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Acura TSX Basic Maintenance Questions



  • nefariousnigelnefariousnigel Posts: 13
    edited November 2012
    I own a 2011 TSX 6MT as well. I drive in downtown Chicago almost exclusively although a good part of my driving is on Lake Shore Drive which is a sort of a min-highway with some stoplights (of course it is parking lot in rush hour traffic). So I'd say 60% is stop and go (literally) and the rest zipping in and out of 40-60 mph traffic revving the K24 liberally.

    I don't ever redline the vehicle but I do not baby it on my daily commute either. I've got nearly 20,000 miles so far with only 3 oil changes (one recently) and no oil burning. I check regularly and the thing literally does not burn any additional oil. When I picked the vehicle up at the dealership, I actually 'splurged' for an $8 quart of Honda's 0-20W synthetic that they recommend. It is still sitting unopened in my vehicle. I am at the point where I'm going to stop checking as the engine should be broken in.

    I'm sorry to hear about your issues...hope you find some deserved resolution. You obviously have had bulletproof Hondas in the past so I can imagine your surprise.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Can anyone explain how that would compare to a donut tire?

    The donut spare and the repair kit (can of fix a flat I presume) are both temporary fixes designed to get you to a tire shop so the flat can be properly fixed. The repair kit is cheaper and lighter.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    ...and takes up a lot less space.
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