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Acura TSX Brakes



  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I would not rely on Acura Client service-try to get the dealer to do as a goodwill. If you have a good dealer they will probably do it.
  • Just thought I would add to the unhappy folks out there. Got my 09 TSX tech manual new in late Jan 09, brought it in for a routines service last week and was told that my rear brake pads needed to be replaced. ($290 with parts and labor)

    Called acura client services to see if they would cover, they would hear none of it.

    I've had Fords and Hondas before, and I have NEVER seen brake pads last under 30K miles before. To have to replace them on my first Acura at 17,800 miles (11 months!) is truly disappointing. And for the record, while I may drive slightly harder than the average bear, in no way do I drive like a formula 1 driver, and I drive this car no differently than I drove any other car I've ever had.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    . . .brought it in for a routines service last week and was told that my rear brake pads needed to be replaced.

    This is when it's time to ask some questions. How much pad material is on them when they're new? How much is on them now -- right vs. left, BTW (it matters)?

    If you bend over and let these people treat you this way, it'll continue. If you ask and they give you real answers that make sense, it could turn out that you're using your brakes harder than some others do.

    The dealerships will take you to the cleaners all day long, so long as they can get away with it. :shades:
  • fair enough point, I did ask some questions, but unless you know how to check your brake pads yourself, at some point you're just taking their word for it...

    But, for completeness sake, wear on each was symmetric, both were 2/32" left, was told they were borderline and could go another 1-2 months at most.

    Again, I'm willing to concede that I may drive harder than some others, but again, this is not my first (or second, or third) car, and I have NEVER had brake pads wear this much at 17K miles or 11 months.

    Seems others on this forum have had this issue, too.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    " How much pad material is on them when they're new?"

    That's a good question. I would go the parts dept and ask to look at a new set of rear pads. Then I'd go here... - they sell PBR rear pads for the 2009+ TSX for $40/set. l_2-dot-4L/W0133-1827349.html?loc=Rear&tlc=Brakes%2C+Suspension+%26+Steering
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    I was more gung-ho, I checked my brakes regularly (even the rear drum shoes, but I digress), and kept pretty much up-to-date on wear rate. Those days are done, but I'm coming up on 30K miles on my '08 TSX, and have heard no sign of the brakes being worn out. I do have a fair amount of dust on my front wheels, so I know they're wearing, but not to what extent, and the rear wheels are clean.

    Maybe they've changed the pad formulation since '08; I don't know. In any event, you've made me curious to some extent. Whether I'm curious enough to actually inspect the pads & get back to you remains to be seen. In general, rear pads/shoes last 2 or 3X what front pads do. You could well have a defect somewhere in the system. How's your fuel mileage? With dragging rear brakes, I'd expect lower than normal, but there are so many variables at this time of the year that it'd be pretty hard to assess.

    I put carbon pads on my last car at ~40K miles & they're still on and have remaining life, at 128K miles. You may want to consider carbon or ceramic pads to: 1) slow down the wear & 2) minimize dusting on the wheels.
  • Everything else seems fine. Car drives well, doesn't drag. Fuel economy is same/better than advertised, I'm getting 29 HWY and about 24-25 combined.

    I'll have them look at the parking brake next time, but again, I haven't noticed anything.

    This car is a lease, so hopefully this is it for repairs. Just surprised because my previous car was an 06 Accord coupe that made it through its 3 year lease (32K miles) with only oil changes/tire rotations. Was expecting the same from acura, so brake pads at 11 months (<18K miles) was a surprise. To look at this forum, looks like there are a few more out there with similar rear pad problems in the 09, maybe it was a change with the new model for 09.

    Either way, I hope this is my only repair until i turn it in in 2012.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    My mom owned a 98 accord, bought new, that went thru numerous brake pads in the 70,000 miles she owned it. When she bought a new accord in 08 she gave the 98 to my daughter. My daughter put an additional 20,000+miles with no brake problems. My 06 tsx, bought new 11/06, still has the original brake pads with almost 97,000 problem free miles. Just had the annual state inspection done-needed a new battery (tested low) so they replaced it under warranty. My car has had the cabin filters changed besides the normal oil changes/tire rotations.
  • Hi guys, I am in the market to purchase a new car. I've pretty much decided to get a '10 TSX, base, with tech. But I can't stop thinking about these brake problems that I've been reading about for the past couple of weeks.

    Assuming I get the car and I run into the problem with the brake pads getting worn down quickly AND the dealership does not replace them as a warranty issue.. does anyone have a recommendation of some better brake pads that can be installed, instead of getting dealership / Acura pads that are going to wear down quickly again?
  • normanjnormanj Posts: 10
    I understand people saying that driving habits may cause premature brake wear, but, if this is not your first car, and you haven't had this problem before, I would look more at Honda's braking system than driver fault.

    My wife has a 2004 TSX. The rotors were replaced twice under warranty by 30,000 miles. The pads also didn't last very long. Her previous car was a 1997 VW Jetta. The pads and rotors on this car lasted a minimum of 60,000 miles. Same driver, same commute. Her previous car was a 1992 Passat that my records show had the first brake job at 80,000 miles.

    I question Hondas brakes. Either it's the pads, rotors, or venting. Still a great car.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    I must be one of the lucky ones-still with the original brake pads and rotors on my 06 tsx. It now has almost 98,000 miles.
  • 1bythesea1bythesea Posts: 52
    Just found this...April 6, 2010

    Honda Settles Class-Action Suit Over Brakes‎ - By CHRISTOPHER JENSEN

    Type the title in google. The NY Times carried the article.

    So far so good on my TSX, but I have less than 10 K on the car. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • cz_75cz_75 Posts: 7
    Honda has been reformulating (cheapening) their pad material so customers don't complain about brake dust and/or squeal, but these issues mean the brakes are far from idea for reliable daily service over a long period. The rear pads of every Honda product I've ever owned or worked on have been thinner than the fronts, but still last twice as long. My solution for better braking and wear has been to go aftermarket for the pads and rotors.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    My 06 tsx, bought new 11/06, has the original brake pads and rotors with quite a bit of life left. My car has 104K miles.
  • fabflfabfl Posts: 2
    Guess we weren't complaining for no reason. Just heard about the class action on 2009 TSXs and some 2010 TSXs. If you haven't received the information in the mail go to and/or They are offering 50% of what you paid for replacements up to $125.00. Why shouldn't we be entitled to 100% of our costs. I, for one, am going to write the court that the proposed settlement is not fair.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    After the lawyers got their fees-this is what is basically left
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