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Toyota Sienna Navigation System



  • bindcbindc Posts: 3
    We bought our used 2006 Sienna last year and for some stupid reason we didn't get the extended warranty on the navigation system. It is now kaputt and we are told it will cost $2500 (not including labor) to replace it.

    We don't care so much about the nav system b/c we have a Garmin (which as a MUCH better interface) but we can't use the radio or play CDs or see anything in the rear view camera. We're told that we can't have a regular CD player installed because of the wiring and harnesses to hold the nav system.

    Anyone else have to replace their nav system? What did you do? Did you shell out the dough for a brand-spanking new one or are there other options? We just want to be able to listen to the radio and play some CDs.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    A while ago I priced a system from the Solara, which is newer, and it was $1600 or so, something like that. You can get a better price.

    The Venza also has a newer Navi system, so try to find out if that's compatible.

    Spend less and get a better system installed. Or just have a stereo shop put in a double-DIN stereo with a faceplate adaptor and use your Garmin.
  • jcm123jcm123 Posts: 1
    I bought a Lock pic from
    It worked as advertised but didn't work far up north due to a weak GPS signal.
    It overroad everything with a simple push of the on - off button and all features were available as if I was parked. I do recommend it.
  • Wow- this is exactly what I've been hoping for. How does it work? I'm assuming it's just a CD that you insert? Do you do it once and then it's fixed, or do you leave it in?

    We have a 2005 Sienna- it doesn't have a disc changer- just 1 CD.
  • One more question- you mentioned the Navi but not the DVD? I'm assuming that it allows you watch/program the DVD as well? thanks. Amy
  • bindcbindc Posts: 3
    Thanks. We're looking into our options. I just think $2500 is outrageous.
  • bindcbindc Posts: 3

    I don't know if anyone has given you an answer but in order for you to watch the DVD player to play on the nav screen, you have to engage your emergency brake.
  • I just got my 2010 Sienna and I am not sure how to get the nav to display turn by turn directions. The manual shows and icon like a pie with a piece highlighted and the other half a few rectangular bars but that icon does not appear when i am using the nav, does it only come up on certain occasions and what would they be. Also, It seems sometimes when I am driving I get the telephone dialer to work (the keypad) I thought it was suppose to deactivate when driving. Does it work at low speeds or when you have your foot on the brake but are still in drive? I know I have dialed while driving.
  • Is the Nav system on a 2010 Sienna XLE better (more accurate) than a Garmin Nuvi?
  • so far i have to say the nuvi is better. it gives you street names where the toyota doesn't except for freeways. The newer nuvi has a mode to show buildings and the toyota doesn't. I also find the nuvi to be a lot more user friendly. the toyota does a lot of strange split screen things automatically. maybe i will change my mind after using the toyota more.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I agree, but built-in systems do have dead-reckoning, so if you enter a tunnel it doesn't complain about a lost signal like a Garmin will.
  • macvanmacvan Posts: 1
    My 2006 Toyota nav system recently started giving me the wrong directions, or would tell me I was somewhere I was not (like in the middle of the ocean). Toyota dealer doesn't know what to do. Is there a reset? Would it work to disconnect battery?

    Also, not clear on the best way to get the system to override the lock (to enter direction when driving)?

  • abell5abell5 Posts: 1
    I bought my sienna a few months ago and when i bought it the navigation worked just fine. Then about a week ago I went to use the navigation it kept saying "please insert the DVD disc" or something about a DVD disc. The radio works and the CD player works just fine. The dealership says that an update DVD for it is available but that the old software should still work. I am puzzled about why it will not work. Any ideas?
  • Hi my toyota sienna navigation system, along with rear cam, DVD, STereo clonked out, does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Same thing happened to mine. Did you replace yours?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    It will show turn-by-turn directions automatically after you enter a destination. Or do you mean you want to see the turn list? If so, you can press the button on the bottom left side of the screen (just above the zoom-in button) then select "Turn List". If you can't see your current position (pie-like icon) press the Map button.

    Yes, you can dial when going very low speeds. Once you speed up, you'll see the keyboard become disabled.
  • My navigation system in my 2006 Toyota Sienna has the same issue. We took it to Toyota and were told it would cost $3000.00 to have it looked at. To have a new navigation system installed would be $5000.00.

    Just curious, did you recently replace your battery? Someone else said they had the same issue when they replaced their battery. I think that is when my system started to act up as well.

    I wonder how many others are having navigation system issues?????
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Check to make sure there is a "gps" icon just below the compass icon in the upper left corner. If not that means you are not getting a gps signal. The antenna connection could have worked itself loose and might simply needed to be plugged back in securely.
  • I have a 2006 Sienna with an OEM NAV system. I would like to have one that is equipped with the traffic update capabilities. Is there an After Market solution for this? Do the newer Sienna’s NAV systems have that capability?

    Thanks, GregH2
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, that's the problem with embedded systems. Techology improves and they sort of stay still. Even getting map updates can be hard/costly.

    If you do go aftmarket, consider a Kenwood. They use Garmin Navi and the updates are very frequeunt. Just to give you an idea, they are on v2010.20 right now, 20 updates just for the current year.
  • Is the Kenwood a dash mount or does it replace the OEM product?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The Kenwood would replace yours.

    You could just add a portable instead. I have a Garmin Nuvi 265wt and I'm happy with it. 4.3" widescreen, text-to-speech, bluetooth, free lifetime traffic. I paid $190.

    Garmin has a new 1490T for $350 at Costco, and you get a big (for a portable) 5" screen. Sweet.
  • I have the same problem with my navigation system on my 2006 toyota sienna. What did you end up doing. I'm looking at my options right now. Help
  • Can no longer find the article,..can you repoint me to it?
  • I'm not sure what article you're referring to. If you're wondering how to override the Navi lockout, there are all kinds of videos on YouTube and They explain how you go to the Menu screen; go to the Volume screen; press the upper left hand corner, the lower left hand corner and repeat until you get to the hidden screen. Then you press and hold the "override" button and then you can operate your navi system while driving- or your passenger can. I think this only applies to the older models. I have a 2005 Sienna XLE and this works. now I wish we could do the same thing for the DVD player...
  • kif2kif2 Posts: 2
    Same thing just happened to me. The nav system, radio, dvd, rear cam in my 06 toyota sienna xle just stopped working and the dealer tells me that it'll be approx. $3,000 to repair and $5,000 to replace. any ideas, suggestions? Pls. help.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I am assuming there is an update disk of maps for this 2004 system. Can anyone give me the part number and pricing for it? Would greatly appreciate ... I use my Garmin but my wife likes the OEM unit and wants it showing newer maps.
  • My Sienna XLEmon limited Nav. sys went out last year, 3 mon out of warrenty. Major $$$$ to fix. Just had my drvier seat belt fixed and a complete tune up, now the back up camera doesn't work, the "mode" and "" buttons on the steering wheel don't work. The dealer guy said he's not heard of any problems like this. Any Ideas? I was debating on replacing it with a another sys. Any suggetions.
  • You should be alright with the backup camera problem. Our 2004 Sienna's backup camera went out a couple years ago and we got a special price (like $100) under our extended warrantee, which didn't cover external electronics, go figure. Anyway, about 8 months later there was a service bulletin which said that the camera would be covered in any case if it failed (too late for us). So I would check at least that at the dealership. By any chance was the seat belt replaced because it had trouble retracting? The rider side has this issue on our Sienna and it also was not covered by the extended warantee, so I'm making the kids deal with it ongoing. The solution is to pull up or down on the height adjuster at the point where it retracts into the side of the car as you pull mightily on the strap. You might consider brow beating the Toyota service into fixing problems as a good faith effort to prevent you from dumping Toyota for something else, like a Honda Odyssey.
  • I'm dealing with the same issues. what came about with your system.
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