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Chevrolet Impala: Problems & Solutions



  • My 2002 Impala did the same thing - took it to dealer and they said the key was getting worn down but when the security light starts to come on just turn key to on (do not try to start) let it ran a scan for about 15 minutes then it will reset itself, also they said to spray some WD40 into key hole or on key and they will keep it from sticking which will also cause the security system to come on.
  • Hello,

    I have an Imapala LS, and it has the fog lights on the lower valance. Inside where the switch should be there is a delete plate. My question is the following:

    Are all of the wiring harness made the same for every Imapala? meaning if I buy a switch will I be able to just plug it in.

  • hchu1hchu1 Posts: 17
    I too finally had to get a new rearview mirror. My mirror had the same failure, but with the addition of the right side light switch not engaging the off position. It initially got stuck in the off position, with some persuasion from a pen knife it turned on.:D Then it wouldn't turn off.:(

    Just as Nosirrahg post, a flat blade screw driver near the front end and it pops off. So go for it if you need to replace your mirror. By the way, I got my mirror at (GM p/n 10300491 good for the 2000) they had the least expensive price at $101.33 +$9.00 shipping. :shades:
  • My 2004 impala has done this twice now... No I don't have a heavy keychain. I put the key in the ignition, and it won't turn. The first time it happened, I quit trying and returned an hour later and it worked. The second time it happened was yesterday. So, I tried again today and it still won't turn. I guess my only option is to have it towed and see what the dealer says? :cry:
  • gailvgailv Posts: 1
    My 2000 Impala LS is doing the same thing. I have had it to a garage several times. they told me it is the linkage in the transmission, but I think it is electrical. My security light comes on and I know it is not going to start. It may be today or tomorrow but it won't start.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    This isn't so much a problem as it is an annoyance. My driver's seatback has developed a squeak. Sounds like an old squeaky mattress. I first noticed a week or so ago and it has gotten progressively worse. I have black leather interior. Is there anyone else out there with this issue? I'm holding off on getting it fixed because I'm fairly certain I'll be told to leave it and I hate being stranded. Maybe I can roll this, the clicking dash, and hissing radio all into one service stop. :)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I've been meaning to ask this question for a while but keep forgetting. Has anyone noticed a possible issue with the speedometer in the '06 Impala SS? I pass by a roadside radar with display and I consistently get clocked at 2 to 3 mph faster than what is displayed on my speedometer. The concerning element to this is that it is a 15 mph zone. If the calibration is off, it could mean an exponential error at higher speeds. Anyone have any thoughts? Oh, and as a "control", I went through the same radar zone with a different vehicle that seemed to be spot on.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Borrow/buy a GPS unit and set it to display your current "real time" speed; then go out on the Interstate and set your cruise at 60 MPH and see what the GPS reads. Both my cars typically read higher than the actualy speed by 1-2 MPH.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Yeah, a GPS would be nice or one can time oneself between mile markers. I just wanted to know if it was an issue for anyone else. Since the Impala now comes with three different wheel sizes (16, 17, 18 in), it may have been a detail they let slide by.
  • lodtcd4lodtcd4 Posts: 7
    I have found that when the car won't start and the passlock is acting up (which they haven't been able to fix)
    You have to wait about 10 minutes and use a different key to start it.
  • I am having the same issue. Have you determined what it could possibly be?
  • shooeyshooey Posts: 1
    We recently bought a 2006 Impala. Very nice car. However, we noticed the stainless steel muffler, etc., is rusting! The car has 1200 miles on it!

    We checked with the Service Dept. at the dealership. We were offered two choices: sand and paint the affected areas black, with a certification letter that will warranty it for the life of the car; or, switch the parts with another Impala, which, ultimately, would also rust.

    We asked why GM puts defective parts on such a nice vehicle.

    Has anyone else run into this situation?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I have an SS and I've noticed some rust but I didn't pay much attention. I was assuming it was just the weld points but I'll take a closer look.
  • pcameronpcameron Posts: 7
    The dealer explained to me (as if they know, eh?) that the ignition cylinder interacts with the BCM (Body Control Module) and that is the Passlock system. The ignition reads your key, and if it thinks you are using a wrong key, it tells the BCM to shut everything down. Waiting 10 min. did not work for me, as I waited even a day with no results, although once it was only till the towtruck arrived, then it started. Crazy,huh! I have had no problem at all for 2 months now, having a new ignition and a new BCM at the same time.
  • maximus4maximus4 Posts: 1
    Hi, quick question, i have a 2004 Impala LS, recently when i start her up, and pull away, even mild pressure on the gas pedal during acceleration brings up the "traction control active" message, and for the past two days i keep getting a "service traction control" message as well, im stationed overseas and there is not a GM dealer/service center anywhere and the mechanic shop on base is a joke, does anyone have any ideas what may cause this and or a remedy? thanks.
  • jamihojamiho Posts: 2
    I've had an 06 Impala SS since December and have noticed that my Garmin GPS always shows my speed to be faster than the speedometer. Usually at least a 2% difference.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    jamiho, Thanks for the feedback. I am going to measure mine against a GPS as well. I hate that it's indicating lower speed but at least now I can adjust accordingly.
  • stinkymarystinkymary Posts: 2
    I meant V6 3.4L
  • bhaveshcebhaveshce Posts: 3
    Hello friends,

    I have a chevrolet impala LT. i can't adjust driver seat. I mean there is no option for move drive seat towards stearing. there are two buttons one is for up down seat and one is for push back the seat. there are one handle under other front seat for move seat forward and backward but there is no handle for driver seat.

    pls help me how can i move forward the driver seat. pls can you mail me on

    Thanks & Regards,
  • jcooleyjcooley Posts: 46
    Try pushing the button you describe as the up/down forward. On my 2006 that button will move the seat up/down and forward/back.
  • I have read thru several postings here concerning the Low Tire Pressure Light on the Impalas. My problem is a bit different. I have an '02 Impala and the LTP light keeps coming on so I have the tire pressures checked and they are never low (or 12 psi different from each other). It happened again today and I pulled into an NTB and they checked them again - all at exactly 35 psi (which is what Sears automotive inflated them to just the day before). So the light seems to be coming on even though the tires are OK - any suggestions as to what might be happening?
  • captsewercaptsewer Posts: 3
    I think the tire pressure is checked by the antilock break system. Each wheel has a speed sensor. If one wheel is rotating faster than all the others, when the car is going down the road is would be because it is smaller in diameter or low in air (the same thing of a smaller tire). so, you actually may have a problem with mud or other debris behind the wheel (tire).
  • csancsan Posts: 5
    I recently had the low tire pressure light and everythign was fine. Turns out it came because I had not reset it after getting tires rotated. Anytime you get your tires rotated you have to reset the low tire pressure light system. Check your manual for instructions on how to do this and you should be all set.
  • Well, that makes sense because I did have quite a bit of work done on the ABS system - that light kept coming on and staying on also. I believe they ended up replacing that sensor. All of this work would not be covered if I'm out of warranty correct? I was surprised last week to find out that my catalytic converter was covered up to 80000 miles (mine went bad at 76000), so was hoping that maybe something like this sensor might still be covered??
  • bhaveshcebhaveshce Posts: 3
    Thank you for reply. It resolve my problem.
  • bhaveshcebhaveshce Posts: 3
    Hi frns,

    I would like to know that is there any cruise control in chevrolet impala LT. If yes then pls let me know how can i do that? I also dont know the function of buttons which resides on stearing so if anybody know it pls let me know.

    thanks & regards,
  • captsewercaptsewer Posts: 3
    Should I take to car back to diagnoise and not find anything wrong but to reprogram. Or should I find someone to remove the brain from the passlock system. Any ideas.
  • quoiabquoiab Posts: 1
    Help! I have a 2000 Chevy Impala and the windshield wipers are stuck in the middle of the window. They work but when you turn them off they stay in the middle of the windshield instead of going back into position. I tried resetting them but that didn't work. Any suggestions?
  • zizithzizith Posts: 11
    The salesman said it was against the law to disable to auto locks. :confuse:
    I have since read that it is not--they may be afraid of being sued, but I very much dislike the doors to lock when I take off and when I stop to let someone out, having to put it in drive. I have driven 50 yrs without anyone falling out of my cars.
    :D I know the menu shows several choices, but none of them allow me to choose to disable them altogether.

    Does anyone know how to disable to power locks please? I had them disable my Chevy Venture in 98 when I bought it.
  • tommy42tommy42 Posts: 70
    In my 2001 it told in the owner book how to disable.
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