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Toyota Sienna Navigation System



  • After years of making hybrid discs with the older 5.1 loading.kwi file and dealing with its inherrent antiquites I purchased a LockPick 2WF from Coastaltech. It allows "the Passenger" to use the navigation while moving and allows the "front Passenger" to watch the movie playing on the rear entertaiment screen.

    My newest disc GEN 5 V9.1 continues to improve upon the voice commands for both voice dialing and points of interest. The bluetooth compatability is much improved over version 7.1 & 8.1. :)
  • trav2trav2 Posts: 10
    I made a hybrid disk using the 5.1 loading.kwi file to allow the GPS to be used by the passenger while my Toyota Sienna is moving. However, I could never get the DVD to work on the front screen while moving. With your new hybrid disk, when the passenger watches the movie playing on the rear entertainment screen, does it affect the GPS? I thought there was a signal from a unit below the passenger seat that indicated car movement to the DVD/GS unit and it had to be tricked into thinking the car was moving to allow the DVD to play on the front screen. However, when one did that, the GPS lost track of where it was. Does your hybrid disk over come that set back? If it does, how does one make the disk your are talking about, or are you selling it. If you are, what are you asking? I wouldn't mind either making one or buying a hybrid disk. Thanks!
  • The only way I was able to view the movie on the front screen was with a Lockpick 2WF. No hybrid would allow it. I believe Coastaltech interrupts the signal you speak of. The newer v9.1 firmware gave me features I wasn't willing to give up with 5.1 loading.kwi. I apologize if I mislead or wasn't clear about the firmware
  • hello all
    i would like to buy a 2011 XLE with the navigation package. I live in SF bay Area. Anyone has bought the same car? What would be a good deal? About $3300 below MSRP would be a good deal?

    also, does anyone know if the GPS would work in Canada? How do you update this in the future? how much do you have to pay for potential upgrades? Is the nav pack worth the $2000 or so they ask for?

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think (but verify this before ordering) that the maps are for all of North America.
  • I have this same issue as well. I was able to eject the map DVD when it was attempting an initialization sequence. I've seen some posts regarding this issue on a few different sites, but never any resolution. Anyone find one?
  • Let me know what you find... I'm looking for the same thing also in the bay area - happy to share my experiences. From what I can see $2K off seems a typical deal; $3K off seems a great deal.
  • For those of you who got the Nav package on the 2011 - was it worth it?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We're in the Sienna forums so must be for the 2011 Sienna.

    OEM Navi offer a big screen and a backup cam, for a price.

    Some have complained that updates are infrequent, so the maps are out of date. And you can get a backup cam without getting Navi now.

    I like portables, but there are pros and cons to both.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    I didn't realize, it was just kinda strange an entire new thread was composed. Lo siento.
  • I was quote over internet at $34880 XLE with navi package and roof rack cross bar.
    GPS should work in Canada. At least mine does (2006 Lexus GS300). Map upgrade cost is $199 (again, for 2006 Lexus GS300).
  • gjk2gjk2 Posts: 1
    I purchased and installed a gen4 ver. 09.1 U24 disc and want to be able to use nav functions while in motion.

    Any idea why the disk modification hack did not work for me? I can now access the overide menu however the search by address is inoperative although not grayed out along with several other things. It appears the problem is tied to location (area?) to search. I used my original gen4 ver. 5.1 U20 disk.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    If you do NOT have a radar detector on or near the center of the dash, and the current map version installed is V5.1 (86271-53020), a new DVD map disc is necessary to correct this condition. I suggest obtaining the newest version V9.1 (86271-GEN05-09) from a Toyota dealership at $199.

    If you don't want the newest data you can buy a used version on ebay. First, the 10 digit PN must be 86271-5302X. The last digit must be a 1 or higher. Second, if you buy another disc with a different suffix (-5302x) it will cause issues!

    When you get your new disc just eject the old one and insert the new disc. It will automatically boot up the new software.

    Good luck!
  • avis1001avis1001 Posts: 3
    How to upgrade the Navi in this vehicle. I bought it last month and It is 3 yrs old and is not showing many new addresses. So, want to upgrade. How much does it cost? Can I do it myself? If so, how and where can I get the DVD for the upgrade? It has only 28K miles - and so still under warranty. Does it covered by warranty? Do I need to take it to Toyota dealer? Thanks in Advance.
  • gpsjunkiegpsjunkie Posts: 15
    It's fairly easy, if not expensive. Just go to your Toyota dealer and tell them which model and year you have and they can look it up. Most probably they will have to order it, for about $200. It won't be under warrantee.
    I have a 2004 Sienna and the disk drive is under the passenger side front seat and the access door faces toward the back of the unit. It's easier with a flashlight in hand to see everything. There is (on mine, anyway) a switch that you slide to the side to expose the DVD eject button. Push the button and swap the disks and in a few seconds you should be semi- up-to-date (it will still be behind to some degree).
  • I just purchased a used 2004 Toyota Sienna with a Navigation that states that it is 2.1. I have never updated any type of navigation system before. My question is am I able to just upgrade with the latest software or disks or whatever is used? I would also like to know where I would be able to find what I needed? I understand that I could contact a dealer but I am assuming that would cost a lot. :confuse:
  • gpsjunkiegpsjunkie Posts: 15
    The upgrade disk is $200, regardless of previous version, from the Toyota dealer. You could take a chance and try to find one on eBay, but more than likely, you'll be buying a cheap, illegal copy that may or may not work. For the same 200 dollars you could just buy a Garmin unit and then a power adapter and a weighted base or sucker mount to hold it. In the end the disk upgrade from the dealer is your best option and as I've mentioned earlier, it's a simple disk swap to upgrade.

    There are also instructions on this forum on how to override the safety protocols to use features of the navigation system that are normally not accessible while driving.
  • rjeokrjeok Posts: 7
    I currently use a Garmin GPS in my 2004 Sienna, no Toyota Nav system. I am planning on buying a 2011 LTD FWD and know I will have to take a Toyota Nav system. My questions about the nav system are:

    1) Can you put in a destination and a "via" point, so you can control how the nav system will direct you.

    2) If you hit a snag on the road, can you have the system "detour" and give you an alternate route.

    Love my Garmin. Hope the nav system will have similar functions.

    Also, is there a place on line where I can see a detailed manual for the nav system..

    Thanks for the help.
  • tarantaratarantara Posts: 3
    I have several Garmins and a 2006 Sienna w/GPS

    Compared to the least capable Garmin, the Sienna _planning_ capabilities are abysmal. The Sienna display is very nice.

    a. max __ 5 ___ user controlled via points( e.g. mapsource, Google Maps, etc)
    b. no ability to import routes from external planning systems
    c. Very outdated and expensive map updates (250.00 for my last update and it was missin gmajor roads in Norther Virginia that were nearly 24 months olds)
    d. Inserting via point does not simply extend route(1 of 3 you have chosen) - it forces a recalc and you may lose the preferred route that was acceptable to get 3 routes that are not.
    e. no ability to save routes!!!
    f. no ability to get on-line map updates
    g. In most cases - Touching places of interest on the map display does _not_ provide the name of the feature!!
    h. Moving around the display in small increments is very difficult.
    i. Icon sizes obscure important display information

    I could go on and on.

    Just buy another GPS and save $1000s

    I live mny Sienna but do not use the GPS system for detailed route planning.
    I highly recommend you buy the Sienna without the GPS and use a different one for in car routing and navigation.

    I believe you can get the 2011 Sienna without GPS but still get the DVD and dashboard lcd display for other system controls.

    I looked at 2011 Sienna

    a. make sure you closely examine the 2nd row seat operations if you are buying that option. Try and extend the seats in a way that is useful for adults with the driver's seat in a comfortable position and with cargo in the rear.

    b. Move the 2nd row seats full back and experiment using the console cup holders while in mothion.

    c. If you want the 2nd sunroof, make sure to operate one and observe its positioning and resulting configuration before you make the leap.

    Good Luck.
  • key4871key4871 Posts: 13
    My problem currently is trying to find an LTD w/o NAV...nearly impossible.

    that being here in Cincy is more willing to reduce price of what is in his lot vs. getting van I'm asking for....nothing is easy!
  • tarukytaruky Posts: 18
    A little off topic, but my 2005 SIenna is not picking up the GPS signal all of a sudden (going haywire, no "GPS" written in upper left). We have a Toyota extended warranty, but the dealer says that if they examine the car and find nothing wrong, I am out $100. Is there anything simple I could me missing here? I'm not sure where the satellite receiver is located, is there anything I could adjust myself? Thanks.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181

    Most likely the GPS antenna has become disconnected. This explains why no GPS logo appears at the top left of the screen, and why the incorrect position appears on the map.

    Has anyone removed the navigation unit in the dash? If yes, the GPS antenna has been disconnected. The GPS antenna has a square grey connector that is attached to a black wire leading to the actual GPS antenna. It simple needs to be plugged back into the back of the navigation unit. After reconnecting the GPS antenna leave outside with a clear view of the sky and the key in the accessory mode. The engine does not need to be running. Once the GPS logo reappears you are all set. The positioning will display the current location of the vehicle.
  • wildcoyote4wildcoyote4 Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    should i get a portable gps to replace the one in my van? If so, which one? Mine is outdated and I hate the fact that i can't put in a new address unless the car is "stopped." I can't always pull over to the side of the road. Also, there are too many new streets and address changes for my car gps. Is it worth it to buy something separate if I need something really reliable? I am a visiting nurse and I need something that works well! thanks!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good question - gagrice did just that. He has navi on his Seqouia and got a Garmin rather than pay for map updates.

    The updates cost $200 plus, while Costco has a 5" Garmin for $179.99. So the portable is actually cheaper, but the screen is 5" instead of 7" or whatever you have now. Lifetime map updates retails for $89.99 now, but you can get that bundled and pay even less.

    Hmm, I looked on-line and didn't find the same deal, so you may have to go to the store. They did have a Tom Tom for $169 with free lifetime map updates. Nowadays you can buy them bundled.

    Given you're not happy with the OE Navi, I would not pay to upgrade something you don't like.
  • Thanks, Ateixeira, I don't even know if a newer version OE Navi is available. There appears to be many options. Of course, I like the bigger screen. I will check into the Garmin among others. I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited

    Thanks again
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have an 07 Sienna, funny.

    I looked because I got an e-mail offer...

    The 1490T is $230 from If you want to bundle it with lifetime map updates, it's $320.

    Garmin does quarterly updates, they're on 2011.10 right now IIRC.

    Tom Tom prices are cheaper, but try them out. I prefer Garmin, while others like Tom Tom. Both tend to rate highly in reviews.
  • I own a 2002 Landcruiser. Took car for collision repair. Got car back and car would stall during idle; navigation system screen is blank except for cursor: the is no map. This thread has been heavily discussed here. Questions please: a) what is best course of action? b) side question: does the navigation system require the system disk inserted in the ECU to operate?
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