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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • It was finally cold enough up here to turn on my heat today, but there was none. The fans work and the air conditioning all works. There just isn't any heat. It has about 43800 miles on it. Does anyone have any easy at home fixes or any ideas what could be wrong. I hate to take it to the dealer for something minor. Thanks for any help.
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    A couple of quick things you can check....
    1. Is your coolant level correct in the engine? Check the coolant reservoir and see if you have anti-freeze in the overflow tank. A low coolant level might allow enough to cool the engine, but not enough to flow good through the heater coil.
    2. What is your temperature guage reading? It should be about mid-scale on the guage. If the engine is running quite cool, you may have a thermostate stuck in the open position....a $5 part.
    3. At 43K miles your anti-freeze shouldn't be in too bad shape, but if it appears dirty, a good radiator flush and refill with new anti-freeze might help.
    4. Beyond that, the valve that allows coolant to circulate through your heater coil may be bad....I'm not sure where the valve is on an '04...but that should not be a very expensive repair. .
  • It just cost me $400 to replace the passlock on my 2002 Chevrolet Impala. I am four months off the warrenty. And I just hope that this solves the problem.

    I owned a 1995 Lumina for years, putting over 150,000 miles on it. So, when it came time for a new car I choose the Impala replacement model for the Lumina. And for two years I was happy, no problem, until I ran into this %$##!^& passlock. What crazy engineer at Chevrolet dreamed this up. As some on this board said this keeps the owner from starting the car - the thieves have no problem.

    It began about two months ago. My wife or I would suddenly find the car would not start - no crank - no turnover - lights and radio and all electric fully on. The car started after I called road service arranging for a tow and the guy asked me to turn the key so he could hear it! Took it to the chevy dealer that I had good experiences with - car worked fine no problem can be found - week later same problem no crank no turnover lights work fine - I fussed with it and it started after ten minutes ( I found out on this board that waiting ten minutes allows it to start again - I thought it was because a tapped or moved the shift, the break or sware 50 times). Back to chevy - could find no problem --- then a period of uncertainty - will the car start or will it not -

    Then the securty light started to come on as we drove - that made me suspect the passlock - returned to chevy and paid $400 to replace ---

    now I am wondering why chevrolet is not recalling this defective passlock -- if you have had experience with this post it here - if you know of other posts let us know the boards that they may be on - if enough customers have this problem maybe we can get a recall with a retroactive cover for those who paid for a new passlock.
  • does bendix make delco brakes? the parts guy claims he don't know (what a crock!!!) for some reason they wanna keep it secret, ohh I bet it's because they don't want us to go to a cheaper autoparts store and get the same part cheaper!! ok on to other subjects I have a 2002 impala ls sport with the sport package,sport susension etc. the chevy parts guy said to go with the ceramic fleet brakes (which is what i think may have been on the car to start not sure though) my question is will these wear or warp my rotors at an increased rate? well thanks for reading chris!
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I saw someone mention earlier about not having an owner's manual for their Impala, and just wanted to pass this along...if you go to and register your Impala there, you can download a pdf file of your owner's manual. Granted, this is a BIG file, and may take some time to download, but probably worth the effort. I think you can also order a paper copy there as well, but I'm not 100% certain.
  • Hey there,
    The solution to this is simple. Did you get the car like this already? The factory disconnects the door switch at the doors themselves. Unscrew the door indentation with a torx screwdriver and reach into the slot and pull out the wire bundle. Then unwrap the tape and you should see an unplugged wire tap that you just plug in again. That should do it. Also check the bulb first and then the wire that goes to the dome light to make sure that is plugged in. :)
  • For the start problem, I just took care of that, there is a small capacitor in the ignition switch that went bad. A good mechanic needs to replace it but it requires a chevy dealer to reprogram it. So if your mechanic is good, he can remove it and send it to your local dealer and fix it and your mechanic can reinstall it. What type of radio is in your car? If it is a no frills one, then do the following: turn exterior lamp control from OFF to parking lamps 3 X while ignition is in ON. If you have an RDS radio, Then: 1) Turn ignition to ACC or ON and turn radio off. 2) Press and hold the DISP button on radio for at least 5 seconds until settings is displayed. 3) Press SEEK up or down arrow to scroll through the main menu. 4) Scroll until TIRE MON appears on the display. 5) Press PREV or NEXT button to enter submenu. RESET will be displayed. 6) Press DISP to reset. A chime will be heard to verify. DONE will be displayed for 1 second. Once monitor has been reset, scroll to EXIT. 8) Press DISP to exit programming. Done. Make sure ALL tires are at same pressure. :)
  • HI there, I am having the passlock problem too and last night it temporarily shut down my AC and the battery-service engine- and security lights rotated flashing. also accompanied by a clicking. Who do I report this to for a possible recall and can I do without passlock?
  • HI there, I am having the passlock problem too and last night it temporarily shut down my AC and the battery-service engine- and security lights rotated flashing. also accompanied by a clicking. Who do I report this to for a possible recall and can I do without passlock?
  • Why did you get it for free? Did you have a warranty?
  • it's a bushing in your steering joint. has an explanation and even a fix listed for it. you should check it out. i have the same problem on mine, which has been wrecked before. i haven't fixed it because i don't think it's a mechanical problem as much as it is annoying.
  • I really like this car, but it's been giving me one headache after another since April - most recently, the car seems to have trouble changing gears...when I accelerate, it's very sluggish and then seems to "lurch" into gear - once it did this as soon as I took my foot off the brake; other times, I'll be driving along and the car will lurch slightly even when I'm not accelerating. The problem is intermittent; days will go by and nothing happens...this morning, it did it again. This just started about a month ago. Before I take it in, I'd like to have some idea of what's causing this if possible. Anyone else had/have this problem or have any idea of what it could be? I sure would appreciate some input!"> :confuse:
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I had a similar problem maybe 2 years ago on my 2000 Impala..seems like they replaced a pressure control module or something on the transmission. I don't remember exactly what it was (or what it cost), but I've had no shifting problems since. I do have some occasional transmission noise (a whine, especially at low speeds), but that's about it.
  • I have been having same Check Engine light error message for some time. I I had fuel injection system clean done by my shop since this error came up. If so, that didn't help, but I'll certainly try your suggestion before biting the bullet and replacing the valve...I was also quoted ~$200 for the part but did find it online @ AutoZone for ~$150. Anyways, where can I get that SynFuel you are talking about? I Googled it and it didn't really come up with any hits. Is it easily found at AutoZone or other auto store? Also, do you think the Premium gas helped when you tried it? Just never use anything but regular in my car (2001 Impala). To confound the problem, my fuel gauge has been on the fritz for some time as well (since my wife ran out of gas ~15months ago) and gives a voltage error reading on the computer. Thanks!
  • to reset the low tire pressure light you have to have the car running and turn on the parking lights 3 times consecutively in ~3-5sec (pull/push the light fob)
  • Did you get an answer for this? I live in Louisiana and it is always humid but I never equated that with my blinker problem. Sometimes, my blinker doesn't work. I stop my car, turn off the engine, and turn it back on. Works fine after that. Someone told me it could be a multiplexer (?). I REEEAAALLY need to do this myself to keep cost down. Any ideas??
  • bettylbettyl Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Chevy Impala that leaks water on the passenger floor after it rains. The Impala has approx. 18000 miles. I plan to call a GM dealer this week. The water shows up on the passenger vinyl trim by the passenger door and water on the carpet. I would like to get this fixed before the end of the warranty. Also the car had a thumping sound in the front passenger side - this noise went away finally. Now there is an intermittent rattle in the passenger side dash.
  • smk8ersmk8er Posts: 2
    A few weeks age i bought a 05 Impala and i had to install a 2 way radio into the car for work. Since i did this my A.C. will not work. I unplugged the radio and tried it and it still won't work. The yellow light turns on when i push the button and nothing works. I hooked a volt meter to the different relays and fuses and everything has power (and yes the fuses are ok they didn't pop) So i hooked the volt meter to the compressor itself and there is no power to it. Did i ground out something and fry the BCM to the AC or the control head? Any suggestions short of going to chevy and paying out the nose to get it fixed? Thanks all and yes i know im a moron. Again thanks in advance for your replies!
  • Just had this problem this weekend. Whole passenger side floor was flooded into the back and over to the driver side as well.
  • kalantarir

    did you ever resolve the heated seat issue? i have a 2000 impala ls and i went through the entire winter last year w/o heat, so i'd like very much to get under there and fix it!

    if you have any suggestions, please email me
  • hloganhlogan Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Impala that will not start. No blown fuses, battery OK.
    auto door locks and trunk release won't work. When you turn key in ignition engine will not turn over . No power to radio and courtesy lights will not burn. Prior to this problem Security light would come on periodically, but never created problem. Low tire pressure warning did come on and was reset prior to this problem. Any help out there!!
    Thanks, Hugh
  • naba00naba00 Posts: 4
    Did anybody ever find a solution to these water problems posted several times here? I get water on passenger floor and right rear floor when it rains. Any help greatly appreciated!
  • I had a similar problem that left me with 3 inches of water on the passenger side floor,the exact phrase at my gm dealer was hvac intake seal,located near cabin filter plastic cover (the cover on the outside near wipers) apparently in my case the wiper tore the seal off after winter freeze, if it is this water will leak from the light bulb under the glove box it will look as if the bulb is leaking, the water comes through the fan assembly. there solotion was double sided tape to replace the old seal on the plastic shroud below the wipers.
  • Apparently our BCM body control module is on the fritz, at l;east that's what I've gathered from my edmunds research. It is about 184.00 to buy the part and 50 or so for labor. I am in the process of seeing if it can be down by a friend or if it must be done by a pro.
  • txguytxguy Posts: 57
    Here is the follow-up. The fuel injection cleaner fix was short lived. After that the warning light remained until I had the EGR replaced. SynFuel is made by Valvoline and seems to be equivalent to Techroline made by Chevron. My fuel gauge is also dead. Has been for some time. This is a very common problem looking at this forum. The impalahq site has a "how-to" on replacing the sensor. I haven't had the time or the faith in my ability yet to do it myself. Maybe when the weather cools off. I just use my trip meter to know when to fill up.
  • hchu1hchu1 Posts: 17
    If you decide to change out the sensor let me know. I have the sensor you would need, at one time I had the same problem you had with the fuel gauge. I had purchase one and was ready to change it out when I decided to put in a bottle of injection cleaner. It fixed the problem, no need to change out the sensor. By the way, I also live in Houston getting it to you would not be a problem and I could possibly help you put it in. :)
  • jesse4jesse4 Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2004 Chevrolet Impala with 41,000 miles and noticed that the factory stereo system gets very hot, but that really is not the major problem, The major problem is the speedometer, when I am stopped it will stay at 50mph and then when I begin to accelerate it starts increasing from that position. Any advise?
  • I have a 2000 Impala. When ever the heater or AC is on it is leaking water. The water is leaking on the floor of the passenager side from the dash. :cry: We have no idea what is wrong. We would like to fix it ourselves if possible.
  • Hello I have a 2000 Impala. I have changed the fuel pump and filiter. I can turn the key at times it crank up fine. I can be driving at about 70 and the car will shut off as if there is no fuel. I had it put on the computer and it didn't show whats was wrong. If anyone has had that same problem please advise.
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