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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • had same problem on 2000 impala i caused the problem take plastic cover off of motor on back side of engine is vacuum line might be disconnected let me know tooter69
  • tried to install one my self you need a passlock bypass module so that when the remote start engages it bypasses or sends new codes with out the key would have cost me $80
    good luck
  • Recently, my windshield washer fluid sprayers stopped working. The way I see it, there are four potential causes: 1. The lines are clogged 2. The pump is broken 3. I blew a fuse to the pump 4. The switch on my steering column is not functioning. I disconnected the line just above the reservoir to see if I could get it to pump through the shorter length of hose. No luck, so it's probably not a clog in the line. I located the fusebox under the hood but the label identifying the location and function of the fuses has become illegible. Can anyone help me identify which one, if any, ties in with the washer pump? If it's either of the other two, I'll probably just bring it into the shop since I'm not an experienced mechanic. Unless, that is, someone out there is willing to walk me through the diagnostic and repair. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josiah
  • hi
    anyone hear of resealing lower intake manifold before 4 weeks after your warranty expire $713 plus tax
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    That price is about right, but depending on the model of your Impala there may have been a recall issued that would take care of the manifold at no charge. Mine is a 2000 model and they eventually reimbursed me for my repair, but I don't remember how many years the recall covered.
  • I have been having the same transmission problem...can get dicey because I live in a hilly area. Dealership can't diagnose because no codes are being detected and can't duplicate the problem. Problem is intermittent. Basically when the car is cold, it will run like it is in 3rd gear. After warming up, it works fine...sometimes. Have also had problems with the tranny slipping out of gear when stopped. Rev the engine and it acts like it's in neutral. It does this in all gears. Took it to AAMCO and the mechanic just over filled the transmission fluid and said see if the problem reoccurs. They wil have to do a more intense diagnostic if it happens again and I fear the worst (tranny rebuild). I have read all the posts here and am just wondering if anybody else has had this problem because none of the posts seem to match my problem completely except Ariella's. Very disappointed in GM as I have been the only owner of my 02 Impala and it only has 39000 miles on it! Warranty is expired. Have taken exceptional care of this car and I do like it! Can anybody help? :confuse:
  • chuchuchuchu Posts: 1
    hello Im new to this and i have a 01 3.4 base impala i removed my aftermarket radio and put the factory one back and my car wont crank. I know if i bridge the solonoid the car starts but the security light stays on. I've tried the disconecting the battery thingy also tried the 3 times 10 min thing just dont :sick: know what to do now. please help.... :sick:
  • My 2000 impala 3.8l is shutting down while im driving. it usually starts right back up but lately has been taking about five minutes to get going again. Its been to two chevy dealers and two mom and pop mechanics and no one can find the problem. Its not storing any codes. Anyone have any suggestions? Im getting desperate!
  • I have 03 impala and 83000, i just bought it from dealer iam 2nd owner. I think my cat bad to, but what wires are you talking about. One more thing cat cost around 90$ but labor expensive, cause of welding pipe i think maybe sombody know another ideaqs about welding.
  • Mine is doing the same thing. I'm hoping it's the fuel pressure regulator which you should of got a recall notice for this. I'm overseas and it's a pain not to be able to take it to a dealership. But chevrolet has a dealer of some sorts over here .T :confuse: hey already ordered the part and hopefully this works. I'll let you know
  • The engine fuel pressure regulator was replaced in December of 2004 so I dont think thats the problem. Thanks for your imput. If you think of or hear anything else please let me know and Ill do the same for you.
  • my mother, who lives 3 hours away, says that she is getting a symbol lighting up on her dash. It is a green circle with about 5 lines radiating away from the circle. Does anyone know what thta symbol means?
  • don86don86 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 impala here's an unusual problem occasionally when turn on heat get cold air even if temperature is set on hot - if turn off heater and turn on again then get heat. Same thing with rear defroster button lights up but defroster doesn't work if tun off then on rear defroster works any ideas? Dealer wants me to wait till heat/rear defroster completely stops working .
  • spaz06spaz06 Posts: 1
    Hi Chuchu, I'm having simular problem with security system. The security system does lock the ignition if it doesn't recognize the key "copied" or like my problem, any-time the door locks or remote is messed with and/or security is compromised,(still looking into the causes)In the manual it also says that it actually has a sensor that will cut off the fuel supply if started with a wrong key. I've been re-setting the alarm through the sterio consule by holding the "display" button & it will take you through the settings to re-set. Hope this was helpfull.
  • drsdrs Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2003 Impala. did your Dealer have the fix for this problem or were they like my dealership weho couldn't duplicate it?
  • jdc4jdc4 Posts: 2
    I can not see the dashboard at night - Odometer / Radio
    also fade / go dark. Any ideas?
  • Well, where to start. I picked up a 2006 impala for 24000 it had 2500 miles on it. I know what you are thinking. It was dumped, it is possible. I was "told" the person who bought it, picked it up thought it was too much car. He brought it back for an SS truck. I have had it to the dealer about 3 times in the last month i have owned it. The Check engine light comes on. They have replaced the transmission soloneoid, wiring harness, module. Light still went on. As of today they are replacing the transmission. GM is saying they have had 3 other cars that have had pressure problems, a hole somewhere in the tranny that is kicking the engine light on. I pray for the best this weekend... ANY THOUGHTS??? also the right head lamp was on back order for a leak. IT will be fixed as well.

    :lemon: ???
  • jntjnt Posts: 316

    You may want to check for blowned fuse that may supply the dimmer voltage to the IP and radio. On older GM vehicles, there is a module that supplies the dimming voltage to radio (buttons backlighting), HVAC unit, Intrusment Panel whenever the park light is on. On newer designs, the radio is responsible for its own dimming by tapping off the 12V and modulating the duty cycle. In such a case, the dimming module may just send a dimming message (Class 2 in your case)to all units. So for this type of design, you could still have a bad dimming module. Or you could have a broken Class 2 data wire that connects between this module to the radio, dashboard,... I assume your radio still shows the radio station and time of day, except it does not dim down at night. If the radio display is not even working and you don't even hear sound from it, then your car may have the 12V wire supply (to radio, air control, dashboard)pinched.

    Good luck

  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Is it a kind of half-moon, with lines going to the left? It's telling her the daytime running lights are lit. No trouble, just an informational light.
  • I have a 2002 chevy impala with a 3.4 liter engine. It is experiencing the same problem you describe. I have purchased an intake manifold gasket set but I have not purchased new manifold bolts. If I get the new bolts where can I find the new revised torque specification?
  • I have a 2001 Chevrolet impala Ls 3.8 ltr, i think i am having the same problem . . . however, i was on my way home from work monday when stopped at a light the security light came on, the battery light came on and the car just shut off from an idle, when trying to restart it wouldn't start, it took three tries, called on-star and they said i have a "Major malfunction with the drive train get the car to your local dealer within 1 day" ? when the car did start, it was jolting and sluggish, didn't want to run . .. not sure if it's the tranny or something else, just recently had a problem with the check enging light constantly coming on and not going off, it was a solenoid related to the EVAP system, clld GM and didn't want to know anything about it, that seems to be fixed for now, but if it's not one thing with these hi tech cars, its another . . . never ending battle it appears to be to me
  • TX GUY...or anyone else that has had the steering clunk problem TX Guy noted in thread way back.

    I just inherited an 01 Impala LS, it's got 47,500 miles and runs great, with exception of one problem. The steering when step on brake to shift, it seems to have a clunk, also seems to elicit that same sound occasionally when turning, etc... Do you recall what the diagnosis was to fix the problem. Took to mechanic other day and he said drove and didn't feel/hear anything. My wife who had never driven the car before we inherited it, noticed it the very first time she drove it. I noticed on first drive as well.... hoping to help them figure out problem (suppose the guys not much of a mechanic).

  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Sounds like the intermediate steering shaft (ISS) problem many others have had (not just the Impala, but other GM sedans of this size). Dealerships should have had enough experience dealing with these that they'd recognize the problem; unless things have changed since I had my 2000 repaired they basically tap a grease fitting into the steering shaft and squirt it full of grease - I don't think it's a safety issue or anything, just annoying. The noise definitely presents itself when applying brakes and turning (and especially when doing both).
  • well there are alot of Cat problems wiht the impy. the cat is covered up to 160,000 miles by gm. FREE replacement on the cat. just and fyi
  • Help - please explain exactly what this is. Coolant is leaking into oil. I was told "it could be the intake manifold or the gasket". What kind of cost would be involved? Car is a nightmare. Am talking to GM but they only offer to "MAYBE" pay part of the cost of repair. 2002 Impala with 48000 miles.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    There was a pretty common problem with the 3.8l engines and their upper intake manifolds (at least the earlier years of the Impala); as I recall they switched from using an aluminum manifold to a composite one to save a few pennies, but as a result they ended up developing leaks (maybe because of different expansion rates between the composite and the aluminum parts beneath). When my 2000 model developed a leak, I think I paid about $800 for the repair, which was ultimately reimbursed by GM. Fortunately mine leaked coolant outside the engine versus mixing with the oil internally, so I can't say your problem is the same as what I (and several other of us) experienced.
  • When they told me it was "either the intake manifold OR the gasket or both" did that mean a gasket related to the manifold or does it mean the head gasket?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    The problems I've heard about are all related to the intake manifold (and the accompanying gasket); I haven't heard of any problems with the head gasket. However, since you've got an oil/water mix problem that might indicate something more than the intake manifold. Hopefully it's the intake manifold/gasket; if so let them know that you know there were problems with this, and that GM paid to repair many of these. If you dredge back through the archives here you can probably find a reference to the VIN numbers or build dates of the cars covered by the repair. I don't think it was a recall per se, it may have been more of a service bulletin-type of thing. I'll check the few things I've got flagged and if I can find anything else I'll post it here. Actually I found a reference in post #671 in this forum...dig around in that area and see if you can find any details.

    Is yours a 3.4 or 3.8? I don't recall much problem with the 3.4 in this regard, so if you've got the 3.8 it's probably the intake...if it's the 3.4 I don't know.
  • I appreciate your replies. I'll have to look to see if it's 3.4 or 3.8. I've already talked to GM and they want me to get the pressure test done, then they would evaluate to see if it looks like there is any question about proper maintenance, THEN they might pay for part of it is what I was told. It was clear from the start that they know about these problems.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
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