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Toyota Sienna Tires & Wheels



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Guess I'll be getting one of those letters.

    I should check to see if there's any rust on mine. MD uses plenty of salt, unfortunately.
  • I have a 2006 Sienna Limited 60,000 miles with bubbling alloy wheels. Have contacted local Toyota dealer "not covered since 3/36 warranty is over". "Not covered under extended warranty". Called Toyota's 800 number, and spoke to manager who is giving me the same "not covered since 3/36 warranty is over". Any suggestions as to who to contact next?

    Thought this would be a no-brainer and fixed without any issues. Having previously owned a Toyota Camry, and currently owning 2 Lexus ES sedans, I am extremely disappointed with Toyota Motor Corp.
  • visco2visco2 Posts: 5

    Suggest you go to ing-toyota-quality-concerns/

    Someone started an independent posting at this site with pictures for people with bubbling rims. There are over 50 postings of problems with Toyota rims bubbling. Only one or two has Toyota stepped up and made an attempt to resolve.

    In my own case, I was well within warranty (2005 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD) when I discovered it and brought it to the dealer and subsequently Toyota's attention in 2006, so warranty means nothing to Toyota. All they did was offer me two "free" rims if I paid over $900 for the other two. You'll find at the posting above that others that had rims replaced had the same problems with replacements, and it includes Lexus. I ended up paying $500 to have all four rims refinished. I have had no problems with the refinished rims. They have gone through a winter, less cleaning than we performed when new, and hold up to rim cleaning products when we do wash the van so the problem is with the Toyota materials or process.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They only cover corrosion if it rusts all the way through, a rule meant for sheet metal panels but one that applies here as well.
  • wheels13wheels13 Posts: 51
    2006 LE AWD after 1 year and 18,000 miles runflat tires were woreout. Went to dealer in 2007 concerning tires and paint coming off the wheels. 3 months passed before the rep came to town and I needed to buy new tires before he came to town. Saw the rep about tires which I replaced and wheels that looked bad. The rep has the wheels refinished and tells me Toyota will replace the tires when these new tires are woreout. NOW 3 years later Toyota DID replace the tires like they promised. Had my doubts for awhile but they did what they said they would do.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Glad to hear it.

    Also, thanks for reporting that update.
  • ljames50ljames50 Posts: 1
    You are more fortunate than I am. I have a 2008 Sienna LTD with OEM Bridgestones. Treadwear at under 15K indicated replacement. I have not replaced them and will continue to ride on them (if I don't need to travel) until the wires are exposed. This is because from everything I've read, Sienna's are tire eaters. Yes, I am an aggressive driver, but this is ridiculus.
  • mpumpkinmpumpkin Posts: 2
    I recently purchased the 2011 AWD with run flats. Do not like the drive at all. I've tried to find some possible solutions, but no luck so far.

    Can I replace the AWD tires with regular tires and risk driving around w/o a spare? Would this actually improve the ride on the car??? I I replaced the RFTs with regular tires, would this NEGATE my extended 100K warranty that I purchased when I purchased the car? Is driving around w/o a spare a crazy thing to do?

    Any suggestions on what to do, tire suggestions -- anything would be helpful.

    Thanks very much.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You could on 2010s, so that's very likey.

    I don't see how it would affect the warranty, perhaps with the exception of the wheels themselves and maybe the suspension components like the shocks, but even that's a stretch.
  • jcortneyjcortney Posts: 7
    I can't believe that toyota is still trying to use the run flat tires. I have a 2005 and have changed to non run flat tires. I carry an air pump, two cans of flat tire fixer, and AAA. Even if you can find a non run flat tire a tire shop that has been business for 35 years could not get the beads off the rim. After having replace 7 tires , Toyota replace 4 for early uneven wear I replace 3 more due to nails and I finally gaveup!!!
  • mgoldsteinmgoldstein Posts: 54
    Replacing OEM tires on my 2006 Sienna XLE FWD (thankfully, not the run flats!).

    Which would you recommend:




  • 2008 xle awd and I have averaged around 18-20k with 2 set of dunlops. I think it's time to make the switch to non-rfts. The ride is harsh, tread wear is low-in the 300s- and they're loud. For those of you who have made the switch, what brand/model have you gone to and how has it changed your ride? I am worried about not having a spare, and was quoted 4-500 for the donut from the dealer. I looked at the option of a full size spare via toyota parts cheap .com has anyone gone this route?
  • rjeokrjeok Posts: 7
    The original equiptment tires for my 2011 LTD FWD are Goodyear Eagle RSA. When I looked up these tires on, it shows the tire is only rated 5.5, as the marks for light snow and deep snow were only 3.1 & 3.2.

    Has anybody had good or bad experience driving the LTD with these tires in the snow??

    Thanks for the info.

    Tire rack link: artnum=355VR8RSA&vehicleSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&autoMake=Toyota&autoYear=20- 11&autoModel=Sienna FWD&autoModClar=Limited
  • I replaced the run flats on my 2006 AWD Sienna with Yokoham Geolander ATS's and could not be more pleased with them. They're much quiter (surprise), ride better, get 1/2 MPG better gas mileage, and really dig into snow and mud -- I live in central Pennsylvania and drive on mountain and dirt roads (even light off road) quite a bit. I have added a space saver spare that you can pick up at an auto wreck yard fairly cheaply. By the way, I converted it into a VW Westfalia-esque camper and it worked out quite well.
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    I went with the Yokohama Avids on my 2006 Sienna the first time. At about 40K miles they lost any and all winter traction. Just put on a set of Michelin X radials. Only have 100 miles on them, but they work great on ice and hardpack snow so far. Very quiet and smooth at 70 MPH. You can only get them at Costco or Sams club, but they are quite an upgrade from the Yokohama Avids and I got a set of 4 out the door for $608.00. Have a 800 mile road trip next week that should tell the tale...
  • A year-and-a-half ago, my service manager contacted Toyota HQ and told me that Toyota would replace my defective wheels. She also told me that I could get them replaced at my convenience even if I waited until the car was past the 36,000 mile limit. I waited until 42,000 miles, mostly because I was out of town. A few months ago, the dealership was acquired by new owners and there was a new service manager there. He found the old notes from the previous service manager and contact Toyota HQ, again. Within five days, I got my new wheels at no charge to me. The new service manager was surprised, but Toyota took care of the problem and the dealership got paid to do the installation.

    I am happy with the service. We still don't know what the root cause of the problem was, or if the paint job on the new wheels will hold up. Time will tell, but this problem seems to have affected mostly the Sienna 17" mag allow wheels and not those with other styles on other models.
  • Can I replace my 215/70/r16 with a 205/70/r15? what is the difference?
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186

    Not only would you get a new set of rims (15" vs 16"), the total radius is too small (13.9" vs 13.1") and would make your speedometer and odometer inaccurate and cause the engine, transmission and traction control computers to have problems.

    A quick tutorial of what the numbers in the tire size mean for 215/70/r16:
    215= width of tire in millimeters
    70 = ratio of sidewall height to width, meaning the tire's side wall is 70% the dimension of the width or 0.7*215=150.5mm
    r16 = radial tire to fit a rim 16" in diameter

    A good place to look to experiment with sizes of tires to work without messing up the total combination radius :
  • Not sure if this is a record, but our 2006 Sienna XLE has 52K miles and we are on our sixth (6th) set of run-flat tires (excluding the original set). To be fair, the Toyota dealership (Palo Alto) has replaced seven of the 24 tires because of installation issues (i.e. they screwed-up) and these tires didn't last a week. In contrast, our 2003 Subaru Outback (157K miles) is on it's second (2nd) set of tires.
  • dkwarrendkwarren Posts: 9
    I'm not certain about what to say about the run-flat tires. I'm still on the originals with just under 50,000 miles on them. I rotate them at every 5000 mile oil change interval. My Toyota service manager says that they should last 50,000 miles, but may even go beyond that. I have read the other horror stories about run-flats wearing out prematurely.

    I am an automotive engineer with some experience in axle and suspension designs. Aside from the quality of the materials in the tires and the tire production processes, there are several factors in the adjustments of the suspension system and wheel alignments that can cause tires to fail prematurely. What does your dealer say about your suspension and wheel alignments?
  • dk - not sure what to say myself, other than this has been a very disappointing experience
  • fdemetzfdemetz Posts: 6
    Run-flat tire runners beware! My 2005 Sienna AWD dealer replaced original Dunlap run-flats with free new set of Dunlaps run-flats at 17,500 mi due to class action against premature ware, so Toyota does stand behind their vehicles. At 27,000 more miles a bubble the size of a grapefruit developed the morning after an 80 miles night run on high speed freeways. Tire shop said the run-flat layers had separated with no sign of curb or other impacts visible. Since I do this trip often, I purchased a new set of standard tires and found a much smoother/quieter ride, and hopefully much better tire life. Now to find a spare tire for the roof rack for trips far from a tire repair shop if I pick up a nail.....
  • bmwk75sbmwk75s Posts: 21
    I wouldn't waste the money on a spare tire that you'll carry on your roof rack and never use. Get a plug kit and small compressor or a roadside assistance/towing membership that will tow up to 50 miles in case a tire is shredded.

    Does anyone have any feedback on the tire wear for the 2011 AWD Sienna? Did they make any changes to improve the premature wear?
  • rjoegregrjoegreg Posts: 2
    I had to change 3 times in 5 years and last year, i changed to normal tires with spare tire to the boot / baggage space for the car.. there is no problem with the tire but the weight of the vehicle is adding lot of stress to the tires and worn faster because of reinforcement built.. Overall its Toyota Sienna AWD Limited edition is a disgrace to toyota with many issues. to me, engine,transmission and all other components that go into this AWD couldnt cope up with the heavy built vehicle with AWD ..
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you are disappointed in your run-flat tires and/or wish that your car had a spare tire, please email no later than Wednesday, June 15, 2011 and be sure to include your city/state of residence and a few comments on the subject.

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  • fdemetzfdemetz Posts: 6
    What a coincidence......I just added a set of standard 60,000mi Cooper tires to my 2005 Sienna and had to purchase from Toyota Parts a space saver spare wheel and tire to put in my luggage compartment. This was because of my very bad luck with the Run Flats which came with my Sienna XLE. Due to class action suit Toyota gave me a new set of Dunlap Run Flats at about 22,000 miles from new. At 27,000 on the new set I developed a very slow leak in one of the new tires which was so slow we couldn't find and repair it. Then a few weeks later I felt a bump-bump-bump and found a grapefruit size bubble had developed on another of the 27,000 mile Run Flats. Toyota would offer no further adjustments on the second set so I went to my friendly independent tire dealer and bought a set of standard tires. Surprisingly, the Sienna runs much quieter on the standard tires, probably due to the very stiff sidewalls on the original Run Flats. For those interested in purchasing a Toyota Parts space saver spare: Wheel Part #42611-AE050 was $121.26 + tax; Space Saver Tire size T155/80R17, Part # DT001-26829-BS was $282.90+tax. In fairness to Toyota they have voluntarily provided free warranty repairs on rear hatch gas-filled struts, seat belt attachment, the new set of Run Flats, and replaced a bad Laser Cruise Control Sensor. All-in-all this Sienna is the most trouble-free car I've ever had. Interestingly, the friendly Toyota Salesman tells me that all new XLE Sienna's no long use Run Flats, and have a Space Saver Spare instead!
    Fred in California
  • Coincidental that I just saw your message....
    We are getting ready to get our 2004 Sienna XLE Limited AWD its 4th set of tires (~82,000 miles). I just dropped you an email. :-)
  • timothjtimothj Posts: 1
    Have worn out 3rd set of Bridgestone 380 RFT at just over 80k miles, of course that doesn't include the pair on the rear, which are newer. Was left stranded with shredded rear tire, towed to Toyota dealership, only to find they did not keep the tire in stock. Had to be in next city that night, so bought a tire for one day and then got a pair of full price 380's in next city. If they are going to sell the car, they should stock the tire. RFT's would be ok, though expensive, if you weren't still at risk of being left stranded at the side of the road. Am currently considering buying non-RFT tires and carrying a spare when traveling out of town. Will never buy another vehicle with out a spare. As it is, we put the extra, unmounted tire in the car on trips, so why not get regular tires?
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