ROTORS ever 30-35 K miles.

    BTW my 2001 Impala with 79,000 miles is worth $4200 trade-in at Honda Dealer; and about $5100 at CarMax. Only cost $24000 new. Meanwhile, the Honda folks are moaning about how their vehicles are hard to buy used since they are worth only 2 - 3 K less than new! $5100 for a 2001 in good shape. Car lots are filled with them.

    How much should front wheel bearings cost if out of pocket on an Impala?
  • middleageguymiddleageguy Chicago areaPosts: 42
    I wanted to thank you and two others who commented on this issue. After copying the page in the manual, the oil change place replaced the 5W30 weight with 10W30. Also, asked me what cap reads, which is 10W30. I live in Chicago area and we are having 60 to 70 degree days, so 5W30 made no sense.
  • kosmo1kosmo1 Posts: 1
    I too am havin the same problem. Happened last year arond XMAS bought a new battery. Now happenedin borad daylight at 73Fdegrees. I have an add on terminal on the Positive for y HAM radio. I wonder if that isn't my problem also., It's real wierd you can run the radio the FAN the lights whatever but turn the key and a slight click and all lights go out etc. But NO CRANK. Go ride with someone whose car works, and come back after lunch and problem is GONE!
  • gregp5gregp5 Posts: 51
    I guess not as my ' 04 LS with 25k just had it replaced yesterday.
    Also have that odd water gushing type noise in the dash, but usually only in the morning.
  • csancsan Posts: 5
    I have the same problem - just started within the past week and I came to this site looking for help too. I have an 03 and it has only 33K miles on it. Have you learned anything else??
  • I had to take my 2000 ls to have the gasket repalced since i was leaking radiator fluid. I had the same syptoms as yourself. It sounds like you may have the same problem many of us have had. Since my undrstanding is there was a recall, but i purchassed mine used from a friend of the family so I never recieved official notification, but none the less, I had the gasket replaced and no more problem.
  • Chevy Impala 2000 with passlock 2

    I HATE this anti-theft system.. it protects cars from their owners. A real theif could

    steal it..
    I need help. Is anyone out there that can help? My poor daughetr got this car for

    her birthday from my ex husband her dad.. I gave a friend the directions to put a

    cd changer in it. Well he detered from the directions and cause the ignition to

    lock up.. Now I need to know how to unlock it or how I can maybe bypass the

    passlock 2 sysytem so that the ignition will unlock... I would like to completly

    disarm passlock 2 for good...Please can anyone help.. you would be our hero... We

    dont have the hundreds of Dollars GM would want to take us for on this... Thanks

    in advanced , Lisa.....
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Glad I had extended warranty! The wheel bearings are sealed into the hub and the assembly costs $330 each! Tax and labor for two puts it at around $900!. Mechanic said there was nothing I could have done to prevent it, just happens.

    Good news, rotors were in good shape and were able to be turned again. Just needed new pads.

    Engine shims redone .
  • etcarrolletcarroll Posts: 87
    Anyne know what's involved in fixing this? While backing into garage I caught door frame and broke my mirror. I epoxied the outer shell back on, but the inner arm that actually holds the mirror also snapped, not able to get a clean shot at it to epoxy it together.

    Any tricks out there for this, or do I need to bite the bullet and get a new one, with 103k miles on the car would rather not.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    I see impala mirrors on Ebay for about $50, but they need to be painted to match. if the cost is reasonable to you and you buy one for $50 on ebay, maybe you could disassemble the new unit from the shell and put the mechanicals into your shell to save the poainting cost.

    Either way, $50 on ebay isnt too bad for a new mirror.
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