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Chevrolet Impala Lighting/Electrical Problems



  • Thanks for the post. Your note describes my 2001 in every word. The one thing I have been able to correct is the sporadic starting issues. As long as I keep the neg battery post clean, no starting issues. As for the lights, AC, blinkers, warning lights, its like a show. BUT, the one item I noticed more than anything that you mentioned is the heat. In the 2.5 years I've owned the car, there have been no issues with the electronics as long as the temperature in the car is below 60. Go ahead and laugh. I am serious. I've monitored it enough to know it has to be some kind of relay/switch overheating issue. I'll learn more after leaving it in the shop this week. I hope they do find it, and maybe reprogramming the BCM will solve it.
  • I tried you link for instructions to replace the hazard switch for 2001 Impala, the link didn't work for there another link to instructions???
    Thanks for your help!!
  • kdconodkdconod Posts: 53
    Dunno - the photos & instructions are still on Flickr. Try this link again:
  • The Flickr photo how-to is what I used about a month ago to replace my hazard switch.. twice. Unfortunately the replacement switch went bad in the first 600 miles. Fortunately I replaced it right before a big trip, so I was able to get a second replacement within the 6 day warranty (ordered off ebay). Hope this one lasts!

    I did discover during the second replacement that you don't have to pop off the front of the switch (which does break it). Instead you can slide a really skinny screwdriver or thin but sturdy metal or whatever directly into where the clip is that holds it in place. I was able to get mine off without breaking it or removing the dash. But if you break it it's probably no big deal since you are replacing it anyway.. although, if your case is like mine and the replacement is even worse.. anyway.. good luck!
  • 1st they say they made the sensor cables too short that go to the speed sensors. being that they'll try and sell you that. Dont' buy into it. These cars all have major wiring issues. As GM thinks it's OK to put a ground connection over painted body panels. I have a 02' monte (electrically the same car, as with most other functions) and I was able to fix mine by removing the ground wires, cleaning/replacing it fixed the ABS/traction. There's also a problematic area where the AC cable, ABS sensor wires, and multiple ground wires meet and come together by the AC accumulator mounting ring ( on the driver side, under air filter box, shiny silver cannister with line coming in and one out- that's the accumulator) the cable beside that with all the wires coming in and out of that is a problem area, where chaffing is caused from hte mounting ring.
  • I have all the same issues with my 02' Monte, did replacing the BCM fix your problems? I'm very critical of that being the issue. I'm going to freeze the BCM and test, then bake it and test again. My guess is either way it'll do the same thing.
  • jrpnfwjrpnfw Posts: 1
    I bought my 2004 Impala new. I have for the most part been very happy with it. The only real issue I am having is with the speedometer. It will sometimes say I am going 100 mph or more when only going maybe 30. And sometimes it will say I am going negative speed when going 55. It goes all over the place. I never know when it will go crazy on me. It makes it very difficult to know my actual speed. I am fortunate to have an information center that I can check my average speed. That is how I see how fast I am going. Is there any recourse with this issue? I look online at times to see if there have been any recalls we missed. Nothing so far about this problem. I have been told it will be several hundred dollars to fix. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  • About 6 months ago with about 90,000 miles I started to have the following problem: when I start the car, sometimes (but not every time) the overhead info center would not come on, the HVAC would not work, and the cruise control light would come on but the system would not work. The problem always involved these 3 items, and only them. When this first started, everything would start working fine within about 5 minutes after driving. The problem has steadily gotten worse (happens more frequently, lasts longer, etc.). It is been a condition that I could somewhat ignore, but now that the frost is on the pumkin, winter driving without a heater and rear window defogger will be intolerable. I suspect a grounding problem or a computer module, but have not had it in for check up...probably will be expensive and may or may not cure the problem. Any ideas?
  • BODY CONTROL MODULE needs to be replaced. GM has avoided a recall on the mid-sized cars and trucks made from 1999 through 2004, and made most people go through the electrical nightmare or replacing every component before telling them it is the BCM. The problems came from after-market components used to build the cars. You can buy a BCM and install it yourself, but then GM needs to program it. For that, they will charge you an installation fee. I bought a warranty plan with my 2001 Impala when I got it from a GM dealer in 2008. In order to utilize the investment, I DEMANDED the dealer cover the BCM. They did, and it worked. After all, they had no issue covering the ECM/ECU, better known as the Power-train Control Module. My warranty specifically addressed power-train, but made exceptions for the electrical. I explained that the BCM prevented by car from starting, and they we able to provide the coverage for minimal costs.
  • I have a 2004 Impala and had the same speedometer problem. We had a wiring harness replaced. The Chev dealer said we'll get our money back if they have a recall on that far no word of recall. It was mighty scary watching the speedometer go faster when I was slowing down or stopped!!! works now though. Now my problem is the switch for the AC/heat. If it doesn't work, I have to slam the passenger side door and it works!!! If anybody knows how to solve that problem, let me know!!!
  • I have a 2008 Impala and I am very frustrated ,I have only had it 3 years,my radio goes on and off,has been doing that for months,if you take the key out of the ignition it keeps chiming ,you have to put the key back in and turn it on then off,my back defroster quit working,my onstar won't work because of the radio and my battery has been dead several times after coming out to my car from work,I took it to my dealer and of course the only warranty left is the powertrain ! I bought a new car because my used car was breaking down on me,I had no car payment though,now I am breaking down and paying 450 a month,I am so angry ,now I am going to have to pay a dealer big bucks for repairs,I thought Chey was dependable and stood behing their cars but I am starting to reconsider. :mad:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your experience. When did you start experiencing these problems? Can you please e-mail your VIN and current mileage? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • I do not know what happened to my message before. As a result I will repeat. Everyone should call 1-888-327-4236 DOT Auto Safety Line to create a RECALL of this problem as I did.
    You may get results. GOOD LUCK
  • I am responding also, as I have a 2005 Chev Impala and the speedodometer, the overheat monitor both go crazy constantly. I have been watching for a recall for about 2 years. It is going to cost $500 to fix this problem. I find very frustrating as I have had this problem for about 2 years and have to constantly judge my speed and keep a check on my radiator as I cannot trust my factory installed equipment. I have never owned another brand vehicle other than a Chev and this is the first time I have been truly disappointed with my vehicle. I am now thinking about going for a Nissan in the future as I have spoken with numerous Nissan owners who seem to never have electrical issues.
    Sometimes the security system causes the car not to start for no reason and you have to wait 10 minutes to start your car.
    I am also aware that my local police dept impalas also have this issue. It is sad when a police officer is going on a call and his car will not start and he had to wait 10 minutes to "protect and serve" the citizens because the police dept chose a chev impala.
    Thank you for your time.
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 78
    edited February 2011
    The "no-start" problem is probably the "passlock sensor" The other problems with the guages may be related to a defective BCM (Body Control Module)
    Chevys are Junk: My 02 Impala needed a BCM, Passlock Sensor, Intake manifold gasket, ISS steering shaft is noisy, high low beam combination switch was defective.

    Chevy's are Lemons! :lemon:
  • The "low oil pressure - stop engine now" beeping constantly in 2006 chevrolet impala. I keep the oil changed constantly, but beeping continues off and on. I use 5W30 during oil changes. Does it need Synthetic? can i disconnect this dang beeping somehow? Where is this sensor located?
  • I've changed the bulbs on my brake light but no luck also my turn signals went out. I've checked through the manual to see which fuses I should check but I can't seem to figure out which ones power the turning signals and brake lights. Anyone can tell me which ones to look at? I have the manual but nothing specifically says "brake light".

  • sbehling1sbehling1 Posts: 2
    Hi my name is Shannel. I was woundering if you ever found out the problem with your 2000 impala? I am having the same problem with my Impala. Thanks
  • hank164hank164 Posts: 2
    Shannel - The stalling while idling of the 2000 Impala was fixed by GM through a Bulletin which increased computer controlled idle speed.
    Hank 64
  • sbehling1sbehling1 Posts: 2
    Thank u:) I just got my Cadillac Converter and my starter fix. So I thought the problem was behind me but yesterday will out I when to start my car and it woundn't start for about 10-15 mins. I'm getting to the piont to where I want to sale it but I love it to much. Was it an electrical problem that chevy fix? Also do you mind if I ask how much it cost?
  • kaatje03kaatje03 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 as well with low miles and mine is doing the same. I found that it tends to fix it self after I alot of driving around and parking.. Like I went shopping one day and i went to several stores.. After each time I parked and got back in the car a few minutes later the spedometer would go down a little. I havent had to take it in yet to get fixed as that seems to fix the problem when it happens. Which it has 2 times.. I'm thinking of getting rid of the car as I have a few other issues.. I think the 2004 must be a bad year..
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    It is not just the 2004 that the instrament panel needles stick. I found on my 2004 that the speedometer and temp gages stick when the instrament panel gets hot. I drive at night with the dash lights dim to keep the dash from heating up. Another trick is to close one of the dash vents on either side of the I/P and run the A/C. This keeps the I/P from heating up and the gages work properly. You can also take the instrument panel out and have it rebuild for around $170. There are several sites on the internet that will do the work. It appears to be a common problem on many GM vehicles not just Impalas.
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 78
    Does any one have any problems with there engine cradle on the 2002 Impalas?

    Click on Link:

    The issue seems to be with the 2000 and 2001 models. I have a 2002 model. Does anyone know if GM fixed the problem??? :confuse:
  • IM having a problem with my 2000 chevey impala, after i shut the ignition off, my parking lights wont turn off, i checked my fuses, i took the head light switch out and put it back in, BTW that is one complicated switch, i lost my instrument panel lights as well, my mechanic is even stumped. any help?
  • I have the same problem. Mine does it when its cold. Once the motor warms up and I come to a complete stop and then take off it will work. I have had it not fix itself on two occasions and actually go all the way around 1.5 times! This has gone on for the last 2 years. For about the same amount of time the passengers windshield wiper will begin to flop and stop working. I have to tighten it up to get it to work for a short time once again. Now the new problem is the car not starting. Looking like electrical problems. Once I put it in neutral and try starting it a few times it will start. It doesn't have that many miles to be having this much trouble. My 97 Ford F150 has 189,000 miles and less problems!!
  • Wow! You described many of my problems I am now having on my 2004!!! Thank you for your post. I figured electrical. Hopefully I can bring this up to mechanic and check it out!
  • I am having the same problem with my remote so if anyone has a solution please let me know. Is the problem with the receiver? I have replaced the battery but the problem persists. We have 2 remotes...same problem with both.
  • No matter the amount of gas I put into my car the gas light comes on I do not notice any leaks, but my gas hand never worked it always showed empty but just recent my gas fuel light will not go away. I do not know what to do.
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