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Chevrolet Impala Lighting/Electrical Problems



  • The same thing happened to me when my "fuel level sensor" went bad. In my 2001 Impala I was able to replace it without removing the gas tank due to an access panel between the trunk and back seet under the carpeting. I think I bought a replacement sensor only rather than the entire system that it is connected to. It cost 25$ after shipping from I know I found some directions doing a google search that had pictures and stuff. Best of luck!
  • i have a 2004 impala ls as well and iv been having problems but with the gas and rpm gauges. it did this since the day i got it then about 4 months ago my heat on driver side stopped working and the gauges didn't act up. but then my heat started working out of nowhere about 2 weeks ago and the gauges acted up again. it doesn't bother me. after i turn my car off i let it cool down then when i turn it back on its back to normal.
  • ambieambie Posts: 2
    I noticed that when the weather started getting colder, the car was slower to start. I replaced the battery and it seemed to help. After about a month, it started doing it again. All the lights work, key fob, horn, everything. It turns over a few times very slowly, then nothing. If I wait a few seconds and try, it will turn over again a couple times. Finally after trying it it will slowly turn over then start. It only seems to do this when it's cold (today it was 65 degrees out and it started fine). Any ideas? Could I just need a stronger battery or is something more?

  • When you had the battery changed was the charging system checked? There could be a problem with the alternator charging the battery properly and not bringing it up to a full charge. Without a full charge it will be harder to turn over the engine on a cold day. If at all possible have a mechanic where the battery came from check out the alternator.
  • ambieambie Posts: 2
    The person that put the new battery in said they took the terminal off with the car started and the car stayed running, so the alternator is working. But what you're saying makes sense, the problem is only when it's cold out, never once has it happened when it's warmer.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,477
    Testing an alternator that way is not a good idea. Don't let them do that again. Damage can result.

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  • We are having these same problems since the car was 2 years old,my husband was told you had to pull the dash,can you tell us how to get to it and where it is? I am so annoyed with this car,I bought a new car because my old car kept breaking down,I am still breaking down paying 480 a month plus full coverage insurance,I am so annoyed. :lemon:
  • where do I email my VIN number,I am continuing to have problems and GM dealer says nothing is wrong with it,even though,the battery is going dead,the radio goes on and off,back defroster goes on and off,I hate it! Its a lemon. :lemon:
  • Thats,what I thought was wrong with mine but the dealership says no,they say its my battery ,which I have had 2 ,only 6 months since last one,advance says the battery is fine,they also say my radio is bad and that my back defroster works(which it doesn;t) :cry:
  • I know this is an old post but I am having the same problems,my radio goes on and off,back defroster goes on and off,my battery goes dead at times,thought it was BCM but has never been confirmed,mine started around 40,000 miles,I am so angry! I have always been Chevy but I am starting to hate them ! and I am telling everyone I know not to buy them. :mad: :lemon:
  • If you are having BCM problems it is probably best to have the dealer replace it because the BCM has to be programmed with a special computer. You can not reprogram the BCM with a standard OBD II code reader.
    When I had my BCM replaced back in 2005, the dealer charged me about $400.00. I contacted Chevy Customer service because the care was less then 3 years old but I just exceeded the 36k mileage warranty. Chevy agreed to reimberse me for half the cost.

    My 02 Impala is a lemon, and from the posts that I am reading about the newer models, Chevy is still growing more lemons at the factory! :lemon:
  • I have an 02 Impala and my rear defogger stopped working. I checked the breaker and it was ok. I replaced the defogger relay and it still doesn't work.
    Does anyone else have this problem? :confuse:
  • I called this number and reported it.
  • I did take it to a dealer,who said the computer said BCM was good,my radio still doesn't work ,back defrost on and off,battery goes dead occasionally and the key chimes,they said a bad battery,was just checked a couple days earlier was told it was fine and it was bought less than a year ago when the same thing was going on.They said I needed a new radio also but it works fine when it works,plays awhile then shuts off or stays on even after you open the door. :lemon:
  • joe394joe394 Posts: 1
    ive had the same problem for years with my 2000 Chevy. Although last week surprise it happened again! I immediately investigated once again and checked the starter fuse under the hood and other fuses. They felt a little loose so i secured them the best i could and it started right up!!! Coincidence?? im not sure but ill find out. Also it helps to turn the key very slowly allowing all the electrical to start up whlile u hear the tone of the car...and then start it. I noticed this atleast gets it started faster!!
  • reedgirlreedgirl Posts: 8
    I am having a problem with my 2006 Chev Impala LS
    I just had a total tranny rebuild in which my car was good for a week, now my gauges have went haywire and the engine is cutting out and it sounds like the door locks are being locked/unlocked. Has anyone any idea what this could be?
  • revjim64revjim64 Posts: 78
    I know the earlier impalas 2000-2004 had BCM (body control module) problems. Not sure if your vehicle is equipped with a BCM.
    The engine cutting out could possibly be a crankshaft position sensor. I would start with a code reader and see what you get. :confuse:
  • dorgosdorgos Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Chevy Impala with an odd issue. Most of the neither of the two key fobs work. However as soon as we unlock the door with the key they both start working fine. Five minutes later they stop working again until we unlock a door with the key. We have tried reprogramming both fobs but it doesn't seem to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • reedgirlreedgirl Posts: 8
    It has been at the tranny shop for another week, I am just about ready to go crazy, they thought they had it running good yesterday to no avail. The tranny seems to be shutting down, along with my dash and now it wont start sometimes. They are getting different readings, but I guess they can't seem to narrow it down, seems funny the car ran ok, until the tranny was done!
  • angielynnangielynn Posts: 3
    So I just bought my 2003 Impala used, less than 3 weeks ago. I had previously owned a 2000 Impala, which I drove until just recently. I would still be driving her had she not finally died after 265,000 (hard) miles. I STILL love that car.
    I am having a crazy and potentially dangerous problem. It started with me driving down the road, about 50 miles an hour, and my dash lights all flash on. My gauges drop to nothing. My message center first displays the red "battery" light, then shows nothing. My power steering shuts off, ABS doesn't work, and I throw it in neutral as I coast to the side of the road. I stop, throw it in "Park", and turn the key off. Wait a second, then turn my key to "On" and wait until I hear my fuel pump cycle and everything resets itself. Turn the key, starts right up like it never happened. No evidence of the incident remains, not even the "Check Engine" light. This will not happen on my 47 mile commute in to work, yet on my ride home it could happen 1-8 times, maybe more if I have to go further.
    I took it to the shop, no codes show and of course it doesn't happen when they're in the car. They replaced the TPS sensor. The 30 mile ride home from the shop (at 2pm), no incidents. 4 days later, 47 mile ride in to work (6am), no problem. Ride home from work (6:30pm) shuts off exactly like before, 3 separate times.
    Today, shut down 3 times exactly like before, the 4th time the entire dash flat-lined, all gauges, the P R N D 3 2 1 shift icons, shut off. The only light remaining belonged to my odometer. The car was still driving. Engine never shut off, ran fine for 5 miles with no dash activity (aside from the odmeter still rolling) and shut off totally like before.
    My Impala has a V6, 3.6 engine. I put in the (barely 3 month old) battery from my '00, so I've already done that. The TPS sensor. I have heard of a "Crank Sensor" that may be the culprit. Also the "BCM".
    I know this is a lot of information, but I hope to cover all the bases. I'm not looking for alternator, starter, or an actual engine mechanical suggestion. With the research I have put into this issue, I'm leaning towards electrical/sensor/computer issue.
    I loved my '00, and I'm not willing to complain about how awful these cars are. I've had nothing but good luck with the Impala brand. My '00 had a few electrical 'ghosts' as well-the turn signal only worked if I pushed slightly on the hazard switch, I had to remove the stock stereo because it would cycle (with no disc) until my battery died. Those issues were easy to overlook when compared to never having to replace anything mechanical (aside from normal wear-and-tear) for almost 10 years. I am a die-hard Impala lover, for better or for worse.
    So please, anyone with any suggestions, please reply. I want to make sure I do as much research as possible before I start a trek that could be very expensive. Thank you for reading through this long post, I am open to any suggestions.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    I have yet to experience this problem in my 2004 Impala but from what I have read over the past few years the symptoms you have described are from either a battery going bad or the BCM going bad.
  • Thanks for the help! I did the battery thing, and that didn't help. Right now they're changing a part that is involved with the computer. I forget what it is, but I know that it is a roughly $500 part. The hard part was getting it to happen while it was in the shop. The BCM shouldn't have been it (according to the shop) because my door locks, windows, lights, or any of the other electrical body components weren't acting up. My dashboard, and the engine were all that seemed affected. I am getting the car back tomorrow, and I will post what part we replaced, and whether or not it fixes the problem. I hope it works, but I'm pretty realistic about electrical problems. It can take time to find the real culprit.
  • So I just got my car back yesterday. I had the ECM changed. It's a $500 part of my computer that (I guess) tells my car what to do and in what order to drive down the road. I drove around for a few hours after picking it up, put almost 150 miles on just trying to shut it off. So far so good. Not one hiccup. If anything changes, I will post what happens and what we do to fix it. Money is no object on this one, because the car only had 33,000 miles on it when I got it (I know, pretty good for a 2003) so our bank offered an awesome warranty that I will be availing myself of any service I need to to figure this issue out.
  • Easy fix bro. take apart your key fob and carefully bend the battery contacts out slightly and swap the 2023 remote battery for a 2032 remote battery. perfect fix will never fail again. i had the same issue.
  • I have an 01 Impala purchased new. I have been very pleased...good economy, comfortable, great looks. Recently I have encountered a problem connected with the Daytime Running Lights. When driving daytime with the DRL "on", the entire lighting system, including dashboard lamps will go into rapid oscillation with accompanying noise like the clicking of a relay from the area behind the dash on the passenger side. This occurs when the car passes into shadow, such as that of an underpass. I can simulate same by putting my hand over the photodiode on the dash. There is supposed to be a time delay built into the system so that short passages into darkness do not produce such an effect. Oh yes, if I pull out the headlight switch, the relay noise persists but the lights no longer flash off and on. Driving at night there is no problem. Anyone have this problem or heard about it?
  • Sounds like the symptoms of a faulty BCM (Body Control Module)
    Your best bet is to have the dealer diagnose this. If the BCM needs replacement you are probably looking at $500-600 dollars. Unfortunately you can not replace this yourself because it requires special programing that involves a computer and typing in your VIN #.

    Good luck! Other common problems for this model vehicle is defective high/low beam combination switch. Faulty Passlock sensors, Noisey ISS shaft in steering columnn, intake manifold gasket leaks, and recall on cat converter. Other than that it is a smooth riding car! :sick:
  • I am trying to troubleshoot why my heater blower, cruise control and info center above my rear-view mirror has stopped working. I am trying to confirm power to an orange wire next to the driver-side fuse box. I have confirmed no power at the fuses. I am hoping the problem is the wire box below the fuse box and not the ignition switch. I have a wiring diagram and the power feed to these three fuses is via an Orange wire. There are two Orange wires in the box, I am trying to determine which one feeds the fuses for these three devices. I have a picture of the fuse box. Any help is appreciated.
  • cat54cat54 Posts: 2
    hey, tony .g. here. working on a 2001 impala(after someone was at it) and did various resetting techs to no avail. car did start once. now i discovered tha it has this BCM and every impal/malibu problem posted that i have read has lead me to this module. todd u have endurance. if this car comes around i will be posting with u in mind. thanks thus far and in fact thanks to all who i now know has chevy BCM problem. have a good one. :mad:
  • Possibly another BCM victim here. My step-daughter's 2000 Impala (3.4L) has been acting up for a while now. No easy to get to codes, but with a deeper look, have a code B2648, Ambient Light Sensor Circuit Voltage High. Of course this falls under the BCM arena. Not wanting to shell out $500 on a car that's up for sale. Especially when it doesn't really effect the rest of the car, other than the 'Service Vehicle Soon' light that stays on constantly, which I will have to explain to potential buyers and hope they believe me. I say the rest of the car is unaffected, but if not started for a few days, it does have a starting issue. When trying to start, the interior lights all flash quickly and clicking is heard. My step-daughter, has figured out that if she pumps the accelerator repeatedly while holding the key over, it eventually starts. But it does sound horrible while doing so. If started often, no issue. GM really should warranty this for us. A new part should work... and shouldn;t require flashing to make it work. Should come with complimentary flashing if you ask me. I can buy one from Autozone for half the price. Frustrating.
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