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Toyota Sienna Tires & Wheels



  • jcortneyjcortney Posts: 7
    I gave up on the run flat tires some time ago and now travel without a spare. I carry a can of flat tire fix, a plug kit and a 12 volt air compressor and last but not least AAA. My gut told me to run away from the run flat tires and I did not listen. I would not carry a spare loose in the van incase of an accident as that would not be any fun.

  • tnt2011tnt2011 Posts: 2
    We purchased our XLE AWD with 15K on it. At 18K the rear RFT were torn up on the inside. The dealer we purchased the car from replaced all the tires. At 30k the same thing happened and with a family member dieing, I had to fork out $1000.00 for whole new set. At 55k the third set was shot shot so we purchased standard tires from a local America's tire shop. They lasted only 38k when we were in a fender bender and they were warrantied for 80. $200.00 for a whole new set, now at 94k the set we have is the best set of all.
    So what is the story on this class action suite, please send me a link or two. Thanks.
  • tnt2011tnt2011 Posts: 2
    All of sudden our AC system stopped working tonight. It worked for less than 2miles. I pulled into a gas station turned off the car filled it with gas and when I started the car. NO AC, it's 87 at 9:30pm in Fresno, CA and my whole family is in the car with the windows down for a 20min ride home.
    Any suggestions, tips...
    Oh, we have the 100k extended warranty, does this qualify?
    Thanks for any input :)
  • fdemetzfdemetz Posts: 6
    The story on the class action suite that I heard from my dealer (I didn't get it in writing) of my 2005 Sienna, XLE AWD was that the Run Flat Tires did not live up to the mileage warranty so there was a class action suit filed by some group (of owners?) that was settled with Toyota agreeing to give each vehicle I free set of the same kind of RFTs. From your second sentence it sounds like your dealer did that? When my "free" second set of RFT started failing at 17.7K miles my dealer said there was no further warranty, so I went and bought a set of 60,000 miles standard tires from a Goodyear tire store and the compact spare I mentioned. So far so good, but I've only got a 1000 miles on them at this point. The Goodyear Dealer did an alignment check on my AWD and said the year wheels were "bowed" outward (not vertical) but there was no adjustment mechanism to correct this. I haven't confirmed this with Toyota. This might be why your tires were worn on the "inside". So you might want to check on this. Otherwise the car has provided excellent reliability and is great to drive. I usually keep my cars for 200k miles, so I hope to get more than 38K miles on my standard tires.........we'll see. Good luck with yours.
  • My Sienna has 66,000 miles. I have the tires rotated and balanced every 5000 miles. My first set was the Michelins that came with it. The second two sets were Toyo. Tonight, we just had a flat on the interstate. The treads on the tires are already worn down and we are ready for our fourth set. Ugh. :mad:
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    I have a 2008 Sienna. I need to replace the tires. The van has 225/60/R17 tires. I want to get the Michelin Primacy MV4 because they are rated excellent in all conditions. However, the closest size they come in is 235/60/R17. According to my calculations this increases tire with by 3/8" and the total diameter by almost 1/2". This in increases the speed by about 1.3%. So if the speedometer indicates 100 mph, the vehicle will actually by doing 101.3 mph.

    All these changes seen very insignificant. Are there any technical reasons why I would not be able to upgrade to this tire size? Does it damage the vehicle in any way? The ABS, the suspension, the transmission?

    The 2011 Sienna actually comes with this exact size and tire. Any reason why we could not use this tire on the 2008 Sienna?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Ask if the tire shop will even mount it first. Some times they won't.

    The usual industry standard is +/- 3%, and you are well within that.
  • matterwmatterw Posts: 7
    I have the 2006 Sienna and the dealer replaced the tires once and I replaced the tirres once. Did I mention I only have 63k miles?!? I looked at putting on conventional but don't want t lose the room. After doing some research I found out there the dealer puts on the OEM tires which have NO warranty. The Bridgestone EL400's which I have only found TireRacpk to sell DOES come with a warranty. I am tring the EL400s now and we'll see what happens...
  • 2009 Sienna Limited FWD 20K miles. The van has Bridgestone Turanza EL42 225/60R17.

    The front tire tread is down to 2/32 and the back tire tread is 6/32.
    Toyota Dealerships have rotated the tires twice at 12K and 16K.
    We think there was actually a 3rd rotation done at 8K, but its not documented.
    Dealership is willing to give us a $160 credit toward 2 new tires of our choice.

    Since I am keeping the 2 rear tires, any suggestions as to what brand / model
    of tire to replace the 2 front tires ? Any benefit with buying another pair of Bridgestone's
    of a different model/type in terms of ride and handling ?

    Has anyone else had issues with Bridgestone Turanza ?
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    From the data you presented, I don't think the tires were rotated - or at least not rotated as indicated The numbers are exactly what I would expect with no rotation.

    More importantly, I think the wear rate is pretty good when you take the whole picture into account. If the tires had been properly rotated, they would have gone over 30K.
  • Just bought 2005 Sienna AWD LE, with non-run-flat tires. There is no spare tire, nor room to store a spare. What is the best solution for this problem? Can I use a mini-spare with AWD, just to get to a repair station? Is there a retro-fit kit to store a spare inside or under the vehicle? Since we use the can mostly for long distance trips, we need to have a way to fix a flat tire.... Any suggestions from your experiences would be most welcome!
  • If you are close to a Sam's Club, I would get a membership and purchase a set of Michelin X Radials. They are rated for 80,000 miles and Sam's will rotate them for free every 6,000 miles. I put them on my 2000 Sienna and got 75,000 out of them. I currently own a 2006 Sienna Limited and replaced the original Bridgstones with Michelin X Radials.
  • Being very particular, I always mark the tires before I take them in to be rotated, and check them afterwards. The tires were indeed rotated both times or the service guy saw my markings, and remarked the tires.

    In summary, we bought (2) new Hankook Optimo tires from the dealership where we bought the car. The dealership put them on, balanced, and re-aligned. Between the coupons and the manager discount for the tires wearing so quickly, we paid about $130.

    After driving the car for about 2 weeks now with the new tires, no issues, and a quiet ride. BTW We still have the Bridgestones still on the rear.
  • I also have a 2009 AWD Sienna. I changed to non run flat tires many miles ago and also do a lot of long distance trips. I do not carry a spare but rather have a can of flat tire fix, a plug kit, an 12v air pump and AAA. With the run flat tires i must have had at least 5 flat tires and I have not had one with the current set of tires. On the one long trip where I had a RFT tire go down on me I only got about 40 miles until the fire was throwing rubber up onto the windshield. Had to be towed to a tire shop that had been in business for 35 years. He finally gave up when the only thing on the rim were the two beads. Spent the night at a motel and was towed the next day to another town where there was a Toyota dealer but the Toyota dealer did not provide tire service as they contracted that out to a tire shop in town. In a half hour I was on my way. So even with RFT tires you still do not have a reliable spare and can not always get tire service done. I think RFT tires attract nails and screws as in my 50 years of driving I have never had so many flat tires as with the RFT!
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    edited September 2011
    You are correct in that there is no room in the middle right undercarriage spot for the spare (that comes with FWD vans), as the driveshaft for AWD passes thru that zone. However, if you look at the left rear seat well, you will notice a slight bumpout front and back that gives just enough space for a tire to fit. This is also where you would put the punctured full sized tire to get it home, as even on the FWD vans there isn't sufficient depth for the real tire to go underneath in place of the spacesaver spare.

    At one time, Toyota offered a kit that contained a spacesaver spare, lockdown hardware, and a cover that went into that well. The downside is that you will no longer be able to stow the left seat as the well is now full.

    They haven't offered the kit in years as there apparently was no demand. If you are interested, I can dig up the part numbers for purchase individually at the parts counter, or you can check wrecking yards and e-bay. At minimum you need the 155/80-R17 tire & matching wheel, plus some hardware to hold it down. The expense matching cover is something you can fabricate from some plywood & foam.

    Spare tires are disappearing in many car lines, replaced by a pump kit that contains Slime or similar waterbased product. Personally, I'm not crazy about that solution as there are reports of damaged tire pressure sensors as a result. But I suppose that the possibility of having to replace a $100 sensor is way better than being stranded without a spare.
  • Hi there everyone, I'm hoping someone can help because it seems nobody (even at Toyota!) can give me a straight answer. I currently have 215/65R16 tires on my 2007 Toyota Sienna CE. Can I use a set of winter tires from my previous car that is 225/65R17? I am getting mixed answers depending on who I speak with as apparently the car can accomodate 17inch tires, but no one knows for sure.

    Thank you very much!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited October 2011
    My guess is no...

    The industry standard would allow for a variance of +/- 3%, and that's well more than 3% bigger.

    You're likely to get rubbing in the front wheel well, especially at full steering lock when you hit a bump.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    The stock sizes used on these vans vary from 27" to 27.6". Your carry-over size has a 28.5" diameter. That is a bit tall for these wheel wells, although it might fit if centered correctly.

    I think a lot depends on what wheels these will be mounted on. I too am carrying over winter wheels and tires from my old Honda Odyssey to a 2008 Sienna I bought this year. While your tire is not exactly stock, mounting them to a wheel with a slightly different offset could make it work by moving the centerline in or out very slightly to provide clearance.

    As I am a 'regular' at TireRack, I appealed to them for advice. It turns out that with a different centering ring, my Honda aftermarket wheels & tires will fit. Try giving them a call.
  • I am thinking of purchasing the EL400 RFT. They look,great on paper. How are they compare to the Dunlops? Any quieter? What's about ride and wear.

  • I purchased a used 05 Sienna XLE FWD not AWD. I have a good spare under and have had to use it once. I have 55K miles and need to replace the tires. Any suggestions? Want good handling, quiet, and (of course) good milage. I have had a lot of problems keeping it aligned and the people at the tire store tell me that the Sienna is notorious for having alignment problems. Is this true or are they just trying to sell me their expensive alignment package? I have had it aligned every 8K and it seems to always end up pulling to the right after about 3K. Is this unusual or do I need to take it somewhere else? Any comments will be appreciated.
  • I have a 2011 Sienna LE that I drove across country several times this spring and summer. I had all the regular maintance done and noe I am told that I need to replace all my tires and rear struts after just 42K miles. I am not an off roader and 90% of the miles on this car are freeway miles.

    This just doesn't seem right that these parts would wear out so soon (michelin tires).
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    Determining whether you need tires is pretty much a no-brainer for any adult to determine. You can use the 'top of Lincoln's head on a penny' to determine whether you are down to 2/32", or better yet hit an auto parts store and for less than $10 buy a real gauge so that you can monitor wear patterns with real accuracy. Seriously, if you cannot tell for your self whether you need tires or not, you really need to ask someone to show you how!!

    Determining the need for shocks & struts is certainly more difficult, and I strongly suggest that you get more info on why from your dealer, or better yet get a second opinion. Are they leaking? Do you have unusual tire wear patterns that suggest poor wheel damping control? Does the van continue to bounce? Either way, I agree - a year old van with under 50k should not need replacements unless you do really poor roads, carry excessive loads or tow.
  • looks like everyone has the same problem with the toyota sienna tires i have replace mine about 5 times since i bought in 2005 now has anyone considered a law suit against toyota i would like to join on that looks like a big defect on toyota my other car a 2000 toyota 4 runner has been replaced 2 times only
  • I have a 2011 Sienna SE. My dealer tells me that the tire loading notice on the door frame is subject to a recall because the vehicle loading information is wrong. Overloading of the wheels and tires could result. A new decal is being mailed to me. Does anyone know if this related to the design of the wheels or the Dunlop SP Sport 7000 tires which are 235/50-19. Only a few companies make this size and I wondered if going with Michelin Primacy MXN4 tires would have better load capacity.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Nope, just a sticker, that's all. Nothing wrong with the van.
  • kenabrkenabr Posts: 9
    My Sienna SE has 235/50-19 Dunlop SP Sport 7000 high performance-all season tires. I find the ride somewhat harsh especially on rough pavement. Has anyone upgraded to the Michelin Primacy MXV4 which is a grand touring all season ? Would they ride better or be a problem with the fact they aren't high performance.
  • rickrazzrickrazz Posts: 1
    How are your tires holding up so far? Was Toyota able to tilt your tires back in? My 2005 AWD has exactly the same problem. The outside to middle of the tires has good tread left on the non-flat tires that I put on. While rotating them, the Toyota technician noticed the inside of the tires are bald. The serviceman at Toyota doesn't seem to be aware of this being a common problem. He seems to think his experienced alignment specialist can fix whatever is happening, though I'm a bit skeptical seeing all the posts here.
  • fdemetzfdemetz Posts: 6
    After the replacement "free" set of run flats provided by Toyota due to class action suit also failed (tread separation and bubble on side wall) within 20,000 miles , I bought a set of standard Cooper tires, and a spare wheel and space saver tire from Toyota for the luggage area.

    They are wearing well and the ride and handling is much smoother than the run flats. The non-Toyota tire shop (GoodYear) said there was no way to set the real wheel camber to avoid the reported inside rear tire wear. I didn't check this with the Toyota dealer yet, because with 50,000 total on my 2005 AWD Sienna I haven't had that problem yet.

    All-in-all the Toyota has been the most trouble free car I've owned, and the only item (that was fortunately covered by my maintenance policy at purchase) that failed was the radar speed control sensor (which would have cost $1500), and a recalled seat belt latch. They build great minivans, they just screwed up big time with the run fats. The new Sienna's come with standard tires and a covered place for the space saver spare in the luggage area.
    Good luck,
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    My 2011 AWD Sienna still has run flat tires. In fact since these are 18 inch vs. my 2006's 17 inch diameter tires, the mini spare probably will not even sit flat in the driver side rear seat well anymore :cry:

    I still have my 2006 with a 102,000 miles and getting rid of the run flats is a GREAT idea as the van drives so much better without them. I currently have 11K on the 2011 and haven't had to replace the tires yet but will be going to standard tires when they wear out.

    Inflating the tires to around 40K and making sure the wheels are aligned will give you the most mileage on any set of tires with these cars.
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